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Cortexin injections effective drug

11 Jan 2017

Advantages: effective

Disadvantages: It is taken as an injection, the incidence of side effects

Son was diagnosed - perinatal central nervous system in 1 month. To be honest, from the other children my child is no different, the only manifestation of the problem - a slightly increased tone in the legs.

According to our doctor's advice instead held a treatment course Cortexin for 10 days at a time with a course of baby massage. I can say that the drug was well tolerated, no change deterioration and sleep behavior was not, shots also were normal, afraid the child was only to last. Divorce saline instead of Novocain that does not cause allergic reactions.

The effect of Cortexin there and it is good. In this case, the tone did not leave right away, but we crawled within a week after the last injection, all the skills and development was normal. In the year of diagnosis we took off.

I think Cortexin a good drug, but it is necessary to take only under strict indications.

Usage time: 10 days

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