Growth Hormone for Weight Gain

31 Oct 2017

From the point of view of some novice bodybuilders, Growth Hormone and body mass gain by increasing skeletal muscles are two inseparable concepts. However, in fact, the effect of using the drug is not always 100% justified by expectations, and sometimes it does remain a useless pacifier. Let's try to understand why this happens.

Growth hormone, used in bodybuilding - a recombinant polypeptide bioregulator, which has a powerful anabolic effect. It is he who promotes the activation of the division of the satellite cells "conserved" under the membrane of muscle fibers, thereby enhancing the relief of the musculature. For today in sports practice there are 4 areas of application of Somatropin:

Opposition to the disintegration of muscle tissue (assistance to age-related athletes);

Treatment of injured joints and tendons;

Reduction of fatty layer;

Increase in muscle mass.

In the first two cases, the growth hormone can be used as a monotherapy drug (ie it will be effective on its own). By the way, there is undeniable evidence of the effect of growth hormone on the mass in the case of its appointment to people of advanced age (who have reached the age of 65). But as for reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat and increasing the overall muscle weight, then, without additional components, the use of a hormonal agent will be meaningless.

Growth hormone for weight gain

Growth hormone for weight gain is recommended to be combined with anabolic steroids, which help to increase muscle mass by burning subcutaneous fat and simultaneously increasing muscle growth. Such a course, due to the synergism of drugs from different groups, has a pronounced effect. At the same time, it is practically safe for health (of course, when using biocatalysts in moderate, reasonable doses).

Most often, to increase the effect of Growth Hormone on weight, athletes use Boldenon, Testosterone enanthate or Sustanon, according to the recommended dosages. As an alternative solution it is recommended to use GH after a course of anabolic steroids.

At the end of the cycle, it is necessary to post-course therapy (PCT), aimed at restoring the natural hormonal background and retaining the muscular mass gained.


Course Ipamorelin + CJC 1295 (DAC)

31 Oct 2017

Ipamorelin + CJC 1295 is an effective and relatively inexpensive peptide course, which facilitates the rapid collection of dry muscle mass and giving the body relief forms. This combination of drugs systematically increases strength and endurance, accelerates the process of fat burning, enhances muscle growth and increases strength.

The main effects of the course

Ipamorelin (Ipamorelin) is a growth hormone boosting the production of its own growth hormone. Unlike other pharmacological agents of a similar action, this biostimulator does not cause side effects and does not enhance appetite even with increased dosage. A characteristic feature of the drug is its ability to increase the duration of the slow-sleep phase, which, in turn, leads to additional GH production.

Synthetic peptide CJC 1295, consisting of 30 amino acid residues, is an analog of somatoliberin, a natural catalyst of its own growth hormone. Its modified version, CJC-1295 DAC, includes the non-peptide molecule Drug Affinity Complex. By binding to plasma proteins via the aliphatic amino acid lysine, this substance significantly increases the duration of the reagent action (half-life is about two weeks).

The course of peptides Ipamorelin + CJC 1295 DAC has a more powerful synergistic effect, promoting growth of the growth hormone concentration to the maximum mark immediately after the injection. For 6 days of use, the content of somatropin in the blood increases 2-10 times. With regard to the usual course of Ipamorelin and CJC 1295, then, despite the weaker stimulating effect, it is much better tolerated by the human body.

Standard Application Scheme

Daily dose of Ipamorelin - 300 mcg (3 injections of 100 mcg);

The daily dose of the tetra-substituted peptide CJC 1295 is 300 μg (3 injections of 100 μg each).

Duration of the course is 2 months.

To dilute the bottle of Ipamorelin (5000 μg), 3 ml of solvent (water for injection) is required. The CJC 1295 bottle (2000 μg) is also diluted with 2 ml of normal sterile or bactericidal water for injection. After dilution, shake preparations is strictly prohibited! The injection is done with an insulin syringe (per 100 units). Initially, 6 Ipamorelin are injected into it, followed by 10 units of CJC 1295. Thus, a single dose is 16 units. The peptide complex is injected under the skin in the morning, immediately after awakening, at the end of training and before bedtime.


