Contraindications for the administration of peptides

03 Nov 2017

Synthetic peptide preparations that are very popular among professional athletes and beginning bodybuilders, as well as any other pharmacological agents, have a number of limitations to the application. To date, absolute contraindications to peptides are not known to science, but in certain cases it will be more reasonable to reject them.

When using peptide products that stimulate the production of growth hormone, the following adverse reactions can occur:

Increased blood pressure;

Fluid retention in the body;

Weakness, drowsiness;

Increased appetite;

Increased levels of prolactin and cortisol;

Development of tunnel syndrome.

It should be noted that negative manifestations are reversible and most often occur due to an incorrect dosage.

Contraindications to the ingestion of peptides are associated with the presence of serious diseases and special conditions of the body:

Individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;

The presence of closed epiphyseal growth zones;

Severe obesity;


Severe infectious processes;

Active diabetic retinopathy.

Relative contraindications to peptides: hypothyroidism, intracranial hypertension, diabetes mellitus. As for sports practice, as a rule, no amino acid preparations are used in accordance with the instructions for the development of complications and side effects.


How to quickly lose weight in the waist and belly

03 Nov 2017

So the nature has conceived, that the most part of superfluous calories is postponed in the field of a stomach. For this reason, the outlines of the waist very quickly disappear and a "tummy" appears. Of course, this gives little pleasure, both to women and men. For this reason, both the first and second often ask: how fast to lose weight in the waist and abdomen?

Just note that this process is not easy. Weight will decrease throughout the body, so be prepared to lose in the hips or chest. Without this, you will not be able to get rid of the tummy. In this case, you will not only need to pump the press, but also adhere to a diet, and in some cases you will need to take additional supplements to improve the effectiveness of the first and second.

Diet to quickly lose weight in the waist and stomach for a week

Let's start with nutrition. To do this, we will find out how quickly to lose weight in the waist and abdomen, if you use only a diet. At first glance this seems impossible, but it is the restriction of incoming calories that is the key to forming an attractive waist. In this case, you do not need to torment yourself with hunger. It is enough to make the right diet and stick to it constantly.

At first we exclude all smoked products, sausages, marinades, salty foods and alcohol. Next, increase the amount of fluid consumed. For a day you should drink at least two liters of water. For slenderness, the figures will have to fall in love with fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals without adding oil and necessarily greenery. In addition, you must follow the following rules:

  • take food in small portions;
  • There is recommended 4-5 times a day;
  • Start dinner with salads and then meat;
  • Forget salt, use spices or soy sauce;
  • drink a glass of water before eating to reduce your appetite.

Even observing these simple rules it will be possible to significantly improve the outlines of the figure.

Exercises for fast weight loss

Diet, this, of course, is an effective method of weight loss, but you can only form the figure of your dreams with the help of anticipations. Accordingly, it will be superfluous to find out how quickly to lose weight in the waist and abdomen with the help of training.

First you need to start the process of burning calories. Cardio training is required for this. To create a waist, walking, jogging and jogging are ideal. They can be performed every other day in interval mode. If you do not have enough strength for such exercises, you can additionally use fat burners. They will give strength and energy.

Perfectly forms the waist of the hoop. It can be twisted at any time convenient for you. Dance has a similar effect. But nevertheless, the most effective are the exercises for the press. It is important to take into account that there are several muscle groups in the abdominal region. For each of them, specific training is provided. You need to pump every muscle, including a slanting one: to consider that it will worsen the shape of the waist mistakenly.

Do exercises for the press every day. An excellent option is the distribution of all cycles for the whole day. So you will not be very tired and will be able to make more approaches.

You can download the press in various ways. In addition to lifting the body, you can raise your legs, both in a prone position and in a hanging place. Be sure to stretch after developing muscles. This will help to make the muscles elastic and obedient.

Tablets to quickly lose weight in the waist and abdomen

It will be superfluous to find out how fast to lose weight in the waist and abdomen for the minimum period of time. Of course, without diet and exercise here is indispensable. But in order to speed up the metabolic processes and stimulate a surge of energy, it is necessary to use different drugs in parallel.

The fat burners have an excellent effect. For example, such supplements as Red Wasp 25, Asia Black-25, Black Mamba Hyperrush and Neurolipo cause the following effects:

  • increasing the speed of metabolic processes;
  • A burst of strength and energy;
  • Increased endurance;
  • Splitting of adipose tissue;
  • Appetite suppression.

