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Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

24 Nov 2016

Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals the company performing production of sports pharmacology for the domestic market of India and other countries of the world. Production capacities of the company are located in India. Radjay was registered and began the activities in 2011.

Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Radjay has own laboratories and the research center.

Annually the company represents new oral and injection medicines. The producer claims about availability of constant control at all stages of production process.

The rajah issues steroids in tableted (metandienon, ocsimetolon, ocsandrolon, stanozolol, methyltestosterone, chlordehydrometiltestosteron), powder, encapsulated and liquid (air of testosterone, nandrolon, trenbolon, injection of stanozolon, metandiyenon, menenolon, drostanolon, boldenon) forms. In addition to separate air, a number of the mixes allows gaining long effect in case of the minimum quantity of injections is made.

Feedbacks about Radjay Pharmaceuticals

The Radjay Pharmaceuticals company became world famous in the market of sports pharmacology. As for reputation, it is rather difficult to estimate it, there are opposite opinions. And though many feedbacks about Radjay Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals speak about outstanding performance of products, opinions that the dose of active agent in medicines is underestimated not seldom meet. To check or confute similar statements about Raj's pharma impracticablly as laboratory testing for this purpose is required. But, at least, information that under the guise of one medicine others are on sale is practically not available. One of the Best Nooropic drug is Cerepro.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to consider that participants from the forum Do4a carried out the test which shall determine availability of halogens in medicine, to confirm thereby, or to confute availability of active ingredient in the turinabol. As we see from materials, the Radjay test completely failed. There is no declared active ingredient in turinabol. Link to the test.

Summing up feedbacks about Radjay Pharmaceuticals, it is possible to speak about the average level of reliability of the producer. Perhaps, cheap medicines aren't counterfeited. We advise expensive medicines of this firm not to purchase.

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