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Instruction for use: SolcoUrovac

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Dosage form: Powder lyophilized for the preparation of solution for injection


J07AX Other antibacterial vaccines

Pharmacological group:

Vaccines, serums, phages and toxoids

The nosological classification (ICD-10)

N10 Acute tubulointerstitial nephritis: Tubulointerstitial acute nephritis; Pielit sharp; Pyelonephritis acute; Pyelonephritis bacterial acute; Intermediate Jade; Acute pyelitis; Acute pyelonephritis

N11 Chronic tubulointerstitial nephritis: Nephritis tubulointerstitial chronic; Pyelonephritis chronic; Chronic Pielite; Chronic pyelonephritis

N12 Tubulointerstitial nephritis not specified as acute or chronic: Kidney infections; Infection of the kidneys; Tubulointerstitial nephritis; Uncomplicated pyelonephritis; Interstitial nephritis; Tubular Nephritis; Pyelitis; Pyelonephritis; Pyelocystitis; Postoperative kidney infection; Chronic inflammation of the kidneys

N30 Cystitis: Urethrocystitis; Recurrent cystitis; Fibrous cystitis; Cystopyelitis; Exacerbation of chronic cystitis; Acute bacterial cystitis

N34 Urethritis and urethral syndrome: Urethral buzhirovanie; Gonococcal urethritis; Urethrocystitis; Gonorrheic urethritis; Urethritis; Non-gonococcal urethritis; Negative urethritis; Lesion of the urethra; Acute gonococcal urethritis; Acute gonorrhea urethritis; Acute urethritis; Infection of the urethra; Bacterial nonspecific urethritis; Bacterial urethritis

N39.0 Urinary tract infection without established localization: Fungal infections of the urinary tract; Asymptomatic bacteriuria; Bacterial infections of the urinary tract; Bacterial infections of the urinary tract; Bacterial infections of the genitourinary system; Bacteriuria; Bacteriuria asymptomatic; Bacteriuria chronic latent; Asymptomatic bacteriuria; Asymptomatic massive bacteriuria; Inflammatory urinary tract disease; Inflammatory urinary tract disease; Inflammatory diseases of the bladder and urinary tract; Inflammatory diseases of the urinary system; Inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract; Inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system; Fungal diseases of the urogenital tract; Urinary Tract Infections; Urinary Tract Infections; Infections of the urinary system; Urinary tract infections; Urinary Tract Infections; Urinary tract infections caused by enterococci or mixed flora; Urinary tract infections uncomplicated; Urinary tract infections complicated; Infections of the urogenital system; Infections urogenital; Infectious diseases of the urinary tract; Urinary Tract Infection; Urinary tract infection; Urinary system infection; Urinary tract infection; Urinary tract infection; Infection of the urogenital tract; Uncomplicated urinary tract infections; Uncomplicated urinary tract infections; Uncomplicated urinary tract infections; Uncomplicated infections of the genitourinary system; Exacerbation of chronic urinary tract infection; Retrograde kidney infection; Recurrent urinary tract infections; Recurrent urinary tract infections; Recurrent infectious diseases of the urinary tract; Mixed urethral infections; Urogenital infection; Urogenital Infectious-Inflammatory Disease; Urogenital mycoplasmosis; Urologic disease of infectious etiology; Chronic urinary tract infection; Chronic inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs; Chronic urinary tract infections; Chronic infectious diseases of the urinary system

N41 Inflammatory diseases of the prostate: Prostatitis; Disease of the prostate; Infection of the genitals; Chronic non-specific prostatitis

Composition and release form

1 bottle with lyophilized powder for the preparation of injections (single dose) contains not less than 1 x 109 inactivated microorganisms of breeding strains of types: Escherichia coli 7.5 x 108, Proteus mirabilis and Proteus morganii at 3.75 x 107, Klebsiella pneumoniae 1.5 x 108, Streptococcus faecalis 2.5 x 107; Complete with a solvent (1 inoculation dose), in 0.5 ml ampoules, in a box of 1 or 3 sets.

Pharmachologic effect

Mode of action - Antibacterial, immunostimulating.

Forms immunity against infections of the urinary tract, normalizes the microflora.


As a vaccine containing 10 different pathogens in the inactivated form (6 strains of E. coli, 1 strain of Proteus mirabilis, Proteus morganii, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Streptococcus faecalis) immunologically prevents the development of urinary tract infections (including relapses).

Indication of the drug SolcoUrovac

Infectious diseases of the urinary tract - cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, etc. (especially in chronic recurrent course) caused by E.coli, Proteus (mirabilis, morganii), Klebsiella pneumoniae, Streptococcus faecalis.


Hypersensitivity, acute period of infectious diseases (including tuberculosis), diseases of the hematopoietic system, cardiopathy and nephropathy with the phenomena of decompensation.

Side effects

Fever, erythema, puffiness, tenderness at the injection site.


The effect is weakened by immunosuppressive agents, radiation therapy.

Dosing and Administration

IM, injected deeply; Primary immunization - 1 dose (0.5 ml) 3 injections with an interval of 2 weeks; Revaccination - 0.5 ml once, after 12 months. To prepare the vaccine, it is necessary to introduce a sterile solvent into the vial containing the lyophilizate.

Precaution measures

Before using the preparation, the vial should be shaken. Avoid freezing the vaccine.

Storage conditions of the drug SolcoUrovac

At a temperature of 15-25 C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life of the drug SolcoUrovac

3 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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