Peptides for weight loss in a short time HGH Frag 176-191

19 Dec 2017

We are all tired of chasing a beautiful figure. It's so tedious. If you are a professional athlete, then constantly monitor the level of fat is a duty. And ordinary people tend to find a beautiful dry form, but it's not so simple. Strict diets give a short-term result, destroying the precious muscle structure.

Expensive supplements, dietary supplements, which are full of showcases of sports stores, promise a promising prospect. But in practice, at best, are a normal supplement to nutrition, at worst - a placebo, aimed at auto-suggestion. There is a third, most deplorable option: when people themselves destroy their health by drinking dubious drugs with a laxative effect, dulling the feeling of hunger. They dangerously change the level of pressure, heart rate, lymph, etc. As a result, they simply "kill" the intestinal microflora, the psyche, the heart, and the stomach.

Even if you really want to lose weight and are tired of exhausting yourself with different regimes, you need to act wisely. After all, man is a biological system, it means to solve such problems from the point of view of physiology.

Courses of peptides for weight loss - an effective way out of the situation

Peptide compounds act on basic natural processes, providing natural fat burning. The main advantage of this amino-course is that the fat does not return back (for no apparent reason) after the end of the intake. This "kickback effect" is often observed in other drugs, but not here. Particularly pleased that no side effects have been identified. It is absolutely safe, curative product.

The perfect solution for everyone

Peptides for losing weight to buy is for many reasons. For the drying period, we offer the most famous peptide, and in fact the best part of GR (growth hormone) is HGH Frag (176-191). He tears the cells of fat into pieces and does not let them form new! Its cost is much less than full GR, and efficiency exceeds all expectations.

We present the clear pluses of HGH Frag (176-191):

Removes fat, but at the same time protects muscles.

Slows down the aging of the body as a whole.

Strengthens the bones, beneficially affects the old injuries.

Peptides for weight loss release energy potential from fat, giving it to other needs of the body. You are much more energetic!

It inhibits the re-formation of fat deposits.

Edema will not, as well as uncontrolled cell division.

There are no restrictions on age, weight, individual characteristics. The product is available to men and women of different age groups. It is universal.

The best offers of peptides

The courses of peptides for weight loss are made in several modifications:

For beginners, we are happy to offer the MIN 100. It should be taken moderately. Suitable for women and athletes weighing less than 100 kg. This expense will save money.

MAX 100. - a tool more powerful for people more (more than 100 kg). Use in high dosages.

BIG FAT - the strongest of all. Designed for training athletes with a strong physique. The classic formula is complemented by the CJC-1295 DAC for better results. With him the body will become drier, the desired relief will be clearly seen.

Taking these peptides, it is important to remember that nothing will improve the result than full-strength strength training and long cardio-operations. Before and after the intake, follow the approved diet and drink normal water. Even if you exceed the number of training days - enough for everything. HGH Frag176-191 will provide you with enough energy, along the way removing unnecessary fat.


Stimulator of growth hormone GHRP-2, GHRP-2, application, dosage

18 Dec 2017

GHRP-2 (its full name Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-2) is perhaps the best-known peptide that improves the secretion of growth hormone. The experience of its application and research is more than 30 years, and bodybuilders and powerlifters in practice tested almost all possible combinations with other peptides and sports pharmacology.

Studies of peptide GHRP-2

In clinical trials, the peptide showed high efficacy not only with subcutaneous administration, but also ingestion - under the tongue or between the gum and the upper lip. In the second case, its bioavailability decreased somewhat, but the effect of improving growth hormone production persisted. When ingested, GH secretion increased seven or more times, with injections - up to 15 times compared with baseline. The peptide has shown high efficiency not only for children and young people, but also adults, and even elderly patients.

Effects and side effects of GHRP-2

The main effects: increased dormant hormone production, increased appetite, improved relief due to muscle growth and fat loss, cholesterol lowering, bone mineralization, skin and hair rejuvenation, liver protection, anti-inflammatory effect. Side effects: for 30 years of research, no serious side effect has been identified. At a dosage of more than 2 μg per kg of body weight per day may cause an increase in the concentration of prolactin hormones and cortisol in the blood (participate in catabolic processes). Therefore it is important to strictly follow the recommended dosage.

How to take peptides GHRP-2, dosage

To obtain a noticeable effect, in bodybuilding take 1-2 μg peptide per 1 kg of weight in the form of subcutaneous injections 3 times a day. Vial GHRP-2 5mg (5 mg), thus, enough for 8-16 days of admission. The optimal injection time is the morning after waking up, 15 minutes before meals, after training, before bedtime. Detailed instructions for the cultivation, storage of peptides and how to prick GHRP-2, is in a special article on our website.

