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Instruction for use: Ibuprofen Nycomed

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Active substance Ibuprofen

ATX code M01AĆ01 Ibuprofen

Pharmacological group

NSAIDs - Propionic acid derivatives

Nosological classification (ICD-10)

M79.0 Other unspecified rheumatism

Degenerative rheumatic disease, Degenerative and rheumatic diseases of the tendons, Degenerative rheumatic diseases, Localized forms of rheumatism of soft tissues, Rheumatism, Rheumatism with a pronounced allergic component, Rheumatism of the articular and extraarticular, Rheumatic attack, Rheumatic complaints, Rheumatic diseases, Rheumatic disease of the spine, Relapses of rheumatism, Articular and extra-articular rheumatism, Articular and muscular rheumatism, Articular rheumatism, Articular syndrome with rheumatism, Chronic rheumatic pain, Chronic articular rheumatism, Rheumatoid diseases, Rheumatic diseases of the intervertebral disc

N94.6 Dysmenorrhea Unspecified

Pain during menstruation, Functional disorders of the menstrual cycle, Menstrual cramps, Emmeniopathy, Pain during menstruation, Painful menstrual irregularities, algomenorrhea, algomenoreya, Pain smooth muscle spasm, Pain spasm of smooth muscles (renal and biliary colic, intestinal spasms, dysmenorrhea), Pain spasm of smooth muscles of internal organs (kidney and biliary colic, intestinal spasms, dysmenorrhea), Disalgomenoreya, dysmenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea (essential) (Exfoliative), menstrual disorder, menstruation painful, metrorrhagia, Violation of the menstrual cycle, Menstrual irregularities, Prolaktinzavisimoe menstrual disorders, Prolaktinzavisimoe menstrual dysfunction, Pain spasm of smooth muscles of internal organs, Spasmodic dysmenorrhea, Primary disalgomenoreya

R52.2 Other constant pain

Pain syndrome, rheumatic origin, Pain at vertebral lesions, Pain in the chamber, Pain for burns, Pain syndrome weak or moderate, Perioperative pain,Moderate to severe pain, Moderately or weakly expressed pain syndrome, Moderate to severe pain, Ear pain of otitis, Neuropathic pain, neuropathic pain

Composition and form of release

1 tablet, coated with a shell, contains ibuprofen 200 or 400 mg; in bottles of dark glass for 20 pcs.

1 tablet - 600 mg; in bottles of dark glass for 20 pcs.

pharmachologic effect

Pharmacological action - anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic.


Absorbed from the digestive tract completely. Cmax in the plasma occurs in 1-3 hours. 99% binds to plasma proteins. In the liver it is oxidized into metabolites, it is excreted by urine partially in unmodified form, partly in the form of conjugates; a small amount is excreted with bile. T1 / 2 - 1,5-2 hours.


Rheumatic and other inflammatory diseases, dysmenorrhea, pain.


Peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum, gastrointestinal bleeding, severe heart and liver failure, malignant hypertension, acute renal failure, severe thrombocytopenia, bronchial asthma, other allergic syndromes caused by NSAIDs.

pregnancy and lactation

Contraindicated in the III trimester of pregnancy. For the duration of treatment, breastfeeding should be discontinued.

Side effects

Dyspepsia, erosive gastritis, stomach ulcer, thrombocytopenia, liver, kidney, allergic reactions (exanthema, Quincke's edema, allergic rhinitis or asthma).

Dosing and Administration

Inside, adults after eating 400-600 mg 3-4 times a day, if necessary, the dose can be increased to 2,400 mg, but for a short period (4-6 weeks).

Children 20-40 mg / kg / day, divided into 3-4 admission.

With primary dysmenorrhea 400-600 mg, you can repeat at intervals of 6-8 hours.

Precautionary measures

Carefully apply with simultaneous treatment with anticoagulants, as well as in elderly patients, in patients with asthma and with reduced renal function.

storage Conditions

At room temperature (not above 25 ° C).

Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life

5 years.

Do not use after the expiry date printed on the package.

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