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Instruction for use: Polcortolone TC

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Active substance Tetracycline + Triamcinolone

ATX code D07CB01 Triamcinolone in combination with antibiotics

Pharmacological group

Glucocorticosteroids in combinations

Nosological classification (ICD-10)

A46 erysipelas


L00-L08 Infections of the skin and subcutaneous tissue

L01 Impetigo

Bullous impetigo, Vulgar impetigo, Simple contact dermatitis complicated by impetigo, Contagious impetigo, Ordinary impetigo, Streptococcal impetigo

L02 Skin abscess, furuncle and carbuncle

Furuncle of external auditory canal, Furuncle of the auricle, Furuncles, Abscess, Abscess of skin, Carbuncle, Carbuncle skin, Furuncle, Skin furuncle, Furunculosis, Chronic recurrent furunculosis

L20 Atopic dermatitis

Itchy atopic eczema, Common neurodermatitis, Allergic skin diseases, Allergic skin diseases of non-infectious etiology, Allergic skin diseases of non-microbial etiology, Allergic skin diseases, Allergic skin lesions, Allergic manifestations on the skin, Allergic dermatitis, Allergic diathesis, Allergic itching dermatosis, Allergic Skin Disease, Allergic skin irritation, Dermatitis allergic, Atopic dermatitis, Dermatosis allergic, Diathesis exudative, Skin Allergic Disease, Skin allergic reaction to medicinal and chemical preparations, Skin reaction to medication, Skin and allergic disease, Acute eczema, Chronic atopic dermatitis, Exudative diathesis, Itching allergic dermatosis

L30.9 Dermatitis, unspecified

Allergic dermatoses complicated by a secondary bacterial infection, Anal eczema, Bacterial maturation, Varicose Eczema, Venous dermatitis, Inflammation of the skin, Inflammation of the skin upon contact with plants, Inflammatory Skin Diseases, Inflammatory skin reactions, Inflammatory processes of the skin, Hypostatic dermatitis, Fungal Eczema, Fungal dermatosis, Dermatitis, Dermatitis is stagnant, Dermatitis and eczema in the anal area, Dermatitis acute contact, Perianal dermatitis, Dermatosis, Dermatosis of the scalp, Dermatosis of psoriasis, Dermatosis with persistent itching, Dermatoses, Dermatoses itchy, Other itching dermatoses, Significant eczematous manifestations, Itching with, dermatoses, Itching eczema, True eczema, Skin reaction to insect bites,Skin itching with dermatosis, Constitutional eczema, Weeping eczema, Drowsing inflammatory skin disease, Dying Infectious-Inflammatory Skin Disease, Non-allergic dermatitis, Nummular eczema, Acute contact eczema, Acute inflammatory skin disease, Acute dermatosis, Acute severe dermatosis, Perianal dermatitis, Superficial dermatosis, Subacute Contact Eczema, Simple dermatitis, Occupational dermatitis, Psychogenic dermatosis, Bubble dermatitis of newborns, Pustular eruptions, Irritation and redness of the skin, Low-flammable eczema, Dry atrophic eczema, Dry eczema, Toxic dermatitis, Ear eczema like dermatitis, Chronic eczema, Chronic dermatosis, Chronic common dermatosis, Scaly papular dermatosis, Eczema, Eczema anal region, Eczema of the hands, Eczema Contact, Eczema lichenized, Eczema Nummular, Eczema acute, Eczema acute contact, Eczema subacute, Eczematous dermatitis, Eczema-like rashes, Ecome exogenous, Endogenous eczema, Gluteal dermatitis, Restricted itchy dermatitis

L50.0 Allergic urticaria

Skin reaction to medication

L73.2 Hyperadenitis purulent

Hydradenite, Bony udders

L73.8.1 * Folliculitis

Superficial folliculitis, Folliculitis

Composition and form of release

30 ml of aerosol contains triamcinolone 0.4 g and tetracycline hydrochloride 0.01 g; In bottles with a sprayer of 30 ml.

pharmachologic effect

Pharmacological action - anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antipruritic, antimicrobial.


Allergic dermatoses (atopic dermatitis, eczema, urticaria), complicated by a secondary bacterial infection, infectious skin diseases, impetigo, furunculosis, folliculitis, hydradenitis, erysipelas, etc.


Hypersensitivity, viral, fungal and tubercular skin lesions, tumors and precancerous skin conditions, glaucoma, the period of vaccination, violation of the integrity of the skin in places of application, age up to 3 years.

pregnancy and lactation

Contraindicated in pregnancy (I trimester), in the II-III trimester is possible, if the expected effect of therapy exceeds the potential risk to the fetus.

When breastfeeding - with extreme caution.

Side effects

Itching, skin irritation, purpura, photosensitization, rarely (with prolonged use) - acne, post-steroid vascular purpura, suppression of epidermal growth, dry skin, increased hair, pigmentation, skin atrophy, telangiectasia.

Dosing and Administration

Externally, spray for 1-3 with 2-4 times a day (the bottle is kept vertically at a distance of about 15-20 cm from the affected area). Course - no more than 4 weeks.

Precautionary measures

Use with caution in children over 3 years old, people with existing atrophic skin changes, especially in old age, on the skin of the face. The skin areas on which the preparation is applied should be protected from direct sunlight.

special instructions

It is necessary to protect the eyes when spraying the aerosol, avoid inhaling the sprayed product. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Aerosol is especially effective in acute inflammatory processes with exudation, severe skin lesions, as well as in cases of intolerance to the components of the ointment.

storage Conditions

At a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. The bottle must not be heated and opened near an open flame.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

2 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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