GHRP-2 solo and combinations, reviews

GHRP-2 and all other HCPR peptides can be taken solo by the course, without the addition of other peptides. However, the set of muscle mass in this case will be slow enough, and the fat burning process will slow down, as the peptide promotes an increase in appetite and consumption of an increased amount of calories. The best combinations are combinations with GRF 1-29 or CJC-1295 - in this case the synergistic effect will be maximum, including due to a longer half-life. This not only increases the level of GH, but also stimulates additional secretion of insulin-like growth factor-1. A more inexpensive option would be a combination with less effective stimulators of growth hormone - for example, arginine, GABA, glutamine. This will also provide a small synergistic effect and will be more effective than the GHRP-2 solo peptide course. From non-sports drugs it is recommended to add to GHRP-2 Cabergoline or Dostinex to reduce the level of prolactin.

Where to buy peptides GHRP-2 and how to choose a course?

We recommend that you study all the courses on the site with the peptide GHRP-2 and choose the most appropriate one. You can order everything you need for the course in our store (buy GHRP, other peptides, water for injection) at a low price and with a 100% quality guarantee.


Ipamorelin what kind of peptide is this?

15 Dec 2017

Ipamorelin - basic information

As it turned out information on such a "peptide" product, like Ipamorelin, on our vast spaces is still very small, and what is, is traditionally replete with legends and myths. Therefore, in this article, we will try to understand what is Ipamorelin, what are its properties, and how to correctly take this peptide.

Ipamorelin buy, buy peptide, Ipamorelin

Ipamorelin is the release of growth hormone peptide. Ghrelin mimetic. The mechanism of its action is the same as in GHRP 6, GHRP 2, Hexarelin. He, as well as his "brethren", transmits a signal to the growth hormone cell about GH secretion by connecting to a specific ghrelin receptor GHS-R.

Ipamorelin "saw the world" in the distant 1998. This peptide was "invented" by replacing the Alanine-Tryptophan GHRP fragment with the Aib-His-D-2-Nal fragment, where His is histidine and D-2-Nal is the dextro form of 2-naphthylamine. But, the most interesting is Aib, which is nothing else than Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) (Why is it interesting ?, more about this later).

Ipamorelin - the main effects

By binding to the GHS-R receptor, Ipamorelin sends a signal to the somatotropic pituitary cell, thereby stimulating GH secretion. Comparing the potential of Ipamorelin in terms of GHRP secretion with GHRP 6, GHRP 2 and Hexarelin using the same dosages, it is possible to build a kind of "rating", where Hexarelin will lead the list, since it simulates the largest release of GR; GHRP 2 will be in 2nd place; Well, an honorable third place will be shared by GHRP 6 and Ipamorelin. Many, of course, can "grimace" and say that Ipamorelin is a 3rd grade slag, but this is far from the case. In fact, Hexarelin differs from Ipamorelin in about 10-15 ng / ml by the secretion of GH. Why "about", because with non-abortion use, rely on the analysis of different people follows with a certain error, as you know, the results of the tests may depend on a number of factors, such as age, food intake, quality of the drug, etc.

As for the release of GH, it also has a "pulse" character, where the duration of the "pulse" is about 3 hours with a maximum value of 30-35 ng / ml.

Side effects of Ipamorelin

To such I will refer all the phenomena not related to the stimulation of GH secretion. Considering the group releasing growth hormone peptides, we have traditionally attributed these products the ability to influence the stimulation of the secretion of not only GH, but also the secretion of prolactin and cortisol. In addition, it is quite common for us to have a feeling of hunger when using these peptides. But Ipamorelin, due to its structure, goes beyond these stereotypes, and does not cause a feeling of hunger, and it is not capable of exerting any influence on lactotrophs (responsible for the secretion of prolactin) and on eosinophilic cells (responsible for the secretion of ACTH). It is for this "selectivity" that this product is generally called "selective", since it is now established that it acts only on the somatotropic cell. But do not forget that abuse (excess dosages) can lead to both loss of sensitivity of the growth hormone cell, as well as to fluid retention in the body. These "pobochki" in principle are unlikely, but knowing the maximalist views of many "peptide adherents" mention them yet will not be superfluous.

An interesting property of Ipamorelin is the ability to increase (extend) the phase of slow sleep, which promotes a deeper sleep and as a consequence of additional secretion of growth hormone, although in some cases of practical use it has been observed that Ipamorelin can cause drowsiness after injection.

Ipamorelin, Ipamorelin buy, peptide

In addition, considering this product, it is also necessary to indicate not quite the "traditional" side effects that happened to "meet" in practice. At me, for example, after an evening injection the next day (approximately closer to noon) there were "easy" headaches. Morning injection from daily headache helped. Also, there are cases when a person after a night's application very well slept, and after a morning injection again "cut down". After removing the morning injection, the person again "came back to normal." In addition, one of the "peptide users" I respected shared very interesting information about his reaction to the use of Ipamorelin, namely, the appearance of a "tingling" sensation in the fingers after injection. Also quite curious was the fact that the level of PH saliva (set on indicator paper) changes after applying Ipa. There is also information about the smoothing of small wrinkles after applying Ipamorelin.


