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Phenotropil Dosage

12 Jul 2018

Phenotropil is a nootropic preparation. The active substance is N-carbamoyl-methyl-4-phenyl-2-pyrrolidone. The drug has the ability to directly improve the integrative function of the brain. This leads to an improvement in mental abilities, learning ability, memory consolidation, improvement of attention. In addition, Phenotropil has an anticonvulsant effect, anxiolytic properties, improves mood, normalizes the processes of inhibition and excitation in the brain, has an anorexigenic effect. With the course of application, phenotropin improves the stability of brain tissue in conditions of hypoxia. Due to the neuroprotective properties of Phenotropil, indications for its use include pathology caused by the influence of toxic substances, hypoxia. The drug improves the blood supply to the brain, stimulates metabolic processes in neurons.

Fenotropil has the ability to increase regional blood flow during hypoxia. Improving the energy potential of neurons is provided by enhanced utilization of glucose. Phenotropil does not affect the CAS and respiratory system. It is noted that with the course of taking Fenotropil the visual acuity improves, the perception of the brightness of the flowers increases.

The drug Fenotropil has adaptogenic properties (increases resistance to a stressful situation), which is especially evident with significant emotional and physical exertion. Phenotropil moderately affects motor reactions, reduces the inhibitory effect of ethanol and hexenal on brain tissue. It is an antagonist of the cataleptic effect of neuroleptics. Fenotropil has some analgesic effect due to an increase in the threshold of pain sensitivity.

Also, this drug improves blood flow in the vessels of the lower extremities. The positive properties of phenothropil include the absence of teratogenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, embryotoxic effects and low toxicity. With the course of this drug, there were no symptoms of withdrawal syndrome, which reinforces the positive feedback about phenothyrope. In addition, tolerance and drug dependence do not develop.

Fentropil is a patented preparation. There is no analogue of Fentropil for the time being. When taken orally, the drug is rapidly absorbed into the digestive tract, it penetrates the blood-brain barrier. The maximum concentration is achieved one hour after administration. It is not metabolized in the body. Half-life is 3-5 hours. 60% of the drug is excreted with sweat and bile, 40% - with urine. Characterized by 100% bioavailability of Phenotropil.

Indications for use of Fenotropil

In the instructions for Fenotropil, indications are indicated for the purpose: neurotic states characterized by worsening of psycho-vascular activity, excessive fatigue, lethargy, memory loss, cognitive impairment; depressive conditions; pathology of the central nervous system associated with impaired metabolism in the brain and blood supply, as well as other diseases, accompanied by a violation of the intellectual-mnestic function; convulsive diseases; the need to invert the sleep-wakefulness regime (in connection with professional activities); alimentary-constitutional obesity; schizophrenia (vyaloapaticheskoe current); with a preventive purpose in case of stressful situations, extreme influences of professional activity, hypoxia, for stimulation of mental and physical working capacity; chronic alcoholism (to reduce asthenia, depression, enhance intellectual and mnestic functions); psychoorganic syndrome with the phenomena of lethargy, apathy, abulian disorders.

Phenotropil Dosage and Administration
Phenotropil is intended for oral administration. The tablet should be taken after a meal. The dosage of the drug, as well as the duration of therapy, is determined by the doctor depending on the clinical situation. The average dosage of Phenotropil for one dose is 100-250 mg. The maximum daily dosage is 750 mg. The daily dosage should be divided into two doses. If the daily dosage is 100 mg, let us take a single dose per day. The average duration of treatment is a month. With alimentary-constitutional obesity, Phenotropil is used for 100-200 mg for one to two months.
Tablets Fenotropil It is advisable to take Phenotropil no later than 15:00.



11 Jul 2018

Irlen Syndrome - dyslexia, dysgraphia , dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysphasia, or hyperactivity.

Irlen Syndrome - dyslexia, dysgraphia , dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysphasia, or hyperactivity

Disgraphy is better to prevent at an early age, without waiting for problems in the second or third grade, and the child will have a disgust for learning. It is necessary to look at both for the child, closely observe the process of mastering written speech:

1. if the child attended a speech therapy kindergarten;

2. if there was a delay in speech development in 2-3 years;

3. if the child has problems with memory and attention;

4. if the child is left-handed or retrained left-handed;

5. if the child had head injuries;

6. if the violations of sound have not been corrected by the age of seven.

Diagnostics of the dysgraphy

By what signs can you guess that the child has dysgraphia? First of all - if he admits mistakes when writing a letter ... let's say, weird. They are not related to the violation of grammar rules. Under these errors, it is impossible to find the rules. Errors are in completely innocent words, the writing of which does not allow ambiguity.

A child may not add words, insert extra letters or skip them.

The rule knows, but in practice it can not apply.
But this child is not bad, not stupid, he is very nice. It's just hard for him to write. Only special exercises and self-confidence can help.

Often, the dysgraphs have very poor handwriting - small or very large, illegible. The child is hard to observe the line, the words come to the fields, one against another, slide off the line or suddenly fly over it, the word free birds. Also, young dysgraphists do not finish the endings. They can write in a mirror, turning over the letters, they may not add individual elements of the letter or add extra ones.

When a child is just learning to write, he can still have such strange mistakes at the very beginning of learning, but they quickly come to naught. A dysgrafic very slowly learns a literate letter. It creates the feeling that he is uncomfortable to write, he does not like to do it. And indeed it is. Often the schoolchild seems terrible itself the volume of what you need to learn, read, write. And when for failures they also scold, then their hands completely fall.

When oral speech suffers, everything is clear, you need a speech therapist. When writing suffers - it takes ... what? Severe punishment for lack of diligence? Or "you just need to learn better," as liberal-minded parents say?

Sometimes it's better to teach. And sometimes - and teach, and a little treat. In general, you will have to turn to a speech therapist (yes, and with a written speech too), so that he can figure out if an early logopedic help is needed. Some parents are very surprised when at school they are advised to check with a speech therapist. And even more surprised when a speech therapist advises to work out. And in any case, do not use the belt and other medieval ways to influence the person. Another speech therapist speaks the word - dysgraphy, which means a disorder of written speech.

It is better not to immediately deal with all the problems. You have to choose one - and focus on it. For example, a child confuses b-n, d-t, and also mixes prepositions with prefixes. If you take it all at once - the amount of work can scare. But if you try to cope only with the b-n, and then draw the attention of the student, that, say, there are fewer mistakes, then you can awaken enthusiasm. And then the struggle for universal literacy will go much more fun.

Speech therapist will be able to determine if there are logopaedic problems after three years, five years and before the school itself, which then will be augmented with dysgraphia, if necessary, will advise special classes. A neuropsychologist and neuropathologist can join a speech therapist. 


Phenotropil (Phenylpiracetam) - instruction, application, reviews

11 Jul 2018

Active substance

The active ingredient-Phenylpiracetam, N-carbamoylmethyl-4-phenyl-2-pyrrolidone, or 4-phenylpiracetam. Chemical formula 1214N2O2.

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Mechanism of action

Nootropic effect of the drug is to activate the mental processes and concentration. In addition, Phenotropil has antiamnestic effect improves memory, and eliminates t brain disorders, leading to its loss. The drug prevents the development of seizures. Under the action of Phenotropil improves mood. Psychostimulatory effect of the drug is to increase learning, to facilitate the assimilation and processing of new information. These effects are combined with the tranquilizing properties of Phenotropil. However, his tranquilizing activity is low. Under the action of Phenotropil increases visual acuity, improves color perception, expands the field of vision.

