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Pharmacological group

Homeopathic Remedies

Dermatotropona funds

Nosological classification (ICD-10)

L20 Atopic dermatitis

Itchy atopic eczema, Common neurodermatitis, Allergic skin diseases, Allergic skin diseases of non-infectious etiology, Allergic skin diseases of non-microbial etiology, Allergic skin diseases, Allergic skin lesions, Allergic manifestations on the skin, Allergic dermatitis, Allergic diathesis, Allergic itching dermatosis, Allergic Skin Disease, Allergic skin irritation, Dermatitis allergic, Atopic dermatitis, Dermatosis allergic, Diathesis exudative, Skin Allergic Disease, Skin allergic reaction to medicinal and chemical preparations, Skin reaction to medication, Skin and allergic disease, Acute eczema, Chronic atopic dermatitis, Exudative diathesis, Itching allergic dermatosis

L29 Itching

Itching with partial obstruction of the biliary tract, Dermatitis itchy, Dermatosis with persistent itching, Other itching dermatoses, Itching dermatoses, Itching allergic dermatosis, Itching dermatitis, Itching itch, Excruciating itching, Severe itching, Endogenous itching, Skin itching with dermatosis, Limited itching dermatitis, Itching of the skin, Itchy scalp, Itching eczema

L30.9 Dermatitis, unspecified

Allergic dermatoses complicated by a secondary bacterial infection, Anal eczema, Bacterial maturation, Varicose Eczema, Venous dermatitis, Inflammation of the skin, Inflammation of the skin upon contact with plants, Inflammatory Skin Diseases, Inflammatory skin reactions, Inflammatory processes of the skin, Hypostatic dermatitis, Fungal Eczema, Fungal dermatosis, Dermatitis, Dermatitis is stagnant, Dermatitis and eczema in the anal area, Dermatitis acute contact, Perianal dermatitis, Dermatosis, Dermatosis of the scalp, Dermatosis of psoriasis, Dermatosis with persistent itching, Dermatoses, Dermatoses itchy, Other itching dermatoses, Significant eczematous manifestations, Itching with, dermatoses, Itching eczema, True eczema, Skin reaction to insect bites,Skin itching with dermatosis, Constitutional eczema, Weeping eczema, Drowsing inflammatory skin disease, Dying Infectious-Inflammatory Skin Disease, Non-allergic dermatitis, Nummular eczema, Acute contact eczema, Acute inflammatory skin disease, Acute dermatosis, Acute severe dermatosis, Perianal dermatitis, Superficial dermatosis, Subacute Contact Eczema, Simple dermatitis, Occupational dermatitis, Psychogenic dermatosis, Bubble dermatitis of newborns, Pustular eruptions, Irritation and redness of the skin, Low-flammable eczema, Dry atrophic eczema, Dry eczema, Toxic dermatitis, Ear eczema like dermatitis, Chronic eczema, Chronic dermatosis, Chronic common dermatosis, Scaly papular dermatosis, Eczema, Eczema anal region, Eczema of the hands, Eczema Contact, Eczema lichenized, Eczema Nummular, Eczema acute, Eczema acute contact, Eczema subacute, Eczematous dermatitis, Eczema-like rashes, Ecome exogenous, Endogenous eczema, Gluteal dermatitis, Restricted itchy dermatitis

W57 Bite or sting with non-toxic insect and other non-venous arthropods

Allergic reaction to insect bites, Skin reaction after insect bite, Reactions to insect bites, Mosquito bite, Bite of bloodsucking insects, A bite of an insect, The bite of the wasp


Ointment for external use 100 g

Matrix tincture Cardiospermum / Cardiospermum halicacabum 10 g

Auxiliary substances: lanolin; Lanolin-alcoholic ointment; Paraffin liquid; purified water

In tubes of 50 g; In a pack of cardboard 1 tuba.

Cream for external use 100 g

Matrix tincture Cardiospermum halicacabum (cardiospermum chalicacabum) 10 g

Auxiliary substances: ethylene glycol mono- and distearate self-emulsifying (dredge); Isopropyl myristate; Stearylheptanoate (PCL-solid); Paraffin liquid; Cetyl alcohol; Glycerin 85% (glycerol); Benzyl alcohol; Potassium hydroxide; purified water

In tubes of 50 g; In a pack of cardboard 1 tuba.

Description of dosage form

Ointment: homogeneous, light yellow color, without a special smell. There may be a slight discharge of light yellow oil in the area of the tube opening. This is not a sign of instability and is safe to use.

Cream: shiny, slightly yellowish, with a faint smell of benzaldehyde.


Homeopathic remedy.

pharmachologic effect

Pharmacological action - anti-inflammatory, antipruritic.


Diseases of the skin, accompanied by itching: neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, dermatitis, skin reactions after insect bite (as part of complex therapy).


Hypersensitivity, children under 1 year.

pregnancy and lactation

Possible application in pregnancy and during breastfeeding, if the expected effect of therapy exceeds the potential risk to the fetus (child).

Side effects

Rarely - skin allergic reactions.


Not found.

The use of homeopathic drugs does not exclude the use of other drugs.

Dosing and Administration

Externally, adults and children over 1 year old are applied to the affected areas of the skin with a thin layer, gently rubbing, 3 times a day.

If there is no therapeutic effect from the use of the drug for 2 weeks, you should consult your doctor.

The cream can be used for a long time.

special instructions

When using homeopathic medicines, a primary temporary deterioration may occur. In this case, discontinue treatment and consult a doctor.

storage Conditions

At a temperature of 0-25 C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

Cream for external use - 3 years. After dissection - 6 months.

Ointment for external use - 5 years. After dissection - 6 months.

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