Increase the level of growth hormone

30 Oct 2017

Many professional bodybuilders aim to raise the level of HGH to form the ideal muscle relief. Unfortunately, the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary system after 20 years begins to decrease gradually, and even exhausting sports training can not cause a long-lasting stable production of endogenous catalyst. And then recombinant Somatropin, which is a product of genetic engineering, comes to the rescue.

How to increase the level of growth hormone

Raising an Growth Hormone is a complex biochemical process that can occur both naturally and artificially. In the first case, experts recommend using several time-tested methods:

  • Correctly and balancedly to eat (meaning a high-protein diet);
  • Exercise regularly;
  • To visit baths and saunas;
  • During training, simulate the conditions of mountain climate;
  • Fully rest.

However, these methods are often not enough to provide a set of dry muscle mass, strengthen bone and connective tissue, reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat and reduce the incidence of injuries.

To increase the level of HGH, athletes engaged in bodybuilding and power sports, resort to an artificial increase in it, by using special drugs. These products stimulate the synthesis of protein and slow the natural process of its decay, promote the reduction of subcutaneous fat deposits, increase the endurance of the body, enhance the absorption of calcium bone tissue, regulate energy costs.

Means to enhance

Growth Hormone is promoted by means of water-soluble powders for injections, which are recommended to be used in accordance with the instructions attached to this or that product. The drugs we sell are quite affordable, and their quality meets all the requirements and standards.


Course GHRP 6 + CJC 1295

30 Oct 2017

The GHRP 6 + CJC-1295 course is an effective way to accelerate muscle mass gain by stimulating the pituitary gland and enhancing the production of its own growth hormone. This combination of synthetic peptides that have a significant effect on the production of somatropin has been used successfully for many years in the powerlifting and bodybuilding industry to build up lean muscle mass, form an ideal athletic relief, increase strength and endurance.

Recommendations for use

The GHRP 6 + CJC-1295 course, which has been used to achieve a 100% anabolic effect. Included in its composition Hexarelin (HCPR 6), in addition to stimulating the production of somatropin, has a positive effect on liver function, strengthens the immune system and regulates the percentage of subcutaneous fat. Possessing a less pronounced ability to activate specific ghrelin receptors responsible for enhancing appetite, it is used by weightlifters who wish to dry their body. Somatocrinine (CJC-1295), which is an analog of GHRP, also has a significant effect on the production of GH, and their joint application intensifies each other's actions, and, without negative health effects, helps to achieve very impressive results in one course.

To obtain the maximum anabolic effect, take the medication for 9 weeks. The course GHRP 6 + CJC-1295 includes 5 bottles of Hexarelin and 15 vials of Somatocrinine (1-1.5 μg of each product per 1 kg of body weight). For dissolution, take sterile water for injection (do not allow shaking!). Mixing of drugs is carried out directly in the syringe, before the introduction. Injections are done 3 times a day: in the morning, after training, and before going to bed.


HGH FRAG 176-191- Fat Burning Course

30 Oct 2017


Conduct a pronounced and effective burning of subcutaneous fat for those whose weight is 100 or more kilograms. In this case, the loss of muscle mass is at the lowest possible. Ideal for fat burning in athletes and bodybuilders, characterized by a significant amount of muscle mass.

Additional effects and bonuses:

Strengthening bones.

Increase in energy, increase in body activity without feeling tired.

Slowing down the aging process.

Enthusiastic reviews of the peptides HGH 176-191 for weight loss speak for themselves!

Used drugs

For 27 bottles - HGH Fragment 176-191 2 mg.

Duration of the course

8 weeks - 2 months.


1.HGH Fragment 176-191 2mg (peptide fragment of GR) is the most affordable option for effective fat burning in a situation where the starting weight and the volume of muscle mass are extremely large. Also this peptide is powerful and effective with a list of significant benefits.

2. Stimulation of the fat splitting process (lipolysis) with the use of HGH Fragment 176-191 occurs 12.5 times stronger and more efficiently than when taking courses of GH and peptides from the HGHP group. In addition, the peptide inhibits lipogenesis, that is, the triglycerides newly ingested in the body are not deposited as a reserve in the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

3. Enhanced lipolysis leads to a significant increase in efficiency and energy. Therefore, cardio-operations during the course (running, swimming, cycling, etc.) contribute to a better result. At the same time, a feeling of fatigue and a decline in strength and endurance are almost eliminated.

4. It is desirable to follow the diet during the course - to consume enough protein, not to abuse fats and carbohydrates. Under these conditions, the first results of the HGH Fragment 176-191 course will be visible after 2-3 weeks. There is no recoil after using the drug, or it is minimal.

