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23 Jul 2018

Insomnia (insomnia) can be considered as one of the most common clinical syndromes, along with headache and back pain. it occurs in half of the world's population.

Phenazepam buy. Insomnia

Traditionally, in our country for the treatment of insomnia from all prescription drugs prescribe benzodiazepine derivatives (brotizolam, midazolam, triazolam, nitrazepam, oxazepam, temazepam, phenazepam). The combined preparation Reladorm is widely used. However, with long-term use of benzodiazepine drugs as hypnotics, their negative effects come to the fore: the development of addiction (the need for increasing the dose), the dependence (the emergence of withdrawal symptoms on the background of withdrawal), the behavioral toxicity (memory loss, attention, coordination deterioration), daytime sleepiness . If suspected of having sleep apnea syndrome (in patients with snoring), benzodiazepine hypnotics are contraindicated.

In clinical practice, non-benzodiazepine hypnotics are also used: cyclopyrrolone derivatives (zopiclone), imidazopyridine (zolpidem), pyrozolopyrimidine (zaleplon). The minimal affinity for the subtypes of the benzodiazepine GABA-receptor complex, which are responsible for the development of side effects of drugs of the previous generation (benzodiazepines), provides a high safety profile. However, the use of these hypnotic drugs is also not possible in the presence of sleep apnea syndrome. This category of patients is prescribed, for example, an antagonist of H1-histamine receptors - doxylamine.

To improve sleep, you can recommend the following:

Angioprotectors and microcirculation correctors: Bilobil, Bilobil forte, Tanakan, etc.

Sedatives of plant origin: Lalabi, Fitorelaks, sedative (sedative) collection 2, sedative collection # 3, Fito Novo-Sed, Tsirkulin dragée valerian, Valdispert, Valerian tincture, Dormiplant, Nervoflux, Persen, Sanason, and others.

Sedatives combined: Valocordin, Corvaldin, Corvalol, Barbowal, and others.

Antidepressants of vegetable origin: Gelarium, Deprim, Deprim forte, Doppelgerz Nervotonik, Negrustin, and others.

Spasmolytics: Clostrafau MELISANA, Barbowal, and others.

Micro- and macro elements: Drops Beresh Plus, Menopace, etc.

Vitamins and vitamin-like products: Biovital elixir, Menopace, etc.

Homeopathic medicines: Valerianachel, Homeostress, Passidorm, Passionflower Edas-111, Passiflora Edas-911, Nervochel, Somnogen, etc.

Dietary supplements: Phytohypnosis, Sonnorm Life formula, Morpheus, Mystic, Yantavit, Lecithin, ALPHABET Biorhythm, MONOPAUSE Day - Night Lady's formula, Passilate, Repin, Golden Ginkgo Biloba, etc.


Actovegin pills

23 Jul 2018

The same medicine can be produced in the form of a powder, in the form of tablets or a solution for injection, in the form of a gel or in the form of a candle.

Actovegin is not an exception: it is produced both in the form of tablets and in the form of solutions for intravenous, intramuscular, intra-arterial injections, as an ointment, as well as a gel (and here) and cream.

Actovegin pills, actovegin tablets

And yet most of the drugs are produced today in the form of tablets. Ordinary tablets Actovegin (as well as tablets of other drugs) consist of the main (active) substance and from auxiliary substances (neutral additive). The Actovegin tablet falls into the stomach, dissolves, passes into the blood vessels and reaches the liver. There are a number of transformations, and the medicine is carried through your body with blood. So the therapeutic effect is achieved.

What is Actovegin in tablets?

Pharmacotherapeutic group (Actovegin tablets): stimulator of tissue regeneration.
Form and composition: tablets covered with greenish-yellowish bud. Table. p / o 200 mg fl., N.50 (and also issued N.30 and N.10). Round tablets.

Pharmacological properties of Actovegin tablets
Actovegin in tablets - hemoderivat from blood calves - stimulates the exchange of substances in the cells of tissues, thereby increasing the resistance of tissues to hypoxia (increased consumption of oxygen) and improving their consumption of glucose. With hypoxia and ischemia, it is of inestimable value.

Indications for use of Actovegin in tablets / instructions
Strokes (ischemic, hemorrhagic), encephalopathy, craniocerebral trauma. Actovegin in tablets is used for peripheral circulatory disorders (both venous and arterial), encephalopathies, angiopathy (including diabetic); burns of different genesis.
Actovegin in tablets is also used to heal wounds (ulcers of various etiologies, pressure ulcers, radiation neuropathy, radiation damage to tissues and mucous membranes, as well as to prevent these lesions, disruption of wound healing process).
With the disturbed metabolism and blood supply of the brain (dementia, for example), the transfer and utilization of glucose by brain tissues is disrupted. Actovegin eliminates the violations, and the brain begins to consume oxygen.

Similarly actovegin in tablets and with peripheral disorders of blood supply (venous, arterial) and with the consequences of these disorders (angiopathy, ulcers of the lower extremities).

Diabetics (type 2 diabetes mellitus) experience some reduction in pain and burning in the lower extremities, improvement of paresthesia (sensitivity) after taking Actovegin tablets.
Burns (up to 4 degrees), the consequences of using radiation exposure, ulcers, bedsores:
Actovegin is of great importance in all these cases; the concentration of hydroxyproline, hemoglobin, DNA and other biochemical parameters increases.

A slight result of the Actovegin tablets begins to appear only half an hour after the intake and the maximum reaches an average of 3 hours (2-6 hours).

Tablets Actovegin is prescribed as a supplement to the main treatment (as an auxiliary)!

Application and dosage of Actovegin tablets / instructions
1-2 tab. - before meals three times a day for four to six weeks or as directed by a specialist (drink a small amount of water, do not chew!).

Special instructions
When polyneuropathy caused by type 2 diabetes, treatment is recommended to begin with an intravenous infusion of a solution of Actovegin at a dose of 2 g / day 3 weeks. and continue the treatment with tablets Actovegin (2-3 tablets per day - 4-5 months).