Side effects of peptide Ipamorelin

31 Oct 2017

Ipamorelin (Ipamorelin) is a synthetic peptide hormone of the new generation, which has a pronounced stimulating effect on the production of its own growth hormone. Even with increased dosage, this drug, unlike its analogues, practically does not cause pronounced side effects. However, like any other modern pharmaceutical agent, the growth hormone stimulant has certain contraindications, and, in some cases, it can cause the development of undesirable consequences.

Possible side effects and contraindications

In athletes, side effects from Ipamorelin are very rare, and, as a rule, do not concern stimulation of growth hormone production. Being a selective product, this drug has a direct effect directly on growth hormones, without affecting the biological units producing prolactin. It should also be noted that it does not cause severe bouts of hunger. However, at a significant excess of the recommended daily dose, peptide release is capable of provoking the development of the following side effects:

  • Puffiness (fluid retention in the body);
  • Loss of sensitivity of receptors of somatotropic target cells;
  • Drowsiness after injection;
  • Minor headaches;
  • Tingling sensation in the fingers;
  • Change in the pH of saliva.

The positive side effects of Ipamorelin include its ability to smooth fine wrinkles, to extend the phase of slow sleep, to soften the increased irritability and nervousness resulting from a rigid diet, to strengthen immunity.

In numerous studies, it has been established that, with the course of treatment, the side effects from Ipamorelin are the result of its misuse or the purchase of poor-quality products. That's why buying peptides should be from proven manufacturers and suppliers.


Contraindications and side effects of Melanothane

31 Oct 2017

Melanotan is a synthetic analogue of natural melanocortin (a hormone-active polypeptide) stimulating the synthesis and secretion of melanins. By launching the processes of skin pigmentation, it is used to obtain a stable and high quality tan with minimum UV exposure. However, this drug contributes to a decrease in appetite, accelerates the process of splitting fats, increases sexual activity, strengthens the body's immune forces and supports cognitive function. Despite the fact that the product is generally well tolerated, there are certain contraindications to taking Melanotan 2, as well as most pharmacological agents, it has side effects.

Possible adverse reactions

Synthetic analogue of natural melanocortin is available in two dosage forms: as a nasal spray and as a powder for injections. More convenient and safe to use is spray. Due to the presence of a metering valve, an accurate dosage is provided and, at the same time, the possible side effects of melanotane, which are manifested in a more pronounced form with parenteral administration, are reduced. They include:

  • Nausea;
  • Redness of the skin;
  • Irritation of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx (when using a spray);
  • Labored breathing;
  • Disturbance of the heart rhythm (arrhythmia);
  • Fever, fever;
  • Hyper- and hypochromia (the appearance on the skin of dark and light limited areas prone to expansion and fusion);
  • Increased libido, prolonged erection;
  • Darkening and increase in the size of birthmarks.

The side effects of melanotan 2 in most cases are reversible, and immediately after a reduction in dosage or drug withdrawal the condition is completely normalized.


How to prepare injections of HGH 176-191

31 Oct 2017

HGH 176 191 is a fat-burning peptide, helping in a short time to achieve impressive results in body modeling. The drug is a synthesized fragment of the growth hormone molecule, which includes 176-191 amino acids, responsible for the process of lipolysis (fission of fats) and replenishment of energy costs. The task of this article is to help you figure out how to grow HGH 176 191, and what kind of syringe is better for injecting.

Recommendations for breeding

The scheme of application of the fat-burning agent depends on the goals. To reduce body weight and give slenderness of the figure, HGH 176 191 is used as a mono drug (solo). For simultaneous weight loss and the formation of muscle relief - in conjunction with Somatocrinine (CJC-1295).

How to grow HGH 176 191 for drying the body and stabilizing muscle mass? Due to the fact that the action of the product is not associated with the production of GH, it practically does not cause side effects. Therefore, some weightlifters, to achieve maximum results, use 2,000 micrograms per day, dividing them into 2-3 receptions. However, the optimal dosage is 1000 ug HGH 176 191 per day (3-4 times a day). Duration of the course is 2 months.

