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Instruction for use: Barnetil

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Packing: solution, tablets

Active substance: Sultopride


N05AL02 Sultopride

Pharmacological group:


The nosological classification (ICD-10)

F22 Chronic Delusional Disorders: Delusional Chronic Disorder; Delusional Disorders; Delusional syndrome; Paranoia; Chronic affective-delirious states

F29 Inorganic psychosis, unspecified: Childhood psychoses; Psychomotor agitation in psychoses; Hallucinatory-delusional disorders; Hallucinatory-delusional syndrome; Intoxication psychosis; Manic-delusional disorders; Manic chronic psychosis; Manic psychosis; Acute psychosis; paranoid psychosis; Paranoid psychosis; Subacute psychosis; Presenile psychosis; Psychosis; Intoxication psychosis; Psychosis is paranoid; Psychosis in children; Reactive psychosis; Chronic psychosis; Chronic hallucinatory psychosis; Chronic psychosis; Chronic psychotic disorder; Schizophrenic psychosis

F41 Other anxiety disorders: Anxiety status; Anxiety; Chronic alarm; Sense of anxiety; Anxious-hypochondria; Stopping an alarm; Nonpsychotic anxiety disorders

R41.0 Abnormal orientation, unspecified: Disorientation; Violation of consciousness of toxic origin; Violation of consciousness of traumatic origin; Disorientation status; Confusion of consciousness; Impairment of consciousness; Orientation disorders; Sopor

R45.1 Anxiety and agitation: Agitation; Anxiety; Explosive excitability; Internal stimulation; Excitability; Excitation; Excitation acute; Psychomotor agitation; Hyperexcitability; Motor excitement; Cessation of psychomotor agitation; Nervous excitement; Restlessness; Night trouble; Acute stage of schizophrenia with agitation; Acute mental agitation; Paroxysm of excitation; Overexcitation; Increased excitability; Increased nervous excitability; Increased emotional and cardiac excitability; Increased agitation; Mental arousal; Psychomotor agitation; Psychomotor agitation in psychoses; Psychomotor agitation of an epileptic nature; Psychomotor paroxysm; Psychomotor fit; Symptoms of Excitation; Symptoms of psychomotor agitation; The state of agitation; A state of anxiety; Excitation status; A state of heightened concern; The state of psychomotor agitation; Conditions of anxiety; Excitation conditions; The state of excitement in somatic diseases; Excitation level; Feelings of anxiety; Emotional arousal

R45.6 Physical aggressiveness: Aggressiveness; Aggressive states; Aggression; Aggressive behavior; Autoaggression

Composition and release form

1 ampoule with 2 ml injection solution contains sultopride (hydrochloride) 200 mg; in the box 6 pcs.

1 divided tablet - 400 mg; in the box 10 blisters for 10 pcs.

Pharmachologic effect

Pharmacological action - analgesic, antipsychotic, neuroleptic.

Clinical Pharmacology

Has antipsychotic and sedative effects. Eliminates irritability, aggression and agitation. Does not have antidepressant properties.

Indications for the Barnetil

Acute and chronic psychoses (anxiety, impaired consciousness, mania, delirium); arresting aggressiveness and excitement.


Hypersensitivity, bradycardia (less than 65 beats per minute), suspicion of pheochromocytoma; hypokalemia.

Side effects

When using high doses for a long time, sometimes there may be: convulsive syndrome, inhibition, drowsiness, dyskinesia (early - spastic, torticollis, triasm, oculomotor disorders, late), extrapyramidal disorders, bradycardia, orthostatic hypotension, hyperprolactinaemia, amenorrhea, galactorrhea, gynecomastia , impotence, frigidity, weight gain, malignant neuroleptic syndrome (hyperthermia, pallor, vegetative disorders).


Incompatible with antiarrhythmics Ia class, with drugs that lead to hypokalemia, reducing heart rate or conduction, the means that cause or exacerbate paroxysmal tachycardia, tricyclic antidepressants, alcohol.

Dosing and Administration

IM, with manic conditions - 400-1200 mg per day in several administrations for 1-2 weeks, the maximum daily dose - 1600 mg.

Inside, 400-1600 mg per day, 1 table. on reception, at improvement of a condition a dose reduce - to 400-600 mg a day (if necessary treatment continue small doses).

To stop the excitation - IM - 400-800 mg per day. The drug is intended for in-patient use only.

Precautionary measures

Be wary appoint patients with epilepsy, Parkinsonism, severe cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, the elderly and newborn, pregnant women working with equipment, vehicles receiving antihypertensive and depressing central nervous system. It is desirable to avoid joint use with levodopa, phenothiazines. Lactating women at the time of treatment should stop breastfeeding (contained in milk at a concentration of 2 times that of plasma).

Storage conditions for Barnetil

At room temperature.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life of Barnetil

tablets 400 mg - 5 years.

injection for 200 mg / 2 ml - 2 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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