Side Effects of Actovegin Tablets / Instruction

The side effects of tableted Actovegin are identical to the potential side effects of Actovegin in other forms.

Individual intolerance.
Just like other drugs, Actovegin in tablets can cause side reactions.

Possible reactions to tableted Actovegin for allergies:
1. Digestive tract - nausea, vomiting, pain in epigastrium.
2. Cardiovascular system - arterial hypertension and hypotension, skin pallor, tachycardia, dyspnea, acrocyanosis, pain in the heart.
3. Respiratory system - sore throat, suffocation, shortness of breath and swallowing.
4. Immune system - rash, itching, hyperemia, urticaria, fever or chills, angioedema.
5. Nervous system - weakness or agitation, headache.
6. The musculoskeletal system - pain in the lower back, in the muscles and joints.

INDICATIONS: patients with intolerance to fructose, impaired absorption of sucrose or glucose Actovegin can not be taken, because it contains sucrose. Particular caution is needed when prescribing Actovegin in case of giporgidration, heart failure of the second and third stages, oliguria, hyperglycemia, pulmonary edema, diabetes mellitus.
Antihistamines are prescribed for allergies to Actovegin in tablets.
Pregnancy and lactation: before using Actovegin tablets, consult a doctor.
Children: Actovegin, including tableted, in pediatrics is not recommended, but in practice it is used in exceptional cases.
If, say, have assigned 1/4 table. Actovegin to a newborn, it is necessary to crush the tablet to the consistency of the powder and mix it with boiled warm water (approximately 1 / 2hl.): You can use a syringe without a needle (for the baby's cheek). In most cases, children are injected with Actovegin parenterally. Read more about this here.
Interaction: the results of the combination of Actovegin with other medications are not known (as they are written in official instructions, although in practice Actovegin successfully combines with a variety of medications).

Transport management: there is no data on the effect of Actovegin tablets on vehicle management.

Conditions of storage of Actovegin tablets: at a temperature not higher than 25 °, protected from light and inaccessible to children.

Perhaps you want to get acquainted with the general instructions to Actovegin, reviews of our readers about Actovegin and its analogue, the price of Actovegin (and the manufacturers of the drug), as well as a number of other questions about Actovegin on our site.
Be sure to read parenteral application of Actovegin (injections): here you will find out why injections in some cases are better than tablets.

You can see the use in the complex treatment of diabetic and alcoholic polyneuropathy and other drugs, for example, Mexidol or, say, Instenone in the treatment of diabetic encephalopathy, etc.

Actovegin is also used in sports by quite healthy people, and in veterinary medicine.


Phenylpiracetam side effects

23 Jul 2018

Various pathologies in the activity of the brain and the central nervous system are quite common. Not always these conditions violate the adequacy of a person, they can simply affect the mood, the processes of memory and memorization. But in any case, the appearance of symptoms of impaired brain activity requires close attention and adequate correction under the supervision of a qualified doctor. Therapy of such conditions is often carried out using nootropic drugs. Just to such means belongs Phenylpiracetam.

phenylpiracetam side effects

What is the composition of Phenylpiracetam?
Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic drug, the main constituent of which is N-carbamoyl-methyl-4-phenyl-2-pyrrolidone. This substance is also called phenotropil or phenyloxopyrrolidinylacetamide.

For what Phenylpiracetam is used for?
Phenylpiracetam refers to neuromodulators, it affects most of the neurotransmitter circuits in the brain. Such a tool has pronounced antiamnestic qualities, it can improve the integrative properties of the brain, stimulate memory consolidation, and optimize concentration and mental activity in general. The action of Phenylpiracetam allows us to facilitate learning processes and accelerate the transfer of information between the right and left hemispheres of our brain.

In addition, such a tool is able to increase the resistance of the brain cells to the influence of aggressive factors (hypoxia, toxins, etc.). It possesses anticonvulsant qualities, is characterized by anxiolytic activity. Action Phenylpiracetam well regulates the activity of the central nervous system, affecting the processes of inhibition and activation, and also improves mood.

Also, Phenylpiracetam has other qualities:

- improves metabolism and circulation in the brain;

- activates the oxidation and reduction processes;

- increases the energy potential of the whole body;

- activates the regional blood flow in the ischemic areas of the brain;

- increases the amount of norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine in the brain;

- increases physical efficiency;

- improves mood, has analgesic qualities, as it increases the threshold of pain sensitivity;

- has adaptogenic qualities (increases the resistance of the organism to a variety of aggressive effects);

- promotes vision improvement;

- has a positive effect on the blood supply of the lower limbs;

- has immunostimulating qualities.

For what Phenylpiracetam is indicated for?
Since the drug is characterized by a wide list of positive properties, it can be used to correct a variety of pathological conditions. In the testimony of Phenylpiracetam, the abstract includes such cases:

- With CNS ailments, which have different origins. The drug is especially effective in vascular pathologies, as well as in disorders related to metabolism and intoxications, in which the intellect is impaired and motor activity is reduced.

- In violation of the training process.

- With depressive conditions, which can have different severity (especially mild and moderate).

- With psychoorganic syndromes.

- With convulsions.

- With obesity, which has an alimentary-constitutional origin.

- To prevent hypoxia and to increase stress resistance.

- To achieve adaptogenic effect when in extreme conditions (if necessary, prevent fatigue and improve efficiency).

- To normalize the daily biorhythms.

- When correcting chronic alcoholism.

What are the contraindications for use of Phenylpiracetam?
The only absolute contraindication for Phenylpiracetam is the individual intolerance of its components. Nevertheless, the drug is not used in pediatric practice, as well as in the treatment of pregnant and lactating women because of the inadequacy of safety data for such therapy.

What are the side effects of Phenylpiracetam?
The medicine can cause insomnia if taken in the afternoon. In some patients, the first three days of taking Phenylpiracetam can trigger the occurrence of psycho-excitation, redness of the skin, arterial hypertension and a feeling of hot flushes.



20 Jul 2018

Actovegin is available in pills / tablets and ampules / injections.

buy actovegin, solcoseryl

Actovegin is a highly filtered extract obtained from calf blood which enhances aerobic oxidation in mammals. It is also rich in iron, manganese, amino acids, and other nutrients that are important in achieving the physiological transformations that dopers are seeking to achieve.