The composition of popular fat burners includes ephedrine, caffeine, green tea extracts, guarana, yohimbine, bitter orange and so on. Due to the plant components, additives are perfectly safe, but they have high efficiency. You can take them long courses. They will help not only to form the coveted waist, but also improve the work of internal organs and systems.


Best dietary supplements for male potency

02 Nov 2017

During professional sports, men often take drugs that, if used for a long time, can negatively affect potency. To prevent this, it is important in parallel or after the end of the course to take male dietary supplements to increase potency. They can have different actions, but in any case, the effect of them is one: improving the erection and normalizing the sexual function.

Choosing a man's dietary supplements for potency

In order for BAA for male potency to fully fulfill its purpose, you need to know exactly how it works. Some drugs help stimulate the production of testosterone.

This not only improves potency, but also facilitates the process of recruiting muscle mass. Thanks to the plant composition, the drugs are safe and can be used without prescribing a doctor, since they are not medicines.

At the same time, in young athletes, the level of the hormone is within normal limits and problems in the genital area may be associated with impaired blood circulation. In this case, dietary supplements for male potency should improve blood circulation, clean blood vessels and provide nutrition to all tissues. With this task, the dietary supplements for Potencer potency are excellent. The additive also has a vegetable composition, which makes it completely safe, but at the same time as efficient as possible.

Buy men's dietary supplements to enhance potency

Given the variety of drugs, before buying men's dietary supplements to increase potency, it is important to find out the cause of the problem. But do not forget that the supplements are not meant to be treated, but to prevent the development of pathologies. For this reason, they can be used by anyone who is likely to have problems.

Considering that from the age of hormone production decreases, and the body is slagged, preparations for purifying blood and increasing testosterone levels will be useful to all athletes after 35 years. Therefore, you can only choose a dietary supplement and determine its dosage. After the course, you must take a break, after which you can continue receiving the funds.


Supplements - Biological active additives

02 Nov 2017

To achieve a certain effect, it is important to correctly draw up a plan for achieving the goal. Practically in any business, nutrition or diet, a regime of physical activity, individual characteristics are important. But it also happens otherwise. At first glance, it seems that the diet is respected, and weight is not reduced or physical activities are excluded, and joints still worry. To correct the situation, dietary supplement supplements will help. They are a huge number and it is important to choose the one that will help you achieve the desired effect. In this regard, all existing additives can be divided into several groups, based on their actions.

Weight Loss Supplements

Especially often there is a need to get rid of a few extra pounds. This can be achieved through diet, increased physical exertion. But if you are limited in time, you can use biological supplements (BAA). Due to their active components, it is possible to reduce the volume of adipose tissue and in parallel to increase muscle mass. As an example, you can consider a drug such as dietary supplements for weight loss Simpatoterm Lux. As a result of its application, the following effect is observed:

  • Acceleration of the metabolic process;
  • Suppression of appetite;
  • Inhibition of fat absorption;
  • Elimination of liquid.

In order for the selected dietary supplements (biologically active additives) to fulfill its purpose, it is important to follow a diet with a minimum content of sugars and fats.

Strengthening ligaments and joints

The next problem of a large number of people is the weakness of the joints. With age, and also as a result of increased physical stress, there are sometimes violations in the form of reduced mobility and severe pain. In this case, special preparations will help, for example, Glucosamine & Chondroitin. Thanks to it, the nutrition of joint tissues improves, pain and swelling are eliminated, regeneration processes are accelerated, which has a positive effect on strength and resistance to stretching. That is why this dietary supplement can be used during prevention or treatment to reduce the recovery period after injuries and strains.

Supplements for men

This category can be broken into two subcategories. To the first we classify biologically active additives (BAA), which help to eliminate problems with erection.

They improve blood circulation in all organs and systems, which positively affects potency. Excellent effect has a dietary supplement for potency Potencer, normalizing the nutrition of tissues. In this case, there is a positive effect not only on sexual function, but also on the work of the whole organism.

Representatives of the second subgroup promote the increase of testosterone. Such nutritional supplements - dietary supplements contribute to the normalization of the hormonal level. In this case, they usually have a plant composition. It can be Ginseng Kianpi Pil or dietary supplements to increase testosterone Anabolizer.


How to make CJC 1295 solution for injection

01 Nov 2017

Many beginning bodybuilders, wishing to increase the synthesis of their own growth hormone, are interested in how to dilute the CJC-1295 and where to store it, so as not to reduce efficiency.

