Peptides - Dosage, dilution, injection and storage

13 Nov 2017

Do, you decided to buy peptides or have already received your order, have chosen a course or scheme of taking the drug. What to do with them next? How to breed, where to stab? All you need to know about the method of application, storage and dosage of peptides, is in this article. A peptide is a drug that is a chain of amino acids linked in a certain order by peptide bonds. Any living organism synthesizes its own peptides, necessary for most vital processes. However, with age, the amount of endogenous peptides decreases, which leads to aging, a decrease in metabolism, a decrease in muscle mass, etc. Athletes use peptides not just to eliminate this deficit, but also to accelerate the necessary processes - muscle growth, fat burning, sunburn, recovery. The dosage of peptides is determined by the bodybuilding coach. Strictly observe it! Or, carefully read the instructions for the drug and calculate the dose yourself. At our site you will find detailed descriptions of all peptides, as well as courses of their application.

What will be required for use peptide

Insulin syringes for 100 units (100UI) for injections - do not confuse the unit of the drug with the divisions!

Sterile or bactericidal water for dilution. Sterile can be bought in a pharmacy, bactericidal - you can order from us (at the drugstore they sell it on prescription).

For reconstitution of drugs - syringes with a long needle.

Wadded disks and alcohol or alcohol wipes for skin treatment and ampoules.

How to properly dilute peptides

For breeding, use only bactericidal or sterile water for injection. If the diluted peptide needs to be stored for more than 24 hours, bactericidal water is preferable.

Do not pour water directly onto the powder. Hold the syringe so that water flows down the wall of the ampoule or vial.

Do not shake or shake the dissolved peptide! This will reduce its effectiveness. To completely dissolve the drug, slowly and gently rotate the ampoule.

The usual dosage for peptide dilution is 2 ml of water for injections per ampoule.

How to calculate the dosage of peptides?

For example, in a vial of peptide 2 mg (2000 μg) of the active substance, and your single dose is 200 μg. Diluting it with 2 ml of water, you will receive 1000 μg or 5 doses per 1 ml of solution (this is the capacity of the insulin syringe). In the syringe of 100 divisions, which means that for a single dose you need to dial 20 divisions of the finished peptide (one-fifth of the syringe capacity). Similarly, it is possible to calculate for other doses and syringes with fewer divisions.

Peptide Injection: Instruction

Where to stab? The best place for subcutaneous injection is the abdominal region 8 cm from the navel. It is necessary to get into the layer between the skin and the muscles. Experiencedly find the points where the injection is painless (there are very "sick" places).

How? Hold the syringe at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the skin. Slowly inject the drug and hold the syringe for 5-10 seconds to prevent the peptide from escaping.

Do injections only with clean hands. Before using, the neck of the ampoule should be wiped with an alcoholic napkin or alcohol. It is not superfluous to wipe and the injection site, although with the use of insulin syringes it is not necessary.

Do not allow air bubbles to enter the syringe.

Useful tips and precautions for injections of peptides

Do injections on an empty stomach and do not eat for at least 40 minutes after the injection. This will ensure maximum effect from each injection.

4 hours - a minimum break between injections.

Diary of injections or application-calendar in the phone will help not forget what and when to work.

Morning injections should be done immediately after awakening. This will stop the catabolic processes in the body.

In the diet should be a high amount of protein - up to 2-3 grams per 1 kg of weight per day, and a minimum of simple carbohydrates.

Storage of peptides

Protect from sunlight, temperature extremes, do not allow heating or freezing.

The ready solution should be stored in the refrigerator on the top shelf or in the door (temperature mode 2-8 degrees)

Quick effect and sporting achievements! Follow the instructions, and the courses of peptides will only benefit you.


Preparations for the production of growth hormone

13 Nov 2017

In sports pharmacology to increase the secretion of somatostatin used drugs for the production of growth hormone, which can increase its concentration by 3-5 times. These are peptides that stimulate the production of its own STG.

Peptides for growth hormone production

Both beginners and professional weightlifters wishing to improve their athletic performance and increase muscle mass, use the following drugs to produce growth hormone:

  • Hexarelin (GHRP-6);
  • Somatocrinine (GHRP-2);
  • Peptide releasing growth hormone CJC 1295;
  • Stabilized fragment of the GH molecule (HGH Frag 176-191);
  • Gonadorelin;
  • Melonotan-2 (for tanning and increasing libido);
  • TB-500 (for the restoration of injured ligaments and joints).

