Neurotransmitter acetylcholine improves memory and concentration of attention

17 Jan 2018

Acetylcholine can be considered the most important neurotransmitter involved in the process of remembering information. This highly chemically active substance is an ester of choline and acetic acid. It contributes to the fact that information is quickly and unhindered transmitted from the senses to the main control center - the brain.

Unfortunately, with age, less acetylcholine is synthesized in the human brain. As a result of this, scientists believe, forgetfulness, problems with concentration of attention, difficulties in the selection of necessary words.

Meclofenoxate and choline serve as a basis for good brain activity. In order to improve memory in a short time and keep it clear for a long time, the famous researcher of brain activity, professor of the University of Hyssin, Wilfried Dimpfel, recommends that the concentration of the main neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, be purposefully stabilized. This can be achieved by taking choline preparations. Choline is a natural building block for the synthesis of acetylcholine molecules.

It is even better to build your own food in such a way as to ensure sufficient natural intake of choline in the body with natural food. A large amount of choline contains cabbage (especially cauliflower and broccoli), eggs, peanuts, fish, meat, hard cheese varieties, liver, milk and wheat sprouts. In addition to choline for the synthesis of acetylcholine, vitamins such as pantothenic acid (vitamin B3), folic acid, vitamins B12 and B1 are needed. Just in the elderly, as well as in people suffering from bowel disease, there is a shortage of B vitamins.

The scientists also place great hopes on deanol (meclofenoxate) - in a scientific environment known as dimethylaminoethanol (Dimethylaminoethanol) or abbreviated DMAE. With a lack of acetylcholine in the body, it can be re-synthesized in the required amount from deanol. Some medical research has proved the positive effect of this substance on brain function.

In one experiment, conducted over a period of 3 months, a group of people with memory problems and concentration of attention took medications containing deanol and choline. At the end of the experiment, problems with concentration disappeared in 84% of the subjects, memory improved in 75% of the participants in the experiment.

In addition, supplying your body with all the necessary substances for building neurotransmitter molecules by substances, do not forget that the synthesis of acetylcholine (and hence memory improvement) will occur only if the brain is actively involved, receiving sufficient information for thought and remembering. Do not be lazy to load your memory, giving it food for thought.

And one more aspect of the problem of memorization. For intensive activity, brain cells require continuous intake of energy and nutrients, which is ensured by the flow of blood. Poor blood supply leads to rapid fatigue, headache and drowsiness. So do not be lazy at least 30 minutes a day to devote to intense physical training. Only all three factors - proper nutrition, physical and intellectual loads, - in aggregate will help to significantly improve memory and keep it to a very old age.


Tablets for Memory

16 Jan 2018

Memory is one of the higher functions of the brain, which is influenced from outside. The main varieties of this integrative brain activity are immediate, short-term (part of the operational) and long-term memory. Memory disorders can occur both in cases of vascular pathologies in conditions of chronic oxygen starvation of the cortex, and in bacterial or viral infections, parasitic infestations, under the influence of anesthesia, hypnotics, with various intoxications, including nakrokoticheskih, alcohol and tobacco. Separately there are traumatic brain injuries, tumors and epilepsy, in which memory is disturbed significantly. Memory loss can concern both events that occurred before a certain moment (trauma), and capture the present period of time. There is also a violation, in which there is a good memory for the old facts, and the fallout concerns fresh information (this type is typical for vascular dementia in the elderly). Often, memory impairments are of a non-structured nature and relate to the difficulties of memorization.

tablets for memory

There are electoral defects. For example, the inability to memorize dates or persons. Such deviations are hardly noticeable to others, but they can bring a lot of inconveniences in everyday life to those who suffer from them.

Since there is a wide range of diseases and functional conditions for memory disorders, it makes sense to consult a doctor in all cases when memory disorders are fixed by the patient himself or his relatives. This will make it possible to understand in due time the true causes of what is happening and not to miss the conditions that threaten not only complete loss of memory, but also life.

To diagnose memory disorders, patients undergo special testing from a neurologist or psychiatrist.

Tablets used to treat memory disorders, the so-called, mnemotropic drugs.

1. Cholinesterase blockers. Donezyl hydrochloride (aricept), galantamine (dilated), rivastigmine (exelon). Drugs interfere with the cleavage of acetylcholine, which facilitates the transmission of a nerve impulse in the brain cells, improves memory.

2. Pyrrolidine derivatives or ratsetamy: phenylpyrazetam (phenotropil), pyracetam (nootropil, lucetam, vinpocetin, oikamid, pyrabene), aloracetam, brivaracetam, aniracetam (draganol), dupracetam, dorracetam, dimiracetam, imaracetam, nebrasetam, noopept, nefiracetam, fazoracetam, pramiracetam, rolziratsetam, rolipram, seletracetam. Activates glutamate receptors that are adjacent to acetylcholine and potentiate their action.

3. Derivatives of precursors of acetylcholine (dimethylaminoethanol) -aclumate deanol (noctolin, clerel, deanol), meclofenoxate (anilux, lucidryl, cerutil, acephene). Increase the content of acetylcholine, responsible for improving nerve conduction.

4. Vitamins of group B. Pyridoxine derivatives (pyrithinol, encephabol, energy, pyriditol). Thiamin (B1) potentiates memory, smooths out the effects of anesthesia. Niacin, nicotinic acid (B3) increases the efficiency of the brain. Cyanocobalamin (B12) improves neuromuscular transmission, prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease (milgamma).

5. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (aminalon), its derivatives and analogues: gamma-amine-beta-phenylbutyric acid hydrochloride (phenibut), nicotinoyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid (picamylon), gapontenic acid (pantocalcin, pantogam). It provides removal of unnecessary excitation in the brain, increases the resistance of neurocytes to hypoxia, regulates the transportation and utilization of sugar, enhances protein synthesis, acting as a protector for cells.

