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Instruction for use: Tetramethyltetraazabicyclooctandione

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The Latin name of the substance Tetramethyltetraazabicyclooctandione

Tetramethyltetraazabicyclooctandionum (genus. Tetramethyltetraazabicyclooctandioni)

Chemical name

2,4,6,8-Tetramethyl-2,4,6,8-tetraazabicyclo [3.3.0] octane-3,7-dione

Gross formula


Pharmacological group:


The nosological classification (ICD-10)

F10.2 Syndrome of alcohol dependence: Alcoholism; Alcohol addiction; posiomania; Dependence on alcohol; dipsomania; drunken state; alcohol abuse; Ideatornoy violations in alcoholism; Quarterly booze; Obsessive craving for alcohol; Neurotic symptoms of alcoholism; Craving for alcohol; Psychoorganic syndrome in chronic alcoholism; Reduced craving for alcohol; chronic alcoholism

F17.2 Nicotine addiction: Craving for smoking; Attraction to smoking tobacco; Tobacco dependence; Abstinence syndrome with smoking cessation; Abuse of nicotine

F28 Other Inorganic Psychotic Disorders: Affective psychoses; Involutional psychosis; Psychoinstrumental; Psycho senile; Senile psychosis; An old-time involutionary psychosis; Static psychosis

F30.0 Hypomania: Hypomanic condition; Hypomanic conditions

F48 Other neurotic disorders: Neurosis; Neurological diseases; Neurotic disorders; Neurotic condition; Psychoneurosis; Anxious-Neurotic Conditions; Chronic neurotic disorders; Emotional reactive disorders

F48.0 Neurasthenia: Asthenic form of neurasthenia; Asthenoneurotic disorder; Astheno-neurotic state; Flu of young workaholics; Influenza yuppie; Neurasthenic disorders; Neurasthenic conditions; Neurasthenic syndrome

R45.0 Nervousness: Stress nervous; Mental stress; State of tension; Stress states; Nervous disorders; Voltage; Tension; Psychoemotional stress; Stress state; Emotional tension; Feeling of inner tension; Psychoemotional stress in stressful situations; Nerve Stress Reactions; Internal stress; The state of persistent mental stress; Tearfulness

R45.1 Anxiety and agitation: Agitation; Anxiety; Explosive excitability; Internal stimulation; Excitability; Excitation; Excitation acute; Psychomotor agitation; Hyperexcitability; Motor excitement; Cessation of psychomotor agitation; Nervous excitement; Restlessness; Night trouble; Acute stage of schizophrenia with excitation; Acute mental agitation; Paroxysm of excitation; Overexcitation; Increased excitability; Increased nervous excitability; Increased emotional and cardiac excitability; Increased agitation; Mental arousal; Psychomotor agitation; Psychomotor agitation in psychoses; Psychomotor agitation of an epileptic nature; Psychomotor paroxysm; Psychomotor fit; Symptoms of excitation; Symptoms of psychomotor agitation; The state of agitation; A state of anxiety; Excitation status; A state of heightened concern; The state of psychomotor agitation; Conditions of anxiety; Excitation conditions; The state of excitement in somatic diseases; Excitation level; Feelings of anxiety; Emotional arousal

R45.4 Irritability and anger: Neurosis with increased irritability; Outbursts of anger; Anger; Resentment; Increased irritability; Increased irritability of the nervous system; Irritability; Irritability in neuroses; Irritability in psychopathic disorders; Symptoms of irritability; Dysphoria

T65.2 Toxic effect of tobacco and nicotine

Z03.2 Observation for suspected mental illness and behavioral disorders

CAS Code


Characteristics of the substance Tetramethyltetraazabicyclooctandione

White crystalline powder. Easily soluble in water, soluble in ethanol.


The pharmacological action is anxiolytic.

Regulates disturbances of night sleep. Has anticonvulsant activity. Does not show central or peripheral cholinolytic properties. Does not have a muscle relaxant and direct hypnotic effect. Does not violate the coordination of movements.

Excreted by the kidneys within 24 hours.

Application of substance Tetramethyltetraazabicyclooctanedione

Neuroses and neurosis-like conditions, accompanied by irritability, emotional lability, anxiety, fear (including in patients with alcoholism during remission); light hypomaniacal and anxious-delirious states without gross violations of behavior and psychomotor agitation (including anxiety-paranoid syndrome in schizophrenia, in involutional and vascular psychoses); residual states after acute psychosis with phenomena of affective instability and residual productive symptoms; chronic verbal hallucinosis of organic genesis; nicotinic abstinence (as part of complex therapy).


Hypersensitivity, pregnancy (I trimester).

Application in pregnancy and lactation

Contraindicated in pregnancy (I trimester).

Side effects of the substance Tetramethyltetraazabicyclooctanedione

Hypotension, weakness, dizziness, hypothermia (at 1-1.5 C), dyspeptic phenomena, allergic reactions (skin itching).


Strengthens the effect of hypnotics.

Routes of administration


Precautions for the substance Tetramethyltetraazabicyclooctanedione

Do not use during work drivers of vehicles and people whose profession is associated with increased concentration of attention.

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