Peptide Functions

Peptides used in sports pharmacology are presented in the form of synthetic compounds containing in their composition a certain number of amino acids. Preparations of the ghrelin group act regardless of the age of the athlete and the time of application, immediately stimulating the peak release of growth hormone. Biologically active substances that are part of the hormone releasing group, provide undulating oscillations of endogenous somatotropin for a long or short period of time. They stimulate muscle growth and fat burning, without causing the development of negative effects.

Advantages of peptide preparations

Peptides for growth hormone stimulate the production of an endogenous biologically active substance in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, which plays a major role in metabolic processes. Some experts consider peptide simulators to be more preferable option than artificial somatotropin.

This is explained by the fact that the drugs included in this group have different mechanisms and a half-life period that allow achieving the most optimal anabolic response. Further, their sale is not regulated by law, that is, any drug for the production of growth hormone can be easily purchased at a specialized sports nutrition store. And, finally, the peptide rate is several times cheaper than a similar GR course.

Each peptide of the Growth Hormone can be tested for authenticity by passing the test to the level of STH in the blood plasma after the administration of the drug. In order to acquire a truly high-quality product, buy peptides only from trusted suppliers working with manufacturers of certified products.


Which is better: GHRP 2 or GHRP 6

10 Nov 2017

Many beginning bodybuilders who are trying to increase the secretion of their own growth hormone, and, in a short period of time, increase strength and stimulate muscle growth, are interested in what is better: GHRP 2 or GHRP 6. Let's try to understand this issue by referring to individual examples of using these drugs.

Comparison of peptides GHRP 2 and GHRP 6

Somatocrinine (GHRP 2) and Hexarelin (GHRP 6) are related functional peptides used in bodybuilding practice to gain muscle mass and increase strength. Being the control elements of the secretion of somatotropin, they literally make the body of an athlete grow and increase in size.

GHRP 6 is the first generation peptide preparation. Increasing the production of its own growth hormone 3-5 times, it simultaneously affects the ghrelin receptors, and the release of ghrelin, thereby significantly increasing appetite. This is an excellent option for those who want to gain weight.

GHRP 2 in its structure and properties is similar to Hexarelin. However, unlike him, he does not cause a strong feeling of hunger, and can be used to get rid of excess weight. However, this drug helps to increase the level of cortisol (a stress hormone), leads to a decrease in hepatic catabolism of aldosterone, stimulating the formation of edema, and also increases the production of prolactin.

It is unambiguous to answer that it is better: GHRP 2 or GHRP 6, is rather difficult, since both peptides are effective enough, and their application gives reliable results. If you want to get the average release of your own growth hormone with a minimum of side effects, choose Hexarelin. If you are not afraid of a severe sense of hunger, and you are not afraid to "podnabrat" water - then the best solution is Somatokrinin. Of course, all this is relatively relative and individual, and a more specific and complete recommendation can only be given by a trainer or a sports doctor, taking into account objective data and the ultimate goal of a bodybuilder.


The course of peptide GHRP 6

10 Nov 2017

Hexarelin (GHRP 6) is a relatively new, but already very popular peptide product that enhances the secretion of its own growth hormone. To date, this drug, which has found its wide application in the bodybuilding industry, is one of the most optimal synthetic bioregulators in the "efficiency-safety" ratio.

Application Features

The course of GHRP 6 is a unique opportunity to quickly build up pure muscle mass and dry the body, increase the body's physical strength and increase its endurance. However, the use of oligopeptide before the performances, during the period of intensive training serves as a guarantee of safety and prevention of sports injuries. It is remarkable that it does not have a negative effect on the liver, has anti-inflammatory properties and strengthens the immune system.

The use of GHRP 6, which is the "bearer" of the effects of growth hormone, is carried out not only during the preparation for the competition, but also for the purpose of getting rid of the subcutaneous fat layer and the acquisition of the relief musculature. Possessing a low molecular weight, this product can be absorbed in both parenteral and enteral administration (to achieve the maximum anabolic effect, Hexarelin is recommended in the form of injections).

