Dosage of peptides

18 Aug 2017

The effect of each peptide drug included in the group of specialized sports nutrition, directly depends on its dose (the concentration of the active substance in the organ or tissue of the target). Therefore, to achieve the maximum expected effect, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions and, in order to obtain an individual course, correctly calculate the dosage of peptides.

How to calculate the dose of peptides

When starting calculations, it should be taken into account that the amount of active substance does not depend on the volume of the solvent. That is, if 5 mg of the product contained in one bottle is dissolved in 1 ml of water for injection, a solution containing all the same 5 mg of the substance will be obtained. When dissolved in 2 ml of liquid, the dosage of peptides will remain unchanged, and only the concentration will change (in 1 ml it is 2 times higher than in 2 ml).

In accordance with the standard formula, 1 kg of body weight of the athlete requires 1 μg of dry matter. In order to calculate peptides in units (graduation of an insulin syringe), you need to determine the amount of solvent. By dissolving 5 mg of lyophilized powder in 1 ml of liquid, a solution containing 5000 μg of substance will be obtained. In the insulin syringe, 100 units = 50 divisions = 1 ml. Taking into account the standard, 1 μg per 1 kg of weight, making a simple calculation, we get the ratio: 5000 μg per 5000 kg of weight. That is, an athlete weighing 100 kg needs 100 μg of the drug. This is 2 units, or one division of an insulin syringe. If the amount of the solvent is increased to 2 ml, the concentration of the active substance will decrease by a factor of 2, that is, 4 units or 2 divisions of the syringe will be introduced, and 6 volumes (3 divisions) will be required if the volume is reduced to 3 ml.

Thus, when calculating the dose of peptides, the following factors are taken into account: the amount of dry product, the amount of solvent and the volume of a single injection. The last indicator, depending on the structure and mechanism of action of the drug, is almost always indicated in the instructions.

Optimal dosages of popular peptides

GHRP 2: 2 μg per 1 kg of body weight. If the dosage is increased to 3 μg, this does not particularly affect the result, but there is an increased load on the somatotropic target cells. As a consequence, with time the sensitivity of receptors weakens and the effectiveness of the drug is noted.

GHRP 6: 1.5 μg per 1 kg of body weight. With an increase in the dose of up to 3 μg per kg, no significant improvement is observed, but also, due to increased loading, the receptors become less sensitive to the peptide, which leads to a decrease in its effectiveness.

Ipamorelin: 1 mcg per 1 kg of body weight.

Mechanical growth factor MGF / PEG MGF: 100-200 μg 2-3 times a week.

Gonadorelin: 1-2 mcg per 1 kg of body weight.

Calculation of the number of daily injections

On average, peptides are completely metabolized in the body for 3.5 hours, that is, ideally they should be administered 7 times a day. However, the constant stimulation of target cells leads to degradation of the receptors. Therefore, the maximum allowable number of injections should not exceed 4 times per day (subject to the standard dosage, 1 μg per 1 kg of body weight).

According to experts, the most optimal is the three-fold use of peptide drugs. In the morning, after waking up, then, at the end of strength training (not earlier than 3 hours after the first injection), and before bedtime. Ideally, injections should be done on an empty stomach. The three-time regime of peptides consumption will allow the body to use fats and carbohydrates as energy material, without involving protein compounds in the catabolic process.

The duration of the course application should not exceed 10 weeks. Those who wish to make the course longer (when combining amino acid products with anabolic androgenic steroids or their use during the period of PCT), professionals recommend giving a temporary rest to the receptors. For this, in the middle of the course, for a period of 2 weeks, a single dosage of peptides is reduced to 0.5 μg per 1 kg of body weight. With regard to the use of peptides shorter courses (less than 2 months), this use is quite acceptable, but less effective.

The best tested peptides

18 Aug 2017

Many novice bodybuilders are interested in two questions: which peptides are better and how can you be sure of the quality of the purchased products? In this article we will try to give them exhaustive answers.

When choosing peptide drugs used in sports pharmacology, professionals recommend following the following criteria: they must be original and have a high degree of purification. Qualitative peptides, in contrast to fake products, are produced in factories of official manufacturers, subject to compliance with all technological requirements. Each package of the preparation corresponds to an individual number, according to which it can be traced its origin on the manufacturer's website.

Due to the fact that amino acid products cover a fairly wide range of different compounds that stimulate a variety of physiological reactions, the term "effective peptides" is very extensive. In this case, the effectiveness of a drug depends on the sequence of its constituent amino acids, as well as on the response of the body.

