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Instruction for use: Vaccinum Staphylococcus-Proteus-Pseudomonas adsorbtum fluidum

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Dosage form: Subcutaneous suspension

Active substance: Vaccine for the treatment of staphylo-prosthetic-pseudomonas aeruginosa infections


J07AX Other antibacterial vaccines

Pharmacological group:

Vaccines, serums, phages and toxoids

The nosological classification (ICD-10)

A49 Bacterial infection of unspecified site: Bacterial infection; Infectious diseases

A49.0 Staphylococcal infection, unspecified: Staphylococcal infection

B99 Other infectious diseases: Infections (opportunistic); Infections on the background of immunodeficiency; Opportunistic infections

Z29.1 Prophylactic immunotherapy: Vaccination against viral infections; donor Vaccination; Vaccination and revaccination; Vaccination of newborns; Vaccination against hepatitis B; Immunization; Correction of the immune status; Therapeutic and prophylactic immunization; Preventive immunization; Specific immunoprophylaxis; Stimulation of the processes of nonspecific immunit

Composition and release form

1 ml of the suspension contains staphylococcal anatoxin 7 + 1 antitoxin-binding units (EC), Pseudomonas aeruginosa 30 + 2 μg, Staphylococcus cytoplasmic antigen 1 + 0.1 mg, polyvalent Protein antigen 50 + 5 μg; In ampoules of 1 ml, in a cardboard box 10 pcs. With a knife ampoule.

Pharmachologic action

It induces the formation of specific (antiprotein, antistaphylococcal, anti-synergic) antibodies, stimulates the phagocytic activity of neutrophils.

Indication of the drug Vaccinum Staphylococcus-Proteus-Pseudomonas adsorbtum fluidum

Prevention of purulent-septic complications in patients aged 18 to 60 years.


Acute infectious, chronic and allergic diseases.

Side effects

Allergic reactions, hyperemia, compaction (with dimensions up to 15x15 mm, remaining for 48-72 hours) at the injection site.

Dosing and Administration

SC. Patients with isolated injuries and closed fractures - once 0.5 ml; With the purpose of prevention in case of extensive injuries and combined injuries, planned surgical interventions: the first dose of 0.5 ml (within 72 hours after entering the hospital or during the preoperative preparation), the second - 1 ml, twice, at intervals of 2 weeks to 20 Days.

Precaution measures

After the introduction, it is necessary to observe the vaccinated for 30 minutes (possibly the development of allergic reactions). Preparations should be made for anti-shock therapy.

Storage conditions of the drug Vaccinum Staphylococcus-Proteus-Pseudomonas adsorbtum fluidum

At a temperature of 2-8 C. At a temperature of 3-5 C (store and transport). Do not freeze.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life of the drug Vaccinum Staphylococcus-Proteus-Pseudomonas adsorbtum fluidum

2 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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