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Noopept is among the world’s most popular Nootropics (Cognitive Enhancers).

Noopept has nootropic, neuroprotective and anti-oxidant properties. It improves learning ability, memory, all phases of processing: the initial processing of information, consolidation and information retrieval. Noopept helps to restore memory and other cognitive functions.

The neuroprotective effect of Noopept increases the stability of brain tissue to damaging influences (trauma, hypoxia, electroconvulsive, toxins) and lessens the degree of damage to brain neurons.

Noopept facilitates associative connections between the hemispheres of the brain at the level of cortical structures.

Noopept helps to restore memory and other cognitive functions, disturbed as a result of damaging influences - brain injury, local and global ischemia, alcohol, and hypoxia.

Noopept is derived from the racetam family and shares similar mechanisms of action, but is up to 1000 times more potent than the prototypical racetam, piracetam. Noopept is a non-prescription, non-habit forming product.

  • Study Aid - Increased Academic/Intellectual Performance
  • Improved Mental Focus, Concentration & Memory
  • Prevent or Reverse Traumatic Brain Injury

Indications for use:

Impaired memory, attention and other cognitive functions and emotional labile disorders, including elderly patients, with

  • consequences of traumatic brain injury
  • postkommotsionnom syndrome
  • cerebral vascular disease (encephalopathy of different genesis)
  • asthenic disorders
  • other conditions with symptoms reducing intellectual productivity

Suggested Use:

Noopept should be taken after a meal. Normal daily dose is 20 mg - 10 mg twice daily (morning and afternoon). In case of insufficient efficacy and good tolerability the dose may be increased to Noopept 30 mg (see "Special Instructions"), distributed over 10 mg in three divided doses for the day. The duration of a course of treatment was 1.5 - 3 months. A second course of treatment if necessary can be carried out after discontinuing for 1 month.


  • Comes in original packaging. Item is brand new and unopened.


  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep locked and away from children.
  • Store in dry place at room temperature.
  • Do not exceed storage temperature higher than 25 C

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