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Instruction for use: Silicium dioxide colloidal (Silicii dioxydum colloidale)

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Pharmacological group


Nosological classification (ICD-10)

A04.9 Bacterial intestinal infection, unspecified

Bacterial intestinal infections, GI tract infections, Infections of intestinal bacterial, Digestive tract infections, Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, Infectious Disease of the GI tract, Infection of the intestine, Intestinal infection, Acute infectious disease of the digestive tract, Acute intestinal disease with colon lesions, Acute intestinal infection

A05 Other bacterial food poisoning

F10.3 abstinence

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome. abstinence symptom, Abstinence syndrome in alcoholism, abstinence, alcohol Abstinence, alcohol withdrawal, Alcohol abstinence, Alcohol withdrawal syndrome, postabstinentnom disorder, postabstinentnom state, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, withdrawal syndrome, The syndrome of alcohol abstinence, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, Status of abstinence

K52.2 Allergic and alimentary gastroenteritis and colitis

Alimentary Colitis, Allergic Colitis, Gastroenteritis alimentary, Gastroenteritis allergic, Allergic diarrhea, Allergic gastroenteropathy, Medicinal gastroenteritis

L02 Skin abscess, furuncle and carbuncle

Furuncle of external auditory canal, Furuncle of the auricle, Furuncles, Abscess, Abscess of skin, Carbuncle, Carbuncle skin, Furuncle, Skin furuncle, Furunculosis, Chronic recurrent furunculosis

L03 Phlegmon

Felon, Panaritium with lymphangitis, Soft tissue phlegmon, Phlegmon

N61 Inflammatory diseases of the breast

Mastitis, Purulent mastitis, Non-maternity mastitis, Postpartum mastitis, Mastitis

T78.3 Angioedema

Edema Quincke, Laryngeal exacerbation with angioneurotic edema, Recurrent angioedema, Allergic edema, Recurrent swelling of Quincy

X40-X49 Accidental poisoning and exposure to poisonous substances

Endogenous intoxication

Y57 Adverse reactions in the therapeutic use of other and unspecified drugs and medications

Characteristics of the substance Silica colloidal dioxide

A substance obtained on the basis of highly disperse silica. Bluish white powder, odorless and tasteless. When shaken with water forms a suspension.


Pharmacological action - adsorbent, regenerating.

It possesses high sorption ability with respect to enzymes, antigens, antibodies, endogenous and exogenous toxins, products of tissue degradation and other substances of protein nature, microorganisms, food allergens, drugs, poisons, water. With topical application, it prevents the progression of necrotic changes, promotes the rejection of nonviable tissues and healing.

Application of Silicium dioxide colloidal

Acute intestinal infections, food poisoning, allergic reactions, endogenous and exogenous intoxications, acute poisoning with potent and toxic substances; abstinent alcohol syndrome; purulent-inflammatory diseases of soft tissues (purulent wounds, phlegmon, abscess, mastitis).


For oral administration: peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum (in the phase of exacerbation); for topical application: clean granulating and aseptic wounds.

Side effects

Ingestion - dyspepsia; with topical application - the formation of a crust that prevents aeration of the wound surface (when applying excessive amounts).


When administered, reduces the effectiveness of concomitantly ingested medicines (should be taken 1 hour before taking drugs).

Routes of administration

Inside, locally.

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