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Active substance Flumetasone

ATX code D07AB03 Flumetasone

Pharmacological group


Nosological classification (ICD-10)

L20 Atopic dermatitis

Itchy atopic eczema, Common neurodermatitis, Allergic skin diseases, Allergic skin diseases of non-infectious etiology, Allergic skin diseases of non-microbial etiology, Allergic skin diseases, Allergic skin lesions, Allergic manifestations on the skin, Allergic dermatitis, Allergic diathesis, Allergic itching dermatosis, Allergic Skin Disease, Allergic skin irritation, Dermatitis allergic, Atopic dermatitis, Dermatosis allergic, Diathesis exudative, Skin Allergic Disease, Skin allergic reaction to medicinal and chemical preparations, Skin reaction to medication, Skin and allergic disease, Acute eczema, Chronic atopic dermatitis, Exudative diathesis, Itching allergic dermatosis

L20.0 Pochemuha Bienier

L20.0 Pochemuha Bienier

L21 Seborrheic dermatitis

Dermatitis seborrheic, Increased sebum separation, Seborrheic Eczema, Seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp, Seborrheic pyodermatitis, Seborrhea, Eczema seborrheic

L23 Allergic contact dermatitis

Allergic dermatitis, Purulent allergic dermatopathies, Contact allergic reaction, Contact allergic dermatitis, Photoallergic contact dermatitis

L29 Itching

Itching with partial obstruction of the biliary tract, Dermatitis itchy, Dermatosis with persistent itching, Other itching dermatoses, Itching dermatoses, Itching allergic dermatosis, Itching dermatitis, Itching itch, Excruciating itching, Severe itching, Endogenous itching, Skin itching with dermatosis, Limited itching dermatitis, Itching of the skin, Itchy scalp, Itching eczema

L30.4 Erythematous intertrigo

Erythema of the buttocks, Dermatitis traumatic, Intertrigo, Interdigital intertrigo

L40 Psoriasis

Chronic psoriasis with diffuse plaques, Generalized psoriasis, Psoriasis of the scalp, Psoriasis of the scalp, Generalized form of psoriasis, Psoriasis dermatitis, Psoriasis complicated by erythroderma, Invalidative psoriasis, Isolated psoriatic plaque, Exfoliative psoriasis, Psoriatic Erythroderma, Psoriasis with eczematosis, Hyperkeratosis in psoriasis,Inverse psoriasis,Psoriasis eczematous, Dermatosis of psoriasis, Psoriasis of the genitals, Psoriasis with lesions of hairy areas of skin, Erythrodermal psoriasis, Chronic psoriasis of the scalp, Chronic psoriasis, Ordinary psoriasis, Refractory psoriasis, Kebner phenomenon, Scaly lichen

L50 Urticaria

Idiopathic chronic urticaria, Injury Urticaria, Chronic urticaria, Hives of the newborn

L51 Erythema multiforme

Stevens-Johnson syndrome, Malignant exudative erythema, Multiforme exudative erythema, Erythema multiforme, Multiforme exudative erythema, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Exudative multiform erythema, Erythema is polymorphic

L56.2 Photocontact dermatitis [berloque dermatitis]

Photoallergic contact dermatitis

L56.3 Solar Urticaria

Skin irritation after sun exposure, Sun Dermatitis, Dermatitis sunflower

L58 Radiation dermatitis radiation

Radiation injury of the skin, Radiation skin lesions, Radiation damage to the skin and mucous membranes, Skin lesion with radiation therapy, Irritation after exposure to X-rays, Radiation damage to the skin, Radio-epileleitis, Radiation acute syndrome

T30 Thermal and chemical burns, unspecified

Pain syndrome with burns, Pain in burns, Pain with burns, Sluggishly healing post-burn wounds, Deep burns with a wet scab, Deep burns with abundant compartments, Deep burn, Laser burn, Burn, Burn of rectum and perineum, Burn with mild exudation, Burn disease, Burn injury, Superficial burn, Superficial burn of I and II degree, Superficial skin burns, After-burn trophic ulcer and wound, Post-burn complication, Loss of fluid in burns, Sepsis burn, Thermal burns, Thermal skin lesions, Thermal burn, Trophic after-burn ulcers, Chemical burn, Surgical burn

Composition and form of release

1 ml lotion contains flumethasone pivalate 0.2 mg, as well as methylhydroxy benzoate 1.8 mg and propylhydroxy benzoate 0.2 mg; In polyethylene bottles of 15 ml., In a cardboard bundle 1 bottle.

pharmachologic effect

Oppresses phospholipase A2, reduces the synthesis of PG and other biologically active substances.


Has a pronounced local anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antipruritic effects. Reduces permeability and changes the structure of tissue and cell membranes, reduces the migration of macrophages and lymphocytes to the inflammation focus, affects all phases of inflammation, blocks the release of sensitized mast cells and basophils histamine and other biologically active substances. Resorptive action has no effect, because through intact skin and mucous membranes is practically not absorbed.

Clinical Pharmacology

With external application reduces the severity of the inflammatory process in the skin, softens burning and pain. Thanks to the low-fat basis, it is suitable for the treatment of diseases of the mucous membranes and hairy areas of the skin.


Various forms of acute and subacute eczema, urticaria, pruritis generalized and limited, pruritus with allergic diseases, diaper rash (not complicated by infection), erythema multiforme, bullous dermatitis (as an adjuvant), seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, sun and radial burns, thermal burns I and II degrees.


Hypersensitivity, bacterial (including tuberculosis and syphilis), fungal, viral (chickenpox, etc.), tumoral (including precancerous) skin diseases, trophic ulcers of the lower leg (including varicose).

pregnancy and lactation

Allowed as an exception and on small surfaces.

Side effects

Contact eczema, allergic reactions (in people with allergic diseases), steroid acne, purpura, telangiectasia, skin and subcutaneous tissue atrophy, striae, dryness and depigmentation of the skin, dermatitis.

Dosing and Administration

Outwardly. Apply a thin layer (you can use a sterile gauze dressing) on the affected skin or mucous membrane 3-5 times a day. After improvement, 1-2 procedures a day for 2-3 days are performed. In acute conditions, treatment can last for 1-2 weeks.

Precautionary measures

Children are prescribed as an exception and on small skin surfaces. With extensive skin lesions, only short-term use is allowed.

Storage conditions

In a cool place.

Keep out of the reach of children.

shelf life

2 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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