5. One of the most important pluses of the peptide - it does not cause swelling and proliferation of cells, does not affect the level of insulin and glucose uptake. Reducing the total body weight, reducing the percentage of body fat, rejuvenation is possible in a few weeks! As a result, you will get an aesthetically attractive, dried sports figure with pronounced muscles without side effects.


HGH Fragment 176-191 - 300 μg x 3 times a day, the course for two months - 27 bottles of the drug for 2 mg.

The dosage is calculated for a user weighing 100 kg given that 5 μg of the active substance remains in the "nozzle" of the syringe. Calculation of dosage is carried out according to the formula: 3 μg per 1 kg of weight.


When using the recommended doses of the drug, no serious side effects have been identified.

In our store you can quickly and safely purchase a certified original peptide HGH Fragment 176-191 2mg and bactericidal water to dissolve the drug at a low price. At your service fast, convenient delivery and full confidentiality of the order.


What is better- peptides or growth hormone?

30 Oct 2017

Which is better: Growth Hormone or peptides? This question is of interest to many bodybuilders who decided to experience the anabolic effect of protein preparations. Let's try to figure out and dot the "I".

What is common between peptides and Growth Hormone?

From the point of view of molecular biology, both natural and artificially synthesized peptides, which are amino acid residues linked by peptide bonds, are precursors of somatotropin. Depending on their structure, they can act as inhibitors or catalysts, boosters or activators of biochemical processes.

Just like Growth Hormone, peptide complexes accelerate the growth of muscle mass and stimulate lipolytic processes. In this connection, the similarities between genetically modified recombinant peptides and STH end.

What is the difference between peptides and GH?

Those who find it difficult to make a choice: growth hormone or peptides - which is better, you should study their differences:

The use of GH, in contrast to peptides, requires strict adherence to dosages, constant monitoring of laboratory parameters, as well as smooth exit from the course;

With the most moderate use of the Growth Hormone weekly, it costs $ 150-300. And this, in terms of the full course, is not one thousand dollars. The cost of peptides is several times lower;

And, finally, peptide complexes, in comparison with the growth hormone, allow more flexible manipulation of the concentration curve, while obtaining the maximum anabolic response.

What do the testimonies show?

As evidenced by the reviews of professionals, the superiority in terms of the increase in net muscle mass is occupied by the Growth Hormone. Used in the practice of iron sport for a sufficiently long period of time, according to standard, well-established schemes, it is considered more effective. As for peptides, experiments with these preparations, which have only taken their place in sports pharmacology, are still going on. And already received information that with a competent combination they are able to act no less effectively than GH.


Nutrition for increasing growth hormone

30 Oct 2017

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of growth hormone for the human body. It rejuvenates, eliminates fat and allows you to build muscle. There is a special food for growth hormone, which will ensure its high-quality production in the body.

The right approach to nutrition

Physical stress must necessarily be supplemented by a balanced diet. In this case, two components are important: quality and quantity. By the quality of nutrition means that a person will change his usual daily diet. Nutrition for growth hormone suggests getting rid of fatty, sweet and flour products with a switch to consumption of protein foods.

You can offer a list of products that are considered the best in solving this problem. They restore strength and significantly increase the level of somatotropin in the body: buckwheat and oat porridge, cottage cheese, poultry meat, cheese; Milk, lean beef, legumes, nuts; Veal, fish, chicken eggs.

Complete elimination of fats is unacceptable, as this causes loss of strength, reduced brain efficiency and general CNS depression, but they must be consumed in very limited quantities.

Supplement to the diet for increasing growth hormone

In response to the appearance of sugar in the blood, insulin is released into it, which causes the growth hormone to be produced less intensively. The best secretion of somatotropin is achievable with the use of slow carbohydrates in the form of cereals and similar dishes, and not fast in the form of chocolate, white bread and others. This will ensure the minimization of insulin bursts. Such food for growth hormone will do good.

A number of foods contain slow carbohydrates: legumes; Porridges; Macaroni; Cherry; Peaches; Coarse bread; Oranges; Pears; Tomatoes; avocado; Apples; Spinach. Food with their content is most appropriate in the first half of the day to ensure their quality assimilation.

How many times do you have?

Food for growth hormone should be fractional, it is better to have 5-6 meals, but the amount of food should be less. Three hours before sleep, the stomach should not be overloaded. It is required to consume up to two liters of plain water a day.

As additional stimulators of the process of producing somatotropin, you can call dietary supplements. In this case, there are leaders in the form of amino acids: citrulline, ornithine and arginine. They should be taken clearly dosed in accordance with the instructions on the package.