On-label indications:
Treatment of peripheral artery disease and strokes
Treatment of cognitive disturbances after stroke to ulcers

In research studies, Actovegin has been shown to exert insulin-like activity, such as stimulating the transport of glucose in the body, as well as glucose oxidation. This supplement is supposed to be similar in its effects to insulin. Because it is one of the most anabolic substances known to man, insulin is banned in sports (for non-diabetics) and exceedingly dangerous - even fatal - in high dosages. Therefore, Actovegin is considered as a significant performance-enhancing drug for athletes, e.g. Lans Armstrong and Tiger Woods.

Currently, Actovegin is NOT on the World Anti-doping Agency's (WADA) prohibitied substance list. However, WADA does ban injections of any substance, including Actovegin, exceeding 50 ml every six hours.

Who uses it?
Track and Field Current / Former World Record Holders:
Paula Radcliffe (for over two decades)
Usain Bolt (since he was 16)
Kenensia Bekele
Meseret Defar
Patrick Makau
Maurice Greene

Other prominent persons:
Michael Jordan
Christiano Ronaldo
Andy Murray
Vladimir Klitschko
Luciano Pavoratti


Buy Phenotropil

20 Jul 2018

In our time, the rabid rhythm of life, maximum loads, nervous shocks, it just needed to help your body cope and function to the fullest, especially when the talk is about brain work and emotional balance.

Buy Phenotropil is a nootropic drug of a new generation, original in its kind. It improves the functioning of the brain, stimulates mental abilities and memory. Buy Phenotropil helps in learning and learning new material. It lifts the mood and brings thoughts into a positive direction.

buy phenotropil buy

At the background of taking Phenotropil noted improvement in vision, in particular, increases the severity and brightness of vision. Also, buy Phenotropil has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, dulling the feeling of hunger, which in turn, will contribute to the process of weight loss.

Usage of Phenotropil for weight loss

Recall that the main function of Phenotropil - improvement of cerebral circulation, memory and activation of internal reserves, it is thanks to these effects that the drug has also proved itself as a means for losing weight. It helps to get rid of depression, gives strength and energy, just a more mobile way of life and helps to reduce weight.

But it is worth to clarify that Phenotropil does not break down fats, but reduces appetite and dulls the feeling of hunger due to the substances contained in it.

Efficacy of Buy Phenotropil in Losing Weight
Phenotropil, like many drugs, will be much more effective if you follow a certain diet. But plus it is that it dulls the feeling of hunger, thereby even very strict diet to transfer much easier. It also causes an easy diuretic effect, which also contributes to weight loss, since fluid retention in the body often gives excess weight. The effectiveness of this drug is quite high and is confirmed by many studies.

Danger of using Phenotropil for weight loss
The first and most important thing that is worth observing is the reception of the drug only after consulting a doctor. Only he can prescribe the necessary course of treatment for you. In any case, you can not exceed the prescribed dosage, otherwise the drug will lead to insomnia, apathy and addiction.

buy phenotropil

Indications for use of buy Phenotropil
- Decreased memory, constant fatigue, lethargy and dad;
- Depressive conditions, mild and moderate severity;
- alimentary obesity;
- convulsions;
- schizophrenia (sluggish-apathic course);
- with the preventive purpose at stressful situations and at an overstrain;
- chronic alcoholism;
- the complexity and disruption of learning processes;
- correction of sleep - wake mode inverting;
- prevention of oxygen starvation.

Side Effects of Phenotropil
Applications of phenotropil can lead to the following side effects:
- sleep disturbances (when taking tablets after 15.00);
- increase arterial pressure;
- psychomotor agitation;
- redness of the skin;
- sensations of a rush of heat throughout the body;
hallucinations and delirium;
- trembling of limbs;
- with long-term admission, the effectiveness of the drug is reduced.
With a single admission in a dose of 500 mg of Phenotropil and higher causes a state of confusion and panic. It is also not recommended to take the drug immediately before physical exertion. The case of an overdose of the drug did not occur. If any signs of side effects occur, symptomatic treatment is prescribed.

Reviews of doctors about buy Phenotropil

Dietitian: "As a dietician, I offer my patients to buy Phenotropil, It really helps in the fight against excess kilograms." It does not work like all the targeted means for obesity, but it reduces the appetite and gives you energy, which leads to weight loss. "

Nutritionist: "Phenotropil, like any medicine, for each person, acts in its own way. Someone is satisfied with the result immediately, someone has the effect of reducing weight, achieved in a few weeks. But, definitely, the drug is worthwhile. " Some patients complain that the drug is expensive, but in the end, the drug is so justified that the price goes to the wayside.

Phenotropil can strengthen the effects of drugs that stimulate the central nervous system, nootropics and antidepressants, and also relaxes the processes of alcohol intoxication and its consequences. Phenotropil has a small analgesic effect, which increases the pain threshold.
Another advantage is the easy tolerability of the drug, the effect manifests itself after the first receptions.

Neurologist: "It is important to note that the overwhelming majority of people who have experienced Phenotropil, notes improvement in mood and memory, the appearance of good and light thoughts, dulling of the appetite and as a consequence of losing weight." Many people notice that by the end of 1-2 weeks of taking the drug appears lightness and sensation that you can turn mountains, you want to move, to make dreams come true and conquer new peaks. You can not ignore the fact of tests that provide information that when asthenic conditions accompanied by increased fatigue, Phenotropil proved excellent in 100% of cases. "

Nootropist: "I recommend to buy Phenotropil, it is very good for overwork, prolonged depressions and chronic fatigue. The main thing is doctor's consultation and the right appointment. But we must not forget about the so-called" withdrawal syndrome ", since the drug raises all the reserves of the body, and after stopping the intake it may not be the most pleasant moment - lethargy and fatigue appear, and the longer the drug is taken, the longer the recovery period after Phenotropil will last longer. "Follow all the rules and regulations and everything will be all right."