Research has not established the effect of Ipamorelin on insulin secretion in humans. But, I note that in 2004 an interesting experiment was conducted during which scientists from the United Arab Emirates found that Ipamorelin is nevertheless capable of stimulating insulin secretion in rats (normal and rats with diabetes).


I knowingly drew your attention to this interesting element in the amino acid chain. The fact is that "deep sleep" is just the result of the "work" of gamma-aminobutyric acid, which additionally also has an added bonus, in the form of stimulation of GH secretion, and is also capable of causing a slight sedative effect, a little calming after a mental and emotional Excitation.


After preparing a solution based on water for injection, Ipamorelin (depending on the quality) is able to "live" in the refrigerator about 2x3 weeks (maximum 1 month). Theoretically, it is possible to prolong the degradation period by preparing a solution based on the "saline solution" of sodium chloride, but in practice I was not able to carry out such an experiment (which, of course, does not mean that saline is worse than water for injections).

Prospects for using Ipamorelin (what to expect?)

Speaking about what to expect, and what not to dream about, it should be recalled that any effects from peptides can not be separated from the effects caused in the body by the growth hormone. I will not clone the advertising slogans of many sellers and resources, but will focus only on specific "effects" from the monthly application of Ipamorelin. To such I will refer to the improvement of concentration, the best "recovery" of the body after stress (training by itself, as well as stress at work), significant improvement in sleep, restoration of joints and ligaments, light cosmetic effect (smoothing of fine wrinkles, although perhaps this is due to The fact that you smile less). Biceps in 50 cm increase unfortunately was not possible, and to reduce the percentage of fat from 40% to 2% is also not realistic, but the restoration of natural GH secretion and an increase in the concentration of IGF binding protein of the third type (which falls as a result of the use of aac) Significant (though not entirely tangible) pluses of Ipamorelin.


Here, too, Ipamorelin does not differ from its "classmates". 1 μg / kg is the optimal dosage, but, to my great regret, this dosage has recently become less effective due to the deterioration in the quality of the products offered. Therefore, I will not criticize and agree with the opinion of some peptide "users" who say that for Ipamorelin the dosage should be raised higher, for example, up to 1.5-2 μg / kg. I will say frankly, "that", that I happened to try more and more and more and more disappointing lately and that "at least" it would be good to sleep 2-3 mkg / kg and "happiness" was not very long, because . The peptide somewhere in 1 week degraded.

Prospects for use on drying

On the prospects of using Ipamorelin in sports, you are more or less (in general terms), I think, understood, but I would like to talk about using this product in the period of fighting fat. If you are planning to choose which peeling to dry, then it's best to look towards Ipamorelin. There are several reasons. Ipa does not cause a feeling of hunger, which is already "aggravated" during the diet. Also, because of its light sedative effect, Ipa will help to "soften" the tides of unreasonable aggression (well, or increased temper), which are sometimes rolled on hard diets (for example, on "carbohydrate"). Well, by itself "drying" with GR (stimulated by Ipamorelin) will be much more productive than drying without GR.


Ipamorelin can be safely combined with somatoliberin and its analogues. A good "bunch" in terms of stimulating GH secretion will be Ipamorelin + CJC-1295. Also, if there is a desire, you can "connect" Ipamorelin with Tesamorelin'om. Combining Ipa with other ghrelin mimetics is also possible, but from a practical point of view it is better not to do it at the same time, but at different times of the day, for example, morning, GHRP day, and Ipamorelin evening.

Also, because of the lack of influence on the secretion of insulin, Ipamorelin can be used during the application of HGH Frag 176-191 without risking "suppressing" the action of the latter with undesirable insulin. With MGF (and its more advanced forms), as well as with Peg MGF (simple, pegellated and Long form), Ipamorelin is also normally combined without suppressing (as in principle and without amplifying) the effects of these growth factors.

If you want to choose what to be stabbed by the time of "AAS homeopathy" and PCT, then the most normal option is Ipamorelin (and on PCT so even more), as, as you already remember, Ipa does not stimulate cortisol and prolactin, and also increases Concentration of IGFBP-3, thereby maximizing the benefits of IGF-1.

Doping control

This question is increasingly worried about the minds of athletes who turned their attention to peptides. The answer is that the peptides on the DK are "scorching or not burning" is very simple - "scorching" but in the case of mass spectrometry after separation of the sample by liquid chromatography. And in this regard, there is a counter question, "but do you apply this method to the DC of your competitions?". If "yes", then it is desirable for an athlete to stop using both Ipamorelin and other releasing peptides and somatoliberin analogs at least one day before DC.