Rating of tested peptides

Based on the assessments of professionals who took food sports products for a long time, the best peptides were isolated from a wide range of pharmacological products:

  • GHRP-2
  • GHRP-6
  • Ipamorelin
  • CJC-1295
  • HGH 176-191

This rating includes the most high-quality, proven peptides that occupy leading positions in sales volumes and are really an effective tool in achieving high sports results.

In order not to fall for the bait of fraudsters and protect yourself from the counterfeit, get the goods of sports nutrition from the suppliers working directly with the producers

Peptide Follistatin 344

18 Aug 2017

Peptide Follistatin 344 is an effective drug for increasing strength, muscle growth and increased efficiency. A key feature of the peptide is an incredibly fast result. Applying Follistatin, you can build up to 4 kilograms of weight in just 10 days!

Description of the preparation

Follistatin 344 is a drug completely identical to an activin-binding protein that is produced in the human body. Its function is to suppress the production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which leads to positive effects for athletes. It is used not only to increase muscle growth and strength, but also to treat muscle atrophy. The human body produces its own follistatin, but with age, under the influence of various factors, its amount gradually decreases. Follistatin also acts as a blocker of myostatin, which inhibits the growth of muscle mass. The increased effect of myostatin with age contributes to the accumulation of fat mass, and this peptide completely eliminates all its negative effects. This is what distinguishes it from its analogs and gives a quick result. Under the influence of Follistatin, muscle cells not only actively grow, but also rejuvenate, their life cycle is prolonged.

Usage, dosage, instructions

Follistatin 344 peptide is used as a subcutaneous injection. For injection, the drug must be dissolved in bactericidal or sterile water for injection.

The recommended dose for an average athlete is 100 μg of Follistatin 1 time per day.

It is possible to increase the dosage to 200 mcg once a day.

A further increase in the dose of the peptide does not lead to an improvement in the results.

It is used in a short course of 10-20 days, because it provides a very fast result - according to research, the growth of muscle mass is up to 4 kg in 10 days, while observing a high-protein and high-calorie diet.

The maximum duration of the course is 21 days, then you need to take a break for at least a month.

How to store?

At a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius (the upper shelf of the refrigerator) a ready-made solution of Follistatin is stored for 10-20 days. When using bactericidal water, the shelf life can be extended to 30 days.

Experience of usage

In reviews of bodybuilders about Folistatine 344, absolutely everyone who applied the peptide noted a rapid increase in weight. Even with dietary restrictions and non-compliance with the diet, the gain was 2-2.5 kg per course in 10 days.

Contraindications and side effects

Noticeable side effects of Follistatin are possible only in women. In the medical literature, the growth of FTS production is associated with the development of polycystic ovary. Therefore, women athletes for the development of strength and muscle mass are recommended other peptides. Often the peptide causes an increase in appetite, very rarely the opposite effect is possible - suppression of appetite and hunger. At the injection site, small redness and swelling may occur.

Peptide CJC-1295 DAC

18 Aug 2017

This really superpowerful peptide was synthesized in 2005, and the distribution was recently received - only in 2010-2011, when it was tried by athletes, powerlifters and bodybuilders. It effectively increases muscle mass, promotes fat burning and increases stamina. Its main virtue is an action that lasts, in some cases, up to two weeks.


Tetra-substituted peptide CJC-1295 with DAC is a hormone that contains 30 amino acids, as well as an analogue of somatoliberin, which provides natural production of GH-growth hormone. In comparison with CJC-1295, its half-life is longer: up to 2 weeks compared to 30 minutes. This feature is provided by communication with albumins - that is, plasma proteins.

Athletes most appreciate this drug for its provision:

rapid, noticeable increase in strength and endurance,

constantly progressive growth of muscles,

burning of visceral and subcutaneous fat.

In addition, CJC-1295 with DAC complex has an excellent anti-aging effect, which can be easily seen by changes in the state of hair, skin and nails, and also strengthens bones. There is also a positive effect on the psychoemotional state and on the quality of sleep.

Studies have confirmed: CJC-1295 with DAC is equally safe and effective for men and for women.

How to use?

1. Dilute CJC-1295 with DAA 2mg in 2 ml of bactericidal or sterile water for injection. It is better to use bactericidal water if you want to keep the diluted peptide.

