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Rating of hypnotics and sedatives

03 Oct 2018

Most sedatives are combined medicines and herbal products. The leader of the segment by the volume of pharmacy sales for the third year in a row is Novo-Passit (Teva), the II place with 11.72% share of sales belongs to Valocordin, and the top three tablets Corvalol (producer - "Pharma Start"). "Traditional" Corvalol (in the form of drops) takes the 4th line of the rating of sedatives.

Rating of hypnotics and sedatives

In addition to Corvalol, Valoserdin is a popular sedative for Russian production, which is also used as a cardiac remedy for rhythm disturbances. Over the past year, its sales grew by 5%.

TOP 10 hypnotics and sedatives

1) Novo-Passit
2) Valocordin
3) Corvalol drops
4) Corvalol tablets
5) Persen forte
6) Valoserdine
7) Persen
8) Melaxen
9) Valerian
10) Motherwort extract

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