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Report about Course of Nootropics: Hormones and Effects

23 Dec 2016

As I mentioned in the previous story, additives, nootropics, which I accepted, potentially reshaping the hormonal balance.

Brain, Semax, Noopept

Course of nootropics

All dosages per diem:

Noopept 30 mg

- Semax 0,1% (only in the last week)

- Curcumin 1000 mg

- Ashwagandha 1500 mg

- Niacin 100 mg

- Green tea drink every day

- Melatonin 2-3 mg at bedtime ( about a day)

- Omega-3 according instructions

- Rhodiola in tincture and Schisandra in tincture (1-bottle at 45 days).

All this takes for 45 days, from 17 February to 2 nd April 2016. In addition nootropics, I added 1 cardio workout per week (running), as there are animal studies, neurotrophic factors in increasing sports mice. In terms of food / bad habits does not have any change. Although at the end of the course, for some unknown reason to me, beginning to pull on canned fish. Only last week, and they ate for dinner.

Data confirmed. Prior to delivery of analyzes, I have never taken hormones in any manner that suggests an even hormonal background. All values presented normal hormonal range for men. Next will be a generalization such as "female or male hormone," meanwhile, all have hormones in women and men!

  • 1.Testosterone. The main male hormone. We are of interest to the general testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and free.
    1.1. Total testosterone. The foundation for all of the male hormonal system. It is poorly active, and almost no one feels much more important than those of metamorphosis that happens to him later. Index "BEFORE": 22.63 nmol / L. Index "after": 23.66 nmol / L. Normal values of 6-30 nmol / L. An increase of 4.5%. Values above average.
  • 1.2. Free testosterone. It is already possible to somehow feel. Main functions: muscle growth, more rapid healing of damage. Scientifically speaking - accelerates protein synthesis and function of many manifestations of this. Men and women with high free testosterone, but is in the normal range for each sex, potentially more inclined to good physique. An example of a high free testosterone with proper load - fitness models, both men and women. Analysis of free testosterone, I do not give up and figured it out, "general" and SHBG (about it later).
  • Index "BEFORE": 0.435 nmol / L. Index "after": 0.394 nmol / L. Normal values in the unit of measurement is not. Estimated rate of 0.15 nmol / L to 1 nmol / l. The decrease of 9.5%. Values below the average.
  • 1.3. Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. The most active form of testosterone, the main androgen in the body. He is responsible for secondary sexual characteristics: body hair on the face and body, drive, energy, tone of voice, aggressiveness or a spirit of competition.
  • For muscle growth, this kind of testosterone has almost no effect. Example high DHT in men, for visual signs - Jason Steytem. I did not take the first analysis by DHT, surrendered just a second. DHT is in a depending free testosterone. DHT depends on progesterone, about it later. In my case, free fell by almost 10%, we can assume that DHT and down about the same number. Meaning "to": above 930 pg / mL. Meaning "after": 876.1 pg / mL. Normal values 250.0 - 990.0 pg / mL. DHT is near the upper limit of normal. The decrease by 7-12%.
  • 2.Estradiol. One of the female sex hormones. But if it is synthesized in the female ovary at men formed from testosterone. Incidentally, in liver disease, obesity and pregnancy, estradiol rapidly increases. Testosterone longer characterized by the word "strength and attack", estradiol more "protection". It contributes to the accumulation of fluid in the body, the formation of female sex characteristics and the so-called deposition of fat on the female type, ie on the buttocks, legs or arms. In healthy men, however, primarily the stomach increases. Meaning "to": 47.68 pg / ml. Meaning "after": 27.89 pg / ml. Normal values up to 47 pg / ml. According to other sources to 70.
  • 3.Progesterone. Also considered a female hormone. progesterone rise speaks on strengthen the action of GABA, it can be said that progesterone calms the nervous system, makes people less impulsive, more sensitive. During the menstrual cycle in women, progesterone can skip from 1 nmol / l to 50, including the reason why they have so strong and mood changes abruptly.
  • In men, progesterone is an assistant for balancing estradiol and dihydrotestosterone. Lest you get confused, remember: "A lot of progesterone - a little dihydrotestosterone!". Meaning "to": 1.94 nmol / L. Meaning "after": 2.81 nmol / L. Normal Values 0.45 - 2.9 nmol / L. Reference intervals in my clinic to 6.5 nmol / l, in my opinion, this number greatly exaggerated, as 5-10 years ago the rate of progesterone in men in general was 1-2 nmol / L. An increase of 45%. This trend was also observed in dihydrotestosterone. Progesterone has grown, so has become less DHT.
  • 4.Bilirubin. Gall enzyme, its characteristics reflect the liver and bile health. There is direct and indirect bilirubin, which are created by the liver and hemoglobin. The sum shows the amount of total bilirubin. Assays for bilirubin handed with a difference of 1 year. The units are different, but the number of the normal range is similar. Indirect bilirubin: Meaning "to": 10.04 mmol / l. The rate of up to 17 mmol / l. Meaning "after": 0.68 mg / dL. The rate of up to 1.1 mg / dL. Direct bilirubin: Meaning "to": 10.46 mmol / l. The rate to 3.4 mmol / l. Meaning "after": 0.4 mg / dL. The rate of up to 0.3 mg / dL. Direct bilirubin decreased about 2 times or by 50% and remains above the norm of 30%. This figure is in my case - a consequence of more children biliary tract diseases. However, there are clearly improved.
  • 5.SHBG or sex hormones binding globulin. This is not a hormone, a protein that is "knits" sex hormone (testosterone, DHT, estradiol, progesterone) and runs into the blood in an inactive form. The hormones that are associated with it, lose all their positive and negative points. Globulin is similar to the gold and currency reserves of the country, access to which is possible only with some serious conditions, when liquidity is needed or money. In the body, this is a stash of hormones in the emergency. When a person has money and health, it does not particularly care about themselves and do not defer, because so all is well. But if a whiff of trouble, then immediately save mode. SHBG has a stable level in adults and varies depending on the state of health in either direction. For example, in the use of anabolic steroids or androgens and obesity, SHBG decreases. With the dramatic weight loss or liver disease - increasing SHBG. Meaning "to": 41.4 nmol / L. Meaning "after": 51.6 nmol / L. Normal values 10 - 57 nmol / l. An increase of 25%. A bit strange, since I lost only 2 kg, and liver values are better.
  • 6.Prolactin. Prolactin and dopamine - antagonists. When a lot of dopamine - a little prolactin and vice versa. In women, this hormone participate in the formation of breast along with estradiol. He also contributes to the formation of milk during pregnancy and after childbirth. Men are more necessary for the regulation of testosterone levels. Index "BEFORE": 162.78 mIU / L. Index "after": 210.29 mIU / L. Normal values are 56-278 mIU / L. An increase of 29%.

