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Visine Allergy eye drops 0.05% 4ml

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Visine Allergy eye drops - is an ophthalmic agent used to combat allergic conjunctivitis.

Visine Allergy eye drops - antiallergic drug, selective blocker of histamine H1-receptors of prolonged action. Local effect occurs within 5 minutes. Visine Allergy eliminates the typical symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis (itching, redness, conjunctival edema and eyelids, lachrymation).

The action lasts up to 12 hours.


Suction and distribution

After instillation in the eye at a dose of 15 μg / drop absorbed about 6 μg of levocabastine. Cmax in the blood plasma is reached after about 6 hours.

The binding of levocabastine to plasma proteins is approximately 55%.

Metabolism and excretion

The main metabolite of levocabastine, acylglucuronide, is formed by glucuronidation, which is the main way of metabolites formation.

T1 / 2 Levocabastin is 39-70 h. Levocabastin is excreted mainly by the kidneys in unchanged form (about 70% of the absorbed amount).


  • Allergic conjunctivitis.


  • Wearing contact lenses.
  • Lactation period (breastfeeding).
  • Children under 12 years.
  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.


  • Patients of advanced age.
  • Impaired renal function.

Special instructions:

During the period of treatment, it is not recommended to use soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses - it is possible to interact with the chloride included in the preparation of benzalkonium.

To prevent microbial contamination, avoid touching the eyelid with a pipette and close the vial tightly.

The patient should be informed that if the drug has become unusable or has expired, then do not throw it into sewage or into the street. It is necessary to place the drug in a bag and put it in a garbage container. These measures will help protect the environment.

Use in children

Contraindicated in children under 12 years.

Application for renal dysfunction

With caution in the violation of kidney function.

Impact on the ability to drive vehicles and manage mechanisms

Eye drops Visine Allergy do not affect the speed of psychomotor reactions. The drug can be used by patients who are engaged in driving a car or working with machinery.

Suggested Use:

For adults and children over 12 years: 1 drop in each eye 2 times / day, if necessary - 3-4 times / day. Treatment should continue until the symptoms disappear.

Since the eye drops Visine Allergy are a suspension, shake before each use.

Using a vial of a dropper

Remove the lid from the dropper and flip the bottle.

Do not touch the tip of the bottle with any surfaces.

After application, screw the cap of the dropper bottle.


  • Comes in original packaging. Item is brand new and unopened.


  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep locked and away from children.
  • Store in dry place at room temperature.
  • Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 C

Important notice- the outer box design may vary before prior notice!


Visine Allergy eye drops 0.05% 4ml buy antiallergic drug online

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