Phenotropil is a good adaptogen-increases resistance to stress in extreme conditions, eliminates the negative effects of physical and mental stress. Analgesic (analgesic) effect of the drug is to increase the threshold of pain sensitivity, to improve the tolerability of pain. It reduces the power of toxic effect on the brain of various chemical compounds, including ethyl alcohol. The drug has anorexigenic effect-reduces appetite, painful craving for high-calorie carbohydrate food.

Of the other effects, not related to the Central nervous system, it should be noted the stimulation of antibodies, and as a consequence - strengthening of immunity. It should be noted that the beneficial effect on the immune system is not accompanied by allergic reactions of immediate type. Phenotropil improves blood flow to the lower extremities, and has a weak diuretic effect.

Nootropic, psychostimulatory, anorexigenic effect is largely due to the facilitation of the transmission of impulses between the neurons of the brain. This is achieved by increasing the number of neurotransmitters (acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine) in the brain tissue. In this case, each of the neurotransmitters has a specific effect on the brain processes. For example, the acetylcholine allows the transmission of electric impulse through the synapses (contacts) between neurons. Dopamine, serotonin are hormones of happiness and satisfaction. They are responsible for good mood, motivation and focus.

And serotonin by affecting the peripheral centers of saturation in the hypothalamus reduces appetite. It should be noted that the reception of Phenotropil does not cause a painful state of euphoria and inadequacy. In addition, the drug improves blood circulation in the brain tissue, regulates the processes of excitation and inhibition in the brain structures. Under its action improves the transport of glucose and oxygen to the neurons of the brain, and in the opposite direction are removed toxins and waste products. As a result, the resistance of brain tissue to hypoxia is increased.

History of creation

The era of nootropics began in 1964 when employees of the Belgian pharmaceutical company UCBPharma was synthesized a new drug called Piracetam. This tool is a derivative of the organic compound of pyrrolidone, and belongs to the class of chemical compounds of racemates. In 1972, this drug called Nootropil appeared on the world pharmaceutical consumer market. However, its effectiveness in the treatment of cognitive (mental) disorders has not been confirmed by clinical trials.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that the tests were conducted on the elderly, many of whom suffered from Alzheimer's disease. And to achieve a nootropic effect, it is necessary to actively stimulate brain activity by obtaining and processing new information during training, mastering new skills. Only under this condition, acetylcholine is produced in the Central nervous system. However, many foreign scientists physiologists and clinicians hastened to declare piracetam placebo, dummy. For this reason, Piracetam, as well as other nootropics, are not included in the official list of drugs in the United States and in many countries of Western Europe.

In the early 90-ies of the last century in the Russian Institute of space biology and medicine was synthesized a new drug that in its effectiveness and ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier ten times superior Piracetam or Nootropil. This action force was achieved by the fact that the structure of The nootropil molecule was introduced phenyl group.

A new tool has received the name Phenotropil (phenyl group + Nootropil). Initially, Phenotropil was conceived as an adaptogen for astronauts, a means of providing endurance, reaction and accuracy of action in extreme orbital conditions. In 2003 Phenotropil was officially entered in the state register of medicines of the Russian Federation. Since 2008, This tool is assigned to the Russian pharmaceutical manufacturer valent Pharmaceuticals. In 2010, who registered a drug under the international name Phenylpiracetam (Fonturacetam).

Phenylpiracetam Analogues

Currently, Phenotropil is produced by many Russian pharmaceutical companies in the form of tablets weighing 50 and 100 mg. Initially, the drug had a synonym for Carphedon. However, this name has not been fixed, and currently the drugs under this name are not officially registered in the Russian territory. Among other numerous analogs of Phenotropil Cavinton, Cinnarizin, Mexidol, Glycine, Noopept, and many others. But this is not generics, namely analogues-drugs that have a similar effect, but with another active ingredient.

Its psychostimulatory properties and the ability to influence the level of neurotransmitters Phenotropil similar to amphetamines. However, unlike the latter, it does not cause painful addiction and drug dependence. Does not affect Phenotropil on the vasomotor and respiratory centers of the brain. However, this drug is officially included in the list of doping, and banned for use by athletes during the competition.


Among the indications for the using of Phenotropil:

Disorders of thinking and memory in various diseases of the Central nervous system due to vascular insufficiency, metabolic disorders, intoxication;

Increased depletion in neurotic disorders;

The balance of the sleep-Wake;

Poor learning ability;

Psycho-organic changes in schizophrenia with intellectual disabilities and thinking;

Mild to moderate depressive States;

Convulsive syndrome;

Various conditions associated with hypoxia of the brain;

Improving mental and physical performance in preparation for extreme activities.

In addition, Phenotropil is included in some programs to reduce body weight. It should be borne in mind that this drug does not burn excess calories, and does not affect carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It only reduces appetite, dulls hunger. Therefore, Phenotropil in weight correction is applicable only in combination with a low-calorie diet. If you do not abandon the old gastronomic habits, the effect will not be. Similarly, Phenotropil is not effective in those cases where obesity is not associated with overeating, and with severe metabolic disorders, dishormonal disorders.

Phenotropil is also used in alcoholism-it reduces the toxic effect of alcohol on the brain. This is expressed in a decrease in the degree of intoxication and severity of hangover. However, this does not mean that Phenotropil should be consumed with alcohol. On the contrary, it is impossible. This tool stimulates the metabolic processes in the brain. Because of this, neurons become more sensitive to the action of ethyl alcohol, and die faster.

Phenylpiracetam stack


The drug is absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract. Its bioavailability is 100%, and the maximum concentration in the blood is created within 1 hour after administration. The half-life of Phenotropil ranges from 3 to 5 hours. 40% of the drug is excreted by the kidneys, and 60% through the sweat glands, and bile through the intestine. Moreover, the excretion is carried out in an unchanged form.

Psychostimulating and nootropic effects have different terms of appearance, and equally different duration. After 20-60 minutes after taking the pills, there is an improvement in vision, a sense of concentration, determination, thirst for action. Psychostimulating effect lasts 5-6 hours, no more. Nootropic properties are manifested later, 10-14 days, and last for the same 10-14 days. Weight loss with the use of Phenotropil on the background of a diet occurs after about 2 weeks. These facts suggest that Phenotropil, like other nootropics, should be taken as a course. Only then will the result.

Phenylpiracetam Dosage

A single dose of the drug is 100-200 mg, daily-200-300 mg, the maximum daily-750 mg. the Daily dose is divided into 2 doses. If the daily dose is 100 mg, the drug is taken once in the morning. Given the stimulating effect and the likelihood of insomnia, do not recommended to take Phenotropil after 15 h

Take the whole tablets without chewing, drinking water, during meals, or after meals. Welcome to the food undesirable because of the anorectic actions. The duration of the course in the treatment of various diseases and pathological conditions is from 2 weeks to 3 months, on average 1 month. However, many experts recommend to take it no more than 3 weeks. Allegedly, long-term use of Phenotropil depletes reserves of neurotransmitters in the brain. But this view is controversial. In any case, the interval between courses of admission should be at least 1 month.

To improve mental and physical performance, the drug is taken 100-200 mg once for 2 weeks. Athletes to improve physical endurance during training enough 3-day morning reception of 100-200 mg. Phenotropil for weight loss is taken in the same dosage, and also in the morning for 1-2 months.

