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Growth hormone SOMATEX HGH 100IU

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Can growth hormone be both high-quality and inexpensive? Why not? Just look and buy Somatex growth hormone, an effective drug produced in the GeneticLab laboratory. In the process of creating the product, it became the object of many studies and tests, so one thing is for sure the result is a product that meets all existing standards. As indicated on the official website of growth hormone Somatex, the product is completely safe for athletes, both men and women can take it. However, this is not all of its advantages. Competent use of Somatex from GeneticLab can lead to such positive results:

  • A set of high-quality muscle mass;
  • Rejuvenation of the body;
  • Beautiful body relief;
  • Treatment of all kinds of injuries.

If you scan the reviews about Somatex, you can also make sure that this drug is indispensable for many athletes during the period of illness and it should be bought. The fact is that growth hormone increases the immune system quite well, helping to quickly and easily forget about any ailments.


It is generally believed that this drug is quite slow to show its qualities, so the most effective duration of the course is 12 weeks. The dosage is calculated individually, it depends on the ultimate goal of the athlete. So, for example, if an athlete just wants to recover from an injury, 4 units per day will be enough for him, but if he wants to gain muscle mass, then the norm below 10 units per day will be simply ridiculous. Professional athletes generally take 20-30 meals a day.

Admit it, you are already eager to buy Somatex and find out what this growth hormone is capable of? Then do not put off a useful purchase for tomorrow and rather go to the Mad Bear store! Here you will find not only this product, but also other, no less high-quality additives from well-known world manufacturers. The price of Somatex and other products will pleasantly surprise you. Hurry up, we are waiting for you!


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