2. The recommended dosage of CJC-1295 with DAC per 1 kg of weight is somewhere between 30-60μg per week.

3. In view of the fact that a slight decrease in efficacy can be observed already on the 5th day after administration, it is better to divide this dose by 2 injections per week.

4. Do not increase the dosage more than 60 μg per 1 kg of weight per week, as this does not improve the effectiveness of the drug.

5.For greater effect, the peptide can be combined with other peptides of the GHRP group: Ipamorelin, Hexaprilin, etc.

How to prepare medication for injection?

On a bottle with a capacity of 2mg, 2ml of special water for injections is needed, which must be poured neatly into the bottle by means of a sterile syringe. After that, it is worth waiting for dissolution. The proportion in 1U (one division) of an insulin syringe (model per 100 bars) is calculated at 10mkg of peptide. For a single dosage, you need to dial from 3 to 6 units.

Experience of usage

One dose of the recommended dose of CJC-1295 with DAA increases blood levels of the growth hormone 2-10 times within the first 6 days, and 2-3 times the IGF-1 level within 10 days.

Increased concentration of IGF-1 remains even after 2 weeks after a single injection. The effectiveness of the drug is comparable to the injection of 15EU GH per day. Especially valuable is the drug for those athletes who can not do injections (or do not want to).

Contraindications and side effects

Serious side effects of CJC-1295 with DAC were not revealed. In rare cases, dizziness and ripple in the temples occurred within 30 minutes after the injection, redness at the injection site, a feeling of fatigue in the first days of taking the drug.

Most powerful fat burners

18 Aug 2017

The achievement of heights in sports is connected not only with regular training, but also with a properly chosen diet. In addition, often professionals use sports nutrition to achieve the goal. Given that it is an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in fat, the most popular are powerful fat burners.

Features of the action of fat burners

In order to make an effective course using the means to reduce adipose tissue, it is important to understand what they are. Fat burners are additives that contain components that promote the breakdown of fats and their processing into energy. There are also drugs that slow the absorption of fat during meals. In any case, as a result of the course, the amount of adipose tissue decreases, and at the same time, endurance increases.

To achieve the effect, it is important to choose the right drug that suits you. Typically, strong fat burners contain caffeine, ephedrine, l-carnitine, extracts of guarana or green tea and a large number of other components. As an example, consider China White 25, Methyldrene, Asia Black-25. Each of them has its own effect. Due to this, some drugs are able to absorb fat, while others reproach their processing into energy. Accordingly, even if you need to achieve a minimum amount of time, you can not combine these two funds in one course.

Also, you can not ignore the diet and at the same time use the most powerful fat burner. The fact is that, for example, lipotropic fat burners contribute to the distribution of fats and their processing into energy. For this reason, in the absence of training, you can feel overexcitement and even insomnia. The same goes for fat burners of thermogenic properties, as they accelerate the process of metabolism. In an extreme case, for those who can not keep a diet, Methyldrene can be recommended.

In contrast, fat blockers slow down the process of assimilation of fat, due to which they go out in an unchanged form and are not stored in fat stores. If you regularly use these tools, you can not only reduce weight, but also disrupt the work of internal organs, in particular, the digestive system. Therefore, it is impossible to exceed the dosage and prolong the course.

Are strong fat burners dangerous?

Each drug used in sports nutrition should be selected carefully. It is better to follow the following recommendations:

Examination with a doctor and exclusion of any contraindications;

Definition of the goal: weight reduction, muscle building, elaboration of the relief;

Drawing up a training plan;

Choice of the drug, based on its composition.

Thus, choosing even the most powerful fat burner, you can not ignore physical activity and diet. In combination, all these activities will allow you to achieve your goal and for a minimum period of time get rid of fat.

Picking up such an additive, you need to carefully approach the mode of its intake and dosage. Most of the funds are not recommended in the evening. The optimal solution is the use of additives before training and in the morning. In parallel, to increase the effectiveness of fat burners, it is recommended to use vitamin complexes and microelements.

How to take Ansomon

17 Aug 2017

Ansomone (Ansomone) is a high-quality certified recombinant Growth Hormone of the Chinese manufacturing company Anhui Anke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. This product of high purity and biological activity corresponds to all the reference standards and requirements of the Asian, European and American pharmacopoeia. It found its wide application in clinical practice, and also excellently recommended itself as a special sports supplement.

