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Instruction for use: Histaglobin

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Dosage form: Powder lyophilized for the preparation of solution for injection

Active substance: Immunoglobulinum humanum normale + Histaminum


J06BC Other immunoglobulins

Pharmacological group:


The nosological classification (ICD-10)

G43 Migraine: The pain of migraine; Migraine; hemiplegic migraine; Migraine headache; A migraine attack; Continuous headache; hemicranias

J30 Vasomotor and allergic rhinitis: Allergic rhinopathy; Allergic rhinosinusopathy; Allergic diseases of the upper respiratory tract; Allergic rhinitis; Allergic rhinitis seasonal; Vasomotor runny nose; Prolonged allergic rhinitis; All-year-round allergic rhinitis; All-year allergic rhinitis; Year-round or seasonal allergic rhinitis; All-the-year-round rhinitis of an allergic nature; Rhinitis vasomotor allergic; Exacerbation of pollinosis in the form of rhinoconjunctival syndrome; Acute allergic rhinitis; Edema of the nasal mucosa; Edema of the nasal mucosa; Edema of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity; Swelling of the nasal mucosa; Swelling of the nasal mucosa; Pollinosis; Permanent allergic rhinitis; Rhinoconjunctivitis; Rhinosinusitis; Rhinosinusopathy; Seasonal allergic rhinitis; Seasonal allergic rhinitis; Hay rhinitis; Chronic allergic rhinitis; Allergic diseases of the respiratory tract

J31 Chronic rhinitis, nasopharyngitis and pharyngitis: Allergic rhinosinusopathy; Inflammation of the nasal mucosa; Infectious and inflammatory diseases of ENT organs; Catarrh of the nasopharyngeal region; Year-round rhinitis; Ozena; Persecution in the throat or nose; Rhinitis hyperplastic; Rhinitis chronic; Pharyngoesophagitis; Chronic Bacterial Rhinitis

J45 Asthma: Asthma of physical effort; Asthmatic conditions; Bronchial asthma; Bronchial asthma of light course; Bronchial asthma with difficulty in sputum discharge; Bronchial asthma of severe course; Bronchial asthma physical effort; Hypersecretory asthma; The hormone-dependent form of bronchial asthma; Curbing asthma attacks with bronchial asthma; Non-allergic bronchial asthma; Night Asthma; Exacerbation of bronchial asthma; Attack of bronchial asthma; Endogenous forms of asthma; Night attacks of asthma; Cough with bronchial asthma

L20 Atopic dermatitis: Allergic diseases of the skin; Allergic skin disease noninfectious etiology; Allergic skin disease etiology nemikrobnoy; Allergic skin diseases; Allergic skin lesions; Allergic reactions on the skin; atopic dermatitis; Allergic dermatosis; Allergic diathesis; Allergic itching dermatosis; Allergic skin disease; Allergic skin irritation; allergic Dermatitis; atopic Dermatitis; allergic dermatoses; exudative diathesis; Itchy atopic eczema Itchy allergic dermatosis; Allergic skin disease; Cutaneous allergic reaction to drugs and chemicals; Cutaneous reactions to medications; Skin and allergic disease; Acute eczema; common neurodermatitis; Chronic atopic dermatitis; Exudative diathesis

L30.9 Unspecified Dermatitis: Allergic dermatoses complicated by a secondary bacterial infection; Anal eczema; Bacterial maturation; Varicose Eczema; Venous dermatitis; Inflammation of the skin; Inflammation of the skin upon contact with plants; Inflammatory Skin Disease; Inflammatory Skin Diseases; Inflammatory Skin Diseases; Inflammatory skin reactions; Inflammatory processes of the skin; Hypostatic dermatitis; Fungal Eczema; Fungal dermatosis; Dermatitis; Dermatitis is stagnant; Dermatitis and eczema in the anal area; Dermatitis acute contact; Perianal dermatitis; Dermatosis; Dermatosis of the scalp; Dermatosis of psoriasis; Dermatosis with persistent itching; Dermatoses; Dermatoses itchy; Other itching dermatoses; Significant eczematous manifestations; Itching with dermatoses; Itching eczema; Itching dermatoses; Itching dermatitis; Itching dermatosis; True eczema; Skin reaction to insect bites; Skin itching with dermatosis; Constitutional eczema; Weeping eczema; Drowsing inflammatory skin disease; Dying Infectious-Inflammatory Skin Disease; Non-allergic dermatitis; Nummular eczema; Acute contact eczema; Acute inflammatory skin disease; Acute dermatosis; Acute severe dermatosis; Perianal dermatitis; Superficial dermatosis; Subacute Contact Eczema; Simple dermatitis; Occupational dermatitis; Psychogenic dermatosis; Bubble dermatitis of newborns; Pustular eruptions; Irritation and redness of the skin; Low-flammable eczema; Dry atrophic eczema; Dry eczema; Toxic dermatitis; Ear eczema like dermatitis; Chronic eczema; Chronic dermatosis; Chronic dermatosis; Chronic common dermatosis; Scaly papular dermatosis; Eczema; Eczema anal region; Eczema of the hands; Eczema Contact; Eczema lichenized; Eczema Nummular; Eczema acute; Eczema acute contact; Eczema subacute; Eczematous dermatitis; Eczema-like rashes; Ecome exogenous; Endogenous eczema; Gluteal dermatitis; Limited itching dermatitis

