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Cortexin injections - quickly visible results

11 Jan 2017

Advantages: quickly visible results

Disadvantages: children do not like injections

A drug that greatly helped my brother in the treatment of delayed speech development.

The need for treatment came when brother to 3 years spoke only a few words, and that is bad and it is not clear. Mother appealed to the doctors, but they do nothing significant has appointed, on the grounds that some children start to speak later. Then my mother turned to more serious professionals and they diagnosed "a delay of speech development on the background of the transferred hypoxia and frequent colds at the age of 1-2 years," the brother who is very hard to bear.

At first he was appointed course in the form of tablets and syrups.

Improvements have been, but not significant. Three months later he was given a second course - injections Cortexin + neck massage. After these injections could be felt at once that his vocabulary began to increase, there has been a push to develop.

Of course, the injections was not very nice small child, but the treatment of them was worth it.

Well, there are medications that help in such situations. I advise everyone not to start the disease, and to treat it in time, because then the child may have serious problems in school, at school and with peers.

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