6. Neuropeptides with analogues: semax, vasopressin, selank, oxytocin, tiroliberin, noopept. Memories are influenced by individual parts of the molecules of neuropeptides, changing the postsynaptic effect of acetylcholine and increasing the activation of nerve cells.

7. Cerebrovascular drugs (tanakan).

8. Amino acids: biotreidine, glycine, glutamic acid, picamilon, gopantenic acid. Mediators that excite the central nervous system.

9. Polypeptides: cerebrolysin, cortexin, celebrex, cerebramine. These are chains of amino acids that work similarly to them. Simultaneously improve the blood supply to the brain.

10. Antioxidants: vitamin C (ascorbic acid), alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin C), mexidol (oxymethylethylpyridine succinate). Decrease the level of lipid peroxidation, stabilize the membranes of neurocytes.

11. Adamantane derivatives: mefexamid (timodine, perineuron, mefexadin), adamantin bromophenylamine (memantine, inertast, bromantine), adrafine (olimpone), tonibral, ciprodenate (actebral), bifimelan, pyrisudanol (mentis, nanox), deminol, linopyridine. These drugs increase the content of choline in the brain (in synapses), accelerating the transmission of the nerve impulse, the synthesis of phospholipids in the brain. Also, under the influence of drugs, the content of lipofuscin, which is the pigment of aging, decreases in the brain cells.

12. Combined preparations. Combine the mnemotropic properties of its components. Melatonin-apic (pyridoxine plus melatonin), inotropin (melatonin plus aminalon), pituitary (aminalon plus pyracetam), fesam (cinnarizine plus pyracetam), orocetam (oric acid plus pyracetam), thiocetam (tiotriazoline plus pyracetam).

The drugs of the above groups should be prescribed according to strict indications after a detailed examination by a specialist.

To date, a huge number of different studies have been conducted, during which it has been proved that the mnemotropic medications do not affect the healthy brain so that the memory improves significantly. Therefore, it is not advisable to use the drugs of this group for students and students, as well as adult able-bodied population, in order to increase the concentration of attention and increase the assimilation of new material without the presence of neurological deficit symptoms.

Medications are appropriate during recovery from cerebral hemorrhages, craniocerebral trauma, in the treatment of chronic cerebrovascular disorders and Alzheimer's disease, and other senile dementias.


Faq for the most popular course of peptides for muscle mass ghrp2 and cjc1295

12 Jan 2018

How to take peptides GHRP-6 and CJC-1295?

So, suppose that you ordered a course of peptides GHRP-6 + CJC-1295, which can additionally be completed with special capsules Ginseng Kianpi Pill.

ghrp2 cjc1295

The duration of the course is 1 month, a certain number of vials are included in the kit: ghrp2 or ghrp-6 - 4 bottles, cjc1295 - 5 bottles, ginseng cup - 1 can (60 capsules). Dosages are calculated individually, based on your weight. But still, there are some common guidelines. For example, the dosage of peptides may not vary by a person's weight of 75-100 kg.

Dosage of ghrp 2, cjc1295, Ginseng

GHRP should be set at 1-2 mcg per kg of body weight, cf. 1295 - put 1 mcg per kg of body weight, ginseng cap - is used at the rate of 2 capsules per day, one in the morning, the other in the evening. Dosages of peptides may vary. Based on your individual characteristics. For example, some people grow with the smallest dosages of peptides, while others, on the contrary, need a high dose. Standard dosages of peptides were given above. We are forced to state the fact that if you take any of their GHRP-6 in a dosage of 1 μg, and dissolve any of the pharmacy solvents, this will lead to the death of the peptide, until its full use. Therefore, a single dosage of GHRP should not be less than 150 μg at a time, 3 times a day. CJC-1295 is not recommended to use less than 100 μg at a time. Dissolve the peptides best 2 ml of water for injection or another pharmacy solvent.

Consider the dosage of 90 kg a man

Ghrp2 is put 2 μg per 1 kg of weight, that is, 180 μg, cjc1295 - 1 μg per 1 kg of weight, - 100 μg (rounded), ginseng cap also 2 capsules per day. Put peptides ghrp and scs1295 should be 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes before meals, with an interval of 6-8 hours between injections. You can put two peptides in one syringe to reduce the number of injections, it's okay that they mix. Thus, for a 90 kg male, the daily dose of gyrp is 2 to 540 μg, and the 1295 to 300 μg.

ghrp2 insulin syringe

How to calculate the dose of peptides on an insulin syringe?

Likely now, there is a question, and how to calculate these mkg on insulin, how many awakens divisions of 180 mcg ghrp or 100 szhs1295, this is done very simply. Peptides are diluted with 2 cubes of water (2 complete insulin syringes). Consider the example of rxpn2. The vials are 5 mg of active ingredient, that is 5,000 μg, we dilute them with 2 cubes of water, that is, 200 units (2 complete insulin syringes) on the insulin. We make a proportion, and find out that in 1 unit of an insulin syringe on a scale of 100 - 25 μg peptide ghrp, to get 180 μg peptide should be typed 7 units on an insulin syringe.

Insulin needles should preferably be purchased with bright orange caps, which are abundantly sold in the pharmacy - BD Micro fine. Approximate cost of 10 pieces is 150 rubles. There are different markings on syringes, we recommend 2 types, the first one is a 1 ml syringe with a scale of u100, the second is a 0.5 cc syringe with a scale of 10 to 50 units.

The best soluble for peptides is water for injections, which costs about 30 rubles per pack. If you have tender skin and you are afraid of pain and bruising, at the injection sites, we recommend diluting the bottles with peptides novocaine. It is with the help of it, after injecting peptides, you practically do not feel anything.


Faq for the most popular course of peptides Frag hgh 176 191 for weight loss

11 Jan 2018

Frag hgh 176-191 instruction for use

For drying, the best peptide is a peptide - frag hgh176-191. There are many questions on the use of this peptide, in this article I will try to decompose everything in detail.

hgh 176-191 buy

Dosage of frag hgh 176-191

Put this peptide should be from the following calculation, if a person weighs 100 kg, then his dose is 1000 mcg, divided into 3 doses. That is, a dosage of 10 μg per kg. As practice has shown, it is at such dosages that the peptide really works and there are excellent results on fat burning. For girls weighing 60-80 kg, it is not recommended to lower the dosage less than 800 mcg per day.

