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Actovegin pills

23 Jul 2018

The same medicine can be produced in the form of a powder, in the form of tablets or a solution for injection, in the form of a gel or in the form of a candle.

Actovegin is not an exception: it is produced both in the form of tablets and in the form of solutions for intravenous, intramuscular, intra-arterial injections, as an ointment, as well as a gel (and here) and cream.

Actovegin pills, actovegin tablets

And yet most of the drugs are produced today in the form of tablets. Ordinary tablets Actovegin (as well as tablets of other drugs) consist of the main (active) substance and from auxiliary substances (neutral additive). The Actovegin tablet falls into the stomach, dissolves, passes into the blood vessels and reaches the liver. There are a number of transformations, and the medicine is carried through your body with blood. So the therapeutic effect is achieved.

What is Actovegin in tablets?

Pharmacotherapeutic group (Actovegin tablets): stimulator of tissue regeneration.
Form and composition: tablets covered with greenish-yellowish bud. Table. p / o 200 mg fl., N.50 (and also issued N.30 and N.10). Round tablets.

Pharmacological properties of Actovegin tablets
Actovegin in tablets - hemoderivat from blood calves - stimulates the exchange of substances in the cells of tissues, thereby increasing the resistance of tissues to hypoxia (increased consumption of oxygen) and improving their consumption of glucose. With hypoxia and ischemia, it is of inestimable value.

Indications for use of Actovegin in tablets / instructions
Strokes (ischemic, hemorrhagic), encephalopathy, craniocerebral trauma. Actovegin in tablets is used for peripheral circulatory disorders (both venous and arterial), encephalopathies, angiopathy (including diabetic); burns of different genesis.
Actovegin in tablets is also used to heal wounds (ulcers of various etiologies, pressure ulcers, radiation neuropathy, radiation damage to tissues and mucous membranes, as well as to prevent these lesions, disruption of wound healing process).
With the disturbed metabolism and blood supply of the brain (dementia, for example), the transfer and utilization of glucose by brain tissues is disrupted. Actovegin eliminates the violations, and the brain begins to consume oxygen.

Similarly actovegin in tablets and with peripheral disorders of blood supply (venous, arterial) and with the consequences of these disorders (angiopathy, ulcers of the lower extremities).

Diabetics (type 2 diabetes mellitus) experience some reduction in pain and burning in the lower extremities, improvement of paresthesia (sensitivity) after taking Actovegin tablets.
Burns (up to 4 degrees), the consequences of using radiation exposure, ulcers, bedsores:
Actovegin is of great importance in all these cases; the concentration of hydroxyproline, hemoglobin, DNA and other biochemical parameters increases.

A slight result of the Actovegin tablets begins to appear only half an hour after the intake and the maximum reaches an average of 3 hours (2-6 hours).

Tablets Actovegin is prescribed as a supplement to the main treatment (as an auxiliary)!

Application and dosage of Actovegin tablets / instructions
1-2 tab. - before meals three times a day for four to six weeks or as directed by a specialist (drink a small amount of water, do not chew!).

Special instructions
When polyneuropathy caused by type 2 diabetes, treatment is recommended to begin with an intravenous infusion of a solution of Actovegin at a dose of 2 g / day 3 weeks. and continue the treatment with tablets Actovegin (2-3 tablets per day - 4-5 months).

Side Effects of Actovegin Tablets / Instruction

The side effects of tableted Actovegin are identical to the potential side effects of Actovegin in other forms.

Individual intolerance.
Just like other drugs, Actovegin in tablets can cause side reactions.

Possible reactions to tableted Actovegin for allergies:
1. Digestive tract - nausea, vomiting, pain in epigastrium.
2. Cardiovascular system - arterial hypertension and hypotension, skin pallor, tachycardia, dyspnea, acrocyanosis, pain in the heart.
3. Respiratory system - sore throat, suffocation, shortness of breath and swallowing.
4. Immune system - rash, itching, hyperemia, urticaria, fever or chills, angioedema.
5. Nervous system - weakness or agitation, headache.
6. The musculoskeletal system - pain in the lower back, in the muscles and joints.

INDICATIONS: patients with intolerance to fructose, impaired absorption of sucrose or glucose Actovegin can not be taken, because it contains sucrose. Particular caution is needed when prescribing Actovegin in case of giporgidration, heart failure of the second and third stages, oliguria, hyperglycemia, pulmonary edema, diabetes mellitus.
Antihistamines are prescribed for allergies to Actovegin in tablets.
Pregnancy and lactation: before using Actovegin tablets, consult a doctor.
Children: Actovegin, including tableted, in pediatrics is not recommended, but in practice it is used in exceptional cases.
If, say, have assigned 1/4 table. Actovegin to a newborn, it is necessary to crush the tablet to the consistency of the powder and mix it with boiled warm water (approximately 1 / 2hl.): You can use a syringe without a needle (for the baby's cheek). In most cases, children are injected with Actovegin parenterally. Read more about this here.
Interaction: the results of the combination of Actovegin with other medications are not known (as they are written in official instructions, although in practice Actovegin successfully combines with a variety of medications).

Transport management: there is no data on the effect of Actovegin tablets on vehicle management.

Conditions of storage of Actovegin tablets: at a temperature not higher than 25 į, protected from light and inaccessible to children.

Perhaps you want to get acquainted with the general instructions to Actovegin, reviews of our readers about Actovegin and its analogue, the price of Actovegin (and the manufacturers of the drug), as well as a number of other questions about Actovegin on our site.
Be sure to read parenteral application of Actovegin (injections): here you will find out why injections in some cases are better than tablets.

You can see the use in the complex treatment of diabetic and alcoholic polyneuropathy and other drugs, for example, Mexidol or, say, Instenone in the treatment of diabetic encephalopathy, etc.

Actovegin is also used in sports by quite healthy people, and in veterinary medicine.

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