The result on hormones: We can observe a significant reorganization of the body: increased levels of SHBG, progesterone, prolactin, decreased estradiol, testosterone and DHT Free. The placebo effect can be neglected, since I was expecting to become a mega calm alpha male testosterone to very tall, and was promoted to the hormone, which forms the chest.))

Effect from the course:
This item is not recommend to read for people who love numbers and hate subjectivity.

- The state of health in the course of changing smoothly, without sudden surges and spikes.

- Increased emotionality likely effect of increasing progesterone. They displayed it in everyday life started more often and longer to play the guitar, watch movies drawn. Overpower almost 2 Remarque's book, but this is my favorite author and more than half had already read his books, I recommend.

- Less sore ligaments, joints, then hello again progesterone. There is evidence that prolactin has some analgesic effect.

- Has grown thin for 2-3 kg. Power remained the same, but the load is increased, added 1 training session per week (jogging). Calorie turned negative, and that's the result. The total amount of training was 3-4.

- With regards to intelligence: to see through the walls did not. To more or less accurately describe the effect on intelligence, suitable word "deeper". If you eat a stimulant, it would be the word "many" or "fast" if tranquilizers, the "flat" or "well". These additives increase the emotion and you can look at issues from a different angle, to find faces that were not seen before (poetry rushing, apparently did not let go)).

- Antidepressant effects not observed depression as if it was not. Bad mood happened with the same frequency as before.

- In training: the forces have not diminished, recovery was faster. Although it seems to me, muscle mass is still a little left.

- There are no "men's problems" by a slight reduction in testosterone and female growth hormones have not experienced.


Overall, I liked the experience. Nothing bad happened. To characterize a condition after the course is difficult, just got a little different. It's like comparing hard and yellow, are different concepts.

With the course turned out so well. The nervous system has shown growth of antibodies to proteins engaged in the construction of the nerves, I think that these proteins are increased and for the balance of rose and antibodies.

If we compare the hormones before and after, and not to look at testosterone, something like 2 different people.

So it is with health. Not bad, not good, but in a different way.

If I again decided to take this course, I would have left as a base: Omega-3, ashwagandha and Noopept / Semax.

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