Functions of peptides and types of peptides in sports

24 Nov 2017

More and more talk about peptides as the future of sports pharmacology. This is justified: peptides are allowed, safe (in comparison with hormones and steroids) and are fairly simple to use. Let's figure out which peptides and for what they use in bodybuilding and weightlifting.

Peptides are synthetic or natural chemical compounds containing a certain amount of amino acids. Those variations that are used in power sports (most often - stimulating the production of growth hormone), studied very well.

Peptides of the ghrelin group - GHRP

These are very active drugs that act immediately after administration and create a peak release of growth hormone. Act regardless of the status of the athlete (age, time of use, the level of other hormones in the blood). These are the most famous peptides GHRP-2, GHRP-6, less known (but not less qualitative and effective) - Ipamorelin, Hexarelin and several others.

Peptides of the releasing hormone group

Unlike peptides GHRP, these drugs create not one jump in the GH, but its wave-like jumps for a short or long time. They retain the natural production of growth hormone and differ from each other mainly by the term of action and the relationship between the effect of muscle growth and fat burning. Cost more than the peptides of the previous group, but in many cases are really more effective. This group includes CJC-1295, GRF 1-29, HGH Frag 176-191.

Peptides for sunburn and enhancement of libido

If it seems strange to you that we combined these two effects, then it's worth making a reservation: in the human nervous system, the same center responds to sexual desire, which stimulates the production of melatonin, which gives the skin a golden, and then a chocolate color. That is why the most famous peptide for tanning - Melanotan 2 - has the property to enhance sexual desire. When this property was discovered, PT-141 (another popular peptide) was isolated and strengthened from its composition, which is used to super-effectively increase sexual attraction in men and women.

Peptides for sleep, recovery and adaptation

Two peptides are known in this group. DISP provides a wonderful sleep, has an anti-stress effect and promotes complex recovery of the body and nervous system. This remarkable peptide makes it easy to eliminate insomnia, anxiety and aggression, often associated with the use of steroids.

The second popular peptide, Selank, helps increase concentration, stimulate brain function, and adapt to mental and physical stress. Moreover, 9 out of 10 drugs that you will find in our store, the only side effect is redness at the injection site. But the positive effects - sometimes a dozen!

However, one should fear fakes! There are a lot of them today. We recommend buying peptides only from reliable, proven sellers. Unfortunately, they are not sold in pharmacies. But you can safely order quality peptides on our website. We guarantee 100% originality and high quality of the goods. A convenient delivery and favorable terms of the order will definitely please you! The cost of peptides in this case is quite reasonable - given the fantastic effect of their application.


Growth Hormone Ansomone

23 Nov 2017

Ansomone is the instant composition of HGH (recombinant human growth hormone). Ansomone contains 191 amino acids and is completely identical to human growth hormone in the three-dimensional structure and the residual amino acid phenomenon.

  • Plant manufacturer Ansomone - Group - Anhui Anke Biotechnology (Co., Ltd).
  • The drug is available in ampoules, 10 pcs. 10 IU of somatropin. Used for subcutaneous injections.

Hefei National Nw & High Technology Industries Zon is a group of companies that compose a whole complex of various industrial enterprises that function in accordance with the state program oriented to the development of science and technology, as well as the economy.

The products manufactured by this corporation fully comply with the standards of the European Union and APEC.

Ansomone HGH

The national program includes the production of ten drugs, of which the main is Ansomone - in other words, recombinant human somatropin. It is almost inferior to Anterferon - human interferon a2b (also recombinant), as well as a number of Mixed Antiglobulin Reaction Test - other drugs from the diagnostic group.

Ansomone: description

Growth Hormone Ansonome is a white instant powder. In medicine, Ansomon is used for growth hormone deficiency. It makes faster synthesis of protein in the body, stabilizes nitrogen balance, corrects hypoproteinemia, increases resistance to infections, stimulates an increase in immune globin, macrophages, lymphocytes, accelerates wound healing, regulates fat metabolism ...

The list of useful properties of the drug is very large! Why use Ansomone in bodybuilding and fitness?

