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20 Jul 2018

Actovegin is available in pills / tablets and ampules / injections.

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Actovegin is a highly filtered extract obtained from calf blood which enhances aerobic oxidation in mammals. It is also rich in iron, manganese, amino acids, and other nutrients that are important in achieving the physiological transformations that dopers are seeking to achieve.

On-label indications:
Treatment of peripheral artery disease and strokes
Treatment of cognitive disturbances after stroke to ulcers

In research studies, Actovegin has been shown to exert insulin-like activity, such as stimulating the transport of glucose in the body, as well as glucose oxidation. This supplement is supposed to be similar in its effects to insulin. Because it is one of the most anabolic substances known to man, insulin is banned in sports (for non-diabetics) and exceedingly dangerous - even fatal - in high dosages. Therefore, Actovegin is considered as a significant performance-enhancing drug for athletes, e.g. Lans Armstrong and Tiger Woods.

Currently, Actovegin is NOT on the World Anti-doping Agency's (WADA) prohibitied substance list. However, WADA does ban injections of any substance, including Actovegin, exceeding 50 ml every six hours.

Who uses it?
Track and Field Current / Former World Record Holders:
Paula Radcliffe (for over two decades)
Usain Bolt (since he was 16)
Kenensia Bekele
Meseret Defar
Patrick Makau
Maurice Greene

Other prominent persons:
Michael Jordan
Christiano Ronaldo
Andy Murray
Vladimir Klitschko
Luciano Pavoratti

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