Features of preparing CJC-1295

CJC-1295 is a peptide synthetic hormone that affects the pituitary gland and helps to increase the production of its own somatropin. This drug, which has found its wide application in the practice of bodybuilding, has the following effects:

  • Stimulates the growth of muscle mass;
  • Accelerates the processes of lipolysis;
  • Provides rapid recovery after prolonged physical exertion;
  • Strengthens bone and muscle tissue;
  • Promotes the rejuvenation of the body.

For an athlete with a body weight of 100 kg, a single dose of the drug is 100 μg. In order to dilute CJC-1295, 1-2 cubes of water for injections will be required (the drug is released in vials of 2 mg = 2000 μg). The solvent should be injected slowly, with a syringe, along the walls of the vial, without mixing (the drug must dissolve independently). The optimal dose is 1 μg per 1 kg of body weight, 3 times a day. The diluted peptide is stored in the refrigerator.

The best time for injections: before meals, at bedtime and after workout (the interval between injections should be 3 hours).


Side Effects of CJC-1295 (DAC)

01 Nov 2017

Despite the fact that CJC-1295 (DAC), which affects the somatostatin energy system, is considered one of the most effective and safe means to stimulate the production of its own growth hormone, it should be used very carefully. This precaution is due to the fact that this synthetic peptide is capable of provoking the development of side effects, leading to both positive and negative consequences.

Positive side effects of CJC-1295

Strengthening the body's immune system;

Strengthening of bone tissue, ligaments and joints;

Anti-aging effect;

Anti-inflammatory effect;

Strengthening the relief of muscles and venous tracery;

Improved skin and hair.

Undesirable side effects of CJC-1295 (DAC)

As a rule, the side effects of CJC-1295 DAC occur against the background of an individual intolerance to the peptide hormone. The list of unwanted reactions includes:

  • dizziness;
  • Mild headaches;
  • nausea;
  • drowsiness;
  • Small swelling and swelling of the joints.

Side effects of CJC-1295 include increased water retention, irritation at the injection site, fatigue, arthralgia, numbness in the extremities, a significant increase in the production of its own growth hormone, leading to the development of influenza-like symptoms, bloating, gynecomastia, and decreased sensory sensitivity.

In the event of negative effects, it is necessary to consult a trainer or a sports doctor about the advisability of further releasing the growth hormone factor.

Experts argue that all the above-mentioned adverse reactions that occur when taking peptide products that stimulate the production of their own growth hormone are a consequence of exceeding the dosage and the maximum duration of the course application. All of them are reversible and completely eliminated after drug withdrawal.


Best dietary supplements for improving potency

01 Nov 2017

Long physical exertion can negatively affect the potency. Of course, you do not need to panic and drop your hands. It is enough to pick up BAA drugs to improve potency and take them to courses.

When taking supplements that improve the potency

In order to understand when the BADs that improve potency are taken, it is necessary to find out what they are. To begin with, supplements are not medicines. They can be used in parallel with drugs prescribed by doctors for acute illness, that is, during treatment. But most often they are used for the purpose of prevention.

Thus, each man will benefit from dietary supplements to improve potency. You just need to pick them right. The choice is made based on the action. Often, problems with potency are observed in circulatory disorders. In this case, it will be more appropriate such a drug as a dietary supplement for potency Potencer. It has a plant composition and can be taken without the appointment of a doctor, and for a long time, as it is easily tolerated and does not cause any side effects.

Active components are:

  • Red root extract;
  • Ginseng extract;
  • Extract of Manchu aralia.

All of them positively affect the condition of blood vessels, clean their walls, remove slags, which positively affects the nutrition of all organs and tissues.

BAA preparations to improve potency and testosterone production

Also, dietary supplements to improve the potency of men can affect the hormonal level, for example, Tribulus. In its composition, it has only one component, tribulus extract, but despite this, it has a pronounced effect, raising the level of hormones in the male body.

Similarly, Ginseng Kianpi Pil and tablets for increasing testosterone Anabolizer, but unlike Tribulus, includes a large number of plant components, each of which has its effect.


Preparations of recombinant growth hormone

01 Nov 2017

Recombinant Growth Hormone is a pharmacological preparation obtained by genetic engineering, which is absolutely identical in its composition to natural human somatotropin. It has found wide application in the bodybuilding industry, as a means to increase dry muscle mass and fat burning. Currently, the modern market of sports products is almost "piled up" with various drugs of STG, in connection with which a person uninitiated in all subtleties, it is difficult to determine and make the right choice.