Phenylpiracetam Side effect

Cases of drug overdose are not described. Phenotropil non-toxic. The lethal dose is very high-800 mg / kg of body weight. Therefore, even taking 8 tablets of 100 mg per day in most patients does not entail any negative effects. However, some people after taking the drug noted insomnia, hyperactivity, increased blood pressure, redness of the skin and a feeling of heat throughout the body. Most of these side effects, with the exception of insomnia and high blood pressure, are short-lived, and independently take place within three days without medical correction.

Phenylpiracetam Contraindications

Individual intolerance to the components Phenotropil. In the appointment should be extremely careful with allergic reactions to Piracetam and other derivatives of pyrrolidone. Relative contraindications are severe liver and kidney disease, hypertension with high blood pressure numbers, severe cerebral atherosclerosis.

In patients with previously noted psychotic conditions, Phenotropil can cause psychomotor agitation and productive symptoms in the form of delusions and hallucinations. In some people with mental exhaustion due to fatigue, nervous stress, Phenotropil intake in the first day can increase the duration of sleep. In these cases, it is not recommended to prescribe the drug during work, performance of professional duties, and the beginning of the reception should fall on weekends.

Phenylpiracetam Interaction with other drugs

Phenotropil enhances the action of other nootropics, psychostimulants and antidepressants. The action of barbiturates and neuroleptics, on the contrary, are inhibited by Phenotropil.

Use in children

The effects of the drug on the child's body has not been well studied. Therefore, Phenotropil is not officially recommended for children under 14 years. In rare cases, it is still used for emotional exhaustion, mental retardation, depression, and poor learning in children. Among other indications-various brain disorders, accompanied by paresis and paralysis. The standard dosage is 50 mg 2 times a day. Duration of the course is 2-4 weeks. Indications for the use of Phenotropil in children are determined strictly individually. The main thing is that the risk of possible complications does not exceed the feasibility of prescribing this drug.

Pregnancy and lactation

The effect of Phenotropil on the body of the fetus and newborn has not been studied, and its teratogenic effect (the ability to cause deformities) is not excluded. For this reason, it is contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding


Phenylpiracetam (Carphedon, Phenotropil) capsules - instructions for use, analogs, reviews

10 Jul 2018

Phenotropil (Phenylpiracetam, Carphedon) is a new drug of a group of nootropics that improve brain blood supply and cognitive functions (thinking, memory, attention, etc.). In addition, Phenotropil has a psychostimulatory effect, improving endurance under high emotional stress, tension, mood swings and other similar conditions. Due to these properties, Phenotropil is used in the treatment of diseases of the Central nervous system, such as cerebral circulation failure, neuroses, asthenia, depression, apathy in schizophrenia, abstinence after drinking alcohol or drugs. In healthy people, Phenotropil is used to increase resistance to stress and to prevent fatigue in severe mental and physical stress.


The composition, names and method of production

Currently, Phenotropil is only available in pill form with the active substance 50 mg or 100mg.

Pills are sold in packs of 10, 20 or pieces. To quickly refer to the different dosages of the drug in everyday speech are often used the terms "Phenotropil 100"or" Phenotropil 50". In these names, the numbers mean the dosage of tablets. In addition, the names "Phenotropil 30" or "Phenotropil 20" are sometimes used to refer to how many tablets are in the described package.

However, these names are used much less frequently compared to those where the name Phenotropil is added to the figure indicating the content of the active substance. Part of Phenotropil as the active component includes phenyl-oxo-pyrrolidinyl-acetamide a substance that briefly is called "Phenotropil". Actually, according to the short name of the active substance, the drug got its trade name. Tablets may contain phenyl-oxo-pyrrolidinyl-acetamide in two doses 50 mg or 100mg. As auxiliary substances Phenotropil contains the following components:

  • Potato starch;
  • Lactose;
  • calcium Stearate.

Phenotropil tablets are in the form of an elongated cylinder, flattened on both sides, and painted white or white with a yellowish or cream tint.

Therapeutic action and clinical effects of Phenylpiracetam

Phenotropil has the following clinical effects:

  • posed anti-amnesic effect of (the drug improves memory including at the expense of its consolidation and accelerate the speed of transmission of nerve impulses between the various structures of the brain);
  • Activates the integrative brain activity, i.e., improves memory and intelligence, enhances concentration, increases the activity of mental performance and the ability to tolerate high intellectual exertion;
  •  Improves ability to learn and assimilate new information and mastering new skills;
  • Increases resistance of the brain to oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) and toxic agents;
  • Anticonvulsant effect;
  •  Anxiolytic (calming) effects;
  • Improves your mood, to treat depression;
  • Normalizes and balances the processes of excitation and inhibition in the Central nervous system;
  • Enhances physical and mental performance;
  • Increases the number of different ideas, contributes to the emergence of non-standard vision of the situation and several solutions;
  • Increases pain threshold;
  • Improves vision (increase in sharpness, brightness, expansion of fields of vision).

The listed clinical effects of Phenotropil are provided by Its ability to accelerate metabolism and blood supply in brain tissues. In addition, the drug accelerates the oxidation-reduction processes in brain cells, which provide them with the necessary energy for active work. Improvement of mood and reduction of depressive component are achieved due to the ability of Phenotropil to increase the content of noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin in the nerve fibers of the brain. These substances affect the speed of transmission of nerve impulses, regulate feelings of happiness and pleasure, and also maintain a good mood. The stimulating effect of Fenotropil (increased mental and physical performance) is combined with a calming effect. That is, a person on the background of taking the drug is able to work intensively and powerfully, but at the same time remain calm and not subject to anxiety, nervousness or fears. Resistance to the negative effects of oxygen deficiency, toxic substances, low temperatures, fatigue and immobility is given to brain cells due to the action of Carphedon adaptogenic. At the same time, Phenylpiracetam does not affect the respiratory and vasomotor centers of the medulla oblongata, so it does not change breathing, but reduces blood pressure. However, Phenotropil has a weak diuretic effect. When using the exchange rate Phenylpiracetam can provoke anorexia by suppressing appetite. A very important property of 1.3 dimethylamine is that it does not develop addiction and tolerance, and after discontinuation of the drug does not occur withdrawal syndrome. All the effects of Phenotropil develop after a single dose of the drug, which allows its use if necessary, and not necessarily long-term courses.

Phenylpiracetam experience, indications for use

Phenotropil is indicated for use for the treatment and prevention of pathological conditions of the Central nervous system: Rehabilitation after traumatic CNS injury (e.g. traumatic brain injury, meningitis, etc.); Chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency, accompanied by a deterioration of mental abilities and memory, as well as a decrease in motor activity; Asthenic syndrome, combined with cerebrovascular insufficiency; Neuroses; a Condition in which the person concerned about the lethargy, exhaustion, low activity, attention disorders and poor memory; The decline in learning ability; Depression asthenic, apathetic and dinamicheskogo Genesis; Shallow psycho-organic syndromes that manifest violation of intelligence and memory, as well as the phenomena of bulimia and apathy; a state of lethargic apathy, when schizophrenia; Convulsions of various origins; Alcohol withdrawal (alcohol withdrawal syndrome); Chronic alcohol and drug abuse (in the complex treatment for the relief of fatigue, elimination of depression and restore memory and mental abilities); In the complex treatment of arterial hypertension I II stages; Complex therapy of obesity, not associated with endocrine disorders; Prevention of brain hypoxia; increased resistance to stress; Correction of functional state in contact with various unusual or extreme conditions (for example, the need to work in an unusual climatic or time zone, etc.); prevention of fatigue and increase of mental and physical performance in cases where necessary; Normalization of biorhythm; Violation of the cycles of "sleep-wakefulness" with rapid movement of 4 or more time zones.

