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Instruction for use: Negrustin

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Dosage form: capsules

Active substance: St. John's wort herb dry extract


N06AX Other Antidepressants

Pharmacological groups:

Antidepressant of plant origin [Antidepressants]

Antidepressant of vegetable origin [Sedatives]

The nosological classification (ICD-10)

F32.0 Depressive episode of mild degree: Nervous depletion with depression

F32.1 Depressive episode of moderate degree

G90 Disorders of the autonomic nervous system: Angiodystonia; Vasovegative manifestations; Vasomotor dystonia; Vegetative dystonia; Vegetative dysfunction; Vegetative lability; Vegetative-vascular disorders; Vegetative disorders; Vegetosovascular dystonia; Vegeto-vascular dystonia; Vegetovascular disorders; Vegeto-vascular disorders; Dystonia vegetative-vascular; Neurocirculatory dystonia; Neurovegetative disorders; Cardiopsychoneurosis; Neurocirculatory dystonia in hypertensive type; Primary neurovegetative syndrome; Syndrome of vegetative dystonia

R53 Malfunction and fatigue: Asthenic disorders; Asthenic conditions; Asthenic phenomena; Asthenic syndrome; Asthenic disorder; Asthenic state; Asthenic phenomenon; Asthenia; Astheno-adynamic subdepressive states; Asthenovegetative symptoms; Asthenic-autonomic symptomatology; Asthenic-vegetative disturbance; Asthenoadressive disorder; Astheno-depressive disorder; Asthenodepressive state; Astheno-depressive state; Asthenoneurotic disorder; Astheno-neurotic state; Fast fatiguability; Flu of young workaholics; Influenza yuppie; Diabetic asthenia; Exhaustion of the nervous system; Exhaustion physical; Malaise; Nervous depletion with depression; General mental fatigue; General physical fatigue; General malaise; Pathological fatigue; Increased fatigue; Increased fatigue; Mental fatigue; Mental exhaustion; Mental fatigue; Astenovegetative Syndrome; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Decrease in total activity; The state of increased fatigue; Conditions of increased fatigue; Mental fatigue; Prostration; Fatigue; Fatigue; Fatigability; Physical fatigue; Physical and mental fatigue; Physical overwork; Functional asthenic conditions; Chronic fatigue; Chronic asthenic conditions


Capsules 1 caps.

active substance:

St. John's wort grass extract dry (3.5-6: 1) 425 mg

auxiliary substances: lactose monohydrate - 18.7 mg; MCC - 6.2 mg; calcium hydrophosphate dihydrate - 40.5 mg; silicon dioxide colloidal - 36.3 mg; magnesium stearate - 5 mg; talc - 10 mg

capsule shell: gelatin - 79.827 mg; sodium lauryl sulfate - 0.194 mg; titanium dioxide (E171) - 1.216 mg; chlorophyll-copper (copper complex of chlorophyll (E141) - 0.23 mg, iron (III) oxide red (E172) - 0.691 mg, iron oxide yellow (E172) - 0.115 mg, purified water - 13.92 mg

Pharmachologic effect

Mode of action - antidepressant, sedative.

Dosing and Administration

Inside. Capsules should be taken without chewing, squeezed with a sufficient amount of liquid (preferably 1 glass of water).

Adults and adolescents over 12 years of age: 1 caps. 1-2 times a day regularly at the same time. When taking 2 times a day, the drug should be taken in the morning and in the evening. The course of treatment is usually 4-6 weeks. If symptoms persist or worsen during 4 weeks after the start of treatment, you should consult your doctor.

If you miss one dose of the drug Negrustin, you should take the drug as soon as possible. If the time of taking the next dose of the drug is appropriate, an additional dose of the drug should not be taken to compensate for the missed dose. Do not take two doses of the drug at the same time.

Release form

Capsules, 425 mg. For 10 caps. in a blister of polypropylene. By 3, 4, 6 or 10 blisters in a cardboard bundle.

A comment

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Conditions of leave from pharmacies

Without recipe.

Storage conditions for Negrustin

At a temperature of no higher than 25 ░ C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life of Negrustin

3 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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