Peptides after a course of steroids

30 Oct 2017

Weightlifters who use steroids to achieve higher sports results sooner or later have to take a break. In this period, in 90% of cases, a significant decrease in testosterone levels is observed. This condition is explained by the fact that a synthetic analog, which has a pronounced anabolic and androgenic effect, significantly inhibits the secretion of its own steroid hormone. As a consequence, with the end of the course, a "rollback" begins (loss in strength and muscle mass). Therefore, to preserve the results of professional athletes are advised to conduct post-course therapy, which involves the use of peptides.

How to minimize losses?

The longer the reception of anabolic steroids lasted, the more complex the metabolism is restructured and the collected muscle mass is retained. In this period it is necessary to train under a special program, and also, in order not to fall asleep, immediately start using peptides after the course of steroids. This will help not only to maximize retained muscular mass, but will also help to establish the development of your own testosterone.

As a rule, the cancellation syndrome begins when the level of the synthetic hormone is lowered to a minimum, and own testosterone is not yet produced in normal physiological amounts. To avoid this, many pros are advised to take peptides after the course, or already during it, starting with the 6th week of steroid anabolic use. In this situation, the most optimal solution will be the use of non-mono drugs, and peptide complexes, the components of which have a synergistic effect.

Most bodybuilders prefer a course of GHRP (2,6) + CJC-1295 or Sermoreline + GHRP (2,6). Peptides after a course of steroids help maintain homeostasis and maximum results in the growth of dry muscle mass, and at the same time contribute to complete recovery of the body in a relatively short period of time.


Chorionic gonadotropin on post course therapy

30 Oct 2017

Post-course therapy (PCT) is a pharmacological technique necessary to restore normal functioning of the body after a course of anabolic steroids. It contributes to the restoration of the hormonal background, prevents the development of gynecomastia, oligospermia and testicular atrophy, and also actively struggles with the phenomenon of "recoil". After the cycle, preparations of a different mode of action are used. One of the components, Chorionic Gonadotropin on PCT, is recommended to use to increase the production of own, endogenous testosterone.

Effect of gonadotropin on the bodybuilding organism

HCG is a polypeptide hormone that is an analog of LH, which is characterized by effects similar to testosterone. Stimulating the secretion of its own androgens, it helps to restore the size of the testicles after the course of androgenic anabolic steroids. Gonadotropin on PCT, specifically interacting with the membrane receptors of luteotropin, increases the level of steroid hormone, which ensures the uninterrupted operation of the entire male body.

After injecting the drug for 5-6 days, a sharp increase in the concentration of testosterone in the blood plasma. This state allows you to recover faster after AAS and keep the testicles sensitive to their own gonadotropic hormones. To obtain the optimal effect of Gonadotropin on PCT, it is recommended to use 250 IU twice a week, for 35 days, starting from the sixth week of course use of steroids. With months of courses, the drug is taken continuously. However, in this case, experts advise after 4-5 weeks of use to take a ten-day break (to avoid the development of addiction and the occurrence of side effects).

In addition to recombinant Gonadotrophin, the modern PCT, conducted after a powerful steroid course, includes other drugs that allow the athlete's endocrine system to be restored in the shortest possible time. This pharmacological complex includes aromatase inhibitors, Growth Hormone or peptides, and Tamoxifen, which helps to improve the stiffness index of muscles and increase the level of production of own testosterone.

Overdose of Gonadotropin during post-course therapy can provoke the development of gynecomastia, lead to inflammation of the sebaceous glands, baldness or increased hair growth, and also cause an increase in the size of the prostate.


Course GHRP 2 + CJC 1295

30 Oct 2017

The GHRP 2 + CJC-1295 course is an effective and popular way of inducing protein synthesis and accelerated muscle mass, aimed at stimulating the production of its own growth hormone. This combination has the maximum synergistic effect. The combined use of drugs promotes the increase in the level of GH immediately after administration while simultaneously stimulating a whole range of biologically active compounds controlled by the pituitary gland.

The GHRP 2 + CJC-1295 course not only helps build up lean muscle mass, but also has a significant effect on energy metabolism, speeding up lipolysis and minimizing the increase in adipose tissue. The growing oligopeptide Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2 is by far the most powerful of all existing booster systems. Somatocrinine (CJC-1295) is a tetrasubstituted peptide hormone, which also has a significant effect on the production of somatotropin.

The complex use of drugs that have the ability to mutually reinforce each other's action helps to form a perfect muscle relief in the shortest possible time and without negative consequences for the health of the athlete. The effect of mutual reinforcement contributes to a significant saving of money (one synergistic course of GHRP 2 + CJC-1295 has the same pharmacological effect as two separate ones).

