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Instruction for use: Lignin hydrolised (Ligninum hydrolisatum)

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Pharmacological group


Detoxifying agents, including antidotes

Nosological classification (ICD-10)

A00.9 Cholera, unspecified

Asiatic cholera, Rice decoction, Epidemic cholera

A02 Other salmonella infections

Salmonellosis, Salmonellae, Salmonella, Chronic Salmonella Bearing, Salmonella carriage

A02.9 Salmonella infection, unspecified

A05.9 Bacterial food poisoning, unspecified

Bacterial intoxication, Diarrhea with food intoxication, Acute diarrhea in food poisoning, Nutritional intoxication, Food poisoning, Foodborne diseases, Toxic food insecticide, Toxic diarrhea

A09 Diarrhea and gastroenteritis of allegedly infectious origin (dysentery, bacterial diarrhea)

Bacterial diarrhea, Bacterial dysentery, Bacterial infections of the digestive tract, Bacterial gastroenteritis, Diarrhea bacterial, Diarrhea or dysentery of amoebic or mixed etiology, Diarrhea of infectious genesis, Diarrhea on the background of antibiotic therapy, Traveler's Diarrhea, Travelers diarrhea due to changes in diet and habitual diet, Diarrhea due to antibiotic therapy, Dysenteric bacteriocarrier, Dysenteric enteritis, Dysentery, Dysentery bacterial, Dysentery mixed, Gastrointestinal infection, GI tract infections, Infectious diarrhea, Infectious Disease of the GI tract, Infection of the gastrointestinal tract, Infection of the biliary tract and gastrointestinal tract, GI tract infection, Summer diarrhea, Nonspecific acute diarrhea of infectious nature, Nonspecific chronic diarrhea of infectious nature, Acute bacterial diarrhea, Acute diarrhea in food poisoning, Acute dysentery, Acute bacterial gastroenteritis, Acute gastroenterocolitis, Acute Enterocolitis, Subacute dysentery, Diarrhea chronic, Refractory diarrhea in AIDS patients, Staphylococcal enteritis in children, Staphylococcal enterocolitis, Toxic diarrhea, Chronic dysentery, Enteritis, Enteritis infectious, Enterocolitis

B19 Viral hepatitis, unspecified

Anicteric hepatitis, viral hepatitis, Viral hepatitis in children, Infection of the liver, Acute liver infection

B37.9 Candidiasis, unspecified

Candida albicans, Deep visceral candidiasis, Fungal infections, Fungal lesions, Candidamycosis, Candidiasis with prolonged treatment with antibacterial agents, Acute atrophic candidiasis, Monilias, Candidiasis of internal organs, Thrush

E66 Obesity

Adipoz, overweight, Overweight, Constitutional tendency to obesity, Obesity or overweight, Increased body weight, Tendency to corpulence, Reducing overweight, Exogenous constitutional obesity,Inclined to corpulence

E66.9 Obesity, unspecified

Obesity in adolescents, Obesity in the background of diabetes, Hypothyroid obesity, Obesity hypertrophic and hyperplastic

E78 Disorders of lipoprotein metabolism and other lipidemia

Atherogenic dyslipidemia, Dyslipidaemia, Disturbance of fat metabolism, Lipid Metabolism Disorder, Violation of lipid metabolism, Disorders of lipid metabolism, Defects of apolipoproteins, Insufficiency of lipases, Lipemia

I70 Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis, Atherosclerosis of peripheral vessels, Atherosclerotic changes, Atherosclerotic changes in blood vessels, Atherosclerotic disorders, Gangrene spontaneous, Thrombangiosis obliterans, Frinlander's disease

I70.9 Generalized and unspecified atherosclerosis

Systemic atherosclerosis

K05.2 Acute periodontitis

Periodontal disease, Periodontitis, Periodontitis acute, Periodontal disease complicated by gingivitis, Pericoronite