  • Phenotropil is successfully used to fight overweight, most people taking the drug, note a decrease in appetite, a feeling of saturation from small portions of food, and as a consequence, weight reduction. Patients become more active, always at work, because there is a desire for movement, some simply forget about food, and subsequently observe weight loss.
  • Phenotropil proved to be quite good for asthenic manifestations (lethargy, weakness, psychological and physical exhaustion). Especially in patients with organic and psychogenic asthenia.
  • Also, Phenotropil is noted for good tolerability, in rare cases it gives such reactions as headache and anxiety. Phenotropil does not have a carcinogenic effect.
  • Phenotropil can also be used by healthy people to supplement mental and physical activity, increase the stability and level of life in various situations (stress, hypoxia, intoxication, sleep disorders, trauma, physical and mental overwork, overwork).
  • A huge amount of research was carried out on the superiority of Phenotropil over other nootropic drugs. As a result, it was found that Phenotropil has several advantages. It gives a more pronounced neuropsychotropic effect and quickly manifests itself positively, giving the patient a quick enough result.
  • For people suffering from diseases of the central nervous system, Phenotropil is really a godsend.
    Perhaps, at the moment it is one of the best nootropic drugs, which allows to significantly improve the effectiveness of treatment and the quality of life of patients.


Actovegin solution for injections

19 Jul 2018

"What is Actovegin?"

"How to use Actovegin?"
Such questions are asked to us by readers in their letters.

Actovegin solution for injections

Actovegin is an antihypoxic, i.e. a drug that improves oxygen delivery to tissues. Due to the ability to increase metabolism in tissue cells, the latter effectively absorb glucose and oxygen. Thanks to injections of Actovegin, the energy of the cell is improved, especially with ischemia and hypoxia. Clinical studies have shown that the maximum effect of Actovegin in ampoules occurs in 2-6 hours.

Actovegin in ampoules is effective in patients with such concomitant diseases as renal or hepatic insufficiency. Also, ampoule Actovegin is used in patients of advanced age and newborns, in patients with type 2 diabetes with diabetic polyneuropathy. Actovegin is used in neurology, endocrinology, cardiology, etc.

Actovegin in ampoules / Instruction

Description / Actovegin in ampoules
Transparent solution in glass ampoules. Weak yellow solution.

Composition / Actovegin in ampoules
The main substance: dry deproteinized calf blood calves. Auxiliary components: sodium chloride, water for injections, glucose anhydrous.

Indications for use of Actovegin in ampoules / Instruction
1. Vascular and metabolic disorders of the brain (ischemic stroke, cerebral insufficiency, encephalopathy, craniocerebral trauma).

2. Peripheral vascular disorders, as well as their consequences.
Diabetic polyneuropathy, radiation neuropathy, arterial angiopathy.

3. Actovegin in ampoules is used for poorly healing wounds, as well as in the following cases:
bedsores, ulcers of different etiology, burns (chemical and thermal lesions of the nervous tissue, skin, mucous membranes), radiation damage to mucous membranes and skin.

Contraindications / Actovegin in ampoules
Individual allergic intolerance to injections of Actovegin and similar medicines. For infusion solutions - heart failure in the stage of decompensation, oliguria, pulmonary edema, fluid retention in the body, anuria.
For those suffering from diabetes it is very important to take into account the concentration of glucose in the solution for infusions of Actovegin with dextrose.

Way of application of Actovegin parenteral / Instruction
Actovegin is used intravenously, intramuscularly or intraarterially in ampoules of 10-20 ml or as an infusion with Actovegin, and then - 5 ml IV or IM daily or several times a week. In / m - enter no more than 5ml, because the solution is hypertonic.
With the introduction of Actovegin in the form of infusions - 10-50 ml are diluted in 200-300 ml of sodium chloride or 5% of glucose.

Dosage of Actovegin in ampoules / Instruction

Disorders of blood circulation and metabolism: first injections of ampoules of Actovegin IV in 10 ml every day for two weeks, then iv 5-10 ml several times a day for four weeks. Stroke ischemic: 20-50ml solution of Actovegin in 200-300 ml of the base solution, applied daily or several times within two to three weeks.

Arterial angiopathy: 20-50 ml of Actovegin in 200-300 ml of the basic r-ra, in / a or / in a daily or several times a week (approximately, for four weeks).

Burns of different etiology: iv in 10 ml of Actovegin or in / m of 5 ml of Actovegin daily or several times a day.

A solution of Actovegin for IV or IV administration / Instruction
Enter Actovegin from 250 ml per day in / in or in / a to 500 ml. The speed is approx. 2 ml / min. Usually prescribe 10-20 injections of Actovegin.

Disorders of the metabolism and circulation of the brain: intravenously 250-500 ml / day (for two weeks), then 250 ml several times a week (at least four weeks).

Actovegin with ischemic stroke: in / in 250-500 ml of Actovegin apply daily or several times a week (for two to three weeks).

Arterial angiopathy: iv or 250 ml of Actovegin daily or several times a week (four weeks).

Actovegin with ulcers, burns: in / in 250ml daily or several times a week.

Radiation damage to the skin, mucous membranes: intravenously 250 ml - 1 day before the start of radiotherapy and two weeks - after the end of therapy.

Additional Instructions for Use of Actovegin / Instruction
1. When administering Actovegin in / m, do not exceed the dose in 5 ml of the solution, t. it is hypertonic (concentrated).
2. It is always necessary to carry out a trial reaction of Actovegin (2 ml of solution) in connection with possible anaphylactic reactions.
3. The solution of Actovegin is compatible with solutions of sodium chloride and 5% glucose solution. It is not recommended to mix with other solutions.