Phenotropil-instructions for use

Tablet Phenotropil should be swallowed whole, without chewing or grinding in any other way. The tablet should be washed down with enough water-at least half a glass. It is optimal to take Phenotropil immediately after eating. However, if this option is not possible for any reason, it is recommended to take the pill after a meal, not on an empty stomach. This recommendation is due to the fact that Phenylpiracetam reduces appetite up to anorexia.

Carphedon dosages are selected individually, based on the human condition and the desired therapeutic effect. The average single dose of Phenotropil is from 100 mg (1 tablet 100 mg) to 200 mg (2 tablets 100 mg), and the daily dose from 200 mg to 300 mg. the Maximum allowable daily dose of Phenotropil is 750 mg (7.5 tablets 100 mg or 15 tablets 50 mg). It is optimal to take the drug twice a day-morning and afternoon. It is not recommended to take the drug later than 15-00 hours, because there may be difficulties with falling asleep. However, if the daily dose is 100 mg or less, you can take it at a time in the morning. The duration of course therapy with Phenotropil is from 2 weeks to 3 months. If necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated at intervals of not less than one month. However, Fenotropil courses should be taken for the treatment of various conditions and diseases. And for the temporary improvement of performance and adaptation to unusual conditions it is enough to use Phenotropil for a short period of time from several days to two weeks. To improve performance and memory, as well as improve attention Phenylpiracetam should be taken on 100 200 mg (1 2 tablets) once a day for 2 weeks. You can also take Phenotropil 100 200 mg once a day for three days as a preparation for intensive physical training or powerful mental stress. When obesity Phenotropil in the complex therapy is recommended to take 100-200 mg 1 time a day for 1 2 months. If Phenotropil is taken against the background of psycho-emotional exhaustion, fatigue or chronic stress and insomnia, you should be prepared for the fact that after the first dose of the drug a person will need a long sleep. If a person works, it is recommended to start taking the drug on weekends to be able to sleep as much as necessary to the body.

Phenotropil should be used with caution in people suffering from liver and kidney diseases, severe hypertension or atherosclerosis. This means that during the entire course of treatment it is necessary to carefully monitor your own health and to fix the slightest changes, which should be reported to the doctor. You should also regularly take tests that reflect the state of the kidneys, liver and the number of lipid fractions in the blood.

In addition, Phenotropil should be taken with caution to people who have previously suffered panic attacks, anxiety, psychosis or periods of psychomotor agitation, because the drug can lead to a new manifestation of these diseases. Also, there may be an exacerbation of anxiety, the appearance of panic, hallucinations and delirium in people who have allergic reactions to the compounds of the pyrrolidone group (for example, Piracetam, Fezam, etc.).

When the first signs of mental instability against the background of the use of Fenotropil, it is necessary to immediately cancel the drug and consult a doctor as soon as possible. If in the first three days of receiving Phenlpiracetam in humans there were side effects (feeling of heat, redness of the skin, increased pressure or excessive excitation), it is recommended to reduce the dosage by half and then gradually, within 2 to 7 days to bring it to the prescribed.


Interaction with other drugs

Phenotropil enhances the effects of other psychostimulatory drugs and substances, as well as antidepressants and nootropics. In addition, Phenotropil reduces the effect of neuroleptics and weaken the hypnotic effect of ethyl alcohol and hexenal.

The overdose of Phenotropil for the entire period of its clinical use has not been recorded even once. The drug is normally carried in dosages of up to 800 mg (8 tablets of 100 mg) per day.

Phenotropil for children

Phenotropil is a drug that is not recommended for children, because there is no adequate and reliable studies proving its safety for them. However, in clinical practice, it is allowed to use the drug for severe diseases, when the benefit of it will undoubtedly exceed all possible risks and side effects. Unfortunately, at the present time in the countries of the former Soviet Union has developed a very bad practice of overdiagnosis of neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders in children of early age. This means that in young children identify diseases that they do not actually suffer.

The most common such diseases are perinatal encephalopathy, intracranial pressure, hydrocephalic syndrome, as well as "deviations" in the brain structure revealed during sonography, EEG or Echocardium, such as, for example, an increase in the ventricles by 1 3 mm more than the norm, thickening of the septum, etc. Parents agree with the doctors, because it seems to them that the child does not sleep well, does not cry, takes off the blanket, bends, wakes up and does not correspond to the prevailing ideas in their head.

However, this is hyperdiagnosis, since there are no objective data on the presence of the disease, and there are only indicators of outdated studies and subjective impressions of parents and doctors, which without clinical symptoms are a reflection of the normal option. After all, the child is not made according to the patterns, he is alive, he has individual properties that may differ from the standards available in the clinic, very far from perfect. Therefore, parents should remember that only the presence of long-existing clinical symptoms, which does not pass within a few weeks, is a cause for concern. In all other cases, if the child occasionally sleeps poorly, not as you want to eat, has a " bad " EEG, sonography or Echocardiography, but gaining weight and develops according to age, there is no reason to worry.

Returning to Fenotropil, it should be said that in the countries of the former USSR, the drug is administered to children for treatment of various "diseases" identified in the course of overdiagnosis. Thus, the drug is often used to normalize sleep, eliminate "capriciousness" and excitability in the child, as well as to accelerate its development. Strictly speaking, this use of Phenotropil can not be called correct and reasonable, so all the recommendations remain on the conscience of a particular doctor and parent.

Phenotropil is also recommended to take children of school age to eliminate the following conditions:

  • Frequent stress situations;
  • Emotional burnout;
  • Depression;
  •  Low ability to learn;
  • mental Retardation;
  • Paralysis and paresis.

In these situations, Phenotropil can really have a positive effect, normalizing the child's condition. However, the drug should be used carefully, tracking the appearance of side effects or deterioration of the child. If any, you should stop taking Fenotropil and see a doctor. Children can take Phenylpiracetam 50 mg 2 times a day for 2 to 4 weeks. Longer courses of admission are not recommended, because the child may form a psychological dependence on pills.

Phenylpiracetam and alcohol

Phenotropil reduces the effect of alcohol on the brain, so against the background of taking the drug a person gets drunk much less than usual, the head remains sober and clear. In addition, in the morning after a stormy libation, symptoms of "hangover" or completely absent, or mild. However, this does not mean that against the background of receiving Phenotropil, you can drink alcoholic beverages in any amount. The negative effect of the combination of Phenotropil and alcohol is manifested after the removal of all the products of the decay of ethyl alcohol, when the process of the death of brain neurons in large quantities is started. This is due to the fact that Phenotropil activates metabolism in brain cells. Against the background of intensive metabolism of the cells absorb toxic metabolites of alcohol, poisoned and after a while literally die EN masse.

To visualize the effect on the brain cells produces a combination of Phenotropil + alcohol, it is necessary in the imagination to draw a picture of being in a room where a toxic substance is sprayed, for example, carbon monoxide. To reduce the impact of a toxic substance, a person will try to breathe as little as possible and shallow. But if you breathe deeply and intensely at this moment, the poisoning will be very strong, possibly fatal. In this analogy, the action of Phenotropil can be compared with intensive breathing, due to which there is a large amount of harmful substance absorption, and alcohol is a toxic compound that destroys brain cells.

