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Cortexin injections - helped to recover my little son!

11 Jan 2017

Advantages: Suffice it safe, to help my child.

I had a heavy birth, had numerous consequences. The son formed numerous cysts in the brain as well, was intracranial pressure. The regional hospital, one of the drugs that pricked my little boy was “Cortexin”.

Three months later, it was necessary to do ultrasound to see the result of the treatment over time. The result was excellent - there was one, very small cysts and intracranial pressure, quite a bit higher than normal. Child reappointed Cortexin course of ten days, with the analgesic.

I noticed, after the course of treatment, the child began to sleep better and cry less. In six months, it was necessary to do ultrasound again. We did and the result was excellent, no abnormalities, the baby is healthy. Our Fortunately, there was no limit.

The drug in the clinic were given to us free. I liked that it is safe, we did not have any adverse reactions, everything went smoothly and only with a positive result. Let all kids are healthy!

Usage time: 2 courses for ten days

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