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Instruction for use: Sanorin-Analergin

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Active substance: Antazoline + Naphazoline

ATX Code S01GA51 Naphazoline in combination with other drugs

Pharmacotherapeutic group:

Antiallergic agent combination (H1-histamine receptor blocker + alpha-agonists) [alpha-adrenoceptor agonists in combination]

Antiallergic agent combination (H1-histamine receptor blocker + alpha-agonists) [decongestant in combination]

The nosological classification (ICD-10)

J00 Acute nasopharyngitis [runny nose]

Viral rhinitis, Inflammation of the nasopharynx, Inflammatory diseases of the nose, purulent rhinitis, Nasal congestion, Nasal congestion with colds and flu, The difficulty of nasal breathing, The difficulty of nasal breathing for colds, Difficulty in nasal breathing, Difficulty in nasal breathing in colds, nasal, hypersecretion, cold, ARI with rhinitis phenomena, coryza, Acute rhinitis of various origins, Acute rhinitis with thick purulent mucous exudate, Acute nasopharyngitis, Swelling of the mucosa of the nasopharynx, Rhinitis, rhinorrhea, Infectious-inflammatory diseases of ENT organs, heavy cold, rhinopharyngitis, nasopharyngitis

J30 Vasomotor and allergic rhinitis

Allergic rinopatiya, Allergic rhinosinusopathy, Allergic respiratory diseases, Allergic rhinitis, nasal allergy, Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, Vasomotor rhinitis, Long-allergic rhinitis, Perennial allergic rhinitis, Perennial allergic rhinitis, Year-round or seasonal allergic rhinitis, Year-round allergic rhinitis nature, Rhinitis allergic vasomotor, Exacerbation of pollen allergy in the form of Syndrome rinokonyunktivalnogo, Acute allergic rhinitis, Edema of the nasal mucosa, Edema of the nasal mucosa, Swelling of the mucosa of the nasal cavity, Swelling of the nasal mucosa, Swelling of the nasal mucosa, pollen disease, Permanent allergic rhinitis, rhinoconjunctivitis, rhinosinusitis,rhinosinusopathy, Seasonal allergic rhinitis, Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, Haymarket rhinitis, Chronic allergic rhinitis, Allergic respiratory diseases

Structure and Composition

Nasal Drops 10 ml

active substance:

nafazolina nitrate, 2.5 mg

antazoline mesylate 50mg

Additional ingredients: boric acid - 145 mg; methyl parahydroxybenzoate - 10 mg; Disodium edetate - 1 mg; water - 10 ml

pharmachologic effect

vasoconstrictor, anti-allergic, an antihistamine, decongestant.

Dosage and Administration


Adults and children over 16 years: 2-3 drops in each nostril 3-4 times a day.

Use short, no more than 1 week, then take a break for a few days.

release Form

Nasal drops. 10 ml vial of brown glass equipped with a rubber cover pipette SANO PE and label. On 1 vial. in a cardboard bundle.

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