That is, under the influence of Phenotropil brain cells receive more than usual amount of toxic alcohol metabolites, which trigger the process of their intensive destruction. Therefore, the effects of alcohol in combination with Phenotropil on brain cells are even more detrimental compared to only ethyl alcohol. In addition, in the initial depressed state of the Central nervous system, which just causes alcohol, Phenotropil does not have a psychostimulatory effect, but, on the contrary, overwhelming. That is, increases the oppression of the CNS.

How to take Phenotropil for weight loss

Fenotropil is used in the treatment of obesity, not associated with hormonal disorders, that is, caused by constitutional features or overeating. This means that theoretically Phenotropil can be used for weight loss. However, before making such a decision, it is necessary to know what is causing its effect. So, Phenylpiracetam really helps to reduce weight due to the fact that it has anorexigenic activity, that is, simply completely eliminates appetite and hunger.

Thanks to this, a person does not want to eat, the amount of calories consumed is reduced, and the excess weight is lost. That is, Phenotropil does not break down body fat, does not bind nutrients received by the body, but simply reduces appetite, which makes it a relatively safe drug for weight loss.

After all, as a result of its action from the gastrointestinal tract, all the nutrients that have entered the body are normally absorbed, and the digestion process is not disturbed, proceeding completely normally. This means that Phenotropil will be very effective in combination with a diet that will directly help reduce weight, and the drug, in turn, will help to comply with it without any problems and inconveniences associated with hunger. However, if a person does not follow any diet or will continue to eat as much as before the use of Phenotropil, he will not lose weight.

Remember that the drug only eliminates hunger, which allows you to eat less and, accordingly, to lose weight, but the Fenotropil itself directly on the fat tissue does not have any action. For weight loss Phenotropil is recommended to take 50 mg twice a day for the required period of time. People who are obese, Phenotropil under the supervision of a doctor can take up to 23 months. If a person takes Carphedon for weight loss on their own, without medical supervision, it can be done for a maximum of one month. The second course can be held after a break of at least three months.

Phenotropil-side effects

Phenotropil can provoke the development of the following side effects:

  • Insomnia (usually occurs when taking pills after 15-00 hours);
  • Hyperstimulation (excitement, energy, the desire to do everything at once, etc.);
  • Psychomotor agitation;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • Redness of the skin;
  • Feeling of heat on the skin.

All of these side effects, except insomnia, develop and disturb a person in the first three days from the beginning of taking Phenotropil, and then disappear. Thus, the body reacts to the introduction of the drug, but after addiction, which lasts from one to three days, the condition is normalized and side effects disappear.

Phenotropil analogues

In the pharmaceutical market there is only one synonym Phenotropil is Carphedon drug containing the same active substance. However, there is a wide range of Phenotropil analogues, that is, drugs that have similar therapeutic effects, but contain a different active substance. Analogues of Phenotropil are the following drugs:

1. Acephen tablets; 2. Bradenton concentrate; 3. Vero-Vinpocetine tablets; 4. Vinpotropil capsules and solution; 5. Vinpocetine tablets and concentrate; 6. Vinpocetine Forte tablets; 7. Vinceti tablets; 8. Glycine and Glycine Forte tablets; 9. Gopantsam pills; 10. Demanol solution; 11. Idebenon capsules and tablets; 12. Cavinton tablets and concentrate; 13. Cavinton Forte; 14. Calcium gopantenat tablets; 15. Carnitin capsules; 16. Kogitum solution; 17. Combitrain capsules; 18. Karsavin and Karsavin Forte tablets; 19. Cortexin lyophilizate and dry extract; 20. Lucetam tablets and solution; 21. Memotropil tablets; 22. Minisem drops; 23. Neuromet capsules; 24. Noben capsules; 25. Nooka capsules; 26. Nooclerin solution; 27. Noopept tablets; 28. Nootropil capsules, tablets and solution; 29. Omaron tablets; 30. Pantogam syrup and tablets; 31. Pantocalcin tablets; 32. Picamilon tablets and solution; 33. Spiractin capsules; 34. Piracetam granules, capsules and solution; 35. Piriditol tablets; 36. Celectol tablets; 37. Thiocetam tablets and solution; 38. Fezam capsules; 39. Celesta capsules; 40. Cellex solution; 41. Ceraxon solution; 42. Cerebrolysate solution; 43. Cerebrolysin solution; 44. Encephabol tablets and suspension; 45. Epithalamin powder; 46. Isotropic solution.

Phenylpiracetam Reviews

About 70% of the reviews of Phenotropil are positive and 30% are negative. Most often people used the drug to improve mental and physical performance, when it was necessary to perform a large amount of work for a limited period of time or to remember a lot of new information. In other words, the help of Phenotropil is most often used by people who need to improve the efficiency of their work for any reason, to get an excellent concentration of attention, memory, intelligence and high intensity of intellectual activity.

The vast majority of reviews of Fenotropil when used for the purpose of" brain activation " are positive, because the effect was pronounced, clearly visible, and people had time to do everything they wanted and planned. It is worth noting that Phenotropil has its effect after a single application, to achieve a pronounced clinical effect it is not necessary to take for a long course. This quality of the drug is a very important advantage for many people who need a single pronounced effect and do not need to take nootropics-psychostimulants courses, because in the normal rhythm of life they do not need them. A few less common feedback about the use of Phenylpiracetam in the extreme fatigue, loss of strength, irritability, weakening of memory and attention, samotnosci, etc. In such situations, the feedback on Fenotropil in 2/3 cases positive, and 1/3 negative. Positive due to the fact that after the course of application of Phenotropil, the state of people was normalized. Negative reviews of Phenotropil are due to a number of factors the presence of hard to-tolerate side effects, addiction when taken at a dose of 2-3 tablets per day, insomnia, anxiety, excessive sweating. People who took the drug, noted that the clinical effect is there, but the" payback " for it comes after, and it is very unpleasant and hard to tolerate. Therefore, they consider Phenotropil to be a potent drug that can be taken only by a doctor's prescription if there are indications, and it is not suitable for activating the brain in a healthy person.

Doctors Reviews of Phenylpiracetam

Doctors ' reviews of Phenotropil are usually positive, but with a mandatory alarming component. The positive opinion of doctors is based on the high clinical efficacy of the drug, which really activates the brain, improves memory, reaction speed, concentration and, in principle, improves intellectual function. That is, if you need to get the effect of an active, well and quickly working brain, Phenotropil is an excellent tool that works, both with a single and with course use. However, together with the indication of an excellent clinical effect in the reviews, doctors always insert a disturbing potential user of Phenotropil aspect, which usually consists in describing the condition that occurs after the termination of the "miracle pill".

This condition is very unpleasant, painful and poorly tolerated, because a person feels depressed, inhibited and clearly bad work of the brain. Figuratively we can say that after a great intelligence on the background of Phenylpiracetam comes complete stupidity, when not just no clarity and clarity of thought, and it is impossible to remember and pick up the usual words to describe everyday situations. This is due to the fact that Phenotropil gives energy and increased mental activity from the hidden reserves of the body, which then have to be restored. And after the action of the drug ends, there is a natural fatigue, multiplied by the depletion of the body's reserves. Moreover, the period of recovery, inhibited state and dullness will last the longer the longer was the reception of Phenotropil.


Phenylpiracetam tablets: instructions for use

10 Jul 2018

In this medical article you can read the drug Phenotropil. Instructions for use will explain in which cases you can take injections or tablets, which helps the drug, what are the indications for use, contraindications and side effects. The abstract presents the form of the drug and its composition.

In the article, doctors and consumers can leave only real feedback about Phenotropil, from which you can find out whether the drug has helped in the treatment of depression, seizures, alcoholism and other diseases of the Central nervous system in adults and children, for which it is prescribed more. The instructions listed Phenotropil analogues, drug prices in pharmacies, as well as its use in pregnancy.