Side effects of Actovegin / Instruction
Actovegin is usually well tolerated, rarely allergic reactions occur, anaphylactic shock.
Side effects of Actovegin may manifest themselves in a variety of ways:
1. Immune system: rash, itching, skin hyperemia, urticaria, increased sweating, swelling of the mucous membranes and skin, angioedema edema, chills, fever.
2. Nervous system: headache, agitation, weakness, tremor, paresthesia, fainting.
3. Musculoskeletal system: pain in the joints, lower back, muscles.
4. Digestive tract: pain in epigastrium, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting.
5. Cardiovascular system: tachycardia, dyspnea, pain in the heart, acrocyanosis, arterial hypertension or hypotension, pallor of the skin.
6. Respiratory system: asthma attack, sore throat, rapid breathing, difficulty swallowing, tightening in the chest.
7. Possible reactions at the site of administration of Actovegin.

Actovegin during pregnancy and lactation
The use of the drug Actovegin during pregnancy is only for the purpose of the attending physician and under his supervision according to vital indications (for example, with pathological pregnancy, which you can also learn here).

Children: Actovegin, according to the instruction, is not used in pediatrics (because of lack of evidence base). But in practice Actovegin is used in exceptional cases (according to vital indications).

Actovegin is compatible with a variety of drugs.
Transport management with the use of Actovegin
There are no studies of the effect of Actovegin on the reaction rate when driving vehicles. However, one should consider the possibility of negative effects of Actovegin on the nervous system.

Overdose: cases of an overdose of Actovegin are unknown.


Phenotropil Buy

19 Jul 2018

Phenotropil buy - a drug that has nootropic, psycho-stimulating effect. Such influence allows to widely use the drug Phenotropil buy in cognitive and other neurological disorders, in sports (bodybuilding) and for weight loss. The active substance of the medicine has a pronounced complex effect on the body, which requires strict adherence to dosages and methods of application, which includes this instruction manual. Current prices and reviews of patients, as well as losing weight, and doctors, as well as possible substitutes (analogues) of Phenotropil buy in Russia will supplement the data on the drug.

The active ingredient is a chemical compound called Phenyl-oxo-pyrrolidinyl-acetamide (other names are Fonturacetam, Phenylpiracetam). One dose contains 100 mg of this component.

Phenotropil buy

Other ingredients: starches, Ca salts, lactose.

Pharmachologic effect of Phenotropil Buy
Phenotropil buy is a remedy that is the representative of the pharmacological group of nootropic drugs and stimulants intended for the treatment of neurological and other disorders according to the list of indications for use approved by the instruction for use.

Different directions of the mechanisms of the action of the device allow complex influence on different processes in the brain. The drug Phenotropil buy differs in such directions of pharmacological effects and actions (according to the data of the manual Vidal):

activation of the brain;
memory stimulation;
improvement of mental activity;
increase learning;
increase the stability of brain tissue to lack of oxygen;
strengthening the resistance of the brain to damage by toxic substances;
anticonvulsant activity, which allows you to prescribe the drug for epilepsy and seizures;
optimization of inhibition and excitation in the brain;
improvement of mood;
acceleration of metabolism in the body, which makes it possible to use the drug, including obesity;
Anorexigenic activity, directed to decrease of appetite. This effect allows to prescribe the drug in the complex treatment of excess weight;
Increase of energy possibilities of the organism due to activation of glucose utilization processes;
increase in concentration in the brain of active substances - Dopamine, Noradrenaline, Serotonin;
strengthening of working capacity, physical endurance. Due to this action, the drug is often prescribed to athletes;
helps to reduce sensitivity to pain;
increased resistance to stress, fatigue, movement restrictions;
improvement of vision;
increased blood circulation in the brain and limbs;
immunostimulating activity.

Phenotropil buy - Indications for use
Phenotropil buy is used for such diseases:

neurological disorders associated with circulatory disorders in the blood vessels;
diseases caused by impaired metabolism in the brain;
decreased cognitive function;
disorders of the motor sphere;
depression. Phenotropil buy includes the properties of antidepressants that do not have a negative effect on the body;
disorders accompanied by lethargy and apathy;
seizures of different etiologies;
obesity due to changes in metabolism, as well as of alimentary-constitutional genesis;
prevention of oxygen starvation of the brain;
prevention of depletion and decreased activity in difficult living and working conditions (athletes do not have doping;
normalization of biorhythms;
symptoms of alcoholism or other manifestations in narcology, having a neurological character.

Phenotropil buy is characterized by a large range of indications for use against a background of high safety.

Phenotropil buy Contraindications
Phenotropil buy has a high level of safety for the body, despite a wide range of activities. Among the contraindications to the use of the drug in describing the studies can be identified only allergy to any components.

Phenotropil buy is not used in the treatment of children under 18 years of age.

Instructions for use
The drug may only be taken orally after a meal. To drink at least 150 ml of water.

The average therapeutic dosage of Phenotropil buy for an adult (according to the manufacturer's annotation), including for improving memory, is from 100 to 150 mg per dose.

When administering a dose of up to 100 mg of Phenotropil buy, the entire amount of the drug is taken at a time. If necessary, take a dose of more than 100 mg intake scheme involves dividing the daily dosage by 2 times - in the morning (before lunch) and in the evening (after dinner).

Duration of admission depends on the patient's condition and is 14 days - 3 months. Most often, Phenotropil buy is used for one month. It is permissible to repeat the course of treatment 30 days after the end of the previous one.

Important! In order to increase the patient's ability to work, Phenotropil is prescribed 1-2 tablets in the morning. Duration of admission for athletes is 3 days, for the rest of patients - 14 days.

Usage of Phenotropil buy for weight loss
In order to reduce weight, the drug is used only in combination with other methods, which include exercise and proper diet. In most cases, it is recommended that you take 1-2 tablets in the morning (preferably after a full breakfast). The duration of therapy should be from 1 to 2 months. Phenotropil buy is not used to reduce body weight in obese people caused by serious internal (diabetes mellitus) or congenital pathologies.

Select the course of treatment should only a doctor who will choose the optimal dose and duration of use of Phenotropil buy. The drug has no toxic effects, it does not develop addiction in patients, even in the case of prolonged use. In the process of treatment, it is important to regularly monitor blood glucose levels to prevent sudden changes in the indicators that have a negative effect on the body.

Interaction with other medicines
Phenotropil buy leads to an increase in the effectiveness of such drugs in the case of their compatibility:

stimulators of nervous activity (coffee);
nootropic drugs.