Here is such a selective ghrelin mimetic, releasing growth hormone peptide Ipamorelin. As you can see, this is quite a promising product. But, as we have, any budding project can be ruined by poor quality, and even by an absolutely inadequate price. Absolutely absurd solution is also the sale of Ipamorelin weighing 10 mg, because the degradation is quite fast, and besides, to measure the normal dosage in a solution with a large concentration of peptide (after the liquid in the bottle is placed a maximum of 3.5 ml) is not very easy . It turns out some strange savings. In general, discarding these ridiculous misunderstandings, in my opinion, Ipamorelin deserves attention, and has to be in the arsenal of many athletes. As a safe, but very effective tool for improving physical performance.



14 Dec 2017

Perftoran is used as an anti-shock and anti-ischemic agent. The drug has gas-transport, rheological, hemodynamic, diuretic, membrane-stabilizing, cardioprotective and sorption properties. With the use of perfluorane in a therapeutic dose of 10ml / kg body weight, perfluorocarbons are completely eliminated from the body within 8 months.


Indications for Perftran Usage

Perftoran is recommended to be used as a blood substitute with a gas transport function when:

- acute and chronic hypovolemia (traumatic, hemorrhagic, burn and infectious-toxic shock, craniocerebral trauma, operating and postoperative hypovolemia);

- Violation of microcirculation and peripheral circulation (changes in tissue metabolism and gas exchange, purulent-septic state, infection, cerebral circulation, fat embolism),

- regional perfusion, lavage of the lungs, washing of purulent wounds of the abdominal and other cavities,

- for anti-ischemic protection of donor organs (preliminary preparation of donor and recipient).

Dosing regimen

Prior to transfusion of perfluorane, the physician should conduct a visual examination of the drug. The preparation is considered suitable for use under condition of absence of cracks on the bottle, preservation of tightness of capping, safety of the label. The results of visual inspection of bottles and label data (name of the preparation, manufacturer, serial number) are recorded in the medical history.

When using perfluorane, a biological test is mandatory: after a slow introduction of the first 5 drops of the drug, stop the transfusion for 3 minutes, then inject another 30 drops and stop the transfusion for 3 minutes. In the absence of a reaction, the administration of the drug continues. The results of the bioassay are necessarily recorded in the medical history.

For the treatment of acute blood loss and shock Perftoran is administered intravenously drip or jet in a dose of 5 to 30 ml / kg body weight. The effect of the drug is maximal, if during and after its infusion during the day the patient breathes a mixture enriched with oxygen.

To treat disorders of microcirculation of various genesis, the drug should be administered at a dose of 5-8 ml / kg body weight. Repeated drug can be administered in the same dose three times at intervals of 2-4 days. To increase the oxygenation effect during the therapy, it is expedient to feed the air mixture enriched with oxygen through a mask or nasal catheter.

For anti-ischemic protection of donor organs Perftoran is administered drip or jet in a dose of 20 ml / kg of body weight to the donor and recipient 2 hours before the operation.

For regional use Perftoran is used for perfusion of limbs when filling a standard oxygenator at a rate of 40 ml / kg of body weight.

With topical application Perftoran is used similarly to traditional means of drug therapy.

Side effect of Perftoran

Allergic reactions are possible (urticaria, itchy skin, redness of the skin), increased heart rate, lowering of blood pressure, fever, headache, pain behind the breastbone and in the lumbar region, difficulty breathing, anaphylactoid reactions.

If these reactions or complications occur, stop the infusion immediately and insert desensitizing, cardiotonic, glucocorticosteroid, vasopressor and other medications used in the therapy of anaphylactic shock, without removing needles from the vein, depending on the clinical picture.


Pharmacological support depending on the sport

13 Dec 2017

Depending on the groups of sports, the following pharmacological support is considered:

1. Cyclic sports require a predominant endurance. They combine high-speed endurance with good coordination of movements.

The cyclic species include athletics running disciplines, swimming, rowing, kayaking, canoeing, cycling, short track; as well as winter sports - ice-skating, cross-country skiing.

The main functional system is cardiorespiratory (cardiovascular and respiratory), which provides a neuromuscular device.

Dr doping Actovegin

These sports require the support of metabolism, appropriate specialized nutrition and drinking (maintaining the water balance), especially at marathon distances, when there is a switching of energy sources from carbohydrate (macroergic phosphates, glycogen, glucose) to lipid and creates a real threat of dehydration. Essential value both in forecasting and in the process of correction of working capacity with the help of pharmacological preparations, has control of the hormonal status. Of the pharmacological agents, first of all, energy sources are needed: macroergic phosphates, glycogen and glucose, metabolites of the Krebs cycle, as well as plastic agents, vitamin-mineral complexes.