1. Fat burning, improvement of cholesterol profile.

2. Accelerate the growth of muscle mass, improve bone density, improve immunity.

3. Increase the level of energy, mood, libido.

How to take the drug? Dosage

When administered subcutaneously and intramuscularly, the same pharmacological effect is achieved. With subcutaneous administration, an increase in the concentration of the hormone in the blood plasma is possible. In the vial, you need to inject 1 ml of special water for injection (bactericidal or sterile), then turn the vial with gentle rotational movements until the contents dissolve. Do not shake, do not shake!

The daily dosage of Ansomone in bodybuilding in order to increase dry muscle mass is 5-10 U (5-10 IU) daily for 12 weeks. Children with stopping the growth are injected from 0.1 to 0.5 U / kg per day.

Storage conditions and form of release

Bubbles of 10 U (10 IU) of the drug (3.7 mg of somatropin). Store at 2-8 C (upper shelf or refrigerator door) in a dark place. The solution is stored in sterilized water for up to 48 hours, in bactericidal water - up to 28 days. Shelf life of the closed vial is 2 years.


The standard packaging of the drug from AnkeBio contains 10 vials containing a powdery white lyophosphate. To the vials are applied 10 ampoules - packaging with a solvent. The total packaging is supplied with an anti-counterfeit sticker, featuring a unique registration number of 17 digits.

Authentication Procedure:

  • Check the label for the ANKEBIO logo. The packaging must be sealed.
  • The registration code, consisting of 17 digits, must be placed on the lower layer of the label. Carefully separate the top layer of the label to check for its presence.
  • The inscription "FLIP OFF" should be present on the plastic lid of the vial if the preparation is original. Note that this inscription in itself does not confirm the authenticity of the drug.

How to identify a fake growth hormone stimulant? There are several signs:

1. There is no bag with a diamond cutter in the pack.

2. There is a convex pattern on the tutu.

3. The date is not indicated by the numerator, but is printed.

4. Under the test sticker, a strip of scotch with a number is hidden.

5. On the cover of the bottle there is an inscription "Ansomone".

6. The lid of the vial is sloppy, manually.

But the most important thing: always buy Ansomone in reliable online stores! We guarantee 100% original, high-quality drug at a bargain price with convenient delivery. Hundreds of people have already used our offer and got great results!


Semax new generation nootropics

22 Nov 2017

This is what the Semax molecule looks like.

Strictly in this sequence, and in no other way combined 7 amino acids, producing such remarkable effects in the brain :)

Semax nootrop buy

Actually, the amino acids Met-Glu-His-Phe (methionine, glutamine, histidine, phenylanin) and the amino acids Pro-Gly-Pro (prolyl, glycine and prolyl) protect the first four from premature dissolution by the enzyme systems of the organism, and over time Their actions result will be achieved.

If you drip one-time - then up to 20-24 hours.

And if you drip a couple of bottles for a few days - then up to 3-6 months.

Precisely because all amino acids COMPLETELY coincide with our, human, the body does not notice the substitution :)

Therefore - the overdose is IMPOSSIBLE, side effects - NO.

Even if you drip a whole bottle at once, then the body uses only that amount of amino acids that it needs, and the rest - it will simply output without any consequences :)



21 Nov 2017

Chrysin (Chrysin or 5,7-dihydroxyflavone) is a plant flavonoid, obtained most often from the plant Passiflora caerulea.

Chrysin is used by athletes to restore hormonal balance. It has an anti-estrogenic effect - reduces the level of estrogen in the blood, contributing to a reduction in their production in the body due to oppression of the conversion of testosterone under the influence of the aromatase enzyme. In nature, chrysanthemum is found in more than five hundred species of plants and in small numbers in honeycomb.

As a rule, chrysanthemum is taken by athletes inside as a food additive, but recent studies have shown that it is more effective to enter the body through the skin in the form of a cream or ointment. Most often, the substance is included in the composition of anabolic complexes and testosterone boosters, which can be used during the course of anabolic steroids.

Having found out in the experiment the antiestrogenic activity of chrysin, scientists suggested that in this way it is possible to increase the level of testosterone in the blood. However, human trials have shown that the "Caution" additive does not affect the level of estrogens and testosterone in the human blood. Scientists have suggested that this is due to a low level of digestion of the substance from the digestive tract, so that now there is development of the means for external use.