Answering the question how to take Ansomon, it should be clarified that this sterile with a high content of amino acids is available in the form of a lyophilized (instant) powder for injections, in ampoules. Among bodybuilders, hypodermic administration of the drug is practiced. Dosage, as a rule, sets the coach.

The original recombinant growth hormone Ansomon, presented on the Peptits.ru website, has all the properties of endogenous human somatropin:

  • Stimulates the growth of the body in length (up to 26 years) and promotes an increase in the width and thickness of the bones;
  • Provides an increase in the mass of the muscular and connective tissue:
  • Reduces the fatty layer and lowers cholesterol;
  • Increases the efficiency of assimilation of amino acids and enhances the synthesis of protein, leading to an increase in body weight;
  • Normalizes the balance of protein metabolism;
  • Counteracts catabolism (disintegration of muscle tissue);
  • Strengthens the peripheral circulation and contractility of the heart muscle.

The Ansomon Course

To increase muscle mass and form a perfect body relief, a special course was developed by Ansomon, which prescribes the use of the drug according to a certain scheme. First, the daily dosage is 5ED. Injections are performed every other day (this prevents a decrease in sensitivity to GH). Starting from II-III weeks, in the absence of side effects, the dosage is increased to 10 units. Duration of the course application is 3-6 months, after which it is necessary to take a break.

Taking Ansomon is often recommended in combination with peptides, steroids or insulin, so the beginning of the course should determine which goals are being pursued. It can be a set of dry muscle mass, elimination of surplus subcutaneous fat, resistance to catabolism, etc. And only then, after choosing the necessary combination, to start using drugs, according to a specifically developed scheme.

Cheap growth hormone

17 Aug 2017

Hormones of growth can be found in different variations and from different manufacturers. All this affects its value in the most direct way. Cheap growth hormone may not always turn out bad, there are good options. Most often this is due to the eminence of the brand, under which it is produced and sold.

At the moment, the first place can be put Ansomon, who now owns 80% of the market. Now it is the cheapest growth hormone, which is the original. Initially, Jintropin and Ansomone from the factory are released at a price of $ 90 per package. They are produced from similar raw materials, but in retail, the difference in value is immediately apparent - 220 against $ 130. This is a quality product that is manufactured by China's oldest and richest plant. When you use Ansmon, the effect does not make you wait.

On the second place can be put Hypertropin. Its quality is slightly lower than the previous one, and the cost is almost the same. Further in the ranking can be called Gentropin Europharm because of its high price. It is similar to the first drug, but its cost is much higher. On the market now there are a lot of crafts of this drug, which are far from the indices of the necessary standard.

On the fourth place are: Norditropin, Rastan, Dinatrop. The second one is more often found in the form of a fake than the original product, which is why many people who accept it suffer. Norditropin is a certified drug, which is often very expensive. Dinatrop is an expensive drug, not giving the proper effect from the application. This is another proof that cheap growth hormone can be much better than others.

Peptides in bodybuilding

17 Aug 2017

On the effectiveness of the use of peptides in bodybuilding, which are relatively inexpensive, but very effective analogue of hormonal anabolics, are divided into structural and functional. Structural biologically active compounds, obtained by artificial synthesis, enrich the body with amino acids and promote the stimulation of anabolism. In turn, functional almost triple the production of natural growth hormone, accelerate metabolism, burn subcutaneous fat deposits and reduce body weight.

Structural peptides

Both professional athletes and beginners who want to buy peptides for bodybuilding should have a clear idea of their goal and how to achieve it. Those who seek to enrich the body with amino acids necessary for the synthesis of their own protein, used as a material for constructing new myocytes (muscle fibers), prefer structural compounds. In comparison with high-grade proteins, they are digested much easier and faster. The most popular among weightlifters is concentrate and hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.

Studying reviews about peptides in bodybuilding, one can come to the conclusion that structural proteins contributing to the buildup and preservation of weight are usually used by those who by nature have insufficient body weight. At the same time, the training program necessarily includes exercises that promote the development of ligaments (to avoid imbalance and problems with the musculoskeletal system). However, abuse and non-compliance with dosage can cause an overabundance of protein in the body, which negatively affects the function of baking.

Functional peptides

This group of peptides, used by the body in unchanged form, is more popular among bodybuilders. In sports pharmacology they are used, as preparations for a set of muscle mass, or as a means for losing weight. Functional compounds, which increase the secretion of growth hormone 2-4 times, at the same time contribute to the breakdown of fats (the so-called side effect of the use of peptides). At the same time, their action is aimed at improving the condition of ligaments and strengthening the immune forces of the body. The most popular representatives of functional synthetic peptides include Ipamorelin, GHRP 2 and GHRP 6.