2. Speed-strength sports (all sprint distances, throwing, weightlifting, etc.), the distinctive feature of which is explosive, short in time and very intense physical activity.

The main functional system is the neuromuscular device, which provides a cardiorespiratory system.

In most cases, the rate depends on the genetic determinants and is not very suitable for both training and the effects of drugs. Distinguish the cyclic sequence of motor actions (running) and acyclic (throw). It is very difficult to improve the result on a hundred-meter, and strength and endurance are better suited to training. This also applies to pharmacological correction. Native sprinters have a higher percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers compared to runners for long distances. Speed is a very visible indicator - with increasing age, it undergoes the earliest and pronounced decline in comparison with strength and endurance.

For all throwers and weightlifters, special control is required for specialized feeding and shifting the catabolic phase of metabolism into anabolic without the use of prohibited steroids and somatotropin, which is achieved by the use of anabolic agents, macroergic phosphates and other energizers, plastic substrates. Compounds or DCs are also required, the action of which is aimed at reducing the intensity of lipid peroxidation processes (antioxidants) and plant adaptogenes that contain physiologically active antioxidant agents.

Sprinters unacceptably uncontrolled weight gain. Carbohydrate metabolism and energy sources predominate: macroergic phosphates, glycogen and glucose. When solving the problems of pharmacological support, it is taken into account that in these sports the main sources of energy are carbohydrate metabolism and macroergic phosphates, glycogen and glucose. Carbohydrate-protein-lipid mixtures, antioxidants, energetic action products, beekeeping products, etc., are used as means to maintain the athlete's working capacity.

3. Combat sports, a characteristic feature of which when spending energy is a non-constant cyclic level of physical loads, depending on the specific conditions of competition and sometimes reaching a very high intensity.

Combat sports include boxing, fencing, freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, taekwondo.

The main functional system is a muscle-and-muscle apparatus providing a cardiorespiratory system.

Effective is the use of authorized anabolic agents (ecdysterone, etc.) and sources of high-grade protein. It should also be borne in mind that these sports are mostly traumatic in most cases, which can be the cause of disturbances in microcirculation and metabolic processes in the brain, therefore nootropic drugs and disaggregants, such as pentoxifylline (trental), clopidogrel, dipyridamole (curantil), tirofiban (agrostat), Prefilik (Italy, a drug in Ukraine is not registered), etc., as well as a new generation drug abciximab (ReoPro), which is a monoclonal antibody obtained by bi otechnologicheskim method and possessing a pronounced affinity for the receptors of platelets, which provides a powerful very fast and long antiaggregative effect.

4. Game sports, or sports games, are characterized by great physical and neurological psychological stress, the presence of complex coordination movements, elements of single combat against the background of intense game thinking with a significant load on the upper and lower limbs, as well as the constant alternation of intense muscular activity and rest. Game types include basketball, badminton, baseball, softball, handball, football, water polo, field hockey, ice hockey, table tennis, beach volleyball, curling.

The main functional system is cardiorespiratory, which provides a gynecological device, a visual analyzer, as well as operational game thinking.

The tasks of pharmacological support are related to the correction of the processes of recovery, energy compensation, improvement of metabolic processes in the brain with the help of vitamin complexes, nootropic drugs, plant and animal adaptogenes, and antioxidants.

5. Complex coordination sports are based on the finest elements of the movement, which requires considerable exposure and attention, as well as the combination of a dynamic mode of operation of some muscles with the static efforts of others.

To complex co-ordination types sports gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, diving, trampolining, shooting, standart shooting, archery, synchronized swimming, sailing, rowing, equestrian sport; winter kinds - figure skating, freestyle, bobsled, skiing, luge, snowboarding, skeleton.

Of great importance is the increase in mental stability with the help of herbal remedies (valerian, hawthorn without alcohol components, picamilon), the use of nootropic drugs, vitamin complexes, products containing a large number of energy substrates (liver, egg yolk, seafood, bee products, cream and vegetable oils, etc.).


What nootropics Poker Players use - Top 5 Nootropics

12 Dec 2017

Nootropics gradually penetrate into all spheres of our daily life. And as it often happens, all the trends come from the countries of the Western world. I decided to study foreign forums and sites to highlight a few basic substances used in poker and adapted to our conditions. We inform in advance that this is not mathematics and there are no exact options. Also, certain certain substances may not be suitable.


In the beginning, which is often not taken into account, it is important to allocate time to the daily practice of the game, test strategies, eat and sleep normally. Yes! Many players do not hang at night in bars, do not eat anything, and then suddenly go somewhere and win.

In general, probably in any case, it's important to give yourself all this business and only then to look for magic wands.

semax, phenotropil

In general, articles and forums need a clear head and a minimum of emotions so that no one understands your cards. It is also important to have a moderate sense of fear.


Western players are sitting tightly on the modafinil. In Russia, modafinil is banned, so if you do not want to have a high risk of problems with the law - forget about modafinil.