The bottle contains 2 mg of the product. As a solvent, a special bactericidal or usual sterile water for injection, in the amount of 2 ml. The result is 2000 μg. The injections, ideally, should be performed subcutaneously, with an insulin syringe.

Since HGH 176 191 will have to be diluted all at once, the remaining portion of the vial should be stored in the refrigerator, at a temperature of 2 to 8 C, in order to avoid loss of efficiency.


Hexarelin+CJC-1295 DAC+PEG MGF: course POWERFUL MASS

31 Oct 2017


The main task of this course of peptides is the qualitative collection of dry muscle mass, while the growth of subcutaneous fat is not provoked, which is typical of most modern athletes "on the mass."

Peptides can enhance anabolic processes and relieve the negative consequences that arise sometimes. In addition, they improve the general state of the human body.

Anabolic response, rapid growth of muscle mass, hypertrophy.

Improvement of the musculature relief by reducing the amount of fat.

Increased stamina, quick recovery.

Rejuvenation, enhance immunity, improve the condition of nails, skin and hair.

Strengthening of bones, joints, ligaments.

Lowering cholesterol in the blood, protecting the liver.

Used drugs

Hexarelin (Hexarelin) 2mgx 8 vials.

CJC-1295 DACx 9 bottles.

PEG MGF (PEG MGF) x 9 vials.

Duration of the course

9 weeks (63 days).


With the simultaneous administration of Hexarelin peptides and CJC-1295 DAC, it can lead to a long-term and strong synergistic effect, since these drugs differ in potentiating action against each other.

This compound provides a powerful anabolic response. According to the experience and feedback of many bodybuilders, it is this bunch of peptides of the GHRP-group that gives the most powerful effect.

PEG MGF in this course accelerates the division of cells, promoting hypertrophy and rapid growth of muscle volume. An essential bonus is that daily injections of just one peptide - Hexarelin - are necessary. That's why it is suitable for those who do not want or for some reason can not make frequent injections of several drugs at once.

Following the results of a fully conducted course - the result will be visible - powerful and beautiful muscles, traced veins, a huge amount of energy and a luxurious appearance.


The course is designed for 63 days.

So, you need 10 bottles of Hexarelin, use two to three times a day 100mkg.

Peptide CJC-1295 DAC - 1000 mcg twice a week.

Peptide PEG MGF - 1000 mcg twice a week.

The dosage is calculated for a user weighing 80-100 kg given that 5 μg of the active substance remains in the "nozzle" of the syringe.


When using the recommended doses of the drug, no serious side effects have been identified. There may be a slight increase in appetite, a slight increase in the level of hormones cortisol and prolactin in the blood (will not have a significant effect on muscle mass gain).

In our store you can quickly and safely buy peptides for muscle mass collection CJC-1295 DAC, PEG MGF, Hexarelin and bactericidal water for dissolving drugs at a low price. For convenience, you can buy immediately the entire course for a quality muscle mass. At your service fast, convenient delivery and full confidentiality of the order.


Supplements made of plants

31 Oct 2017

When choosing a particular drug, the number of side effects and complications is of particular importance. For this reason, often preference is given to such drugs as dietary supplements from plants. Most often they include several components at once, but they can consist of one substance. In addition, each of the dietary supplements has its own effect. For this reason, they should be chosen no less carefully than medications.

Features of choice of dietary supplements

To selected dietary supplements from plants served its purpose, it is necessary to find out what the effect you want to see from him. In Swazi with this, all drugs are divided according to their properties. Conditionally they can be broken down into the following groups:

  • Additives for weight loss;
  • Drugs for the normalization of potency;
  • Means to improve the performance of certain organs or systems (vessels, kidneys, liver, joints, etc.).

Supplement from plants for weight loss

At first glance it seems that it is difficult to find plant and, accordingly, safe preparations. But with a competent approach, this is possible. Consider the beginning of an additive to reduce weight. As a rule, they are all aimed at accelerating metabolic processes and metabolism. As a result, fatty tissues dissolve and energy is released. The latter becomes the cause of a surge of strength and increased endurance.