Application Features of Course GHRP 2 + CJC 1295

To achieve the maximum anabolic result, a combination of peptides is recommended to be used within two months, to be exact, 9 weeks. For the whole period of time a weightlifter with a body weight of 100 kg will need 5 bottles of GHRP 2 and 15 bottles of CJC-1295 (for 1 kg of weight - 1-1.5 μg of each product). As a solvent, sterile water for injection is used. Drugs can be combined directly in a syringe (ideally - insulin) before injecting. When mixed in a vial, the effectiveness of peptide bioregulators practically reduces to zero. Injections are recommended to be done 3 times a day: in the morning, 20-40 minutes before breakfast, after training and before bedtime.


Amino acids and growth hormone

30 Oct 2017

The intake of substances that are responsible for the release of growth hormone, is focused on stimulating its increased production in the human body. It accumulates in the pituitary gland, and its release is associated with such factors as exercise, sleep, and restriction in eating. There are certain amino acids from which the growth hormone is released much more actively: ornithine, tryptophan, arginine, tyrosine, glycine. With the help of these substances, somatotropin begins to stand out more actively at night. The effect of such additives is synergistic, that is, when used together with niacinamide, calcium, zinc, vitamin B6 and C, potassium, magnesium. 90 minutes after the person fell asleep, there is a peak of secretion.

Beneficial features

Using amino acids to produce growth hormone can achieve a good result. Somatotropin has the following effects:

  • Burns fat, translating it into a state of energy and in the musculature;
  • The body copes better with diseases of all kinds;
  • Wounds heal many times faster;
  • Body tissues are restored sooner;
  • Strengthens connective tissues, due to which ligaments and tendons become more healthy;
  • A protein is synthesized that accelerates muscle growth;
  • The level of urea in the blood drops.

The most important amino acids, the growth hormone from which is released more quickly, can be supplied to the body additionally. Even in 50 years, the level of somatotropin can be increased to what was in his youth, if you select the right drugs to stimulate its production.

Ornithine and arginine

These are two amino acids involved in the process of releasing the growth hormone. These two substances are now the most popular components of additives. Their main properties, so attractive to most people, are to help in losing weight and improving the shape of the body during sleep. This feature is associated with the development of somatotropin in a dream. While some hormonal drugs lead to the accumulation of fat in the body, its effect is completely opposite. He mobilizes fat reserves, providing not only the attractiveness of the external forms of man, but also giving it energy. Ornithine promotes the release of insulin, which often takes on the functions of an anabolic hormone, that is, provides a set of muscle mass. When taking this drug should follow the rule: eat on an empty stomach, washed down with water or juice.


Growth Hormone and Insulin

30 Oct 2017

For somatotropin, there is a clearly defined role in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism: both in its decrease and in the increase there is a change in carbohydrate metabolism in the body. These processes were described back in 1920. It is important to understand how growth hormone and insulin interact to use it for their own purposes.

Disturbance of glucose metabolism and obesity is characteristic for different stages of hypopituitarism. Patients with acromegaly often suffer from diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance. This all confirms the hypothesis about the involvement of the pituitary gland in regulating the sensitivity of peripheral tissues to this substance. In 1949, growth hormone was isolated in pure form, which allowed to prove his involvement in the formation of diabetes. With the introduction of somatotropin in significant doses, the effect of hyperglycemia is achieved. This action is caused by a decrease in the sensitivity of peripheral tissues, which includes muscle and fat, to the action of insulin.

Another effect of growth hormone is to stimulate the release of this substance by beta cells. With an excess of somatotropin, hyperinsulinemia is noted, and secretion of this substance also increases. Growth hormone and insulin are in close interaction. When there is a lack of the first, the process of hypoinsulinemia occurs, which causes the glucose level to increase noticeably. Early studies did not accurately determine the primary or secondary effects on secretion processes, and also determine whether there is a close relationship with peripheral tissues. There is an opinion that the effect of growth hormone is associated with its insulinotropic function.

Effects of somatotropin on different cell groups

Growth hormone affects fat cells not like insulin, but quite the opposite. It reduces insulin-stimulated and basal glucose intake by the cells themselves, and also reduces the degree of glucose oxidation and lidogenesis. The ability of somatotropin to reduce the degree of sensitivity in insulin is realized by increasing the concentration of calcium inside the cells. A similar effect can also have growth hormone on liver cells. In this case, the body experiences a lesser load, which ensures its longer painless functioning.

Growth hormone and insulin on the cellular level act in the opposite direction. The first reduces the sensitivity to the second. The effect of somatotropin on beta cells in the pancreas depends on stimulating the proliferation of these components, as well as the expression of the insulin gene, the synthesis and secretion of the substance.

With the introduction of growth hormone, the effects depend on the body itself. There is a category of people who do not show any sensitivity to him, and others soon have noticeable results in the form of fat burning and muscle building.

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