Chorizin takes a two-three-week course, followed by a week of rest. One capsule is taken in the morning, and the second one an hour before the start of the workout. You can also take another capsule in the evening. It is not recommended for people under the age of 18, and also for women.

There were no side effects from the use of this drug and no contraindications.


Powerful, effective fat burners FRAG HGH 176-191

20 Nov 2017

It is not so easy to get yourself into a proper, ideal form. Fighting with the hated subcutaneous fat, we are faced with a lot of difficulties that appear on the way to the body of our dreams. By lowering the number of calories, we inevitably lose muscle. After all, it is easier for the body to eliminate them first of all, and not hateful fatty deposits. Yes, and exercises do not always give the expected effect.

If you are an athlete with experience, then, most likely, faced with the problem of a complete stoppage of the results. At some point the body goes through the "plateau" stage and then it is already difficult to get out of this state. To disperse the metabolism, without loss of musculature will help the best fat burner presented in our store.

Buy sports fat burners or a sports drink?

Before offering anything to customers, of course, studies were conducted on people. But not all is so clear, as marketers are happy to offer us.

Levokarnitin promotes weight loss, although only the elderly, who do not consume meat. The fact that it works for others is not proven.

Suppressors of appetite (anorectics) are very harmful to the valves of the heart. Cause insomnia, general weakness, pressure changes, affect the psyche, etc.

Drugs based on dauretics are actually a simple diuretic. You run the risk of disturbing the balance of electrolytes, losing muscle (although they achieved the opposite effect), sexual function (refers to men).

Caffeinated preparations are invigorating, but do not affect the cleavage of deposits. After reception, you feel broken and squeezed like a lemon.

Thermogens can not be drunk to many people with kidney, liver, heart, thyroid, etc. diseases. A list of side properties is so great that even listing all is difficult.

Buy sports fat burners better with absolutely safe properties. As is known for the breakdown of fats, the hormonal system responds. Peptides directly affect it and are absolutely natural. Synthetic analogues work the same way, without removing internal systems from equilibrium. The body all life interacts with its own peptides, because lipolysis (the breakdown of fats) passes quickly, without side effects.

Benefits of using

Buy fat burners cheaply you can on our site.

They are safe, as well as favorable:

Preservation of muscle mass. There is active growth, a good response to exercise.

Every minute control of hunger. There are no changes in appetite, just stick to the chosen diet plan.

Accelerated metabolism. Fat is split, muscles grow. A popular fragment of the GR called HGH frag (176-191) increases the breakdown of fat by several dozen times compared to the norm!

Soft elimination of swelling in the body.

Do not allow the formation of new fat cells.

You can order a fat burner cheaply, and most importantly, use it and is safe. Peptides and a fragment of a hormone of growth render a rejuvenating effect and are absolutely harmless. They will increase your results, make you stronger and more enduring. The constitution will approach the desired ideal, the condition of the skin, hair and nails will improve. Feeling of lightness, pleasant mood and energy will help to achieve even better results.

Why risk the health of relatives and their own relying on the mercy of doubtful drugs? The hormonal system is complex and fragile, because it will be better to use substances as close to natural. With their help it will be much easier to achieve the desired results and get rid of fat forever. Extra pounds are not returned even after the end of the course of admission.


Increased stamina - drugs and doping for endurance

17 Nov 2017

Endurance as a physical quality is the ability to continuously perform a certain amount of work. For example, power is usually determined by the ability of the lifter to work with a weight of 50-70% of the maximum (how many repetitions and approaches he can do).

There are different endurance:

  • general (often evaluated using aerobic exercises),
  • muscles (of each specific group),
  • in separate exercises.

For example, the Russian press is a typical example of a competition for power endurance. The physical is determined by the energy capabilities of the organism and is directly related to them. The energy level increases - stamina increases, and vice versa. High endurance also indicates the ability of muscle cells to use oxygen as efficiently as possible.

How to increase endurance?

A proven, but long way - to increase the durability with the help of special training cycles. Well contribute to the development of general endurance:

  • aerobic training,
  • exercises for boxers,
  • crossfit,
  • "training of dinosaurs"
  • interval training.

However, this method requires a lot of time and is often incompatible with the tasks of bodybuilders and sportsmen of power sports, as it can reduce the amount of muscle mass and maximum working weight.


