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Instruction for use: Calciparine

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Dosage form: solution for injection

Active substance: Heparinum calcium


B01AB01 Heparin

Pharmacological groups


NSAID - Salicylic acid derivatives

The nosological classification (ICD-10)

I74 Embolism and arterial thrombosis: Thrombosis of effort (stress); Arterial thrombosis; Arteriothrombosis; Subacute and chronic arterial thrombosis; Subacute thrombosis of peripheral arteries; Postoperative thrombosis; Vascular thrombosis; Vascular embolism; Thrombosis of aortocoronary shunt; Arterial thrombosis; Thrombosis of arteries; Coronary artery thrombosis; Coronary thrombosis; Thrombosis of blood vessels; Thrombosis with ischemic stroke; Thrombosis with general surgical operations; Thrombosis in Oncology Operations; Vascular thrombosis; Thrombus formation in the postoperative period; Thrombotic complications; Thromboembolic diseases; Thromboembolic syndrome; Thromboembolic complication in the postoperative period; Thromboembolism of arteries; Partial vascular thrombosis; Embolism; Embolism of arteries

I82 Embolism and thrombosis of other veins: Recurrent venous thrombosis; Postoperative thrombosis; Venous thrombosis; Acute venous thromboembolism; Recurrent vein thrombosis; Venous thrombosis; Thrombosis of veins of internal organs; Venous thrombosis; Deep vein thrombosis; Thrombosis of blood vessels; Vascular thrombosis; Thrombosis of veins; Deep vein thrombosis; Thromboembolic diseases; Thromboembolism of veins; Severe venous thrombosis; Embolism; Embolism of veins; Thromboembolic complications

Composition and release form

1 ampoule with 0.5 ml solution for injection contains calcium heparate 12500 IU; In the package 2 and 10 pcs.

1 pre-filled syringe with a single dose of 0.2 ml - 5000 IU; In the package 2 and 10 pcs.

Pharmachologic effect

Mode of action - Anticoagulant.

Activates antithrombin III, neutralizes thrombin, stopping coagulation (factors X, V, VII, XII are blocked).

Indications for Calciparine

Thrombosis, thromboembolism.


Hypersensitivity, bleeding or tendency to bleeding (thrombopenia, hypophybrinogenemia, hemophilia, vascular permeability disturbance), stomach and duodenal ulcer, acute bacterial endocarditis, cerebral hemorrhage, postoperative period in operations on the brain and spinal cord.

Side effects

Hemorrhagic phenomena, an increase in the level of transaminases, hypereosinophilia, thrombocytopenia, osteoporosis (with long-term treatment), allergic reactions at the injection site: hematomas, nodules, cutaneous necrosis.


In combination with NSAIDs, ticlopidine, salicylic acid and other salicylates should be used with caution.

Dosing and Administration

SC, with thromboembolism: 1 day 0.1 ml (2500 IU per 10 kg) - the standard trial dose; After 5-7 hours control of coagulation time according to Howell (it should increase 2-3 times in comparison with the initial one); After 12 hours - the second injection in the previous dose or adjusted according to the control; In the following days - every 12 hours at the dose chosen for the second injection. Control - 5-7 hours after injection every 3-4 days. For children 0.2-0.3 ml. Prophylactic use: the standard regimen is 5000 IU (0.2 ml) 2-3 times daily or 7500 IU (0.3 ml) 2 times a day, depending on body weight and the degree of risk; Preventive maintenance in surgery: the standard scheme - 5000 IU (0.2 ml) for 2 hours before the operation, then every 12 hours for at least 10 days.


It is manifested by hypocoagulation, it is neutralized by slow IV injection of protamine.

Precautionary measures

Cautiously prescribed for renal or hepatic insufficiency, hypertension, gastrointestinal ulcers in history, vascular chorioretinopathy, as well as in combination with indirect anticoagulants, glucocorticoids, dextran.

Storage conditions of the drug Calciparine

In a cool, dark place.

Keep out of the reach of children.

The shelf life of the drug Calciparine

4,5 years.

Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package.

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