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Instruction for use: Abisyl

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Active substance Abies sibiricus terpens

ATX code

D06BX Other antimicrobial medications

Pharmacological group

Other non-narcotic analgesics, including non-steroidal and other anti-inflammatory drugs

Nosological classification (ICD-10)

A46 erysipelas


H60.9 External otitis, unspecified

Inflammation of external auditory canal, Otitis, Chronic external otitis media

H66.9 Otitis media, unspecified

Chronic otitis, Otitis, otitis media, middle ear infections, Otitis media in children

H68 inflammation and blockage of the ear [Eustachian] pipes

Eustachian, acute evstahiit, Qatar Eustachian tubes, Evstaheit

J00 Acute nasopharyngitis [runny nose]

Viral rhinitis, Inflammation of the nasopharynx, Inflammatory diseases of the nose, purulent rhinitis, Nasal congestion, Nasal congestion with colds and flu, The difficulty of nasal breathing, The difficulty of nasal breathing for colds, Difficulty in nasal breathing, Difficulty in nasal breathing in colds, nasal, hypersecretion, cold, ARI with rhinitis phenomena, coryza, Acute rhinitis of various origins, Acute rhinitis with thick purulent mucous exudate, Acute nasopharyngitis, Swelling of the mucosa of the nasopharynx, Rhinitis, rhinorrhea, Infectious-inflammatory diseases of ENT organs, heavy cold, rhinopharyngitis, nasopharyngitis

J01 Acute sinusitis

Inflammation of the sinuses, Inflammatory diseases of the paranasal sinuses, Purulent inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, Infectious-inflammatory diseases of ENT organs, Infection of the sinuses, Combined sinusitis, Exacerbation of sinusitis, Acute inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, Acute bacterial sinusitis, Acute sinusitis in adults, Subacute sinusitis, acute Sinusitis, sinusitis

J02.9 Acute pharyngitis, unspecified

purulent pharyngitis, Acute nasopharyngitis,Limfonodulyarny pharyngitis

J03.9 Acute tonsillitis, unspecified (angina agranulocytic)

Sore throat infections, Acute tonsillitis, Angina, Follicular tonsillitis, Angina alimentary-hemorrhagic, Secondary sore throat, Sore throat primary, Angina follicular, Angina, Inflammatory diseases of the tonsils, Catarrhal angina, Lacunar angina, Acute Sore Throat, Tonsillitis, Tonsillitis acute, Tonsillar angina, Follicular sore throat, Bacterial tonsillitis

J04 Acute laryngitis and tracheitis

Cough in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, Laryngitis, acute Laryngitis, tracheitis sharp, pharyngolaryngitis, Infectious-inflammatory diseases of ENT organs

J31.0 Chronic Rhinitis

Hyperplastic chronic Rhinitis, polypoid rhinosinusitis, Atrophic rhinitis with crusting, Hypertrophic rhinitis, Runny fetid, Rhinitis hyperplastic, chronic Rhinitis, Rhinitis chronic atrophic fetid, Rhinitis chronic atrophic simple, Rhinitis chronic hypertrophic, Exacerbation of chronic rhinitis, Chronic atrophic rhinitis, Dry rhinitis

J31.2 Chronic pharyngitis

Pharyngitis chronic, Exacerbation of inflammatory diseases of the pharynx and oral cavityHypertrophic pharyngitis, Inflammatory process of pharynx, Sore Throat Infection, Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the pharynx, Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx, Atrophic pharyngitis

J32 Chronic sinusitis

Allergic rhinosinusopathy, purulent sinusitis, Catarrh nasopharyngeal area, Catarrh of the sinuses, Exacerbation of sinusitis, chronic Sinusitis

J35 Chronic diseases of the tonsils and adenoids

J37 Chronic laryngitis and laryngotracheitis

Infectious-inflammatory disease of ENT organs

K05.4 Periodontal disease

Alveolar pyorrhea, Amphodontosis, Chronic parodontosis, Superficial and deep periodontitis, Pyorrhea

K10.3 Jaw Alveolitis

Alveolitis, Postextractive alveolitis

K12 Stomatitis and Related Lesions

Bacterial stomatitis, Inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, Inflammatory diseases of tissues of the oral cavity, Inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, Fungal diseases of the mouth, Fungal infections of the oral cavity, Fungal infections and inflammatory diseases of the mouth, Diseases of the mouth, Infectious-inflammatory disease of the oral cavity, Exacerbation of inflammatory diseases of the pharynx and oral cavity, Stomatitis, Angular stomatitis, Chronic recurrent stomatitis, Ulcerative necrotic diseases of the oral mucosa, Ulcerative necrotic gingivostomatitis, Ulcerative stomatitis, Erosive-ulcerative lesion of the oral mucosa, Erosive-ulcerative lesions of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, Erotic mucous membrane of the oral cavity, Recurrent ulcerative stomatitis