It is important to take into account such compatibility features and adjust the dose of these drugs.

Phenotropil with alcohol

Ethanol has a negative effect on the psyche and the state of the nervous system. For this reason, during the period of treatment with Phenotropil buy it is important to exclude its interaction in alcohol. Between Phenotropil and alcohol, if they are compatible, a decrease in the effectiveness of the drug and a general deterioration in the patient's condition may develop.

Analogues of Phenotropil buy
Similar drugs on which you can replace Phenotropil are as follows:

Fonturacetam (part of the drug Fenotropil);

Phenotropil differs from these drugs only by the manufacturer. Efficacy for all means is proven.

There are medicines showing similar actions, but differing in chemical composition. These include the following:

Cytikolins (Ceraxon, Neurooxon, Somazina);
aminobutyric acid (in the composition of Aminalon);
Glycine is a Russian analogue (synonym) of Fentropil (cheap, domestic);
Pyracetam (Nootropil, Lucetam);
Hopantenic acid;
Pikamilon - analog (Russian), which is cheaper;
Pramiracetam (Pramistar);
Fenibut (Noobut, Noofen);
Pyrithinol (Encephabol);
Vinpocetine (Cavinton);
means with a combined composition - Kombintropil, Omaron, Fezam (Cinnarizine and Pyracetam), Gamalate (amino acids).


Instruction to Actovegin. Indications for use. Prevention and treatment

19 Jul 2018

What is Actovegin?

Actovegin is a deproteinized drug from the blood of young calves.
It includes low molecular weight peptides and amino acid derivatives.

ÀÒC (Anatomico-Therapeutically-Chemical) classification system (international system of classification of medicines): (B06AB) Blood preparations other

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Composition and form of release

Actovegin exists today in the form of tablets, a solution for intramuscular and intravenous infusion, in the form of a gel, ointment, cream.

Tablets (round form) Actovegin: 200 mg of the drug.

A solution of Actovegin for injections
1ml contains 40 mg of the drug in sterile water.
10% (20%) solution for infusion. 250 ml contains 25 ml (50 ml) of the preparation (corresponding to 1 g and 2 g of dry weight) in sterile water. Excipient: sodium chloride.
10% solution for infusion with glucose. 250 ml contains 25 ml of the preparation in sterile water (corresponding to 1 mg of dry weight). Excipient: glucose anhydride.

Actovegin 5% ointment. 1g ointment consists of a drug equal to 2 mg of dry weight.
Excipients: preservatives propyl parahydroxybenzoate and methyl parahydroxybenzoate.

Actovegin 5% cream. 1 g of cream consists of a preparation equal to 2 mg of dry weight. Excipient: preservative benzalkonium chloride.

Actovegin 20% gel (often talk about "jelly"). 1 g of gel consists of a preparation equal to 8 mg of dry weight. Excipients: preservatives methyl parahydroxybenzoate and propyl parahydroxybenzoate.

Actovegin 20% eye gel. 1 g of the eye gel consists of a preparation corresponding to 8 mg of dry weight (in sterile water). Excipients: sorbitol, thiomersal sodium carboxymethylcellulose.

Pharmacological action of Actovegin
Regardless of the state of the body, Actovegin promotes positive changes in energy processes in tissue cells: the accumulation of oxygen and glucose increases. Transportation of oxygen and glucose to the cell is increasing, intracellular utilization is increasing. This process accelerates the metabolism of adenosine triphosphate, which increases the energy processes of anabolism and metabolism. The result is increased blood supply.
To date, there is no evidence of a decrease in the pharmacological effect in patients with renal or hepatic insufficiency, in patients with advanced age or newborns.

Indications for use of Actovegin / instruction
- Violations (vascular and metabolic) of the brain (stroke, craniocerebral injury, encephalopathy).
- Peripheral vascular changes (violations of the venous and arterial blood circulation), as well as the consequences of these disorders (diabetic, arterial angiopathy, trophic ulcers, caused by such serious diseases as venous insufficiency and concomitant thrombophlebitis, obliterating endarteritis).
- Wounds (sores and burns of different origin, bedsores, damage to the conjunctiva and cornea, in preparation for skin transplantation).
- Treatment (as well as prevention) of complications, in oncology, as a result of radiation therapy (lesions of mucous membranes, skin and nervous tissue).

Actovegin - Dosing and Administration / Instruction
The clinical picture, the severity of the disease dictate the way the doctor uses and the dose for treating a particular disease.

Parenteral / Instruction:
Actovegin for injection. Initially, prescribe 5-20 ml per day in / in or in / a. Then continue treatment iv or intramuscularly by administering 2-5 ml of Actovegin 1x a day or several times a week.
A solution of Actovegin for injections is acceptable to combine with sodium chloride solution, as well as with 5% glucose solution!

Actovegin for infusion. 250 ml per day in / in or / a (or a week several times). The initial dose of the solution of Actovegin is allowed up to 500 ml. The rate is 2 ml / min.
Assign 10-20 infusions per course of treatment.

No other medications can be added to the infusion solution !!!

Oral / Instruction: 3 r. per day for 2 tablets of Actovegin. Take before meals with a small amount of water.

Locally / Instruction: Ointment, cream, gel Actovegin.
To accelerate epithelization after therapeutic treatment, the ointment of Actovegin is applied a thin layer on the skin.
As a means of preventing decubitus, ointment is applied to the corresponding area of the skin.
As a means of preventing radiation damage to the skin, it is necessary to apply Actovegin ointment after irradiation or in between sessions.

Cream Actovegin / instruction - used to heal simple wounds and wounds with secretions. Use Actovegin cream as after treatment with Actovegin gel, and for the prevention of decubitus and radiation damage to the skin.

Gel (jelly) Actovegin / instruction - used for treatment, cleansing of open ulcers, wounds.
Burns and radiation damage: the gel is applied in a thin layer.
Ulcers: the gel is applied in a thick layer, on top of which put a compress with 5% ointment Actovegin. The bandage is changed 1x a day. If the ulcers become very wet, then the bandage is changed several times a day.