How to calculate the dosage of the peptide for weight loss frag hgh176-191?

The first step is to know that the peptide is in the amount of 2 mg of the active ingredient in one vial, that is, 2,000 μg. Accordingly, we take an insulin syringe, where there is a division of U100, we collect 2 cubes of water into the bottle, and we find out that in one unit of an insulin syringe 10 μg of peptide is obtained. Accordingly, to allow a dose of 300 μg of peptide to be calculated, we must dial u30 in the insulin.

At what time to take the peptide frag hgh 176-191?

This peptide is taken three times a day at intervals of 6-8 hours. To put frag hgh 176-191 is recommended three times a day, in between meals, so that the injection is done on an empty stomach. There is one more little recommendation. The evening dose of the peptide should be greater than the morning and daytime. For example, for a man weighing 100 kg, the dose of peptide fragment xxx should be distributed as follows - 300 morning, 300 day, 400 evening. The ideal time to perform injections of the fat-burning peptide - in the morning on an empty stomach, before or immediately after training, at night just before bedtime.

What can be combined (combined) peptide frag hgh176-191?

Fragment xxx 176-191 is an excellent fat burner, but it does not grow muscle by itself. If you want to see fattened and tightened muscles under the fat layer, then we recommend combining peptide fragment hgh 176-191 with cjc 1295 or if your goal is to enhance the effect of hgh 176-191, and also get a beautiful tan, then the best combination hgh 176-191 will be with melanotan 2.

CJC-1295 will make your muscles bigger and more embossed, which will improve the overall appearance of your body, after weight-loss. Recently, the rate of peptides for weight loss frag hgh 176-191 + ipamorelin is gaining momentum. It is about this bunch of peptides that we hear the best reviews.

The length of the course on slimming frag hgh176-191 and what can you expect after it?

As practice has shown, the most optimal drying time with peptide hgh 176-191 is a period of 1-2 months. Then the peptide starts to work more weakly. For the course to work out the most successfully, it is necessary to train, combine power and aerobic loads, and diet is also mandatory.

It should be understood that the peptide is not a magic pill, you can not just take it and wait until you get the body of Apollo. In the course of consultations, it is possible to develop a training program and a diet for you free of charge, when ordering a fat-burning course. With good training and nutrition for an average man weighing 100 kg, it is possible to throw off 5-10 kg of excess weight (the individual tolerance of the peptide plays here), a girl weighing 70 kg can easily weigh 62-63 kg a month, without any kickbacks, provided that the regime and training are maintained.

insulin syringe hgh frag

Of working moments. Question answer.

The course of peptides hgh frag 176-191 + ipamorelin.

Customer: Hello! I turned to you on the advice of a friend. I would like to buy from you preparations for fat burning. What could you advise? I want to please you, fat is more than enough and you have to burn a lot. I will wait for an answer.

Administration: Hello! I would advise you the course of the fragment xxx together with the peptide ipamorelin. What is your weight and height? What physical activity?

Client: Height 164, and the weight is very strong and now 88. It is quite active and + I go to the hall for 2-3 hours there. And more? What is it and how to take it?

Administration: For fat burning, you can try peptides. Your course will consist of two preparations, namely the fragment hgh together with the peptide ipamorelin.

Both peptides contain 2 mg of active ingredient, that is, 2,000 μg.

The dosage of hgh 176-191 per your weight will be 1,000 micrograms per day. The daily dose of ipamorelin is 300 mcg per day. Both peptides should be taken three times a day. On empty stomach. Between meals.

An approximate schedule for the reception of peptides for fat burning:

9:00 Porridge on milk.

11:00 - injection of peptides.

13:00 - dinner of fruit.

14-16: 00 - time for training.

16:30 - food intake, for example boiled fish.

18:00 - an injection of peptides.

20:00 - dinner, last meal. For example, low-fat cottage cheese, with yogurt. Or just cottage cheese.

22:00 - an injection of peptides.

It is permissible to collect two peptides in one syringe, to reduce the number of peptide injections. But after a set of two peptides, it is not recommended to keep them long in an insulin syringe, it is better to perform the injection as soon as possible.

As already mentioned. You need to take peptides three times a day. In the following way. Frag hgh 300 μg morning, 300 lunch, 400 night. Ipamoreline 100 morning, 100 day, 100 night.

How to calculate the dosage of peptides on an insulin syringe?

Brew the bottles 2 cubes of water for injection. Accordingly, in 2 cubes of water, that is, 200 units will be 2 mg of the active substance of the peptide, that is 2,000 μg. Significantly 200 units = 2 000 μg. We shorten and clarify that 1 unit on an insulin syringe equals 10 μg of the active substance of the peptide. That is, to collect 300 μg frag hgh 176-191, 30 units of solution should be injected into the insulin syringe, and 200 μg of ipamorelin = 20 units on the insulin syringe.

Course duration, from 1 to 2 months. Take the average value, mc need to burn a lot, a month and a half = 6 weeks = 42 days.

If hgh frag 176-191 diurnal 1000 micrograms, then 42,000 μg of active substance will be required for 42 days, respectively. In one bottle 2 000 mkg, that is all 21 bottles of 2 mg are needed.

Ipamorelin daily is 300, that is, for the entire course, 9,000 μg of peptide is needed. In 1 vial also 2 000 mkg, respectively, 5 vials of ipamorelin will be required. Diet and exercise during the course are also important.

Course of peptides: hgh 176-191 + melanotan 2 (for a girl of medium weight).

Now another course of peptides for weight loss is gaining popularity - hgh 176-191 + Melanotan 2. The feature of this kit is faster weight loss, as well as an excellent tan skin, after the skin is finished. Both peptides perfectly match with each other, which explains the high effectiveness of the course as a whole.