Thus, the drug for weight loss helps not only to remove the extra pounds, but also to bring the workout to a new level by increasing weights.

Additives for potency

The next group is additives for the normalization of potency. They can enjoy a variety of activities. For example, Potencer positively affects the condition of the blood vessels, which contributes to the normalization of the work of all organs without exception. In contrast, such dietary supplements from plants, like Tribulus 90% and Testoporject, contain in their composition plant extracts, which stimulate the production of testosterone, a hormone necessary for the normal functioning of the genital organs.

Other dietary supplements

Separately, there is a huge group of additives, the action of which is directed to a certain organ. BAA for joints are in great demand. Thanks to them, the strength of the joint elements is improved. As a result, the process of recovery from injuries proceeds much faster.

The addition of Hepanorm helps restore damaged cells of the liver. This drug can be used as both prevention and treatment of already existing pathologies. Due to its rich composition it helps to eliminate serious diseases and restore the body.

A very popular dietary supplement from plants Hemosorb. It positively affects the blood supply and purification of the body of toxins and toxins. As a result, the condition of the skin and hair improves.

Due to the vegetative composition, the additives act gently, without causing negative consequences. You can take them for a long time and without the appointment of a doctor.


Fat burners for men, reviews, harm and benefit

31 Oct 2017

Men also dream of an ideal body - strong, relief, with traced veins and clear cubes of the press. For this, it is often not enough to assiduously recruit mass, it is regular and hard to train and monitor food. In such a situation, fat burners are irreplaceable. Buy fat burners for men can be in any pharmacy or sports nutrition store. But will they be effective? Let's figure it out.

Fat burners from a pharmacy

Ask an experienced bodybuilder about the most powerful fat burner, and 9 out of 10 will tell about the now banned ephedrine. At one time, preparations with ephedrine provided a powerful and comfortable weight loss, helped to intensively train - but also ruined health. That is why ephedrine was eventually recognized as a narcotic substance and banned. After that, many athletes were disappointed in fat burners for men, because all available pharmacy and shop drugs are either ineffective, or together with fat "burn" and with such difficulty built muscles (this refers to thermogenics, diuretics, energy, appetite suppressants, etc .).

Peptides for weight loss, reviews and benefits

However, to burn fat without losing muscle mass is quite realistic. The easiest and inexpensive way to do this is to use peptides. For example, peptide HGH Frag 176-191 stimulates fat burning in 12-13 stronger than growth hormone growth hormone. At the same time he acts aiming at lipolysis, preventing catabolism of muscle tissue.

Reviews of many bodybuilders claim that this peptide is the best means for pronounced fat burning without losing muscle. At the same time, its effect can be significantly strengthened if included in the combined course (you can find it in the section of courses on our website). Peptides of the GHRP group - growth hormone stimulants - are excellent for fat burning and simultaneous growth of muscle mass. Loss of fat is less significant than when using HGH Frag 176-191 (about 5-6% on average), but your muscles will not only not decrease, but also grow significantly. This is basically impossible under normal conditions. Side effects in peptides for weight loss are practically nonexistent, and existing ones are insignificant (for example, redness at the injection sites) and are rare.

Thus, the best fat burner for men on reviews is HGH Frag 176-191.

Fat burners for weight gain

Sounds strange, huh? We are used to the fact that anabolism and catabolism do not occur simultaneously. But if the task is to increase muscle and strength, do not you want the recruited mass to be as dry as possible? And this is quite possible if you use growth hormone and / or its stimulants for muscle mass. The thing is that growth hormone changes the energy balance, forcing the body to consume more fatty acids. So, this can be used, simultaneously with the growth of the muscles slightly reducing the percentage of fat in the body.

How to use growth hormone for weight loss and what to combine it, you can read in the articles on this site.

We also offer to study ready-made growth hormone courses and courses of peptides for a set of dry muscle mass. After that, you will know exactly which is the most powerful and effective fat burner for men - one that not only burns fat, but also allows muscles to grow! Important! Taking any preparations for fat burning, do not forget to adhere to diet and exercise, pay attention to a sufficient amount of protein in the diet


The course of growth hormone Ansomone

31 Oct 2017


This course is ideal for those who seek:

improve the cholesterol profile, that is, start an active fat burning;

accelerate the growth of muscle mass, improve bone density, improve immunity;

increase the level of libido, mood and energy.