Artificial growth hormone

Preparations of the Growth Hormone are quite popular and not cheap products. Original pharmaceuticals that have undergone a complete purification procedure contribute to an increase in muscle mass, stimulate the burning of subcutaneous fat, and, at the same time, do not cause the formation of a large number of antibodies. However, because of the high cost, not everyone can afford them. As a consequence, in recent years, the number of cheaper fakes has significantly increased, on which unscrupulous producers earn very well.

The artificial growth hormone growth hormone, available in the Russian market, is registered under the following trade names:

Genotropin (USA);

Jintropin (China);

Ansomon (China);

Neotropin (China);

Norditropin (Denmark);

Humatrop (USA);

Sizen (Italy);

Biosome (Lithuania).

Preparations of Russian production are not currently produced.

These preparations of growth hormone plays a key role in skeletal muscle hypertrophy, contribute to the stimulation of lipolysis, increase the concentration of insulin-like growth factor and IRFSB-3 (IGF-binding protein), decrease intake fat depot triglycerides, reduced volume of blood plasma and tissue fluid, increase bone metabolism , Increase physical endurance and muscle strength.

To date, among the bodybuilders, the greatest popularity in the ratio of "price-quality" found such preparations of recombinant growth hormone as Ansomon, Higrothropin, Dzhintropin. The main advantages of this product include its pharmacological effectiveness, the absence of androgenic effects, low incidence of adverse reactions. The disadvantage of artificial somatotropin drugs is their high enough cost, and the ability to be addictive.


How to increase testosterone at home

01 Nov 2017

Athletes who want to reach certain heights in sports need not only to train. When you are at home, do not forget about some restrictions and recommendations. For example, there is often a question of how to increase testosterone in a man at home.

At home, it is important, first of all, to adjust the diet. Excess fatty foods and preservatives slow the metabolism process. As a result, the fat tissue begins to break off. It is the "enemy" of testosterone, as it is capable of processing it into female hormones. Thus, compliance with the diet will help get rid of excess fat and increase muscle mass.

Supplements to increase testosterone

In the event that you do not produce the right amount of testosterone, how to improve at home will tell you your body. The lack of vitamins and microelements adversely affects the work of the organs. Therefore, they are necessarily included in the composition of testosterone boosters, such as D-Aspartic Acid, B-Ecdysterone, Ginseng Kianpi Pil and so on. It is also important to introduce into the diet foods rich in vitamins.

Separately, we need to consider the sleep and rest regime. With a lack of sleep, the body begins to make "supplies" in the form of fat deposits. Thus, even intensive training will not help build muscle.

At home, you can take broths of herbs. If you do not know how to raise testosterone levels at home, and do not want to bother with folk recipes, you can use ready-made preparations on a plant basis.


Chorionic gonadotropin and testosterone

01 Nov 2017

Chorionic gonadotropin and testosterone are two absolutely opposite actions of the hormone, which, nevertheless, are closely related. Preparations containing in their composition these glycoproteins have found wide application in medicine, in the treatment of diseases of the male reproductive system, as well as in sports practice where they are used to increase the volume and strength of muscles.

Effect of gonadotropin on testosterone

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a peptide hormone used as an indicator of pregnancy. In clinical practice, it is used as a medicament that promotes the induction of ovulation in the ovaries (in women) and the production of testosterone in the testes (in the treatment of androgen deficiency in men).

How are chorionic gonadotropin and testosterone related? HCG produces a stimulating gonadotropic effect, enhances the production of its own testosterone and improves sperm quality.

Therapy with Gonadotropin preparations is indicated for male patients suffering from such diseases as:

  • Secondary hypogonadism;
  • Idiopathic male infertility;
  • Non-admission testicles in the scrotum (cryptorchidism);
  • Impaired spermatogenesis (oligospermia, asthenospermia, azoospermia);
  • Underdevelopment (hypoplasia) of the testicles;
  • Age-related androgen insufficiency.

There is also a normalizing effect of Gonadotropin on testosterone in the absence of secondary sexual characteristics in men, late puberty, and dysfunction of the sex glands associated with malfunctioning of the hypothalamic-pituitary system.

At the same time, Chorionic Gonadotropin and Testosterone (exogenous forms) are used as preparations of complex therapy to reduce the concentration of steroids in the blood, by stimulating the secretion of their own sex hormones.

Use of hCG in bodybuilding

In sports practice, hCG is used as a means to restore the original mass and function of the testicles after a course of steroids. In this situation, the stimulating effect of Gonadotropin on testosterone of endogenous origin, the normalization of hormonal status, the restoration of libido and spermatogenesis comes to the forefront. Also, many athletes note the positive effects of hCG on the psyche, the preservation of muscle mass during the drying period and the burning of subcutaneous fat.

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