Pre-training complexes, additives for increasing the resistance of the organism are widely known. However, their effect is short-term, does not extend beyond one training and does not contribute to the further progress of this important sporting quality.

Not so long ago, very effective endurance stimulants appeared - peptides. It should be noted that almost all peptides used in modern sports have a positive effect on the resistance of the body. For example, all stimulators of growth hormone are able to increase the energy capabilities of the body and shift the energy balance towards the oxidation of triglycerides. That is, the body learns to use oxygen as efficiently as possible, even without aerobic training.

The most famous drug for strength and strength is the modern powerful TB-500 peptide. He is the best tool for restoring an athlete after injuries. Strengthens the heart. Thymosine Beta 4 is also used productively.

A curious fact: originally this drug was used on horse races, and it had a huge impact on the results of the competition. Is able to positively influence:

  • force (especially high-speed),
  • Resistance,
  • the elongation of ligaments,
  • mobility of the joints.

To the effect of using the TB-500 was amazing, it is worth strictly adhere to a strict adherence to the reception scheme. There are cases when in just one course experienced athletes achieved an increase in the training volume by 30-50%, precisely due to the action of this drug. In this case, unlike most other agents, the TB-500 provides a sustained and cumulative effect of endurance growth.

Thus, the effect is able to continue even after the drug has completed its action, a significant increase in endurance will persist at the end of the course. In the product card, you can order a peptide for endurance, as well as learn how to properly take it.

By the way, combining it with other courses, which can be found in our online store, will, first, enhance the effect, and, secondly, to obtain additional results, such as fat burning or the growth of muscle mass.


Course HGH 176-191 + CJC 1295 DAC

16 Nov 2017

HGH 176-191 + CJC 1295 DAC is an effective combination of peptides used in bodybuilding practice for rapid fat burning. This course is recommended for use during drying before the competition, which allows to "bare" the muscle mass gained during intensive training.

Effects of the course of peptides

  • Super-burning of subcutaneous fat deposits without loss of muscle mass;
  • Increased level of physical activity;
  • Deceleration of aging processes;
  • Strengthening the energy of the organism.

Recommendations for use

The course HGH 176-191 + CJC 1295 DAC includes a stabilized fragment of a growth hormone molecule stimulating the processes of lipolysis, and a peptide hormone that increases the production of its own somatotropin, and at the same time prolonging the effect of the drug. This complex is recommended to be used for two months. HGH Fragment 176-191 is applied 3 times a day for 200 μg (2 μg per 1 kg of body weight), CJC1295 with DAC - 2 times a week, 700 μg (7 μg per 1 kg of body weight). This dosage is calculated for an athlete weighing 100 kg. As a solvent for the dilution of peptides, sterile or special bactericidal water for injection can be used.

During the course of the course HGH 176-191 + CJC 1295 DAC, in order to achieve the maximum fat burning effect, it is recommended not to abuse carbohydrates and fats, and at the same time to consume enough protein, and also to increase the efficiency of cardio workouts.


Doctors' reviews about Ginseng Kianpi Pil

16 Nov 2017

Ginseng Kianpi Pil is a capsule biologically active food additive made in China. This product positions itself as a means to stimulate muscle growth, enhance appetite, restore the body after heavy physical exertion, strengthen the immune forces and adjust the work of vital systems and organs. "Ginseng kianpi peel" is recommended to athletes who need to maintain their tone after exhausting training, and people with poor health. What do experts say about this drug?

Opinions and reviews about Ginseng Kianpi Pil by professionals

The doctors' comments about Ginseng Kianpi Pil are quite diverse, from enthusiastic to negative. Moreover, negative are connected with the fact that the majority of drugs illegally entering the market of sports nutrition are fake. According to experts, dangerous for health components, part of the fake products, can cause the development of allergic reactions, can cause drowsiness and the gradual accumulation of fatty deposits, and even have carcinogenic properties. Therefore, buying a product from untested sellers can significantly damage your health.

At the same time, even the original product, like any other dietary supplements, has its own contraindications and side effects. The drug is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women and children under 12 years. As evidenced by the doctors' reviews of Ginseng Kianpi Pil, the undesirable phenomena observed after taking are often associated with increased intake of simple carbohydrates. They include:

Acne (acne);

Increased fat content of the skin;

Disruption of the normal functioning of the digestive tract.