K05.3 Chronic periodontitis

Periodontitis chronic, Periodontitis, Infections of periodontal disease

K12.1 Other forms of stomatitis

Ulcerative stomatitis, Angular stomatitis, Ulcerative necrotic stomatitis

K30 Dyspepsia

Fermentation dyspepsia, Hyperacid indigestion, Putrefactive indigestion, Dyspepsia, Dyspepsia, Dyspepsia of nervous origin, Dyspepsia in pregnant women, Dyspepsia fermentation, Dyspepsia putrefactive, Dyspepsia medication, Dyspepsia due to diseases of the digestive system, Dyspepsia due to impaired motility of the gastrointestinal tract, Dyspepsia due to unusual food or overeating, Dyspeptic phenomena during pregnancy, Dyspeptic Syndrome, Gastric indigestion, Delayed emptying of the stomach, Delayed digestion, Idiopathic indigestion, Acid dyspepsia, Disturbance of the upper GI tract motility, Indigestion, Nervous indigestion, Non-ulcer dyspepsia, The feeling of heaviness in the stomach after eating, Postprandial functional dyspepsia, The processes of fermentation in the intestine, Stomach upset, Gastrointestinal disorders, Digestive disorders, Disorders from the digestive tract, Stomach upset, Indigestion disorder, Indigestion in infants, Symptoms of dyspepsia, The syndrome of putrefactive dyspepsia, Syndrome of putrefactive dyspepsia in infants, Syndrome of insufficiency of digestion, Syndrome of nonulcer dyspepsia, Toxic indigestion, Functional dyspepsia, Functional indigestion, Chronic indigestion, Chronic episodes of dyspepsia, Essential dyspepsia, Dyspeptic disorder

K52 Other noninfectious gastroenteritis and colitis

senile Bowel Syndrome, sigmoid, Gastroenteritis noninfectious, gastroenterocolitis, Colitis, Colitis non-dysenteric, Colitis noninfectious, Colitis is a chronic, Colitis is a chronic non-infectious, Local enteritis, sigmoid noninfectious, Chronic inflammatory bowel disease, Chronic inflammatory disease of the small intestine, Chronic enterocolitis, Chronic atrophic gastroenteritis, Chronic gastroenteritis, Chronic colitis, Chronic enterocolitis, Enteritis, non-infectious enteritis, Enterocolitis chronic noncommunicable, colon disease

K52.2 Allergic and alimentary gastroenteritis and colitis

Alimentary Colitis, Allergic Colitis, Gastroenteritis alimentary, Gastroenteritis allergic, Allergic diarrhea, Allergic gastroenteropathy, Medicinal gastroenteritis

K59.1 Functional diarrhea

Diarrheal syndrome, Diarrhea, Diarrhea with prolonged enteral feeding through the probem, Prolonged diarrheam Nonspecific diarrhea, Acute diarrhea, Diarrhea, Syndrome of diarrhea, Functional diarrhea, Chronic diarrhea, Diarrhea with an electrolyte balance disorder, Chronic diarrhea, Diarrhea of non-infectious genesis, Diarrhea after a gastroectomy, Diarrhea in children, Persistent diarrhea, Diarrhea (diarrhea), Enterocolitis of non-infectious origin

K63.8.0 * Dysbiosis

Violation of the intestinal flora, Correction of intestinal microflora, Normalization of intestinal microflora, Bacterial dysbiosis, Viral dysbiosis, Restoration of intestinal flora, Deficiency of lactic-acid and probiotic microorganisms, Diarrhea on the background of antibiotic therapy, Dysbacteriosis, Dysbacteriosis of the intestine, Intestinal dysbiosis, Disruption of normal intestinal microflora, Disbalance of intestinal microflora, Violations of the physiological flora of the large intestine, Disorders of the physiological flora of the small intestine, Helicobacteriosis

K72 Hepatic insufficiency, not elsewhere classified (including hepatic coma)

Insufficiency of the liver-cell, Pronounced hepatic encephalopathy, Coma hepatic, Latent hepatic encephalopathy, Insufficiency of the liver, Hepatic coma, Hepatic coma and precoma, Hepatic encephalopathy, Development of hepatic impairment, Encephalopathy of the liver, Inflammatory liver disease, Gepatargy, Encephalopathy portosystemic, Hepatocellular insufficiency, Hepatic precoma and coma, Portal-systemic encephalopathy

K72.9 Hepatic insufficiency, unspecified

Latent hepatic encephalopathy, Acute liver failure, Liver failure, Hepatic precoma, Acute hepatic-renal failure

