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Instruction for use: Mafusol

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Dosage form: Solution for infusions

Active substance: Kalii chloridum + Magnii chloridum +Natrii chloridum + Natrii fumaras


B05BB01 Electrolytes

Pharmacological groups

Regulators of water and electrolyte balance and acid-base balance in the combinations

Substitutes for plasma and other blood components in combinations

Composition and release form

Solution for infusion 1 liter

Sodium fumarate 14 g

Sodium Chloride 6 g

Potassium chloride 0.3 g

Magnesium chloride 0.12 g

Water for injection up to 1 liter

In bottles for blood substitutes of 400 or 450 ml.

Description of dosage form

Clear, colorless, odorless liquid.

Pharmachologic effect

Mode of action - diuretic, detoxification, anti-hypoxic, normalizing acid-base balance, normalizes blood rheology.

Sodium fumarate - the main pharmacological component of the drug - antihypoxant, which is part of all animals and plant cells. It is able to prevent or eliminate posthypoxic disturbances of energy metabolism in the body and metabolic acidosis. The drug reduces the viscosity of the blood, shows a hemodynamic effect.

Indications of the drug Mafusol

Hypovolemic and hypoxic states of various etiologies (blood loss, shock, trauma, intoxication), as a component of the perfusion system for filling the device of artificial circulation.


Conditions in which no introduction to the body of a large amount of fluid (closed trauma of the skull, accompanied by intracranial hypertension, cardiac decompensation, etc.) is not shown.

Side effects

Not marked.


Apply in combination with blood and colloid blood substitutes for hemodynamic action, and also in combination with other detoxification agents.

Dosing and Administration

IV, intraarterial, the rate of administration and dose are chosen in accordance with the indications and condition of the patient.

In case of shock (hemorrhagic, burn, traumatic, operating) of light and moderate severity, the drug is given intravenously or intravenously, then, after normalization of the hemodynamic parameters, drip in a dose of up to 2-2.5 liters per day. In severe shock it is recommended to combine with blood and colloid blood substitutes for hemodynamic action, the dose is set individually, but not less than 1 liter per day.

In severe intoxications (peritonitis, sepsis, intestinal obstruction, etc.) - up to 2-3 liters per day in combination with other detoxification agents.

When refueling the artificial circulation apparatus Mafusol makes up to 50-70% of the total volume of the perfusion solution introduced into the apparatus.


OJSC "Biosintez", Russia.

Storage conditions of the drug Mafusol

At a temperature of 0-25 C. Avoid freezing.

Keep out of the reach of children.

The shelf life of the drug Mafusol

2 years.

Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package.

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