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Phenylpiracetam side effects

23 Jul 2018

Various pathologies in the activity of the brain and the central nervous system are quite common. Not always these conditions violate the adequacy of a person, they can simply affect the mood, the processes of memory and memorization. But in any case, the appearance of symptoms of impaired brain activity requires close attention and adequate correction under the supervision of a qualified doctor. Therapy of such conditions is often carried out using nootropic drugs. Just to such means belongs Phenylpiracetam.

phenylpiracetam side effects

What is the composition of Phenylpiracetam?
Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic drug, the main constituent of which is N-carbamoyl-methyl-4-phenyl-2-pyrrolidone. This substance is also called phenotropil or phenyloxopyrrolidinylacetamide.

For what Phenylpiracetam is used for?
Phenylpiracetam refers to neuromodulators, it affects most of the neurotransmitter circuits in the brain. Such a tool has pronounced antiamnestic qualities, it can improve the integrative properties of the brain, stimulate memory consolidation, and optimize concentration and mental activity in general. The action of Phenylpiracetam allows us to facilitate learning processes and accelerate the transfer of information between the right and left hemispheres of our brain.

In addition, such a tool is able to increase the resistance of the brain cells to the influence of aggressive factors (hypoxia, toxins, etc.). It possesses anticonvulsant qualities, is characterized by anxiolytic activity. Action Phenylpiracetam well regulates the activity of the central nervous system, affecting the processes of inhibition and activation, and also improves mood.

Also, Phenylpiracetam has other qualities:

- improves metabolism and circulation in the brain;

- activates the oxidation and reduction processes;

- increases the energy potential of the whole body;

- activates the regional blood flow in the ischemic areas of the brain;

- increases the amount of norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine in the brain;

- increases physical efficiency;

- improves mood, has analgesic qualities, as it increases the threshold of pain sensitivity;

- has adaptogenic qualities (increases the resistance of the organism to a variety of aggressive effects);

- promotes vision improvement;

- has a positive effect on the blood supply of the lower limbs;

- has immunostimulating qualities.

For what Phenylpiracetam is indicated for?
Since the drug is characterized by a wide list of positive properties, it can be used to correct a variety of pathological conditions. In the testimony of Phenylpiracetam, the abstract includes such cases:

- With CNS ailments, which have different origins. The drug is especially effective in vascular pathologies, as well as in disorders related to metabolism and intoxications, in which the intellect is impaired and motor activity is reduced.

- In violation of the training process.

- With depressive conditions, which can have different severity (especially mild and moderate).

- With psychoorganic syndromes.

- With convulsions.

- With obesity, which has an alimentary-constitutional origin.

- To prevent hypoxia and to increase stress resistance.

- To achieve adaptogenic effect when in extreme conditions (if necessary, prevent fatigue and improve efficiency).

- To normalize the daily biorhythms.

- When correcting chronic alcoholism.

What are the contraindications for use of Phenylpiracetam?
The only absolute contraindication for Phenylpiracetam is the individual intolerance of its components. Nevertheless, the drug is not used in pediatric practice, as well as in the treatment of pregnant and lactating women because of the inadequacy of safety data for such therapy.

What are the side effects of Phenylpiracetam?
The medicine can cause insomnia if taken in the afternoon. In some patients, the first three days of taking Phenylpiracetam can trigger the occurrence of psycho-excitation, redness of the skin, arterial hypertension and a feeling of hot flushes.

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