K92.9 Disease of digestive system, unspecified

NSAID-gastropathy,Functional disorders of the digestive tract, Inflammatory Gastrointestinal Disease, Inflammatory disease of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, Inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, Gastropathy, Prolonged intestinal disturbance, Supplement to the etiological treatment of organic diseases of the digestive tract, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Gastrointestinal disorders due to a violation of diet, Disease of the gastrointestinal tract, Gastrointestinal diseases, Digestive disorders, Disorders of the digestive process, Dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, Dysfunction of the digestive tract, NSAID-gastroenteropathy, Disorder of the digestive tract, Chronic diseases of the digestive tract,Maldigestia, Damage to the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract caused by the intake of NSAIDs

L50.9 Urticaria, unspecified

Chronic recurrent urticaria, Acute urticaria

N19 Renal failure, unspecified

Hyperazotemia, Uremia, Renal failure in poisoning

N72 Inflammatory diseases of the cervix uteri

Muco-purulent cervicitis, Inflammatory diseases of female genitalia, Inflammatory diseases of female genital organs, Gonorrheal cervicitis, Infection of the genitals, Non-gonorrhal cervicitis, Uncomplicated cervicitis, Nonspecific cervicovaginitis, Acute gonorrhea cervicitis, Cervicovaginitis, Cervicitis, Exocervicitis, Bacterial colpitis

N73.9 Inflammatory diseases of female pelvic organs, unspecified

Infections of the urogenital tract, Abscess of pelvic organs, Bacterial diseases of the urogenital tract, Bacterial infections of the genitourinary system, Bacterial infections of the pelvic organs, Intraluminal infections, Inflammation in the area of throat of the uterus, Inflammation of the pelvic organs, Inflammatory disease of the pelvic organs, Inflammatory gynecological diseases, Inflammatory diseases of female pelvic organs, Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, Inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs, Inflammatory infections in the pelvis, Inflammatory processes in the pelvis, Gynecological infections,Gynecological infectious diseases, Pyoinflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs,Infections of female genital organs,Infections of the pelvic organs in women, Infections of the pelvic organs, Infectious diseases of the reproductive system, Infectious diseases of genital organs, Infection of female genital organs, Metritis, Acute infection of female genital organs, Acute pelvic inflammatory disease, Tubo-ovarian inflammation, Chlamydial gynecological infections, Chronic inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, Chronic inflammatory diseases of appendages, Chronic infections of female genital organsPelvic infection

O26.8 Other specified conditions associated with pregnancy

Abnormal course of pregnancy, Constipation in Pregnant Women, Early toxicosis of pregnancy, Toxicosis of pregnant women, Toxicosis of pregnant early, Asthenia of pregnant women, Heartburn during pregnancy, Appetite perverted in pregnant women, Vaginal discharge during pregnancy, Constipation during and after pregnancy, Nephropathies of pregnant women, Toxicosis of pregnancy, Fever in Pregnancy

R14 Flatulence and related conditions

abdominal distention, flatulence, pronounced flatulence, Gases in the postoperative period, degassing bowel before diagnostic studies, degassing intestine before X-rays, gas delay, Excessive formation and accumulation of gases in the digestive tract, brash, Flatulence, Flatulence with increased gas formation in the digestive tract, Flatulence in infants, Flatulence in newborns, Flatulence caused by fatty or unusual food, Flatulence caused by disease of the digestive tract, belching, The feeling of bloating, The feeling of fullness, Increased flatulence, The increased gas formation and accumulation of gases in the digestive tract, Fullness in the epigastrium, Feeling of fullness, The feeling of heaviness in the stomach, Flatulence in the gastrointestinal tract, Increased production and accumulation of gases in the digestive tract

T50 Poisoning with diuretics and other unspecified drugs, medications and biological substances

T50.9 Other and unspecified drugs, medicines and biological substances

Poisoning by cauterizing fluidsŠ Correction of side effects of drugs, Drug intoxication, Medication intoxication, Acute drug poisoning, Acute drug poisoning, Acute poisoning with potent and toxic substances, Poisoning with medicines, Oxalate poisoning, Poisoning by potent and poisonous substances, Poisoning with iodine preparations