Let's touch on the question of how to properly prepare peptides for use

1. Make bottles 2 cubes of water for injection.

2. In the morning you take 250 μg, that is 25 yeins on an insulin syringe.

3. At lunchtime also 250 mcg.

4. At night 300 mcg, that is, 30 units. And just before bedtime, a prick of 10 units of chalk! (from it can vomit!)

Or another option:

1. Prick of the fragment xxx 25 units. After 10 minutes, a prick of 5 units of melanotane (this is approximately 350 μg).

2. At lunch, a fragment of xxx is 250 units.

3. In the evening, also 300 μg hgh176-191, and after 10 minutes 5 units of melanotane.

Which option to choose? Both are good! To be honest, I prefer the second option. From mt2 could be no appetite, so do not particularly eat, respectively, weight loss will be more fun and faster. Also, to achieve sunburn, it is recommended to go to the solarium 2-3 times a week for 5-8 minutes. Sunburn will be like after the resort.


Peptides and growth hormone - what to choose?

10 Jan 2018

From beginning athletes such a question can be heard especially often. Indeed, what contributes to the best results - stimulation of the secretion of growth hormone or injection directly GH? Which option is better for the ratio of price and quality? We will try to answer this difficult question.

Cost, availability of growth hormone and peptides, sale

The cost of growth hormone is significantly higher than that of peptides. It is a more complex substance for production, besides GR is used in medicine, it is subject to certification. Growth hormone is legal, but its sale is regulated legislatively. The price for a course of growth hormone can reach and exceed $1500 (all depends on the duration of the course and the price of the specific drug). Cheap growth hormone should cause you fear: the market is flooded with fakes, which are not just ineffective, they are dangerous. And if the price is too low, do not hesitate to ask the seller questions and carefully study the packaging for signs of counterfeit.

Peptides are much cheaper, and their turnover is not regulated. Their full course will cost a about $700 and then in those cases when a very powerful effect is needed. Beginners can suffice and a noticeably smaller amount. However, there are many counterfeit peptides. In addition, peptides are extremely sensitive to storage conditions: bodybuilders write that sometimes one day in the light outside the refrigerator is enough for the peptide to lose at least half of its efficiency. Therefore, the seller of peptides should be selected very carefully, because some unscrupulous store owners do not pay due attention to the storage of drugs.

Effect for muscle mass and fat burning

Reviews of growth hormone and peptides give priority to the results of the increase in pure muscle mass is GH. More practical experience of using growth hormone in bodybuilding has been accumulated, the most effective combinations and reception schemes have been known for a long time already. So growth hormone for muscle mass is recognized as effective. "Before and after" growth hormone so far look more impressive. With peptides, however, experiments continue. They devoted less clinical research, this is a new word in sports and bodybuilding. Therefore, many, especially beginners, are faced with the fact that the result of using peptides does not meet expectations. In defense of peptides, it should be said that there have already been accumulated feedback and data convincing that with competent combination, the effect on the body composition can be no worse than that of growth hormone. However, this requires a thoughtful approach, a competently designed course and its strict observance.

The mechanism of action and possible side effects

Growth hormone is a ready-made drug that is injected into the body "as is" and replaces its own GR, produced by the pituitary gland. Peptides also stimulate the production of endogenous hormone. In the first case, the body's own function can be inhibited, and in the second case, it only grows stronger. This is the fundamental difference. Unlike GH, peptides do not affect the functions of the pancreas and thyroid gland, can not cause hyperplasia of internal organs, the body does not produce antibodies to them.

Peptides are also not determined by doping control, while growth hormone is doping in the classical sense. What should I choose? You decide! But whatever you decide, in our store you can always quickly and conveniently order growth hormone with a guarantee of quality and originality of the drug, as well as effective peptides.


The benefits of growth hormone and harm. HGH Growth Hormone Dosing and Side Effects

09 Jan 2018

Let's look at such a popular in bodybuilding drug, like growth hormone, from all sides. After all, he has not only undoubted advantages. Like any pharmacological agent, GH can lead to side effects. But what is more important - a powerful anabolic effect or risks? After reading this article, each athlete will be able to make his choice.

The Advantages and Benefits of Growth Hormone

The benefits of GR are incredible - there is not a lot of sports nutrition, peptides, or even anabolic steroids.

Muscle growth (anabolic effect) and inhibition of muscle destruction (anti-catabolic effect)

Reducing the fat layer, improving energy use and changing the energy balance towards the use of fats

Rapid healing of wounds, injuries, burns

Effect of rejuvenation

Repeated growth of internal organs, with age atrophy

Growth of bones (up to 26 years) and / or their strengthening and improved salinity

Increased blood glucose levels Improved immune system performance

Possible harm and side effects of growth hormone. How to eliminate side effects?

Tunnel syndrome - pain, numbness in the hands and sometimes feet. The effect is eliminated after lowering the dosage

Swelling and fluid accumulation. This is also necessary to increase the volume of muscles and their elasticity. Minimized by reducing the amount of salt in the diet and excluding alcoholic beverages.

Increase in pressure. To eliminate, you can reduce the dose or start taking antihypertensive drugs.

Decreased thyroid function. It is solved by the administration of thyroxine, which also increases the fat burning effect. After the course ends, the function is restored automatically.

Hyperglycemia. You can take insulin (this will also increase anabolism) or drugs to stimulate the pancreas.

Acromegaly. Do not occur if used correctly.

Hypertrophy of internal organs. It develops only when applied for more than six months.

In some reviews of the growth hormone, he is credited with side effects, which he is not able to induce. For example, an enlarged abdomen has no scientific confirmation. This is possible in theory only when combining GH with steroids and consuming very large amounts of food. Also, growth hormone does not affect testosterone, libido and sexual function in any way, unlike steroids. Growth hormone for men is absolutely safe in terms of intimate sphere. There is also the view that GH causes tumors that have already refuted the studies. It can only provoke the rapid development of already existing tumors (before the start of the growth hormone it is worthwhile to undergo screening to exclude the development of such processes).