How to take fat burners

17 Aug 2017

In sports nutrition, the accuracy of the drugs taken is important. Excess dosage can lead to side effects, and misuse of fat burners will not achieve the goal. Therefore, anyone who decided to take supplements should first of all understand how to properly take fat burners.

Types of fat burners

Depending on the composition of fat burners are divided into lipotropic and thermogenic. The first group includes inositol, choline, chromium picolinate, methionine and so on. They all contribute to the breakdown of fats and their processing into energy. Take these drugs is recommended in the morning and immediately before training. Such preparations as Asia Black-25 should be washed down with plenty of water, as it has a diuretic effect. If necessary, a third reception is allowed in the evening.

Depending on the manufacturer's company, it is recommended to take fat burners in a dosage of 1-5 grams per day. The selected dose is divided into two or three doses. It can be Red Wasp 25. Its advantage is that it has virtually no contraindications and side effects.

Thermogenic fat burners include ephedrine, caffeine, evodiamine, guarana, cayenne pepper, synephrine and so on. Such components accelerate the metabolism, excitably act on the nervous system and increase endurance and performance. This group includes Black Spider 25.

Such supplements are taken twice a day. In the morning, the first reception is performed on an empty stomach for 20-30 minutes before breakfast. The second reception should come for an hour before training. Due to the ability to increase stamina, training against the background of thermogenic fat burners is much more effective. Dosage is selected individually depending on the composition of the drug. It also takes into account the training mode and the level of the goal.

A separate group of fat burners are fat blockers. The main component is chitosan. Due to the ability to bind fats, to achieve the effect you need to take the drug before eating. And to exclude side effects reception is carried out once a day.

Take a fat burner, which includes chitosan, you need very carefully. It can cause such disorders as headache, itching, stools, flatulence and so on.

Rules for the taking of fat burners

First and foremost, it is important to consult with your doctor before taking the medication and to exclude contraindications. If side effects occur, the dosage decreases or the supplement changes. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of the action of all components and not to use funds at bedtime or at a higher dosage.

In order to avoid addiction, the course should be no more than three weeks, after which a break in 1-2 weeks. In order to reduce the likelihood of side effects, vitamin complexes are used in parallel.

Even if you need to achieve high results in the shortest time, you can not use two fat burners from different groups. This can lead to exhaustion, as some inhibit the absorption of fats, while others contribute to their rapid splitting.

If training is conducted under the supervision of an experienced instructor, you can advise him how to take a fat burner. He will take into account the level of training, the regime of classes and help to make an effective scheme of admission.

Peptides and testosterone

17 Aug 2017

Peptides and testosterone in the practice of bodybuilding are considered complementary concepts. The consequence of the course of taking anabolic steroids is a decrease in the function of the pituitary-hypothalamus-testicle axis, and as a result, a significant weakening of the secretion of own male sex hormones. That is why after high-dose chemotherapy courses, competent post-course therapy (PKT) is required, which involves the use of peptide drugs that normalize the release of endogenous testosterone.

Peptides for increasing testosterone

In sports pharmacology, to eliminate the syndrome of androgen deficiency and prevent testicular atrophy, a unique drug is used that is analogous to gonadoliberin. It is called Gonadorelin. It is a peptide for increasing testosterone, recommended for use as a PKT agent that activates the pituitary gland. The drug stimulates the secretion of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone, which control the metabolism of the testes and control spermatogenesis.

Gonadorelin is recommended to be used after a course of anabolic steroids, as one of the components of post-course therapy. This tool, quite popular among professional athletes, and with virtually no side effects, provides a qualitative way out of the AU course, does not allow "showering" and avoids the oppression of one's own sexual function.

Positive effects of the application

Increased secretion of own testosterone;

Preservation of muscle mass;

Normalization of spermatogenesis.

Based on the foregoing, the conclusion is that the peptides and testosterone are closely related. During post-course therapy, Gonadorelin is recommended for taking a pulsatile schedule: 2 weeks of intake, 2 weeks of rest, 2 weeks of treatment again, and then a long break (to prevent oppression of the gonadotropic function of the GGN). The daily dosage is 100-200 mcg, divided into 3-4 injections. At the end of PTC it is recommended to pass an analysis for sex hormones.