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Instruction for use: Diazepabene

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Dosage form: Solution for injection

Active substance: Diazepam*


N05BA01 Diazepam

Pharmacological group:


Composition and release form

1 ampoule with 2 ml solution for injection contains diazepam 10 mg; In the tray 5 pcs.

Dosing and Administration

IM or IV. Dosage regimen is set individually - depending on the patient's condition, clinical picture of the disease, sensitivity to the drug.

With neuroses, hysterical and hypochondriacal reactions, phobias, as well as with alcohol withdrawal syndrome - 5-10 mg 2-3 times a day. If necessary, the dose may be increased to 60 mg per day.

In case of traumatic spinal cord injuries accompanied by para- or hemiplegia, adult-10-20 mg in adults, and 2-10 mg in children.

With epileptic status - 0,15-0,25 mg / kg of body weight, if necessary, repeat after 30-60 minutes, maximum daily dose - 3 mg / kg.

Storage conditions of the drug Diazepabene

Keep out of the reach of children.

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