Bottom Line

The development of significant side effects with the use of recommended doses of growth hormone is impossible. Minor side effects are easily eliminated, often without additional medications. Therefore, in general, it can be argued that GR is a safe drug. According to bodybuilders, 88% of those taking GH believe it to be an effective drug. 86% noted a really noticeable fat burning and a gain in muscle mass. The increase in power indicators was noted by 79%. At the same time, more than 80% of respondents very easily tolerated injections of growth hormone. Any side effects were noticed only by 23% of athletes who resort to moderate doses of the hormone. And the main obstacle to receiving them is not risk, but a happy high price of growth hormone.


The use of growth hormone: how to apply, where to shot growth hormone?

28 Dec 2017

So, you are a happy owner of a course or GR package. Congratulations! What to do next, how to properly take growth hormone? Read the detailed instructions!

What is required for growth hormone injections

Insulin syringes for 100 units (100UI) for injections - do not confuse the unit of the drug with the divisions!

Sterile or bactericidal water for dilution. Sterile can be bought in a pharmacy, bactericidal - you can order from us (at the drugstore they sell it on prescription). Some manufacturers put water and syringes right in the package (eg, Dzhintropin).

For reconstitution of drugs - syringes with a long needle. Wadded disks and alcohol or alcohol wipes for skin treatment and ampoules.

How to properly grow growth hormone

For breeding, use only bactericidal or sterile water for injection. If the diluted drug should be stored for more than 24 hours, bactericidal water is preferable.

Do not pour water directly onto the powder. Hold the syringe so that water flows down the wall of the ampoule or vial.

Do not shake or shake the dissolved hormone! This will reduce its effectiveness. To completely dissolve the drug, slowly and gently rotate the ampoule.

The usual dosage for breeding is 1-2ml of water for injections per ampoule.

How to calculate the dosage of growth hormone?

It is very simple: the number of International Units (UI, ME, Ud) of growth hormone is indicated directly on the vial. Let's say there are 10 in the bottle, and you need 5 units of hormone for a single injection.

If you used 2 ml of water for breeding, you need to collect a full insulin syringe. If you used 1 ml of water - then up to half.

Injection of Growth Hormone: Instruction

Where to stab? The best place for subcutaneous injection is the abdominal region 8 cm from the navel. It is necessary to get into the layer between the skin and the muscles. Experiencedly find the points where the injection is painless (there are very "sick" places).

Periodically change the injection site, since GH can cause lipodystrophy - local destruction of the fat layer at the point of injection.

How? Hold the syringe at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the skin. Slowly inject the drug and hold the syringe for 5-10 seconds to prevent leakage.

Do injections only with clean hands. Before using, the neck of the ampoule should be wiped with an alcoholic napkin or alcohol. It is not superfluous to wipe and the injection site, although with the use of insulin syringes it is not necessary.

Do not allow air bubbles to enter the syringe.

Useful tips and precautions for growth hormone pricks

Do injections on an empty stomach and do not eat for at least 40 minutes after the injection. This will ensure maximum effect from each injection.

4 hours - a minimum break between injections.

Diary of injections or application-calendar in the phone will help not forget what and when to work.

Morning injections should be done immediately after awakening. This will stop the catabolic processes in the body. The second prick is best done immediately after training or fart sleep.

In the diet should be a high amount of protein - at least 2-3 grams per 1 kg of weight per day, and a minimum of simple carbohydrates.

How to store growth hormone

Protect from sunlight, temperature extremes, do not allow heating or freezing.

The ready solution should be stored in the refrigerator on the top shelf or in the door (temperature mode 2-8 degrees).

The shelf life of dry growth hormone is 2 years. Quick effect and sporting achievements! Follow the instructions and the GR courses will only benefit you.


Ipamorelin - basic information

27 Dec 2017

As it turned out, information on such a "peptide" product as Ipamorelin is quite small in our areas, and what is, is traditionally replete with legends and myths. Therefore, in this article we will try to understand what is Ipamorelin, what are its properties, and how to correctly take this peptide.

Buy ipamorelin

Ipamorelin is the release of growth hormone peptide. Ghrelin mimetic. The mechanism of its action is the same as in GHRP 6, GHRP 2, Hexarelin. He, as well as his "brethren", transmits the signal to the growth hormone cell for GH secretion by combining with the specific ghrelin receptor GHS-R.

Ipamorelin "saw the world" in the distant 1998. This peptide was "invented" by replacing the Alanine-Tryptophan GHRP fragment with the Aib-His-D-2-Nal fragment, where His is histidine and D-2-Nal is the dextro form of 2-naphthylamine. But, the most interesting is Aib, which is nothing else than Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) (Why is it interesting ?, more on this later).

Ipamorelin - the main effects

By binding to the GHS-R receptor, Ipamorelin sends a signal to the somatotropic pituitary cell, thereby stimulating GH secretion. Comparing the potential of Ipamorelin in terms of GHRP secretion with GHRP 6, GHRP 2 and Hexarelin using the same dosages, it is possible to build a kind of "rating", where Hexarelin will lead the list, since it simulates the largest release of GR; GHRP 2 will be in 2nd place; well, and honorable third place will be shared by GHRP 6 and Ipamorelin. Many, of course, can "grimace" and say that Ipamorelin is a 3rd grade slag, but this is far from the case. In fact, Hexarelin differs from Ipamorelin in about 10-15 ng / ml for GH secretion. Why "about", because with non-abortion use, rely on the analysis of different people follows with a certain error, as you know, the results of tests can depend on a number of factors, such as age, food intake, drug quality, etc.

buy peptide

With regard to the release of GH, it also has a "pulse" character, where the duration of the "pulse" is about 3 hours at a maximum value of 30-35 ng / ml.