Form and composition

The drug Phenotropil is available in the form of tablets for oral use in contour cell packages of 10 pieces, in a box with a drug enclosed instruction with a detailed description.

Each tablet contains 50 mg or 100 mg of the active substance of the same name, as well as a number of auxiliary components, including lactose monohydrate.

Pharmacological action

Phenotropil helps to improve integrative brain function, which leads to improved mental ability, improved memory consolidation, learning ability and concentration.

The drug has anticonvulsant effect, has anxiolitic properties, improves mood, restores the processes of inhibition and excitation in the brain, and also has anorexigenic effect.

Use of Phenotropil enhances the resistance of brain tissue hypoxia. Due to the neuroprotective properties of the drug, among the indications can be distinguished pathology provoked by exposure to toxic substances and hypoxia. This tool provides improved blood supply to the brain, as well as activates the metabolic processes in neurons.

In the process of using Phenotropil increases regional blood flow in hypoxia, there is an improvement in the energy potential of neurons, which occurs as a result of increased glucose utilization. Phenotropil does not affect the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Course application increases visual acuity, as well as increases the perception of color brightness.

This tool helps to strengthen resistance to stress situations caused by excessive emotional and physical stress. The drug has a moderate effect on motor reactions, reduces the inhibitory effect of ethanol and hexenal on brain tissue.

The drug has analgesic effect, increasing the pain threshold. The use of Phenotropil provides improved blood flow in the vessels of the lower extremities. The drug is characterized by low toxicity. The drug does not cause withdrawal syndrome, tolerance or drug dependence.

Indications for use

What helps Phenotropil? The tablets are indicated for use if the patient is diagnosed:

depression of varying severity;

increased psychological and physiological load;

various diseases of the Central nervous system, especially associated with a violation of the blood supply to the brain or metabolic processes;

attention impairment, memory impairment;

obesity alimentary-constitutional Genesis;


some types of schizophrenia (lethargy and apathy, as a side effect of the disease);

normalization of biorhythms.

Instruction for use

Phenotropil taken orally immediately after eating. Dosing mode is set individually. The average single dose is 100-200 mg, the average daily dose of 200-300 mg. Maximum daily dose of 750 mg is Recommended to divide the daily dose into 2 doses.

The daily dose to 100 mg should be taken 1 time a day in the morning, the daily dose of more than 100 mg should be divided into 2 doses. The duration of treatment can vary from 2 weeks to 3 months. The average duration of treatment is 30 days. If necessary, the course can be repeated in a month.

To improve performance, 100-200 mg is prescribed once a day in the morning for 2 weeks (for athletes 3 days). In alimentary constitutional obesity-100-200 mg once a day in the morning for 30-60 days. It is not recommended to take Phenotropil after 15 hours.


According to the instructions to Phenotropil, contraindication to the use of this drug increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug.


According to the instructions to Phenotropil, contraindication to the use of this drug increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug.

Fenotropil Side effects

Usually, the drug is well tolerated by patients, but in persons with increased individual sensitivity to the components of the tablets may develop some side effects:

allergic reactions-skin rash, urticaria, hyperemia of the skin, itching of the skin;

from the nervous system insomnia, increased psycho-emotional arousal, irritability;

from the digestive system-dry mouth, increased thirst, nausea, abdominal pain, sometimes vomiting, stool disorders;

from the cardiovascular system - increase in blood pressure, tachycardia, feeling of heat in the head.

In the development of side effects, the patient should consult a doctor, you may need to reduce the therapeutic dose or complete withdrawal of the drug.

For children, pregnancy and breast-feeding

No teratogenic and embryotoxic effects of the drug were found, but due to insufficient clinical experience, the use of Phenotropil during pregnancy and lactation was not recommended. Due to the same reason, the drug is not used in Pediatrics.

The drug is contraindicated in children and adolescents under 18 years.

Special instruction

It should be borne in mind that with excessive psycho-emotional exhaustion against the background of chronic stress and fatigue, chronic insomnia, a single dose of Phenotropil in the first day can cause a sharp need for sleep. Such patients in an outpatient setting are recommended to start taking the drug on non-working days.

Phenylpiracetam Drug interaction

Phenotropil enhances the action of drugs that have an effect on the Central nervous system, various antidepressants and other drugs of nootropic type.


Phenylpiracetam (Fonturacetam)

10 Jul 2018

Phenotropil (carphedon)

Phenotropil (international name Fonturacetam, the chemical - 4-fenilpiratsetam) - a drug with nootropic action, in addition it has psychoactive, anticonvulsant, anti-hypoxic and anti-hypertensive properties. It has an adaptogenic effect in various models of stress. Phenotropil prevents overload of the higher nervous activity in information overload in the experiment in higher animals, normalizes the daily biorhythm indicators sympathoadrenal system. It is a chemically advanced formula of piracetam.

Phenylpiracetam at sports

The drug has a clear activating effect, so that was included in the list of prohibited substances by the world anti-doping Agency. So in 2006 the Russian biathlete Olga Pyleva was disqualified for 2 years. In August 2008 disqualified another Russian torchbearer (running with obstacles) Roman Usov.

According to the experience of use in sports, it is safe to say that this is one of the few drugs that really feels the effect. Already on the 2-3 day of reception there is a noticeable increase in endurance, physical activity and strength indicators. It is recommended to take 3-7 days before the competition, at a dose of 200-500 mg per day. When gaining muscle mass is undesirable, because Phenotropil moderately reduces appetite and promotes weight loss.

It is worth noting that Phenotropil is extremely effective for increasing mental activity during preparation for exams or other heavy mental activity. The need for sleep is significantly reduced, the assimilation and processing of information is improved. For this purpose, it is taken according to the instructions.

Phenylpiracetam action

Psychostimulatory effect prevails in the ideological sphere. It has some analgesic effect, increasing the pain threshold. Adaptogenic effect is manifested in increasing the body's resistance to stress in conditions of excessive mental and physical exertion, when fatigue, hypokinesia and immobilization, at low temperatures. Against the background of the drug is an increase in visual acuity, brightness and field of vision. It improves blood supply to the lower extremities. It stimulates the production of antibodies in response to the introduction of antigen, at the same time does not contribute to the development of hypersensitivity of immediate type and does not change the allergic reaction of the skin caused by the introduction of foreign protein. In the course of application does not develop drug dependence, tolerance, "withdrawal"syndrome. The effect is already evident when taking a single dose. It does not have teratogenic, mutagenic, carcinogenic and embryotoxic effects. The toxicity of the drug is low, the lethal dose - 800 mg/kg.


Phenylpiracetam or Piracetam

09 Jul 2018

Phenotropil is a combination of Phenibut and Piracetam, so it has both the effects of both drugs. Phenotropil has a pronounced psychostimulatory effect (uplifting, eliminates anxiety and fears, creates a feeling that everything is good, etc.), which is absent in Piracetam. In addition, Piracetam leads to a pronounced clinical effect only after a course of administration, and Phenotropil and after a single application, and after a course of therapy. Therefore, Piracetam is best suited for the course of treatment of various disorders of cerebral circulation, when it is required to achieve a long-term effect without psychostimulation. Phenotropil can be used for a single application if it is necessary to perform a large amount of work.


4 Phenylpiracetam

09 Jul 2018

4 Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic drug. Active ingredient-N-carbamoylmethyl-4-phenyl-2-pyrrolidone. The drug has the ability to directly improve the integrative function of the brain.