Eye gel / instructions. 1 drop is squeezed directly into the affected eye several times a day.

Actovegin Contraindications
Individual intolerance of Actovegin or drugs of this group, as well as cardiac decompensated failure, pulmonary edema, oliguria, anuria.

Actovegin Side effects
Actovegin is usually well tolerated by patients.
The cases of individual intolerance to Actovegin are quite rare and are limited to a minor allergy, which is treated with antihistamines. Therefore, if the attending physician prescribes treatment with the drug Actovegin, you can apply it without fear.

Actovegin Overdose
Cases of an overdose of Actovegin are unknown.

The use of Actovegin during pregnancy and lactation
The use of Actovegin is possible under the supervision of the attending physician.
In case of risk of miscarriage (from the sixteenth to the twenty-fourth week) Actovegin is used in complex treatment to prevent hypoxic damage to the fetal organs (due to lack of oxygen).
Apply Actovegin during pregnancy and for such indications as systemic diseases and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, which have been abortions in women in the past and the threat of abortion in the present, with placental insufficiency.

Actovegin for Children
It is undesirable to prescribe Actovegin to children. But in medical practice, in very severe cases, Actovegin is used in the complex treatment of children. At the same time, all possible risks must be evaluated.

Atovegin’s Compatibility
Actovegin is compatible with a variety of drugs.
The ability to influence the reaction speed when driving or working with other machinery:
does not affect.
Shelf life:
3 years or 5 years (read the instructions on the packaging). Do not use after the expiration date.
Storage conditions:
Tablets should be stored at room temperature (18 ° C-25 ° C), out of the reach of children.
Solutions for injection / infusion - in a place protected from light and inaccessible to children (at a temperature of no higher than 25 °): open the ampoule - do not store in the refrigerator, use the drug immediately after opening the ampoule.


Phenylpiracetam and alcohol

19 Jul 2018

Many people who take medications, sitting down at a festive table and drinking a few drinks of strong alcohol, begin to be tormented by the question: is it possible to take medicines and alcoholic beverages together?

phenylpiracetam and alcohol

There is a huge list of drugs that are strictly not recommended to be used together with alcoholic beverages, this method can lead to numerous complications or chronic diseases. But there are medications that can be taken together with alcohol, one of them is considered to be Phenylpiracetam.

Phenylpiracetam - what is the popularity of the drug
This drug belongs to the category of neurostomiators nootropic action, it has a positive effect on the regulation processes occurring in the brain. It stimulates memory, concentrates attention, improves eyesight and general condition of the body. The person taking Phenylpiracetam feels a surge of strength and good mood.

The drug was developed in Russia and was intended for use in extreme situations arising in space. Having passed approbation and proved its consistency in the future, it was used in the sports environment, many Russian athletes accepted it in the period of preparation for the competition, in order to increase endurance and achieve better results. Currently, Phenylpiracetam appeared in mass sale and quickly gained popularity. There is an opinion that Phenylpiracetam is perfectly compatible with alcohol and they can be consumed simultaneously.

When the recommended use of Phenylpiracetam
The drug has virtually no contraindications, there are no serious limitations in the application. The exception is the age of children and the presence of severe chronic diseases (kidney and liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases). The medicine is prescribed in the following cases:

- The emergence of depressive states.
- Complex treatment of alcoholism.
- Treatment of circulatory disorders in the brain.
- The onset of seizures.
- Application in complex therapy for the detection of vascular pathologies.
- With stressful conditions and memory impairment.
- To reduce excess weight and to remove puffiness.
- To activate metabolic processes in the body and increase immunity.

Reception is carried out in the morning and afternoon, after meals. The daily intake and duration of the course treatment is prescribed by the doctor. Course treatment lasts from a month to three. The drug is not addictive.

Compatibility of Phenylpiracetam and alcohol
Phenylpiracetam is indicated for use in the treatment of alcoholism. Influencing the processes taking place in the cerebral cortex, it significantly reduces the effect of alcoholic beverages on humans. Phenylpiracetam, taken with alcohol, blocks intoxication and greatly reduces the possibility of a morning hangover.

The compatibility of Phenylpiracetam with the use of alcohol is used by many people. Morning intake of one pill guarantees that during the festive feast a person will remain sober and will not suffer from hangover syndrome the next day.
Good compatibility of Phenylpiracetam and alcoholic beverages allows not to interrupt complex treatment if a celebration or a festive event is planned. Tablets can be drunk on the same day as alcoholic beverages, but it is worthwhile to delimit them in time. The best option - taking alcohol after 6-7 hours after taking Phenylpiracetam.

Systematic drug and alcohol intake

The absence of unfortunate consequences and even the improvement of the condition from one-time joint medication with alcohol should not create a false impression. Continuous use of alcohol on the background of course treatment with Phenylpiracetam can lead to sad consequences.

Systematic treatment with Phenylpiracetam helps to activate the metabolic processes of the body, and alcohol, which constantly enters the blood, will be perfectly absorbed by the brain cells, they will quickly absorb toxins, after a while, mass destruction of cells is possible. This condition is called apoptosis.

The process of neuronal death is irreversible and fleeting, the consequences include:
- Gradual loss of memory.
- Inability to think abstractly.
- Decreased visual and auditory activity.
- Depletion of speech.
Frequent use of medicines and alcoholic beverages not only will not lead to a decrease in the degree of intoxication, but also significantly worsen the general state of the body. Phenylpiracetam together with alcohol can be taken only in isolated cases. Specialists noted that the negative consequences from the joint intake of the drug and alcoholic beverages are possible even with a single use. In rare cases, this combination can cause a strong lethargy, a state of drowsiness or extreme excitement, which turns into anger. The constant interaction of drugs and alcohol has an extremely negative impact on overall well-being.

A single dose of Phenylpiracetam together with alcohol will not harm the body, it should only be delineated by time. The systematic use of alcoholic beverages against the background of course treatment can lead to severe consequences.


Actovegin for children

19 Jul 2018

Actovegin - injections, pills, ointment and gel - for children. Intravenous or intramuscular?