Russian replacements of modafinil:

Hydrafinyl, ardomafinil, adrafinal (the last 2 - can dig themselves).

Now gaining popularity Hydrafinil, the effects are very similar, but it is not on the lists of banned substances. Hydrafinil, It is also called Fluorenol.

Modafinil itself is considered one of the most powerful nootropics. Its main effects are: high concentration of attention, easy stimulation, long-term action. The mechanism of action is associated with an increase in dopamine and histamine. The speed of thinking will also increase.

Modafinil is prohibited, dosages are not pronounced. Hydrafilil - 50-100 mg, a one-time appointment, or a course of several days.

Aniracetam or Pramiracetam

The second thing that often flashes in the top players is Aniracetam. It is a derived form from piracetam with a more anti-anxiety bias. A little dulling of emotionality in poker is useful. Also, aniracetam is considered a "creative" racetam, allowing you to find creative solutions. Although personally I do not understand why in poker creative, rather in chess, but the substance often appears, and therefore is on this list.

Pramiracetam is also considered as a convenient substitute for aniracetam for stress-resistant people, to whom the anti-anxiety effect is not important. Leaving only a powerful intellectual effect.

Dosages of any of the substances - 1 -1.5 gr, course 2 months, a break in a month.


Yes, it is creatine - a sports supplement for muscle growth! Interest is that the creatine derivative, creatine phosphate and creatine itself, is used by the brain as a source of energy. Of course, the more casual of you will immediately say that the usual glucose is already a source of brain energy and will be right. A creatine in storage effect for both the brain and the muscles, as well as a longer lasting effect. Creatine phosphate, with the help of chemical reactions, accelerates the creation of ATP. In general, the topic is large, there are studies. And the most part - for taking creatine to improve the intellect. Maybe there will be a separate issue!

Daily dosage of creatine: 4-5 grams (in the form of monohydrate). Drink better 1-2 months with a break in a month.


Many players are well informed about the noopept. Noopept improves the sensitivity of the receptors to acetylcholine, and increases the neurotrophic factors that grow and protect the nerve cells. In general, noopept has an effect on memory and counter-alert. Pretty soft stuff, sold without prescriptions. According to reviews, about 10-15% of people still tolerate it badly.

In the west, the noopept is really loved, its name often appears on the forums. Although, subjectively, it is weaker than other substances from this list.

Dosage of 30 mg per day, the course of taking 4-6 weeks with a break in a month.

Caffeine + L-Theanine

Caffeine is a well-known classical psychostimulant, works through the blocking of adenosine receptors and improves the sensitivity of receptors to dopamine. Here it is a question of pure caffeine, in coffee there are other compounds from which one may want to sleep.

Teanine is an extract from green tea, has a relaxing effect, improves creativity, increases alpha rhythms in the brain.

Together this is a well-established bundle of nootropics. Briefly, it can be described as a state of calm wakefulness, when there is a high cerebral activity for a long time without sudden jumps and changes.

This scheme also has many studies, more in the issue of L-Theanine! In general, the reaction time, memory and mood improve.

Players only accept this combination on the day of the game. Usual dosages: 150-200 mg of caffeine and 200-250 mg of l-theanine. You can take and course.

Bottom Line:

Here are a few substances that are actively used in the west by poker players. Independently, check out the side effects and contraindications!

- Modafinil or for LPG - Hydrafineil. Included in the top among nootropics.

Aniracetam or Pramiracetam. The first for the brain and to be a little bolder, the second - only for the brain. Both molecules are derived from pyracetam, a classic acetylcholine nootropic. There is an effect on the AMPA receptors.

- Creatine. Extra fuel for the brain and body!

- Noopept. Nootropics with an anti-anxiety effect, and although description is similar to aniracetam, they are very, very different.

- Caffeine with L-Theanine. Proven scheme with a high ratio of effectiveness to side effects, the state of active wakefulness.


Usage Jintropin. Jintropin solo, a course of Jintropin with steroids

11 Dec 2017

Jintropin is a recognized leader in the growth hormone market. All the properties of GH in this drug manifest themselves maximally, while the side effects are minimal, and the risk of antibody formation is only 1.6% (2% or less is considered a very small risk - this is the European standard).

On our site you can order Jintropin, read about how to take it, and in this article we will tell you what are the popular combinations of Jintropin with other drugs in bodybuilding.

Jintropin solo

Pros: minimal risk of side effects, it is easy to conduct a course, ideal for beginners, especially if starting with small doses (5 units of Jintropin per day). Suitable for girls (it is possible to reduce the dosage to 4-6 units per day).

Cons: the effect of a set of muscle mass may not be expressed, it will take at least 2-3 courses for radical changes in the body.