Side effects of Ipamorelin

To those, I will take all the phenomena that are not related to the stimulation of GH secretion. Considering the group of releasing growth hormone peptides, we have traditionally attributed these products the ability to influence the stimulation of the secretion of not only GH, but also the secretion of prolactin and cortisol. In addition, it is quite usual for us to have a feeling of hunger when using these peptides. But Ipamorelin, due to its structure, goes beyond these stereotypes, and does not cause a feeling of hunger, and it is not capable of exerting any influence on lactotrophs (responsible for the secretion of prolactin) and on eosinophilic cells (responsible for the secretion of ACTH). It is for this "selectivity" that this product is usually called "selective", since it is now established that it affects only the growth cell. But do not forget that abuse (excess dosages) can lead to both a loss of sensitiveness of the somatotropic cell, as well as to the fluid retention of the body. These "pobochki" in principle are unlikely, but knowing the maximalist views of many "peptide adherents" mention them yet will not be superfluous.

An interesting property of Ipamorelin is the ability to prolong the phase of slow sleep, which contributes to a deeper sleep and as a consequence of additional secretion of growth hormone, although in some cases of practical use it has been observed that Ipamorelin can cause drowsiness after injection.

In addition, considering this product, it should also indicate not quite the "traditional" side effects that happened to "meet" in practice. At me, for example, after an evening injection the next day (approximately closer to noon) there were "easy" headaches. Morning injection from daily headaches helped. Also, there are cases when a person after a night's application very well slept, and after a morning injection again "cut down". Removing the morning injection man again "bounced back." In addition, one of the "peptide users" that I respected shared very interesting information about his reaction to the use of Ipamorelin, namely, the appearance of a "tingling" sensation in the fingers after injection. Also quite curious was the fact that the level of PH saliva (set on indicator paper) changes after applying Ipa. There is also information about the smoothing of small wrinkles after applying Ipamorelin.


Research has not established the effect of Ipamorelin on insulin secretion in humans. But, I note that in 2004 an interesting experiment was conducted during which scientists from the UAE found that Ipamorelin is nevertheless able to stimulate insulin secretion in rats (normal and rats with diabetes).


I knowingly drew your attention to this interesting element in the amino acid chain. The fact is that "deep sleep" is just the result of the "work" of gamma-aminobutyric acid, which additionally also has an additional bonus, in the form of stimulation of GH secretion, and is also capable of causing a slight sedation, calming down after a mental and emotional excitation.


After preparing a solution based on water for injection, Ipamorelin (depending on the quality) is able to "live" in the refrigerator for about 2x3 weeks (maximum 1 month). Theoretically, the degradation period can be prolonged by preparing a solution based on the sodium chloride solution, but in practice I did not manage to conduct such an experiment (which, of course, does not mean that saline is worse than water for injections).

Prospects for using Ipamorelin (what to expect?)

Speaking about what to expect, and what not to dream about, it should be recalled that any effects from peptides can not be separated from the effects caused in the body by the growth hormone. I will not clone the advertising slogans of many sellers and resources, but I will focus only on specific "effects" from the monthly application of Ipamorelin. To such I will refer to the improvement of concentration, the best "recovery" of the body after stress (training by itself, as well as stress at work), significant improvement in sleep, restoration of joints and ligaments, light cosmetic effect (smoothing of fine wrinkles, although perhaps this is due to the fact that you smile less). Biceps in 50 cm increase unfortunately failed, and to reduce the percentage of fat from 40% to 2% is also not realistic, but the restoration of natural GH secretion and an increase in the concentration of IGF binding protein of the third type (which falls as a result of the use of aac) is quite significant (though not entirely tangible) pluses Ipamorelin'a.

Ipamorelin Dosages

Here, too, Ipamorelin does not differ from its "classmates". 1 μg / kg is the optimal dosage, but, to my great regret, this dosage has recently become less effective due to the deterioration in the quality of the products offered. Therefore, I will not criticize and agree with the opinion of some peptide "users" who say that for Ipamorelin'a dosage should be raised higher, for example, up to 1.5-2 mcg / kg. I will say frankly, "that", that I happened to try more and more and more and more disappointing lately and that "at least" it would be good to sleep 2-3 mkg / kg and "happiness" was not very long, because . peptide somewhere in 1 week degraded.

Ipamorelin peptide buy

Prospects Ipamorelin for use on fat loss

On the prospects of using Ipamorelin in sports, you are already more or less (in general terms), I think, understood, but I would like to talk about the use of this product in the period of fighting fat. If you are planning to choose which peeling to dry, then it's best to look towards Ipamorelin. There are several reasons. Ipa does not cause a feeling of hunger, which is already "aggravated" during a diet. Also, because of its light sedative effect, Ipa will help to "soften" the tides of unreasonable aggression (well, or increased temper), which sometimes roll on hard diets (for example, on "carbohydrate"). Well, by itself, "drying" with GR (stimulated by Ipamorelin) will be much more productive than drying without GR.

Combination of Ipamorelin

Ipamorelin can be safely combined with somatoliberin and its analogues. A good "bundle" in terms of stimulating the secretion of GR will be Ipamorelin + CJC-1295. Also, if there is a desire, you can "connect" Ipamorelin with Tesamorelin. Combining Ipa with other ghrelin mimetics is also possible, but from a practical point of view it is better not to do it at the same time, but at different times of the day, for example morning, day GHRP, and evening Ipamorelin.

Also, because of the lack of influence on the secretion of insulin, Ipamorelin can be used during the application of HGH Frag 176-191 without risking "suppressing" the action of the undesired insulin. With MGF (and its more advanced forms), as well as with Peg MGF (simple, pegellated and Long form), Ipamorelin is also normally combined without suppressing (as in principle and without amplifying) the effects of these growth factors.

If you want to choose what to be stabbed by the time of "AAS homeopathy" and PCT, then the most normal option is Ipamorelin (and on PCT so even more), as, as you already remember, Ipa does not stimulate cortisol and prolactin, and also increases concentration of IGFBP-3, thereby maximizing the benefits of IGF-1.