Actovegin and Children: CNS
Many parents, not having medical education, read on the Internet various diagnoses and try to ascribe them to their child. Immediately say that this path will not lead anywhere: you need to consult with specialists, and only then you can and need to look for information for yourself, in order to better understand the situation and how to deal with it.

Most often in young children there are neurological diseases associated with a complicated mother's pregnancy and / or difficult births.

actovegin pills for children

Drug Actovegin is one of the most popular drugs used in this complex situation.
According to the global statistics (medical), CNS lesions in children occupy one of the leading places in the general pathology of the organism, since the brain is very sensitive to oxygen starvation.
During the period of perinatal development, the baby's brain is often affected by the pathology of pregnancy. Especially acute is the problem in premature infants. In the absence of competent and timely treatment, such children are often at risk of disability.

So do Actovegin prescribe pregnant women for pathological pregnancy?
We respond positively: yes, prescribe Actovegin to pregnant women with poor blood circulation in the placenta, when there is a real threat to the fetus (a detachment of the fetal egg is possible).
Assign to pregnant and with the threat of miscarriage, and with diabetes of a pregnant woman.
Duration of treatment, as well as the number of courses of Actovegin are appointed individually by a doctor.

Treatment with Actovegin: intramuscular (no more than 5 ml) or intravenous (the initial dose is not more than 10-20 ml).

The intramuscular method of administering Actovegin (less effective and more painful) is used, as a rule, in the event that there is no possibility of intravenous injection of Actovegin!

Why did we start the conversation in this article with the problem of pregnancy pathology? Because it has a direct relationship to children: to what they will be born and grow up (healthy or sick).

Let us dwell on the use of Actovegin in newborns and infants with CNS lesions as a result of complications in the perinatal period.
Regurgitation and vomiting in children of the first months of life is a serious problem. Many specialists in their works write that these manifestations are the result of hypoxic involvement of the child's CNS in the perinatal period. Such children become "hostages" of campaigns on gastroenterologists. They often change mixtures, change probiotics and prebiotics. But, as a rule, in 65% -90% of cases everything turns out to be unsuccessful. Parents and doctors associate the hyperexcitability of the child with intestinal dysbiosis, and children's neurologists are often limited to Pantogam and massage.

In his article "The use of Actovegin in newborns and infants with PPNS," the authors LA Khoroshkina and V.V. Dulinets describe the experience of treating such children in the maternity hospital N.1 in Omsk. They describe the results of clinical trials. The authors write that in 98% of cases such children had a hypoxic lesion of the central nervous system (CNS) in the perinatal period. As a result of the complex treatment with other drugs (also improving the cellular metabolism), which included intramuscular injection of Actovegin, the state of children improved, and there was an obvious therapeutic effect. And there were no side effects of Actovegin: the medicine was well tolerated by children.

In the treatment of children with vomiting and regurgitation parenteral route of administration of Actovegin is preferred, although in general the treatment of children with Actovegin is preferable in tableted form.

When parenteral administration of Actovegin (bypassing the gastrointestinal tract), children are usually given intramuscular injections or intravenous infusions in the case of PPNS (perinatal damage to the nervous system).

According to the instructions to the drug Actovegin, dosage of administration of Actovegin to children is as follows:
Newborns are prescribed in a dose of 0.4-0.5 ml / kg 1 time per day IM or IV; children aged 1-3 years - in a dose of 0.4-0.5 ml / kg once a day IM or IV; 3-6 years - 0,25-0,4 ml / kg once a day in / m or in / in;
Children from 6 to 12 years of age are prescribed 5-10 ml per day;
and children over 12 years old - 10-15 ml per day.

For non-severe forms of PPNS, Actovegin is prescribed by a pediatric neurologist in the form of tablets (1 tablet per day).

Treatment with Actovegin is performed on an outpatient basis (Actovegin as part of complex therapy).
Children's neurologists use Actovegin when children are lagging behind in neuropsychological development, with a backlog in their studies.
Actovegin acts quite slowly, but in the complex treatment can achieve therapeutic success.

In severe forms of PPNS parenteral treatment is performed in a hospital.
Treatment is also complex.

Before the introduction of Actovegin, children are given a test for the medicine (for an allergic reaction)!

The injection of Actovegin is quite painful, so the children of Aktovegin are combined with Novokain (after the skin test).

Being basically a hood from calf blood, Actovegin has, therefore, a physiological basis, therefore, in principle, it is a fairly safe medication, which has found wide application in practice.

Apply Actovegin and in the treatment of head trauma (craniocerebral injury), which is not uncommon in children. But it is necessary to watch how the child is suffering with Actovegin treatment, at least in the first days (skin reaction, presence of fever and other reactions.).
In case of side effects, treatment with Actovegin is immediately canceled, replaced with other drugs.
Although side effects from therapy with Actovegin are rare, nevertheless individual intolerance of the drug is possible.
Before starting therapy, you should also read the contraindications to the use of Actovegin.

In previous articles on the blog All about Actovegin you will read that Actovegin is not indicated for use in pediatric practice. And this really corresponds to the instructions to the drug Actovegin, as there is not enough evidence for its use in children.
However, in practice, Actovegin is used in hospitals and at home.
In most cases, its use is without complications: Actovegin is well tolerated by patients.
Nevertheless, before the therapy Actovegin, the doctor should be thoroughly informed about all the diseases of the child.

As a rule, Actovegin in children is used in very difficult situations, when it is assumed that the therapeutic effect of treatment with Actovegin can exceed the possible risks.
These are diseases such as acute disorders of cerebral circulation, TBI, metabolic processes, etc.

Actovegin is also available in the form of an ointment, gel, eye gel. And we highly recommend having it in your home medicine cabinet.

Usually both ointment and gel Actovegin are well tolerated by both adults and children (they are used for burns, wounds, abrasions).
Neither ointment nor gel Actovegin contain toxic components. But a local reaction is possible in the form of burning, itching, so before using them in children, we advise you to consult a doctor.

Actovegin - prescription medication: independent treatment of children (without medical appointment) is unacceptable!

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