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Instruction for use: Hydrocortisone + Oxytetracycline (Hydrocortisonum + Oxytetracyclinum)

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Pharmacological group

Glucocorticosteroids in combinations


Combined drug, inhibits the development of inflammatory skin reactions, especially of allergic origin, complicated by bacterial infection. Oxytetracycline - an antibiotic from the group of tetracyclines, has a bacteriostatic effect. It is active against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, Rickettsia spp., Treponema spp., Chlamydia spp., Mycoplasma spp. Hydrocortisone - GCS, has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antiexudative and antipruritic effects. Inhibits phagocytosis. Reduces the formation of arachidonic acid from the phospholipids of cell membranes by inhibiting the activity of phospholipase A2. Oppresses the release of interleukins and other cytokines, which have a provoking effect; Inhibits the release of histamine and the occurrence of local allergic reactions. Reduces the synthesis of proteins and the deposition of collagen in the skin, prevents the development of connective tissue, weakens proliferative processes. When using aerosol, rapid evaporation causes an additional anesthetic and cooling effect.


Dermatitis of newborns (bullous and exfoliative), infected diaper rash, folliculitis, furunculosis, carbuncle, impetigo, erysipelas; Infected eczema and wounds, erosion; Hives of a newborn; Simple and allergic dermatitis, seborrhea; "Sunny" erythematous rashes; Multiforme exudative erythema; Insect bites; Allergic and purulent diseases of the external auditory canal; Varicose ulcers of the lower leg, burns, frostbite.


Hypersensitivity, skin tuberculosis, skin tumors, precancerous conditions, mycosis, viral skin diseases (herpes, chicken pox); Pregnancy, lactation (when used on extensive lesions).


Apply a thin layer of 0.5-1 g 1-3 times a day on the affected areas or on a sterile gauze, which is covered with a skin, bandaging bandage. Aerosol is sprayed several times a day from a distance of 15-20 cm for 1-3 seconds, holding the bottle vertically. Duration of treatment is individual.

Side effect

Skin irritation, itching, rash; Superinfection, allergic reactions. When applied to the skin of the face: telangiectasia, atrophy of subcutaneous tissue in the mouth. With long-term use and / or application on large surfaces - systemic side effects of GCS.

Special instructions

During treatment, the SCS should not be vaccinated against smallpox and plan other types of immunization (in connection with the immunosuppressive effect of GCS).

Children should avoid applying the drug on large surfaces and under occlusive dressings.

If it is necessary to apply the drug on the face, treatment should be short because of increased absorption and the possibility of side effects.

Aerosol is especially effective in acute inflammation with exudation, common skin lesions, as well as in case of intolerance to the components of the ointment.

Do not breathe spray and avoid contact with eyes.

Protect the bottle from heating.

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