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Increase the synthesis of growth hormone in the body

25 May 2018

In my previous articles, I talked about how to stimulate the production of growth hormone due to dietary supplements. Meanwhile, there are quite natural sources of increasing the level of this hormone in the blood.

- Do not eat fatty foods 4 hours before the workout

It is proved that the intake of fatty foods before training reduces the response production of growth hormone by 50%. Therefore, before going to the gym, choose sources of protein that do not contain the minimum amount of fat - whey protein, chicken breasts, turkey, tuna, low-fat or low-fat dairy products.

- Before the exercise, consume "slow" carbohydrates

The intake of "fast" carbohydrates leads to a powerful release of insulin, which not only hampers the burning of fat, but also reduces the secretion of growth hormone. Therefore, it is recommended during this period to refuse such food.

- Take food supplements

Scientific studies have shown that a large amount of arginine, glutamine and melatonin significantly increase the release of growth hormone into the blood. In this regard, it is recommended to drink 5-9 grams of arginine, 5-10 grams of glutamine and 0.5-5 mg of melatonin 30 minutes before taking the protein cocktail.

- Do not neglect the workout

Other studies have shown that as the body temperature rises, the level of growth hormone also increases. Therefore, before the start of training, it is recommended to hold a small 5-minute cardio-warm-up, then perform 2-3 warm-up approaches of the first exercise. This will increase body temperature and positively affect the level of growth hormone in the blood.

- Apply aerobic workouts

It is noticed that if you use cardio-loads before strength training, then the level of growth hormone will fall 3 times. However, if immediately after strength training go to cardio, on the contrary, the production of growth hormone will increase. It does not matter with what intensity you perform aerobic exercises - equally useful as a slow, and fast pace.

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