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Phenylpiracetam stack

04 Jul 2018

Phenotropil-the best of nootropics, placebo or dangerous pills with a bunch of side effects?

Let's try to understand this issue. Modern society, despite all its development, availability of high technologies and medical knowledge, is not protected from the negative impact of the environment and society as a whole. Constant movement, haste, the need to perform duties negatively affects the nervous system.

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A person gradually loses the ability to control his emotions, feelings of anger or apathy appear more and more often, nervous tension grows. In this case, it becomes clear that without special drugs can not do. The CNS is in need of medical treatment.

To facilitate the negative manifestations of the external environment and to strengthen the vessels of the brain, the drug Phenotropil is prescribed. The drug is available in the form of tablets. Package of 10 pieces or 3 pieces, depending on the selected option.

The active substance is the substance Phenotropil, auxiliary substances included in the composition: milk sugar; potato starch; calcium stearate.

The packs are made of thick cardboard, packaging for tablets-PVC.

The best neurotransmitter in the world

Phenotropil belongs to the group of nootropic drugs, neurotransmitters, psychostimulants. It is actively used in the neurological formula of Phenotropil in medical practice, because it has a pronounced antiamnestic effect. In General, a group of nootropic drugs is intended to affect higher brain functions. This same drug is recommended not only at the time of sudden failures in the Central nervous system or brain, but also in the case of intense activity that requires concentration, attention and concentration. That is why the examination of a specialist is a necessity for scientists, people associated with complex industries, as they experience great emotional and mental overload that can start the development of CNS diseases.

Pharmacological action of Fenotropil

Since the drug gently but effectively affects the body, it activates the integrative activity occurring in the brain, its reception in the doses established by the doctor promotes memory consolidation. Also, the tool can significantly improve the indications for concentration. Mental work and activities related to scientific work, which requires a lot of effort on the part of the person becomes better. The pharmacological action of the drug is aimed directly at the higher brain impulses sent by neurons and perceived by cells, which has a beneficial effect on the processes of learning new skills, making this process easier and faster. In the process of taking the drug, there is a significant acceleration of information transfer processes occurring between the hemispheres of the brain, which in turn increases the resistance of brain tissues to such negative phenomena as hypoxia and toxic effects.

In addition, Phenotropil tablets have anticonvulsant action and anxiolitic activity, effectively and efficiently regulate the activation and inhibition of the Central nervous system, which is a necessity for people with complex brain lesions. In particular, it helps to cope with epileptic seizures. It also improves mood, relieving depression and neurotic manifestations.

The drug improves memory in General, enhances the ability to concentrate and remember. Additional features of the drug are expressed in reducing the toxic effect of some drugs, and the hypnotic effect exerted on the body by ethanol and hexobarbital, reducing the threshold of pain sensitivity and increasing physical activity and human performance.

Pharmacokinetics of the drug

Fenotropil after ingestion is rapidly absorbed, penetrates into various organs and tissues. Its distinctive feature is absolute bioavailability, so if you take it orally, it will reach 100%. Improvements will be visible after 1 hour after administration, and the maximum effect will come after 2 hours. The impact of the funds lasts an average of 4 hours. Also Phenotropil is not metabolized in the body. It is excreted completely from the body in unchanged form, about 40% - with urine and 60% with bile and then.

The mechanism of action

Phenylpiracetam has a pronounced antiamnestic effect, has a direct activating effect on the activities and Bioprocess occurring in the brain. It has a positive effect on metabolic processes and blood circulation in its cells. It stimulates all biological processes necessary for full operation, including those associated with oxidation reduction reactions. Reception means allows for the disposal of glucose. An important feature of the drug is the ability to increase the content of noradrenaline and serotonin without affecting other elements and substances. Metabolic processes as a result of taking the drug are normalized, as the tool has a beneficial effect on this area of the body. The mechanism of action is also aimed at improving the supply of brain cells with blood, which contains the necessary oxygen and nutritional components for stable and full operation. The effect of the drug is soft, which is why it does not affect the work of the human respiratory system. The stimulating effect of substances is manifested in the ability to have an average effect on the severity of motor functions and reactions, which can be primarily observed in improving physical performance, body resistance to stress and other negative situations.

The drug also improves blood flow and circulation in the lower limbs. Stimulates the body's natural production of antibodies-immunostimulatory properties, without allergic manifestations on the part of the body. If you use the drug in the course of treatment, it does not lead to dependence and is not the cause for the withdrawal syndrome. The positive effect is manifested immediately at a dose designed for a single reception this is very important when there is a need for emergency assistance. It does not have negative effects on the body, such as mutagenic or carcinogenic effects. At the same time, it has low toxicity, and a dangerous life-threatening overdose of Phenotropil (a lethal dose), revealed experimentally, is 800 mg / kg.

Usage of Phenylpiracetam

Fenotropil -a substance that works with the most complex diseases related to the direction of pathologies of the brain and Central nervous system. That is why the list of indications is formed mainly from diseases directly or indirectly related to the neurological profile.

The main indications for the use of Phenotropil: various diseases of the nervous system; vascular diseases of the brain; vascular head disorders of metabolic processes in the brain; post-traumatic disorders and Central nervous system intoxication; chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency; deterioration associated with motor activity; problems with attention, memory and ability to concentrate; neurotic problems (lethargy, reduction of psychomotor abilities); learning disorders; depression in different forms and degrees of severity; psychoorganic syndromes (including schizophrenia); tendency to seizures (epilepsy, convulsive syndrome); obesity; preventive measures (resistance to stress situations); removal of negative consequences of hypoxia; maintaining the body in extreme situations; violation of natural biorhythms (including treatment of insomnia);); alcohol dependence in chronic form.

Phenylpiracetam experience

Since Phenotropil is a specific tool that can fight complex diseases affecting the brain and Central nervous system, it has a number of contraindications for use. They are taken into account by the doctor, so the remedy is not always present in the treatment scheme of the above diseases. The ban on the appointment are: the body's susceptibility to the components of the drug; pregnancy anxiety (as well as the period of feeding); childhood; severe kidney and liver damage; severe forms of hypertension; atherosclerosis (in the expressed form); early panic attacks; acute mental disorders (anxiety, panic, hallucinations, delirium); allergic reactions.

Overdose and additional instructions for taking Fenotropil

Overdose of Phenotropil were not recorded in practice. On the first day of the drug may be observed increased drowsiness. Side effects of receiving Phenotropil: insomnia (if the reception is made after 15.00); psychomotor agitation; hyperemia of the skin; feeling of heat; increased pressure. The drug can be used together with alcohol, as the drug is non-toxic, but it is important to maintain moderation in the use of alcohol. Phenotropil in a joint reception enhances the action of drugs, which in themselves are intended to have an impact on the Central nervous system. Also, the effectiveness of various antidepressants and other drugs belonging to the groups of nootropics and neurotransmitters is increasing.

Phenylpiracetam Reviews

I noticed that there are no forces to work, there was an apathy-the doctor after examination prescribed Fenotropil. After a month of admission of Carphedon has somehow forgotten that previously had to force himself to rise, motivation is not required for the work.

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