Since the peptide bioregulator is a dose-dependent drug, the GHRP 6 course is formulated taking into account the allowable daily dosages. Low, as well as overestimated doses, do not lead to a change in the secretion of growth hormone. The daily portion of the product should not exceed 3 μg per 1 kg of body weight. Otherwise, there is an undesirable increase in cortisol and prolactin. The drug is administered subcutaneously, 3 times a day (in the morning, before breakfast, after training and before bedtime). As a solvent, sterile or bacteriostatic water for injection is used.


Can I lose weight by giving up flour and sweet?

10 Nov 2017

In most cases, all diets involve the rejection of certain foods. Someone refuses carbohydrates, others completely eliminate desserts, while others do not eat bread. Especially often there is a question, whether it is possible to grow thin, having refused flour and sweet. To answer it, and at the same time and understand what effect will be on such nutrition, it is necessary to find out exactly how these products affect our body.

How much you can lose weight by giving up the sweet

There is an opinion that if you refuse from flour, you can lose weight by a large number of kilograms and almost instantly. To begin with, buns, cakes, sweets and sweet drinks are carbohydrates, and the lungs. When ingested, they instantly converted into energy and spent on doing the daily work. But this is only if they receive a moderate amount.

If too much carbohydrate comes in too much, some of it is converted into energy, and the rest is stored in fat stores. At the next meal, the situation repeats and already in your body becomes a couple of kilograms more. This is how we gain weight.

If you are interested in the question of whether you can lose weight by giving up flour, try to give up some of the fat and increase your activity a little. For this, you can do morning jogs or regularly swing the press. As a result, less simple carbohydrates will enter the body, and already available reserves will be consumed in the form of energy. This will make it possible to reduce the amount of adipose tissue. It is necessary to replace simple carbohydrates with complex ones. In the first place - it's porridge, fruits and vegetables.

But not only in the form of simple carbohydrates is the danger of sweet and flour foods. In addition to them, during consumption, not the most useful substances come into the body:

  • Preservatives;
  • Flavoring;
  • Emulsifiers.

All this negatively affects not only your figure, but also the state of the whole organism. With long-term use of such substances, the risk of allergies increases, blood circulation and lymph flow are disrupted.

Thus, wondering whether it is possible to lose weight if you give up the sweet, it turns out that such a diet helps not only to reduce weight, but also to improve the work of all organs and strengthen health.

How to strengthen the effect of rejection of flour and sweet

It is especially important to consider the question of how much you can lose weight by giving up the sweet. Here everything is individual. The main thing is that you can avoid the effect when weight loss stops at a certain level. But you can still enhance the effect. To do this, it is sufficient to choose fat burners. It can be Methyldrene-25, China White 25 Ephedra and Black Spider 25 Ephedra. Their main component is the ECA complex, which promotes the breakdown of fats and the acceleration of metabolic processes.

Similar effect is possessed by Simpatoterm Lux with an active component - guarana extract. Excellent ingredients are such components as the extract of Kenyan pepper, rhodiola rosea, ortilia, green tea and yohimbe. Finding out if you can lose weight, giving up sweet, it is superfluous to deal with each fat burner separately and choose the most suitable.


Peptides GHRP 2 and GHRP 6

09 Nov 2017

GHRP 2 and GHRP 6 are synthetic peptide drugs that have found wide application in the bodybuilding industry. Stimulating the production of natural growth hormone, they help increase muscle mass, strengthen bone tissue and strengthen the immune forces of the body.

The difference between GHRP 2 and GHRP 6

HCPD2 and HCHRP6 are oligopeptides that release growth hormone.

Release peptide GHRP 6 (Hexarelin) is a relatively new, potent biological stimulator that affects the increased release of GH by each individual growth cell.

GHRP 2 was obtained from Hexarelin by replacing two of the six available amino acids. Having a low molecular weight, this product is by far the most powerful booster of all the existing ones. It has a less pronounced effect on the secretion of prolactin and cortisol, increases the growth rate of dry muscle mass, reduces the amount of adipose tissue and cholesterol level, strengthens the body's relief, and has a rejuvenation effect.

The peptides GHRP 2 and GHRP 6 belong to the same group, and as a consequence, when releasing the growth hormone, they have the same effect on the pituitary gland. The only difference of the first is its ability to activate specific ghrelin receptors, thereby significantly increasing appetite. Therefore, it is recommended that GHRP 2 be applied to those weightlifters who work for weight gain. As for muscle drying, in this situation, releasing the growth hormone GHRP6 peptide is the more optimal solution.

