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Instruction for use: Ferrous chloride

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Trade name of the drug  Aloe with ferrum sirup, Hemofer

The Latin name of the substance Ferrous chloride

Ferri chloridum (genus. Ferri chloridi)

Chemical name

Iron (II) chloride

Gross formula


Pharmacological groups:

Macro and microelements

Stimulators of hematopoiesis

The nosological classification (ICD-10)

D50.9 Iron deficiency anemia, unspecified: Iron deficiency anemia; Lack of iron in food; Insufficient absorption of iron from the gastrointestinal tract; Insufficient food intake of iron; Hypochromic iron deficiency anemia; Hypochromic anemia; Iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women; Iron deficiency; Disturbance of absorption of iron from the digestive tract; Combined iron-folic-B12-deficient anemia; Anemia due to violations of hemoglobin synthesis and iron metabolism; Anemia in disorders of iron utilization and reutilization; Impaired iron absorption; Impaired absorption of iron; Insufficient absorption of iron in the digestive tract

CAS code



Mode action - Anti-anemic.

It increases the iron content in the body, stimulates erythropoiesis, reversibly binds oxygen and regulates the oxidation-reduction reactions of the body. Ferric chloride is located in a plastic matrix - a graduate. Gradual release of iron occurs mainly in the duodenum and upper parts of the small intestine. The process of the liberation of the active substance depends on the presence of the liquid. The plastic matrix is removed from the body with feces. With the course of iron treatment with iron deficiency chloride, regression of clinical symptoms (circulatory-hypoxic and dystrophic syndromes: asthenia, dizziness, tachycardia, dry skin, fragility of nails, etc.) and altered laboratory parameters (hypochromic anemia, decrease in serum iron level).

Application of the substance Ferrous chloride

Iron deficiency conditions, incl. Anemia (prevention and treatment), especially in children.


Hypersensitivity, hemochromatosis, hemosiderosis.


Anemia of non-iron deficiency, a tendency to dermatitis or allergic reactions, inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract.

Side effects of the substance Ferrous chloride

Diarrhea, darkening of the teeth.


Tetracyclines decrease (mutually) absorption.

Routes of administration


Precautions for the substance Ferrous chloride

To avoid darkening of the teeth, you can take the drug as a solution for drinking through a tube. When a liquid stool appears, the single dose should be reduced, but the multiplicity of the appointment should be increased. It is not recommended to appoint if there is a violation of digestion and absorption processes in the digestive tract.

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