Doping control

This question is increasingly worried about the minds of athletes who turned their attention to peptides. The answer is "scorching or not scorching" peptides on the DC is very simple - "scorching" but in the case of mass spectrometry after separation of the sample by liquid chromatography. And in this connection there is a counter question, "but do you apply this method to the DC for your competitions?". If "yes", then it is desirable for an athlete to stop using both Ipamorelin and other releasing peptides and somatoliberin analogues at least one day before DC.

Here is such a selective ghrelin mimetic, releasing growth hormone peptide Ipamorelin. As you can see, this is quite a promising product. But, as we have, any budding project can be ruined by poor quality, and even by an absolutely inadequate price. Absolutely absurd is also the sale of Ipamorelin'a weighing 10 mg, since degradation occurs quite fast, and besides, to measure the normal dosage in a solution with a large concentration of peptide (after all, the liquid in the bottle is placed at a maximum of 3.5 ml) is not very easy . It turns out some strange savings. In general, discarding these ridiculous misunderstandings, in my opinion, Ipamorelin deserves attention, and it has to be in the arsenal of many athletes. As a safe, but very effective tool for improving physical performance.


The level of growth hormone: how to improve? Usage of growth hormone.

26 Dec 2017

The level of growth hormone: how to improve? Admission of growth hormone. Action, growth hormone in powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Growth hormone (somatotropin, somatotropic hormone) is produced in the body of every person. It is a polypeptide of 191 amino acids that is formed in the pituitary gland and is released in response to irritations - training, stress, low blood sugar, certain phases of sleep. Under its influence in the liver, an insulin-like growth factor-1 is formed, and it in turn activates the construction of body tissues, including muscle tissue.

Accordingly, the higher the level of growth hormone in the blood, the stronger the stimulation of the liver and the more IGF-1 we encourage it to work out.

It is interesting that GR contributes not only to the synthesis of proteins and hypertrophy (when the cell grows), but also hyperplasia - to increase the number of muscle cells. This is its most important advantage in relation to anabolic steroids, which contribute only to hypertrophy. Therefore, it is considered to be the most powerful modern anabolic that can be bought for any athlete.

In addition to the anabolic effect, somatotropin activates the process of lipolysis (fat burning), strengthens connective tissues, including joints, bones. The latter directly affects the increase in strength and the reduction in the number of injuries to athletes.

How to increase the level of growth hormone?

Alas, the development of growth hormone decreases with age. It can not be restored without special preparations. Therefore, athletes have two ways to increase the level of growth hormone in the blood:

Use peptides that stimulate production of intrinsic GH

Take HGH directly

Usage of growth hormone, injections

In case you have chosen the second option, you will need to do subcutaneous injections of growth hormone daily for 10-12 weeks. The injections are best done in the stomach, 6-8 centimeters from the navel. The daily dose should be divided into two injections.

The dosage of growth hormone for experienced athletes starts from 8 units per day and can exceed 20 units per day. Beginners can be enough and 4-5 units per day to get a tangible effect. Beginning the course in any case is necessary with this figure - the minimum effective dose. After 1-2 weeks, it can be increased if there are no side effects.

Dosage less than 4 U for anabolic purposes will not work. Although it can successfully promote rejuvenation: improving the condition of hair and skin, the disappearance of wrinkles.

The maximum duration of the course is 6 months. In the case of longer doses, the risk of side effects is not only increased, but addiction to the drug is also developing - it ceases to be effective.

The best growth hormone: which one to choose?

Unequivocally, the question of which growth hormone is the best is difficult to answer. But there is one universal rule: the best growth hormone is an original high-quality drug (not a fake) that is properly used and stored. Then it retains all its properties and does not harm the body.

Today in the market you can find the following high-quality preparations:

Jintropin (Jintropin) produced by GenSci and officially imported to Russia by the distributor Eurofarm - it is most popular

Ansomone (Ansomone) - the second most popular


Dynatrop (Dynatrope)

Blue Tops

Neotropin (Neotropin)


Kigtropin (Kigtropin)


Syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity (ADHD)

25 Dec 2017

Why children with ADHD worse learn whether the syndrome to appear in adulthood and how to educate according to the method of "carrot and no stick"

ADHD Semax Selank

Problems in the study of hyperactivity at children excited doctors and teachers from the mid-nineteenth century. In 1845 by German physician Heinrich Hoffmann in poetic form described extremely cheerful kid and gave him the nickname "fidget Philipp".

The subject of intense study of physicians, the disease began in the early twentieth century. In 1902 in the Lancet appeared lecture the English physician George Frederic still, which he previously spoke to the doctors of the Royal Academy. The author has linked hyperactivity with a biological basis, not bad parenting, as tacitly assumed in those days.

History of the term

In 1980 in the classification of DSM-I (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders) were the terms "attention deficit disorder" Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and his kind of "attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity" Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADD+H).

It should be noted the research of canadian author Virginia Douglas (1980, 1983), who put forward the theory of "four major deficiencies" of the disease: 1) a reduced ability to hold the attention, 2) a weak inhibition of impulsive behavior, 3) the weakness of the modulation level of an activating effect, 4) an unusually strong inclination to delayed reward.

The symptoms of ADHD

Clinical manifestations of the disease are defined by three main symptom groups: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Carelessness. Speaking of ADHD, often mean increased distractibility and reduced concentration. In children with ADHD there is a lack of continuous (supported) attention, which is manifested in the impossibility of a long-running uninteresting tasks. When you do this something interesting for them (for example, computer games, watching cartoons) they can do for hours. In addition, there is a lack of selective attention, which is manifested in increased distractibility to extraneous stimuli, especially if these incentives are bright and interesting. So, drove in the yard the car makes to look out the window and long to distract from homework. Often also reduced attention switching.

adhd treatment

Hyperactivity. Under the hyperactivity in ADHD children are usually aware of the increased motor (motor) activity. Parents complain: it seems that to the child connected the motor. Children with ADHD are unable to sit during a lesson. When a child comes into a doctor's office, there is concern for the state in the Cabinet office equipment: computer, monitor, printer. In contrast to the energetic kids activity in children with ADHD is purposeless in nature. Unfortunately, hyperactivity sometimes leads to emergence of injuries in children.