Feasibility of joint application

Reviews about GHRP 2 and GHRP 6, which have almost the same effect, are mostly positive. These are absolutely legal drugs, which, with the correct dosage, do not cause any side effects. However, professionals do not recommend using them in a complex, as this can lead to the following violations:

Increased secretion of cortisol and prolactin;

Supersaturation of receptors and temporary loss of their sensitivity to the product.

Therefore, it is wiser to choose one of the peptide preparations and apply it in the recommended dosage.


The level of growth hormone and its norm

09 Nov 2017

The level of HGH, which is a fairly popular pharmacological drug among athletes, is an indicator that is not a constant, but depends on the functional state of the endocrine system and the whole organism.

Factors influencing the secretion of GH

The norms of the Growth Hormone in adults and children vary significantly. In childhood and adolescence (from birth to 20 years), reference values are constantly changing, and in the adult remain relatively stable. However, this constancy is relatively, since with every ten years lived, the concentration of Somatropin in the blood serum imperceptibly drops by 10-15%. However, this value can vary under the influence of physiological or pathological factors.

Physiological factors

  • Stressful situations;
  • Daily rhythms of hormonal secretion;
  • Increase or decrease in blood glucose;
  • physical exercise;
  • deep sleep;
  • Effect of ghrelin (the so-called hormone of hunger), somatoliberin, etc.

Pathological factors

  • Genetic defects in the development of the hypothalamic-pituitary system;
  • Tissue resistance to the action of GH receptors;
  • Acquired pathologies of the pituitary gland;
  • infectious diseases;
  • Vascular disorders;
  • Injuries;
  • Tumors of various parts of the brain;
  • Chemotherapy and its consequences;
  • Infiltrative diseases, etc.
  • Growth hormone

Normal HGH:

  • In an adult male - 0-3 ng / ml;
  • The woman has 0-8ng / ml.

The parameters obtained by performing the radioimmunoassay analysis are 46-465 pmol / l.

Interpretation of the results is the prerogative of a specialist. This study should be carried out with extreme caution, since the Somatropin level is constantly variable, and to obtain the most objective results, it may take more than one study, and then the arithmetic mean is determined.

As a rule, a blood test for STG is not prescribed for general diagnostic examination. Indication for its conduct is a suspicion of a pathology of the pituitary gland or a violation of the production of the hormone itself. For bodybuilders, it is recommended to determine the level of GH before and after the combined course for muscle mass.


Best dietary supplements for increase potency

09 Nov 2017

For the proper functioning of any organism, the hormonal level is important. In men, testosterone plays a major role. It is he who is responsible for the formation of the body by the male type, the growth of muscle mass and the inhibition of the deposition of fats. But the most important is that it is from this hormone that the sexual puncture depends. For this reason, sooner or later a man starts to think about what supplements, increasing the potency to choose, to achieve the desired effect.

Choosing a dietary supplement that increases potency in men

In order to never face such a problem as reducing potency, it is important to choose the right supplement. In most cases, they have a plant composition. At the same time, some affect the hormonal level, while others improve blood circulation. Potencer stands out. Due to the presence of plant extracts, the additive has many advantages:

  • Absence of side effects;
  • The maximum result;
  • Absence of contraindications;
  • Normalization of blood circulation in all organs.

But it is noteworthy that due to the normalization of blood circulation this dietary supplement for increasing the potency in men positively affects the overall well-being. It facilitates recovery from injuries and diseases and increases immunity.

Buy BAA for increasing potency

In order to choose the most suitable drug, you can read reviews about dietary supplements to increase potency in men. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the composition. As already mentioned, modern supplements are more often vegetable. An excellent example are dietary supplements to increase testosterone Testoporject and Tribulus. Here, the active components are extracts of plants such as rhodiola, ortilia, tribulus, and so on.

At the same time, you can buy dietary supplements to increase potency with a completely different composition. For example, D-Aspartic Acid includes D-aspartic acid. It stimulates the production of testosterone and positively affects the potency.

When choosing an additive, you should carefully read the advice of doctors about dietary supplements for men for potency. As a rule, contraindications are reduced to intolerance of components. Therefore, the composition should be studied first. In addition, it is important to take into account that funds should be accepted by courses with mandatory breaks.

