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Destructive Power of Cocaine

02 Oct 2018

Cocaine destroys the nose

The incredible increase in cocaine consumption in all walks of life began in the 1960s. He attracted attention when the drug played a major role in the Hollywood blockbuster Easy Rider. He became a super-popular drug, and there was an explosion of demand for it, which caused an increase in supplies from South America. Formed international supply chains and the names of drug cartels have become well known. The largest drug lord of them all, Pablo Escobar, was one of the richest people in the world, earning millions of dollars every day.

Since Escobar, the cocaine business has expanded its product range. Now there is cocaine for every budget. This stuff costs $40 per gram. Can you easily see the difference, because it's powdery, while the coke that costs $80 grams, it is crystalline, you can even see a bit of shine. Just grind it. It's good stuff, you can taste the difference. This is a cheap material, it slightly hurts his nose. From this coke does not hurt at all, it runs beautifully and smoothly.

Destructive Power of Cocaine

What is harmful about cocaine?
If you inhale too much of any type of coke, you can damage your nose. The mucous membrane inside the nostrils is affected, this causes the blood vessels to shrink and clot, depriving the surrounding tissues of supply with blood and oxygen. In the end, the tissues weaken and die. This can lead to a perforation in the nose. To treat these injuries, surgery is often required. Consultant Surgeon Sandeep Paun is a leading specialist in the field of nose reconstruction. As a result of regular use of cocaine, a hole formed in his nose in the nose. He wished to remain anonymous. Today we are going to carry out an operation to eliminate the perforation of your nasal septum. When did you do it last? I do it regularly, most recently six months ago. OK. there are no guarantees that we will be able to completely close the perforation. After consuming cocaine, the operation to close the perforation of the septum is quite difficult.

Destructive Power of Cocaine
I learned about the hole only when I went to the doctor, and he pulled blood clots from his nose that covered the hole that looked really scary. And all the fault was cocaine, a drug. When you look at Danielle Westbrook, as soon as you see her, you will understand what happened to her, her nose actually collapsed and the worst thing is that it can happen to you. During operation, the patient's nose will be cut and divided into two parts. The picture is very illustrative. We'll just look in the nose of this gentleman now. We move in through the nostrils, that's the inner view. On the front wall we can see this hole. In fact, this is a relatively small hole for a patient who abuses cocaine. It should be much more. Often these holes progress far beyond the size that we see here. Knife, please. Sometimes, when you make a strip, you experience a very strong, unbearable burning sensation from the very beginning of your nose to the back of your throat, very painful. The next day, you wake up with blood clots, and you, in fact, snot the pieces of your nose.

With chronic cocaine abuse, perforation becomes more and more, and the cartilage becomes weaker and weaker, because it lacks support. The upper part of the nose begins to collapse, and you can, ultimately, get a boxing appearance. Scissors please. I had patients who had destroyed the entire nasal septum. They had one nasal cavity, and everything just fell through. I sniffed coke every day. You do not worry when you do this. But then, the nose hurts scared, when the nose is bleeding you regret that they were doing it .. So, we see inside the nose, the mucous membrane, on the one hand, you can see the hole in the shell, first the cocaine forms a hole in the shell, and not in the cartilage, but then it corrodes the cartilage and eventually forms a through hole.

About coke
Cocaine is often mixed with all kinds of contaminants, including soda, glucose and, in the worst case, even with talc, which can lead to an intense inflammatory reaction. This inflammation can cause tissues in the nose to die even faster. Ironically, Mr. Pawn uses cocaine to stop the bleeding of the patient. Patients do not inhale it in advance, we give them a small amount in a liquid form. I just cut out a small piece of cartilage from the back of the nasal septum, which we then intend to insert into the front part, A little cartilage will close the hole. So, you can see here that the shell was completely closed, in the place where the hole was. If we look at the other side, There's no opening right now. I do quite a lot of nose surgery in London. There is a lot of money. About once every few weeks, I have a patient who has problems with cocaine use.

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