K12.2 Phlegmon and abscess of oral cavity

Angina Ludwig, Phlegmon maxillofacial area, Edema of the oral cavity

L02 Skin abscess, furuncle and carbuncle

Furuncle of external auditory canal, Furuncle of the auricle, Furuncles, Abscess, Abscess of skin, Carbuncle, Carbuncle skin, Furuncle, Skin furuncle, Furunculosis, Chronic recurrent furunculosis

L08.0 Pyoderma

Festering atheroma, Pustular dermatoses, Pustular skin lesions, Purulent allergic dermatopathies, Purulent skin infections, Infected atheroma, Mycosis complicated by secondary pyoderma, Ostiophalliculitis, Piodermatitis, Pyoderma ,Superficial pyoderma, Sycosis of Staphylococcus aureus, Staphyloderma, Streptodermia, Streptophiloderma, Chronic pyoderma

L89 Decubital ulcer

Decubital gangrene, Bedsores, Bedsore, Secondary-infected bedsores, Gangrene decubital

L98.4.2 * Trophic skin ulcer

Varicose ulcer, Varicose ulcers, Cutaneous ulcer, Non-healing ulcers, Trophic ulcer, Trophic ulcer of lower leg, Trophic skin lesions, Trophic after-burn ulcers, Trophic ulcers, Trophic skin ulcers, Ulcer of lower leg, Ulcer of skin, Ulcer of trophic skin, Ulcer on legs, Ulcerative necrosis of the skin, Ulcer of shin, Ulcer of the lower leg, Ulcers of lower extremities, Difficult healing ulcers

L98.8.0 * Fistula

Festering postoperative fistulae, Fistulas, Specific fistula

T14.1 Open wound of unspecified body region

Secondary healing processes, Sluggishly granulating wounds, Sluggishly healing wounds, Sluggish wounds, Deep Wounds, Purulent wound, Granulating wounds, Prolonged non-healing wound, Long-lasting non-healing wound and ulcer, Long-lasting non-healing soft tissue wound, Healing of wounds, Wound healing, Capillary bleeding from superficial wounds, Bleeding wound, Radiation Wounds, Slowly epithelializing wounds, Minor cuts, Suppurated wounds, Violation of wound healing processes, Breach of skin integrity, Violations of the integrity of the skin, Violations of the integrity of the skin, Small cuts, Uninfected wounds, Uncomplicated wounds, Operating wound, Primary treatment of surface contaminated wounds, Primary wound treatment,Primary-delayed treatment of wounds, Poorly cicatrizing wound, Poor wound healing, Bad wound, Superficial injury, Superficial wound with mild exudation,Wound, The wound is large, Bite wound, Wound process, Wounds, Wound healing wounds, Stump Wounds,Wounds for gunshot, Wounds with deep cavities,Difficult healing wounds, Difficult wounds, Chronic Wounds

T30 Thermal and chemical burns, unspecified

Pain syndrome with burns, Pain in burns, Pain with burns, Sluggishly healing post-burn wounds, Deep burns with a wet scab, Deep burns with abundant compartments, Deep burn, Laser burn, Burn, Burning of the rectum and perineum, Burn with mild exudation, Burn disease, Burn injury, Superficial burn, Superficial burn of I and II degree, Superficial skin burns, After-burn trophic ulcer and wound, Post-burn complication, Loss of fluid during burns, Sepsis burn, Thermal burns, Thermal skin lesions, Thermal burn, Trophic after-burn ulcers, Chemical burn, Surgical burn

T35 Frostbite, affecting several areas of the body and unspecified frostbite

T79.3 Post-traumatic wound infection, not elsewhere classified

Inflammation after surgery and trauma, Inflammation after trauma, Secondary infection of skin and mucous membrane damage, Deep Wounds, Purulent wound, Purulent necrotic phase of wound process, Purulent-septic diseases, Purulent wounds, Purulent wounds with the presence of deep cavities, Granulating wounds of small size, Disinfection of purulent wounds, Wound Infections, Infections wound, Infection of wounds, Infected and non-healing wound, Infected postoperative wound, Infected wound, Infected Skin Wounds, Infected burns, Infected Wounds, Suppurating postoperative wounds, Extensive purulent-necrotic process of soft tissues, Burn infections, Burn infection, Perioperative infection, Poorly healing infected wound, Postoperative and purulent-septic wound, Postoperative wound infection, Wound infection, Wound botulism, Wound infections, Wounds of purulent, Wounds infected, Reinfection of granulating wounds, Sepsis posttraumatic