Seldom there are any side effects during the procedure. Most additives are easily transferred and after a couple of days of application cause the desired effect. Dosage and continue the course of each dietary supplement. In addition, it is necessary to take into account individual characteristics and the regime of physical exertion.


Effective dietary supplements to increase potency

08 Nov 2017

The main goal of each athlete is to build muscle. To achieve this with a low level of testosterone is simply impossible. For this reason, professionals often use dietary supplements to increase potency. They, depending on their composition, improve blood circulation or normalize the level of testosterone by stimulating its production.

Choosing a dietary supplement that increases the potency

Before choosing these or other dietary supplements to increase the potency, it is important to find out exactly what the cause of the pathology may be and how it can be eliminated. All supplements used by athletes can be divided into two large groups. To the first we shall refer the preparations improving blood circulation.

The main duty of the supplement is to improve blood circulation. In parallel, there are other effects:

  • Purification of the body of toxins and toxins;
  • Increased immunity;
  • Improved nutrition of tissues and organs.

As a result, recovery from injuries and diseases proceeds much faster. In addition, the work of all organs is normalized. Accordingly, problems with potency are completely eliminated and the resistance of the organism to diseases and negative factors increases.

The second group includes dietary supplements to increase potency, affecting the level of hormones. The safest are those that contain only plant components. They can be taken for a long time without worrying about side effects. This can be Testoproject or Tribulus. At the same time, there are also non-vegetative preparations, for example, d-aspartic acid, which has a stimulating effect on the organs responsible for producing testosterone.

Thus, to choose dietary supplements to increase the potency is necessary only taking into account such criteria as the age of a man, the mode of exercise, the presence or absence of problems with potency, and so on.


Course for chocolate tanning: peptide Melanotan 2

07 Nov 2017

The main objectives of the course

This course helps in achieving:

1. Beautiful and even tan.

2. Safe stay in the sun or in a solarium, without the slightest risk of burning.

3. Increasing libido, both in women and men, in improving sexual life.

4. Decreased appetite, ease in dieting and maintaining a beautiful figure.

5. Effective fat burning and gradual weight loss.

Used drugs

For injections, peptide Melanotan 2 is worth ordering 3 vials of a dosage of 10mg. You can also use it in the form of a spray (20mg), also 3 bottles. The intranasal route of administration of this substance requires a higher dosage, despite the fact that there is more in the spray of the active substance. Consequently, the injection version is more economical, although in use and slightly less convenient.

Course Benefits

At the end of just one month you will get a golden-chocolate, perfect-perfect even tan, as well as those who have the opportunity to take sun baths all year round. The peptide course Melanotan 2 allows you to emphasize the beauty of the sports body, the relief of muscles, and, thanks to the increased sexual drive, will allow you to receive incredible pleasure from intimate life.

Take into account the fact that for the best result during the course, one to three times a week sunbathe in the sun or visit a solarium. In this case, even light-skinned people will not only not burn, but they can also not worry about colliding with any negative impact of ultraviolet radiation.

Initially, Melanotan 2 was designed just to protect against the harmful effects of the sun. Without a stay in a solarium or in the sun you can get only a light tan, however, a bright and deep color is usually unattainable.

The peptide is an ideal addition to the fat burning rate, as it can reduce appetite along with cravings for "forbidden" foods. As a result, in just one month you will get a beautiful even tan, saving time and money on the solarium, and improving the quality of the usual life (including intimate) in general. This is truly a key tool for those who want to look impressive!

Dosage and duration of the course

The duration of the course is 1 month.

For thirty days daily, 1 mg of melanotan 2 doses of 10mg. The duration of taking the drug may be shorter, for example, with a darker skin tone, as well as a high level of own production of melanin, the desired effect can be obtained early.

Injections of 1 mg once a week are enough to maintain sunburn. When ordering the spray Melanotan 2 - daily in each nostril for 3-4 injections.

For those whose weight is 100 kg or more, the minimum effective dosage is 4 injections.

The specified dosage was calculated for a user whose weight is not more than 100 kg, with the expectation that the active substance in the "nozzle" of the syringe will remain 5 μg.


Melanotan for injections has no contraindications and side effects. In Melanotan 2 spray, the only side effect is irritation of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, which disappears when the dosage of the peptide is reduced.

In our online store you can quickly and safely order a certified original peptide Melanotan 2 for injection or spray and bactericidal water for dissolving drugs.

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