Used drugs

30 bottles - Ansomone (Ansomone) 10UI (International Units)

Advantages of Ansomone

One of the best modifications of the GR - Ansomone - is ideal for drying the body and improving fat metabolism. Why can it and even need to apply for weight loss? With a reduction in weight without special tools, loss of muscle mass is inevitable, while Ansomon (including its analogues) contributes to the increase in muscle volume and the number of muscle cells even when you are on drying!

Under the influence of this hormone, the synthesis of protein in the human body is accelerated so much that the recovery and growth of muscles is carried out as effectively as during the massaging cycle. Known and successful practice of using Ansomone to reduce fatty tissue for medicinal purposes.

Together with fat burning Ansomon, like all GH modifications, promotes the rejuvenation of the whole body - improves skin condition, removes wrinkles, provokes the growth of new healthy hair and nails, strengthens bones, joints and ligaments.

Optimal for taking the course will be a lifestyle: for relief - sports nutrition, as well as 2-3 cardio and 2-3 strength training per week. The use of just one course of Ansomone can reduce by 5% (or more) the amount of fat, while not only retaining, but also increasing muscle growth.

Duration of the course

The course can take from 1 month (4 weeks) to 6 months (24 weeks).


The course includes 2 stages: preparatory and basic:

2 weeks - preparatory: Ansomone 5Ed per day 1 time. For 2 weeks it is necessary to use 8 bottles.

10 weeks - the main one: Ansomone 5Edhv day 2 times. For 10 weeks, 72 bottles should be used.

For an athlete weighing 100 kg, the dosage is calculated with the account that 5 μg of the active drug remains in the "nozzle" of the syringe.


The drug is not recommended for use with:

reactive neoplasia;

acute degree of shock with severe infection;

lack of activity of the epiphysis (pineal body of the brain);

Pregnancy, including pregnancy.

Side effects of Ansomon, in the absence of contraindications, are minimal: unpleasant sensations, temporary hyperglycemia (after the absorption of the drug in the blood, the sugar level decreases), tingling, in the area of administration of the drug, a slight swelling (temporary effect occurring at the beginning of the course), when the optimal doses are exceeded, growth Antibodies in the blood.

Experts recommend periodically to check the work of the thyroid gland.

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Peptide for weight loss HGH 176-191

30 Oct 2017

HGH 176 191 weight loss peptides have become a real sensation in the field of weight loss and the burning of subcutaneous fat deposits. It is a synthetic preparation presented as a stabilized analogue of the growth hormone releasing factor, more precisely, a fragment of the somatotropin molecule, which includes amino acids (from 176 to 191), controlling the fat reduction effect.

Recommendations for use

In the bodybuilding industry, HGH 176 191 for weight loss is used to steadily reduce subcutaneous fat deposits and form the ideal muscle relief. Depending on the goals, the sport product can be used solo, either in combination with Ipamorelin or CJC-1295. The main pharmacological effect of this drug is the stimulation of lipolysis (fat burning) and the slowing down of the conversion of carbohydrates into fatty acids (lipogenesis).

At the moment, HGH 176 191 is considered to be the most effective fat burner, capable in a short period of time to significantly accelerate metabolic processes, increase the production of insulinopod growth factor (IGF-1), reduce weight, improve muscle structure, increase endurance and training concentration.

During the period of drug use, in order to obtain the maximum anti-catabolic effect, it is necessary to observe a low-calorie diet and refuse to eat before and after the injection.

Possible side effects and contraindications

HGH 176-191 for weight loss has a pharmacological effect, not associated with the production of somatotropin. Therefore, the peptide product has virtually no contraindications and does not cause side effects (such as an increase in blood glucose, cell proliferation, and an increase in internal organs). Sometimes at the injection site, there is burning and slight redness. This is a normal reaction of the body, which should not cause fear.

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