T51 Toxic effect of alcohol

Intoxication alcoholic, Alcohol intoxication, Intoxication with alcohol, Acute alcohol intoxication, Chronic alcohol intoxication

T56 Toxicity of metals

Intoxication with manganese, Intoxication with metals and their compounds

T57.8 Toxic effect of other specified inorganic substances

Uranium poisoning, Poisoning with barium, Poisoning with silver nitrate, Endemic selenosis

T62 Toxic effect of other toxic substances contained in eaten foods

Lathirism, Non-bacterial food poisoning

T65.9 Toxic effect of unspecified substance

idiosyncrasy toxic, Intoxication nitro compounds, Intoxication toxins, Professional intoxication, Poisoning nitrites, Poisoning toxins

T78.1 Other manifestations of a pathological reaction to food

Allergic reactions to food, Allergy to cow's milk proteins, Allergy to proteins of mother's milk, Food Allergy, Artificial feeding of children from birth with intolerance to cow's milk proteins, Multiple food allergies, Disturbance of assimilation of milk food, Disturbance of food assimilation, Intolerance to cow's milk protein in infants, Intolerance to cow's milk proteins, Intolerance to cow milk, Intolerance to certain foods, Food allergy, Food and drug allergies, Food intolerance, Bowel irritation from food

T78.3 Angioedema

Edema Quincke, Laryngeal exacerbation with angioneurotic edema, Recurrent angioedema, Allergic edema, Recurrent swelling of Quincy

T78.4 Allergy, unspecified

Allergic reactions to insulin, Allergic reactions to insect stings, Allergic reactions similar to systemic lupus erythematosus, Allergic diseases, Allergic diseases of mucous membranes, Allergic diseases and conditions resulting from increased release of histamine, Allergic diseases of mucous membranes, Allergic symptoms, Allergic symptoms in the mucous membranes, Allergic reactions, Allergic reactions caused by insect bites, Allergic reactions, Allergic conditions, Allergic laryngeal edema, allergopathy, allergic conditions, Allergy, House dust allergy, Anaphylaxis, Cutaneous reactions to medications, Skin reaction to insect stings, Cosmetic allergy, Drug allergy, Acute allergic reaction, Laryngeal edema allergic genesis and background radiation, Food and drug allergy

X49 Accidental poisoning and exposure to other and unspecified chemical and toxic substances

Severe intoxication, Carbon monoxide intoxication, Intoxication with arsenic hydrogen, Acute intoxication, Acute poisoning, Acute poisoning, Poisoning, Chemical intoxication, Chemical poisoning, Chronic intoxication, Exotoxicosis, Intoxication, Intoxication with iodine salts, Edema of the brain in poisoning

Characteristics of Lignin hydrolised

Enterosorbent of plant origin. Dark brown amorphous powder without smell and taste. Almost nerastvorim in the water.


Pharmacological action - antioxidant, lipid-lowering, sorbing, detoxifying, antidiarrheal, complexing.

Adsorbed in the gastrointestinal tract microorganisms, products of their vital activity, exogenous and endogenous toxins, allergens, xenobiotics, heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, ammonia, divalent cations. Compensates the lack of natural dietary fiber in human food, positively affects the microflora of the colon and on nonspecific immunity. Excreted through the intestine in an unchanged form.

Application of Lignin hydrolised

Acute poisoning with drugs, alcohol, heavy metal salts, alkaloids, etc.,

- dysentery, dysbacteriosis, dyspepsia, flatulence, diarrhea, food poisoning, salmonellosis,

- intoxication of various origin, incl. accompanying purulent inflammatory diseases,

- hepatic and renal insufficiency,

- violations of lipid metabolism (atherosclerosis, obesity),

- food and drug allergies.


Hypersensitivity, erosive-ulcerative lesions of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, anacid gastritis.

Side effects of the substance Lignin hydrolised

Dyspeptic phenomena, constipation, allergic reactions.


It is possible to reduce the effect of some concomitantly ingested medicines.

Routes of administration


special instructions

In severe forms of infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - in addition to antibiotic therapy. Between the intake of the drug and other drugs, a time interval is necessary. Long-term use (more than 20 days) is combined with the introduction of B, K, D, E vitamins and calcium preparations.

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