This leads to improved mental ability, learning ability, memory consolidation, improved attention. In addition, Phenotropil has anticonvulsant effect, anxiolitic properties, improves mood, normalizes the processes of inhibition and excitation in the brain, has anorexigenic effect.

In this article, we will consider why doctors prescribe Phenotropil, including instructions for use, analogues and prices for this drug in pharmacies.

Phenylpiracetam effects

The indications of Phenotropil include the following diseases:

  • mild and moderate depression;
  • CNS diseases of different Genesis;
  • with a decrease in motor activity;
  • in the case of schizophrenia, there are no mild apathetic States;
  • convulsive States;
  • obesity;
  • neurotic conditions that are manifested by increased exhaustion, lethargy, attention disorder, decrease in psychomotor activity, memory impairment, decrease in information assimilation;
  • psychoorganic syndrome, which is manifested in intellectual disability disorders and apatic phenomena.

Reviews of doctors about Phenotropil: subject to the regime of reception and dosage of the drug is good to help cope with fatigue, improves memory and is easily tolerated by patients.


Phenylpiracetam stack

04 Jul 2018

Phenotropil-the best of nootropics, placebo or dangerous pills with a bunch of side effects?

Let's try to understand this issue. Modern society, despite all its development, availability of high technologies and medical knowledge, is not protected from the negative impact of the environment and society as a whole. Constant movement, haste, the need to perform duties negatively affects the nervous system.

phenylpiracetam buy

A person gradually loses the ability to control his emotions, feelings of anger or apathy appear more and more often, nervous tension grows. In this case, it becomes clear that without special drugs can not do. The CNS is in need of medical treatment.

To facilitate the negative manifestations of the external environment and to strengthen the vessels of the brain, the drug Phenotropil is prescribed. The drug is available in the form of tablets. Package of 10 pieces or 3 pieces, depending on the selected option.

The active substance is the substance Phenotropil, auxiliary substances included in the composition: milk sugar; potato starch; calcium stearate.

The packs are made of thick cardboard, packaging for tablets-PVC.

The best neurotransmitter in the world

Phenotropil belongs to the group of nootropic drugs, neurotransmitters, psychostimulants. It is actively used in the neurological formula of Phenotropil in medical practice, because it has a pronounced antiamnestic effect. In General, a group of nootropic drugs is intended to affect higher brain functions. This same drug is recommended not only at the time of sudden failures in the Central nervous system or brain, but also in the case of intense activity that requires concentration, attention and concentration. That is why the examination of a specialist is a necessity for scientists, people associated with complex industries, as they experience great emotional and mental overload that can start the development of CNS diseases.

Pharmacological action of Fenotropil

Since the drug gently but effectively affects the body, it activates the integrative activity occurring in the brain, its reception in the doses established by the doctor promotes memory consolidation. Also, the tool can significantly improve the indications for concentration. Mental work and activities related to scientific work, which requires a lot of effort on the part of the person becomes better. The pharmacological action of the drug is aimed directly at the higher brain impulses sent by neurons and perceived by cells, which has a beneficial effect on the processes of learning new skills, making this process easier and faster. In the process of taking the drug, there is a significant acceleration of information transfer processes occurring between the hemispheres of the brain, which in turn increases the resistance of brain tissues to such negative phenomena as hypoxia and toxic effects.

In addition, Phenotropil tablets have anticonvulsant action and anxiolitic activity, effectively and efficiently regulate the activation and inhibition of the Central nervous system, which is a necessity for people with complex brain lesions. In particular, it helps to cope with epileptic seizures. It also improves mood, relieving depression and neurotic manifestations.

The drug improves memory in General, enhances the ability to concentrate and remember. Additional features of the drug are expressed in reducing the toxic effect of some drugs, and the hypnotic effect exerted on the body by ethanol and hexobarbital, reducing the threshold of pain sensitivity and increasing physical activity and human performance.

Pharmacokinetics of the drug

Fenotropil after ingestion is rapidly absorbed, penetrates into various organs and tissues. Its distinctive feature is absolute bioavailability, so if you take it orally, it will reach 100%. Improvements will be visible after 1 hour after administration, and the maximum effect will come after 2 hours. The impact of the funds lasts an average of 4 hours. Also Phenotropil is not metabolized in the body. It is excreted completely from the body in unchanged form, about 40% - with urine and 60% with bile and then.

The mechanism of action

Phenylpiracetam has a pronounced antiamnestic effect, has a direct activating effect on the activities and Bioprocess occurring in the brain. It has a positive effect on metabolic processes and blood circulation in its cells. It stimulates all biological processes necessary for full operation, including those associated with oxidation reduction reactions. Reception means allows for the disposal of glucose. An important feature of the drug is the ability to increase the content of noradrenaline and serotonin without affecting other elements and substances. Metabolic processes as a result of taking the drug are normalized, as the tool has a beneficial effect on this area of the body. The mechanism of action is also aimed at improving the supply of brain cells with blood, which contains the necessary oxygen and nutritional components for stable and full operation. The effect of the drug is soft, which is why it does not affect the work of the human respiratory system. The stimulating effect of substances is manifested in the ability to have an average effect on the severity of motor functions and reactions, which can be primarily observed in improving physical performance, body resistance to stress and other negative situations.

The drug also improves blood flow and circulation in the lower limbs. Stimulates the body's natural production of antibodies-immunostimulatory properties, without allergic manifestations on the part of the body. If you use the drug in the course of treatment, it does not lead to dependence and is not the cause for the withdrawal syndrome. The positive effect is manifested immediately at a dose designed for a single reception this is very important when there is a need for emergency assistance. It does not have negative effects on the body, such as mutagenic or carcinogenic effects. At the same time, it has low toxicity, and a dangerous life-threatening overdose of Phenotropil (a lethal dose), revealed experimentally, is 800 mg / kg.

Usage of Phenylpiracetam

Fenotropil -a substance that works with the most complex diseases related to the direction of pathologies of the brain and Central nervous system. That is why the list of indications is formed mainly from diseases directly or indirectly related to the neurological profile.

The main indications for the use of Phenotropil: various diseases of the nervous system; vascular diseases of the brain; vascular head disorders of metabolic processes in the brain; post-traumatic disorders and Central nervous system intoxication; chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency; deterioration associated with motor activity; problems with attention, memory and ability to concentrate; neurotic problems (lethargy, reduction of psychomotor abilities); learning disorders; depression in different forms and degrees of severity; psychoorganic syndromes (including schizophrenia); tendency to seizures (epilepsy, convulsive syndrome); obesity; preventive measures (resistance to stress situations); removal of negative consequences of hypoxia; maintaining the body in extreme situations; violation of natural biorhythms (including treatment of insomnia);); alcohol dependence in chronic form.

Phenylpiracetam experience

Since Phenotropil is a specific tool that can fight complex diseases affecting the brain and Central nervous system, it has a number of contraindications for use. They are taken into account by the doctor, so the remedy is not always present in the treatment scheme of the above diseases. The ban on the appointment are: the body's susceptibility to the components of the drug; pregnancy anxiety (as well as the period of feeding); childhood; severe kidney and liver damage; severe forms of hypertension; atherosclerosis (in the expressed form); early panic attacks; acute mental disorders (anxiety, panic, hallucinations, delirium); allergic reactions.

