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Lerivon - instructions, dosage, side effects, analogs

09 Aug 2018

Antidepressant: Lerivon

Active ingredient: mianserin (Mianserin)Analogs: Venlaksor, Mirtazapin Sandoz, Simbalga, Velaxin, Prefaxin, Remeron, Mirzaten, Esprital 45, Melitor, Deprim Forte, and others.

Lerivon (Mianserin) refers to tricyclic antidepressants. It is well tolerated, and comparable in effectiveness to other modern antidepressants. The drug acts on presynaptic adrenoreceptors by suppressing them, which in turn increases the mediator concentration in the brain. In addition, it blocks H1-histamine and serotonin receptors. Thus, lerivon affects the re-uptake of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin.

Lerivon - instructions, dosage, side effects, analogs

In addition to the antidepressant effect, the drug has a pronounced soothing, hypnotic effect. Notable improvements appear already in the first week of reception: sleep is normalized, and anxiety also disappears. Lerivon (Mianserin) does not have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system, moreover, due to the analgesic effect it can be used in the treatment of depression in patients with postinfarction cardiosclerosis, as well as coronary heart disease.

Indications for use: Treatment of various depressions, including endogenous and reactive (involuntary depression).

Contraindications: Minor age, hypersensitivity to the drug and its components, acute stage of myocardial infarction, manic syndrome, pregnancy and breastfeeding, serious impairment of liver function.

Dosage and administration: Lerivon is taken orally, with water, without chewing. It is advisable to take the drug at night, given its sedative effect. The daily dose can be divided into several receptions (a single evening reception is still preferable).

The dose is selected individually, based on the age, the features of the course of the disease, as well as the response to taking the drug.
It is recommended to start with 30-40 mg / day (elderly patients are not recommended to exceed the initial dose of 30 mg / day), the effective dose is 30-90 mg / day (the optimal average dosage is 60 mg / day). In the event that the desired clinical effect was not achieved within 2-4 weeks, the dose may be increased to 90-150 mg / day.

Once the onset of improvement is monitored, it is necessary to begin a gradual decrease in the amount of the drug to the minimum maintenance dose.
To fix the achieved improvement, it is recommended to continue taking mianserin for at least 4 months (best six months). If after the next 2-4 weeks, the therapeutic effect does not occur, you must abandon the drug. Termination of mianserin administration rarely provokes withdrawal syndrome.

Side effects: The most common side effects are: drowsiness, orthostatic hypotension, hypomania, exanthema, skin allergic rashes.

Storage conditions: Keep away from children, in a dry, dark place (temperature - no higher than 25 C).

Terms of selling from pharmacies: Lerivon (Mianserin) is released on prescription.

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