Jintropin and peptides

Pros. Peptides significantly increase the effect of Jintropin, as it stimulates the body to produce more of its own GR in addition to the exogenous. Ideal for a set of dry mass with a fat burning effect (usually together with CJC-1295). Increased anabolic effect. Taking GH every other day, peptides - every day. Ideal for beginners and athletes not power sports (for example, fighters).

Cons: bad for experienced athletes, not suitable for hardgeyner.

Jintropin and anabolic steroids

Pros: the most powerful anabolic effect (up to 10 kg per course and even higher) and an increase in strength, endurance. The effect of fat burning at the same time is preserved completely. Ideal for the experienced.

Cons: Greater dosage of GH (more than 10 Ud per day) is required, strong side effects, primarily from steroids, it is necessary to conduct a course of PCT to restore the level of testosterone at the end of massaging. Possible rollback.

Jintropin and insulin

Pros: an increase in the anabolic effect with minimal health risks (an increase of up to 1.5 kg of weight per week), maintaining the health of the pancreas (during the administration of GH, the body's need for insulin increases dramatically).

Minuses: the minimal fat burning effect, the scheme of reception of preparations becomes complicated (insulin can be entered only after GH - in 20-30 minutes, and a new dose of GH - only after the termination of action of an insulin).

Jintropin and thyroxine

Pros: increasing the fat burning effect (Jintropin reduces the function of the thyroid gland, a dose of about 25 mg of thyroxin a day strengthens it and stimulates lipolysis) without harm to weight gain, helps if a feeling of fatigue and drowsiness occurs during the administration of GH.

Cons: does not affect the growth of mass and strength.

Jintropin, insulin, thyroxine and anabolic steroids

Pros: radical transformation of the body for 3-4 months. A set of up to 15-20 kg of mass, a relief drawing. The strongest of all possible combinations today.

Cons: only for experienced bodybuilders! It requires careful selection of dosage, regimen of reception, control of the condition. Pillows of Jintropin and steroids. Necessity of conducting a course of PCT after a mass gathering.

Useful information for all occasions:

Shelf life of Jintropin in powder - 2 years, solution - from 48 hours (sterile water) to 10 days (bactericidal water)

For the same schemes, analogues of Jintropin can be used (for example, Ansomon)

A dose of 5-10 units per day will require about 80 vials of the drug


Peptide for tanning Melanotan 2- instructions, side effects

08 Dec 2017

Now, when doctors constantly frighten us with the harm of sunburn, it is difficult to believe that there are simple opportunities to tan beautifully and safely. Nevertheless, for almost twenty years, the effective and powerful peptide Melanotan 2 has been invented, which makes it possible to give the skin a beautiful golden-chocolate shade with minimal ultraviolet irradiation.

In this case, the peptide protects against skin cancer, photoaging, the appearance of sunburn. Melanotan 2 is a synthetic analogue of melanocortin, which stimulates the synthesis of melanin pigment.

At present, studies of this drug are being completed. It has already been confirmed that only a five-fold administration of the peptide causes a tanning effect. Its slightly less powerful analog, Melanotan 1, is approved for sale and use in Europe.

Among the confirmed side effects: mild nausea, yawning, spontaneous erection in men. In addition, Melanotan 2 can also cause additional pleasant effects - increased libido, decreased appetite (promotes fat burning and diet compliance).

Some note reddening of the skin, as well as the appearance of dark spots that disappear after peptide withdrawal, a long erection. When using the spray, rare cases of irritation of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, which disappear when the dose is reduced.

In theory, melanotan 2 can affect the cardiovascular system, but studies disprove it. Possible negative consequences when exceeding the recommended dose - 1 mg per day. Very dangerous doses of 6 mg or more.

Melanotan 2: spray and peptide for injection

Peptide Melanotan2 is designed for fast, safe and even tanning. Available in powder, injection and nasal spray forms.

The spray has several obvious advantages. It can be used anywhere. It is ideal for those who are very afraid of injections or simply feel uncomfortable from them. In addition, it is more convenient to dose it - due to the "using" spray. The only downside is the need for a slightly higher dosage to achieve the same effect. Because of what the course Melanotana2 spray will cost more than injections.

How to make and how to apply?

Breeding Melanotan2 simply. It is enough to pour water for injection into the wall at room temperature (usually take a dose of 2 ml) and stir well, making slow rotating movements.

You can store the finished peptide for 2 weeks. Provided that in a bottle of peptide with 10 mg of the drug you added 2 ml. A dose of 500 μg involves 10 divisions on a standard insulin syringe, which has 100 bars. That is, 0.1 ml of the solution.

To get a beautiful, saturated tan, you need to do injections of Melanotan in a dosage of 500-1000 mcg for 15-20 days. It is better to start with a dose 2-3 times less (for example, some members of the fitness bikini and bodybuilders recommend the use of not more than 100-200 μg on the first day) - this will allow to evaluate the individual tolerance of the peptide, after which it is already possible to gradually increase the dosage.