Impulsivity. Under the impulse understand the inability to control their impulses. Impulsive children cannot wait for their turn at the game. In the training situation these children experience "impulsive style of work": they shout out answers in the classroom, not answering them fully, interrupting other students or the teacher. Because impulsive children often find themselves in dangerous situations without thinking about the consequences. Risk tolerance becomes a cause of injuries and accidents.

ADHD is classified as a multifactorial developmental disorders, thus you should always keep in mind the possible impact of several factors influencing at each other. Among the causal factors of ADHD in the first place distinguish genetic and perinatal factors.

Great importance is attached to the gene of the dopamine receptor D4 (DRD4) gene and the dopamine Transporter (DAT1). These features define the decline in the functioning of the dopaminergic neurotransmitter system of the brain.

It is interesting to note that ADHD is more common in twins, brothers and sisters. The risk of ADHD to relatives of patients suffering from this disease was about 30%. ADHD is more common among children born prematurely. Of particular importance for the formation of ADHD among perinatal factors is maternal Smoking during this pregnancy. In addition, it should be said about the role of anxiety disorders in the mother during pregnancy.

Our study showed a high level of anxiety in mothers of children with ADHD (Chutko L. S., Surushkina S. Yu., Anisimova T. I., 2017). Alarm wore a protracted nature, while more than half of the cases with an anxiety disorder appeared prior to the birth of a child with ADHD. This fact and the very high level of personal anxiety allowed us to think that we are dealing with the property of the person, not just a reaction to the behavior of the child with ADHD. Although, in turn, violation of social adaptation and learning difficulties associated with ADHD in the child, contribute to the emergence of a secondary anxiety in the mother.

It should be mentioned that anxious mothers tend to improper parenting styles, such as Hyper or over-critical. They can also contribute to the development in children how anxiety disorders and ADHD. The parents of a child with ADHD themselves with this disorder often have a parenting style characterized by lack of restraint and violate the interaction with the child.

Types of ADHD

Traditionally distinguish ADHD with predominance of inattention (ADHD-H) and combined type of the disease. The last type is more common. Children with ADHD-N the impression of lethargic, sleeping on the go. They are slower than their peers perceive the information, worse remember. These children give the impression of a sleepy, timid, shy, and apathetic.

The results of our studies allowed us to distinguish two functional forms of ADHD: simple and complicated. A simple form was characterized by "the title" symptoms: inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity. Complicated form is characterized in that the above symptoms were joined by secondary symptoms: tics, headaches, stuttering, phobic disorders.

Treatment of attention deficit disorder

In the United States and Europe, the most widely used treatment for ADHD psychostimulant agents (non-RF). The effect of psychoactive funds is based on the increase in the content of dopamine and norepinephrine. Despite the large number of studies on the use of psychostimulants in the treatment of ADHD, the issue continues to be accompanied by a discussion of the likelihood of side effects.

In Russia for the treatment of ADHD traditionally used nootropic agents. Under nootropic drugs understand drugs, positive impact on higher integrative functions of the brain, the main manifestation of which is the improvement of learning and memory when their violations. When comorbid ADHD anxiety disorders, tics it is possible to use tranquilizers.

It is generally accepted thesis according to which the treatment of ADHD should be comprehensive, i.e. include both medicamentous therapy, and psychotherapeutic methods. The leading link in psychocorrection of children with ADHD is to change the behavior of adults parents and teachers replacement of non-adaptive approaches to their children in the adaptive training of parental competence.

To change (modify) the behavior of children using methods of behavioral therapy based on operant approach (in operant conditioning). The main principle of such therapy reward (tangible reinforcement) a child for desired behavior and punishment for wrong. We recommend to speak not so much about punishment, how many about lack of encouragement, that is not a "carrot and stick" and "carrot and no stick".

Parents should establish a system of incentives. As a "carrot" there may be cafes, computer games, viewing of telecasts, pocket money. The unconditional factor improvement the creation of positive models of relationships to the child. The other extreme in relation to such children is permissiveness, therefore parents have to explain to your child the rules of conduct.

We developed a method of treatment of children with ADHD using transcranial micropolarization therapeutic application of direct (galvanic) electrical current of small force on brain tissue. The method of micropolarization transcranial (TDCS...) was developed in the Institute of experimental medicine in Leningrad 70-80-ies of XX century.

TDCS ... mechanism is the directed activation nonspecific the activating systems of the brain and the intensification of the processes of morpho-functional development of unripe elements of bark owing to normalization of neurodynamics, that is, reduction of functional immaturity of the brain. Currently, TDCS ... widely used in children for the treatment of mentally retarded, autistic disorders, correction of speech disorders. This treatment allows in the substantial absence of undesirable side effects aimed to change the functional state of the brain.

ADHD in adults

The syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adulthood is seen as a consequence of developmental disorders of the nervous system in children, in adults first appear. This disorder occurs in 2-6% of adults in the population.

Adults with ADHD are disorders of attention, impulsivity, emotional lability, low stress tolerance. Adult patients with ADHD have a higher incidence of accidents, change jobs, divorce. They also often suffer from addictive disorders than their healthy peers. A number of authors describe the memory impairments in adults with ADHD. It is known that patients with ADHD are less likely to receive a higher education. As you might expect, they tend to occupy lower professional positions.

Current research ADHD

In Russia, studies in this direction are in the Center of behavioural neurology of Institute of human brain (St.-Petersburg), at the Department of pediatric neurology rnsmu. Pirogov (Moscow) and the Institute of biomedical research of NARFU (Arkhangelsk).

The focus of the researchers most often genetic mechanisms of ADHD, the functional state of the brain in this disorder and the search for new methods of treatment of this disease. Special mention should be made about research aimed at the study of family and socio-psychological aspects of ADHD.

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