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Harmless marijuana?

10 Aug 2018

Often savvy teens flaunt their knowledge and tell their parents that marijuana does not give an addictive effect, so its use is not harmful. It is even allowed in some countries, and it is sold in pharmacies to people in the late stages of AIDS and cancer, because it helps relieve pain symptoms. And all this is true. Rather, one side of the coin. And on the other side is your still healthy child, who has not lived for twenty years, and he does not have any stages of cancer and AIDS, but he has a golden childhood and great prospects.

Harmless marijuana

Do not conflict with the child about the issue of addiction, give him the following facts.

Almost 90% of those who use such strong drugs as heroin, started with marijuana.

Five marijuana cigarettes have the same ability to cause cancer as 112 normal cigarettes.

Marijuana remains in the body, deposited in fat cells for a period of three to five weeks. It has a negative effect on mental activity and on the physical state of the body throughout this period.

A person who smokes marijuana regularly suffers from intense formation and accumulation of toxic substances in body fat cells, especially in brain cells. So for a complete cleansing of the body of a smoker it takes from three to five months after stopping smoking.

In adolescence, the formation of that part of the brain that ensures the ability of a person to concentrate his attention, engage in creativity, learn, form concepts at a sufficiently high level is still continuing. The constant use of marijuana at this age leads to a slowdown in the normal growth of brain cells.

A study conducted at Columbia University found that women who smoke marijuana suffer from a sharp increase in the number of cells with damaged DNA molecules that carry genetic information. Female eggs are particularly susceptible to destruction by marijuana.

In another study, also conducted at Columbia University, it was found that a control group whose members smoked one cigarette with marijuana every day throughout the year had a 39% decrease in the blood of white blood cells compared to the norm. This meant damage to the immune system, which increased the susceptibility of these people to infections and various diseases.

Smoking one cigarette with marijuana leads to a reduction in motor functions by 41%, and two - by 63%.

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