To avoid this, experts recommend to start taking with minimal doses, completely eliminate from the diet of trans fats, food, sweet and fatty foods, increase kalorazh gradually, to improve digestion, parallel take special enzyme preparations.

On the positive properties of biologically active additives "Ginseng kianpi drank," then, according to experts, they are due to its constituent potent herbs. For example, Angelica possesses antioxidant and anti-tumor activity, ginseng improves metabolism and normalizes metabolism, vaginal girchovnik has diuretic and analgesic effect, Cordyceps Chinese stimulates the pituitary gland and enhances the secretion of hormones kodonopis timber accelerates protein synthesis. Thus, the complex effect of the components that make up the preparation is very favorable. The main thing that the product was really original.


Supplements for joints and ligaments for athletes

15 Nov 2017

Sport is not only a beautiful body, but also a high risk of injury. It is for this bodybuilders regularly use various supplements and sports nutrition. Especially popular are dietary supplements for joints and ligaments for athletes. They help to reduce the risk of developing stretch marks and increase the effectiveness of training due to the possibility of increasing loads.

Application of dietary supplements for joints by athletes

Especially often during lifting weights in the gym suffer from ligaments and joints. Of course, this negatively affects not only the effectiveness of training. After the breaks, the tissues recover very long, which means that you will have to refuse to participate in the competitions to which you have been going so long.

To prevent this, it is important to take up prevention. Special attention should be paid for joints for athletes. As an example, you can consider Glucosamine and Chondroitin from the company Empyreal Dragon. It can be used both for prophylaxis and during treatment. The main actions of the drug are:

  • Improvement of tissue elasticity;
  • Elimination of pain;
  • Normalization of nutrition and improvement of regeneration;
  • Reduction of elastase and inhibition of ligament destruction processes;
  • Increase in strength of tissues.

It is especially important to note that chondroitin production decreases every year, which means that the risk of injuries increases. The same can be said about physical activity: with intensive training in the gym, the need for additives is growing. Thus, Glucosamine & Chondroitin should be the main supplement taken regularly. This dietary supplements for joints and ligaments for athletes earned only positive reviews, which once again confirms its effectiveness.

BADs are accepted for athletes for joints by courses, depending on the need. Naturally, in the presence of injuries, the dosage is increased, which makes it possible to shorten the rehabilitation period and to restore the mobility of the joint more quickly.


Natural Biologically active additives from impotence

15 Nov 2017

Today biologically active additives are often used to maintain the body. By action they can be absolutely any. But, regardless of this, the most popular are those that have a natural composition, which means they are safe. Among men, natural supplements for potency are very popular. In order to understand whether they are effective and how to take them correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with their composition.

Features of natural supplements for potency

It is already clear from the title that natural supplements include only safe ingredients derived from plant extracts. The effect of them is determined precisely by the components. At the same time they have a lot of advantages:

  • 100% safe;
  • They can be taken for a long time;
  • They do not cause side effects;
  • Reception does not require the appointment of a doctor;
  • Positively affect the whole body.

The effect that natural supplements have for potency is determined by the ingredients. For example, Potencer has a ginseng root extract. This plant has been used since ancient times in the treatment of a large number of diseases. In this case, it acts as a stimulant of metabolism, and also copes well with inhibition of aging processes.

Also in the additive is a red root extract. It strengthens the vascular wall, removes the slag from its surface, which has a positive effect on blood circulation. As a result, the nutrition of all tissues is normalized without exception, and hence the potency improves. A similar effect is possessed by the Aralia Manchu, which is also included in this drug. But besides this, it also strengthens the immune system and protects the body from negative factors.

There are other natural supplements for potency. Among professionals, dietary supplements for testosterone Testoproject, Tribulus or Ginseng Kianpi Pil are very popular. They also include only natural components, such as tribulus extract, eurycoma, safflower levzei, ortilia, and so on. Accordingly, they are safe, but at the same time effective.

You can take natural supplements for potency on your own. For this, it is sufficient to familiarize yourself with the composition and determine the dosage. As a rule, the courses alternate with interruptions, after which you can continue taking or changing the drug.

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