About where you need to do injections, and what precautions you should follow, you can read in a special article. Also on our site you can find a ready-made course of Melanotan2 (both spray and injections). We offer a safe and profitable purchase of Melanotan 2, guaranteeing the originality and effectiveness of the drug.


The effect of peptides in bodybuilding, powerlifting, athletics

07 Dec 2017

Peptides are amino acids in the form of chains connected by amide (peptide) bonds.

For a long time, only scientists and biologists heard about them, but today it is an integral part of the sport, especially of the professional. If to simplify, the peptides are very short proteins that serve to transport information between the cells of the body. For example, a peptide tells the pituitary - you need growth hormone! - and the pituitary gland produces it. Each of the peptides has a narrow, directed specialization. For the first time in a laboratory way peptides were obtained more than a hundred years ago, and today they are known about 2000 - all with their properties. The human body itself creates peptides to regulate almost all processes - the production of hormones, the functioning of endocrine glands, all levels of metabolism. Almost all age-related changes are attributed to the shortage of peptides.

So the question is: do the peptides work? - there can be only one answer. Yes, they do! Precisely because they strengthen the already existing functions of the human body and selectively affect the natural processes in it. Not surprisingly, they were attracted by athletes. After all, hormone drugs and steroids, which are determined by doping control, are forbidden for them. Peptides are allowed for sale, their sale in most countries is not restricted by law. Today they are even added to cosmetics (some are able to penetrate through the skin or mucous membranes) and in dietary supplements.

The main effects of peptides in sports and bodybuilding

Enhancement of anabolic processes by stimulating growth hormone, testosterone, etc.

Aiming fat burning (without affecting the muscles and other tissues)

Acceleration of recovery and regeneration, improvement of immunity

Improving the quality of life and appearance (sunburn, healthy sleep, increased libido, etc.)

Peptides are not only allowed, they are also much cheaper than synthetic hormones! They do not leave traces in the body and are not determined by doping control. It is behind the peptides that many see the future of bodybuilding and fitness. The effectiveness of a number of peptides in sports has already been proved not only by research, but also by the experience of numerous athletes. It is enough to study the reviews on peptides on the Internet to make sure that due to them the impossible becomes possible. It is easy to gain muscle mass, part with excess weight quickly and without painful kickbacks, recover from injury, find a healthy dream ...

All this is a new word in sports pharmacology, peptides!

Are peptides harmful or have side effects?

Some certainly do. However, only those peptides that do not have a detrimental effect on health can be found in the sale and free use. 9 of the 10 drugs that you will find in our store, the only side effect is redness at the injection site. But the positive effects - sometimes a dozen! Unlike many doping drugs, peptides do not deplete the body, but only activate its functions.


How to dilute Ansomon solution for injection

06 Dec 2017

Ansomone is a synthetic analogue of endogenous somatotropin. This polypeptide preparation is a product of genetic engineering synthesized in laboratories of the Chinese company Anhui Anke Biotechnology. It has found its wide application in clinical practice in the treatment of pathologies associated with impaired natural GH production, with Turner's syndrome, renal failure, trauma and extensive burns, as well as in anti-aging therapy. In the sports industry, recombinant growth hormone is used as a fat burning agent and a means for building up lean muscle mass.

Ansomone making rules

How to breed Ansomone? This question is asked by many beginning bodybuilders, who decided to try the effect of this product on themselves. The drug is available in the form of powder for injection, packaged in glass bottles of 4 and 10 mg. The kit contains a solvent (ampoules with sterile water).

The optimal daily dosage for an adult who first applies Ansomone is 5ED. The drug is administered at 2.5 units 2 times a day. For a qualitative but insignificant set of muscle mass, it is recommended to use 4-8 ED of a polypeptide daily, and for forced fat burning and muscle growth, 8-12 units.

When the lyophilized powder contained in 1 vial is dissolved, 1 ml of sterile water for injection is used. Breeding is carried out according to the formula:

1 ml = 1 cm3 = 100 ED (for a bottle containing 10 mg of the drug);

1 ml = 1 cm3 = 40 ED (for a vial containing 4 mg of the drug).

Ideally, injections use an insulin syringe V100 per 100 bars. ED is 10 divisions.

Answering the question of how to breed Ansomone, it should be clarified that with the introduction of a solvent, the needle should not touch the contents of the vial. Shake the drug categorically is not recommended, since such actions significantly reduce its effectiveness.

In addition to sterile water for injection, as a solvent for recombinant growth hormone, bactericidal water containing 0.9% sodium chloride and 0.9% benzene alcohol, which protect the solution against the penetration and spread of bacteria, can be used. It is used in the case when the diluted drug is administered in small doses and requires a long-term storage

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