Overdose and additional instructions for taking Fenotropil

Overdose of Phenotropil were not recorded in practice. On the first day of the drug may be observed increased drowsiness. Side effects of receiving Phenotropil: insomnia (if the reception is made after 15.00); psychomotor agitation; hyperemia of the skin; feeling of heat; increased pressure. The drug can be used together with alcohol, as the drug is non-toxic, but it is important to maintain moderation in the use of alcohol. Phenotropil in a joint reception enhances the action of drugs, which in themselves are intended to have an impact on the Central nervous system. Also, the effectiveness of various antidepressants and other drugs belonging to the groups of nootropics and neurotransmitters is increasing.

Phenylpiracetam Reviews

I noticed that there are no forces to work, there was an apathy-the doctor after examination prescribed Fenotropil. After a month of admission of Carphedon has somehow forgotten that previously had to force himself to rise, motivation is not required for the work.


Phenylpiracetam Dosage

04 Jul 2018

This psychostimulant drug is prohibited for use in sports and is prescribed only for medical reasons.

Phenotropil-has two names: Phenylpiracetam and the second chemical-Phenylpiracetam) - nootropic drug that accelerates metabolism, improves cerebral circulation. Affects the brain as psychoactive substance that facilitates the access of oxygen to the tissues of the brain (hypoxic effect), lowers arterial and intracranial pressure, acts as an effective adaptogen amid stressful situations, speeds up learning, improves memory (talking and reading to become faster). Limits information overload of the brain. Increases cognitive (cognitive) skills, increases motivation for the main activity. Leads to normal human biorhythms.

Phenotropil is an improved version of the nootropic drug called "Piracetam", the trade name "Nootropil". The drug is a formula of Piracetam with the addition of phenyl group to this formula. Due to this, the resulting Phenotropil (Phenylpiracetam) passes much faster through the BBB (Hemato encephalic barrier) and begins to act within 5-6 hours, unlike Piracetam, which begins to work after a two-week course of administration.

On the effectiveness of Phenotropil is also superior to Piracetam, 30 times faster passing the BBB.

Phenotropil application in sports:

According to official data, Phenotropil is forbidden for use in sports to competing athletes as possess the obvious psychostimulating means. Phenotropil is listed as a banned substance by the world anti-doping organizations.

There were cases of disqualification of several Russian athletes (biathletes and runners) for a certain period.

The drug is extremely effective, already on the first or second day of reception there is a noticeable surge of strength, increased endurance, strength and physical activity in General.

However, Phenotropil is ineffective for increasing the mass and volume of muscles, as it somewhat lowers appetite and therefore contributes to the reduction of total body weight.

Phenotropil use as a psychostimulant:

The drug is indispensable to improve human brain activity. It will be especially useful to prepare for exams, to read and remember a lot of information. Extremely effective for focused mental activity. In addition, this tool reduces the need for sleep. Despite this, it is recommended to sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours and take Phenotropil according to the instructions.

How Phenotropil works:

This nootropic helps to effectively restore memory in amnesia, strengthen memory in learning, increases the speed of signal transmission between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, quickly fixed learned skills (for example, driving a car, playing a musical instrument). It also has a positive effect on the integrative functions of the brain (making the best decision, analysis in the selection, complex calculations, planning).

It increases the level of attention, improves the tolerance of brain tissues to hypoxia (low oxygen content) and reduces the toxic effect on brain structures.

Against the background of the drug reduces the symptoms of anxiety, fear, various phobias, emotional tension, seizures, that is, it also acts as a tranquilizer.

The nootropic improves Your mood, and gives a big boost of courage and strength, intervenes in the processes of regulation: inhibition and activation of neural processes. It increases the energy potential and efficiency of the body to solve complex mental problems.

Accelerates metabolism in the brain, has a positive effect on the blood flow of the brain as a whole, significantly improves blood circulation in the areas and tissues of the brain with low blood supply (in areas of the brain prone to ischemia) by increasing the clearance of arteries.

Phenotropil exhibits antioxidant properties, stimulates the recovery processes in tissues. It helps to increase some neurotransmitters (serotonin and dopamine). Nor in any way binds to the receptors of Gamma-aminobutyric acid, and does not affect the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system.

Prevents the emergence of catalepsy (finding the human body in a pathological position caused by schizophrenia or other similar mental diseases) against the background of taking neuroleptic drugs.

Phenotropil reduces the effect of taking sleeping pills, sedatives, reduces the effect of ethanol (ethyl alcohol, alcohol-containing drinks), minimizes the use of certain drugs for non-inhalation anesthesia (for example, Hexobarbital).

Stimulating effect occurs in an ideal environment (the emergence of positive emotions, against the background of long-lived events, or against the background of fantasies about upcoming events in life, the formation of optimism). This is due to the impact on the mechanism of consolidation (ordering and strengthening) of memory.

According to some, this nootropic increases the pain threshold, reducing the sensitivity of pain receptors.

The drug also serves as an adaptogen: anti-stress effect on the background of emotional, mental and physical overload, when the body is in conditions of low or high temperatures.

There is a favorable effect on visual function, increased visual acuity and improved peripheral vision.

Indications for use:

Various diseases of the nervous system, heart and vascular diseases, failure of metabolic functions in the brain, toxic effects on brain tissue, conditions after traumatic brain injuries, atherosclerosis (blockage of cholesterol plaques) of the brain vessels, deterioration of mental abilities, reduced muscle activity.

This also includes neurasthenic state of a person, reduced motivation, weakening of psychomotor functions in various diseases, amnesia, any violations of short-and long-term memory, difficult learning and memorability of information.

Many psychological disorders, depressive episodes of varying duration and severity, apathy, schizophrenia, tremor (convulsions) of the limbs.

It is used for prevention of oxygen saturation disorders of brain tissues, for resistance to stressful situations, to improve the functionality of the body in extreme conditions, to restore biorhythms, rhythm " sleep-wakefulness

The drug is shown for the abuse of alcoholic beverages, in order to reduce the negative impact on mental function and the suppression of depression in alcoholism.

According to the results of some studies, the use of Phenotropil has a positive effect on the results of recovery after stroke. The number of stroke patients in the history was higher, and they felt better than the people in the control group who took placebo during the "double blind" study (neither the doctor nor the patient does not know that the drug "dummy" and has no effect if we talk about the control group)

The main contraindications:

Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, allergic reactions. In the state of pregnancy and during the period of feeding the drug is prohibited, since the effect of Phenotropil on the course of pregnancy and the effect on the fetus is poorly studied. The drug is contraindicated for children.

Particular caution should be observed when using nootropics for people with severe renal and hepatic insufficiency, with high blood pressure numbers, with severe atherosclerosis, with exacerbations of panic, anxiety, schizophasia and hallucinatory-delusional syndromes.

Side effects:

Violation of falling asleep, no sleep, at the beginning of the reception may be expressed psychomotor agitation, redness of the skin, hypertension, against the background of chronic fatigue syndrome and General fatigue of the body may be drowsiness.

Dosage and methods of use:

The usual single dose-100 -150 mg, taken twice a day, preferably in the morning, the maximum allowable dosage per day is no more than 750 mg.

The duration of the course is from 15 to 30 days,

For athletes is taken 5-7 days before the competition, at a dose of 200-500 mg per day.

Special instruction:

Long-term use of Phenotropil does not cause dependence, addiction (does not require an increase in dosage), "withdrawal"syndrome. No carcinogenic and mutagenic effects were observed with long-term use in the standard dosage. The drug is not toxic.

Repeatedly increases the effect of nootropics and drugs for the treatment of depressive States. The combination of such drugs must be approved by a medical specialist.

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