T88.9 Complication of surgical and medical care, unspecified

Pain in the postoperative period, Pain in the postoperative period after orthopedic surgery, Pain syndrome after diagnostic procedures, Pain after surgery Diagnostic, Pain after surgery, Pain after orthopedic surgery, Pain after the removal of hemorrhoids, Pain in the application of excimer laser, Pain with injuries and after surgical interventions, Pain syndromes in the dental practice, Painful diagnostic intervention, Painful diagnostic manipulations, Painful instrumental diagnostic procedures, Painful instrumental manipulation, Painful treatments, Painful manipulations, Painful dressings, Painful therapeutic interventions, Pain in the area of the surgical wound, Pain in the postoperative period, Pain after diagnostic procedures, Pain after orthopedic surgery, Pain during diagnostic procedures, Pain during therapeutic procedures, Pain in orthopedics, The pain in the postoperative period, Pain after diagnostic procedures, The pain after sclerotherapy, The pain after dental surgery, postoperative Pain, Pain postoperative and posttraumatic, The pain of tooth extraction, Inflammation after surgery or injury, Inflammation after orthopedic surgery, Inflammation after surgery, The inflammatory syndrome after surgery, Festering postoperative fistula, Operating wound, Complications after tooth extraction

Z97.2 Availability of a denture device (full) (partial)

Damage to the mucous membrane when wearing dentures, Ulcers when wearing dentures,, Ulceration of dentures, Dentures, Bedsores from removable dentures, Irritation from dental prostheses, Irritation of the oral mucosa with dentures and braces, When wearing dentures,Gum pain when wearing dentures

Composition and form of release

Solution for local and external use oil 100 g

Abisil (fir Siberian Terpenes) 20 g

the content of bornyl acetate is 10.0%

auxiliary substances: sunflower oil - up to 100 g

in bottles of dark glass at 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 ml or in bottles of droppers of 15, 20 or 25 ml; in a pack of cardboard 1 bottle or a bottle-dropper.

Description of dosage form

Dense oily liquid from yellow to milky white with a specific odor. During storage, a stratification that disappears when shaken is possible.


Anti-inflammatory agent of plant origin.

pharmachologic effect

Pharmacological action - wound-healing, anti-inflammatory local, antibacterial local.


The drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, antibacterial, analgesic, antiexudative action, caused by the properties of natural terpenoids that make up its composition.

Has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, incl. and to antibiotic-resistant strains. Creates optimal conditions for healing the wound surface of soft tissues, accelerates the process of epithelization, improves microcirculation.

When topical application is not absorbed and does not have a local irritant effect. The drug has no toxic properties, teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects have not been identified, which allows it to be used in all age groups


In general surgical practice:

purulent-inflammatory diseases of the skin and soft tissues (trophic ulcers and long-term non-healing purulent postoperative and post-traumatic wounds, fistulas, bedsores, burns and frostbite, abscesses and phlegmon, including maxillofacial area).

In otorhinolaryngology:









states after tonsillectomy.

In dentistry:





complications in prosthetics of teeth.

In dermatology:




Individual intolerance.

Side effects

Short-term burning in the place of application. In people with hypersensitivity to essential oils, allergic reactions are possible.


Do not combine with other external means.

Dosing and Administration

Locally, externally. Shake before use!

With purulent-inflammatory diseases of the skin and soft tissues, preliminary surgical treatment of the wound surface is carried out and then the preparation is applied 1-2 times a day with a uniform thin layer. The duration of treatment depends on the form and severity of the disease (usually 5-10 days) and ends when fresh granulations, epithelial islets or complete epithelialization appear.

In inflammatory processes in the maxillofacial area, after opening and surgical processing of abscesses and phlegmon, tampons impregnated with Abisil solution are injected into the pockets and postoperative wounds. The procedure is repeated daily for 5-7 days.

When diseases of the oral cavity, treat the affected surface of the mucous membrane 2-3 times a day or apply turundas moistened with the drug.

When otitis - to enter into the external ear canal a tampon moistened with the drug.

When treating rhinitis, sinusitis is instilled in each nasal passage of 1-2 drops 3-4 times a day.

With sinusitis, the drug is injected into the maxillary sinus after its preliminary sanitation.

When treating tonsillitis and other inflammatory diseases of the throat - treat the drug with mucous membranes 2-3 times a day.

With skin diseases - the drug is applied 1-3 times a day with a thin layer on the affected areas. The duration of the course is individual and depends on the severity of the disease.

special instructions

Do not allow the drug to get into the conjunctiva of the eye, if it does, rinse the eye with water.

Do not apply to damp skin.

storage Conditions

In a dry, the dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

4 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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