L50 Urticaria: Idiopathic chronic urticarial; Injury Urticaria; Chronic urticarial; Hives of the newborn

N94.3 Premenstrual tension syndrome: Pronounced premenstrual syndrome; Menstrual psychosomatic disorder; Menstrual syndrome; Premenstrual tension; Premenstrual status; Premenstrual period; Premenstrual syndrome; Menstruation syndrome

Composition and release form

1 tablet contains onion powder 300 mg; In bottles of 60, 100 or 200 pcs.

Pharmachologic effect

Mode action - antiallergic.

Stimulates the production of antibodies to histamine.


Increases the ability of the serum to inactivate free histamine; Suppresses the degranulation of peritoneal mast cells and prevents the release of histamine from them, reduces the release of histamine due to inhibition of IgE-mediated reactivity of basophils.

Clinical Pharmacology

Therapeutic efficacy (including with a dramatically changing environmental situation) in patients with allergic rhinitis all year round is 95%, with chronic recurrent urticaria 82%, with noninfectious allergic bronchial asthma I degree, mild course 90%.

Indication of the Histaglobin

1 bottle with lyophilized powder for the preparation of the injectable solution contains: Histaglobin - normal human immunoglobulin 12 mg, histamine dihydrochloride 0.00015 mg, sodium thiosulfate 32 mg; Gistaglobin triplex - normal human immunoglobulin 36 mg, histamine dihydrochloride 0.00045 mg, sodium thiosulfate 32 mg; Complete with 1 ampoule of solvent (2 ml of water for injection), in a cardboard box of 3 bottles and 3 ampoules.


Hypersensitivity to whey proteins (gamma globulin, plasma, etc.); Infection (local, generalized), exacerbation of bronchial asthma, eczema, etc., selective IgA deficiency.

Application in pregnancy and breastfeeding

Contraindicated (safety of use in pregnancy is not studied). Since some of the components of histaglobin are excreted in milk, breastfeeding should be discontinued for the duration of treatment.

Side effects

Exacerbations of diseases after 1-2 injections, pain at the injection site (eliminated by symptomatic means).


Compatible with anti-allergic (local, systemic) and desensitizing nonspecific therapy.

Dosing and Administration

SC or IM (the powder is dissolved and injected immediately). The average scheme of the course treatment: 6-9 injections of 2 ml with an interval of 2-3 days histoglobin and 6 injections of 2 ml with an interval of 3-7 days histaglobin triplex; A month later it is recommended to repeat the course of 3 injections followed by a monthly injection for 3 or 6 months.

With seasonal allergies: it is advisable to begin treatment before the season (dusting of plants) with a preventive purpose and subsequent injections of the drug during the critical season; With premenstrual syndrome of allergic nature - one injection on the 6th, 13th and 20th day of the menstrual cycle with subsequent injections for every 20 days of the menstrual cycle.

Low doses (histaglobin) are especially recommended for children and adolescents, higher doses (histaglobin triplex) are more often indicated in cases of complicated asthma, severe form of pollinosis or with chronic relapsing allergic diseases, and also in patients with no positive effect after the first course of treatment .


Even with the daily administration of the drug, no overdose events were observed.

Precautionary measures

Before treatment, it is recommended that a course of therapy for local or systemic infections be conducted. You cannot enter IV.

Storage conditions of the drug Histaglobin

At room temperature not more than 40 ° C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life of the drug Histaglobin

4,5 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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