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Instruction for use: Carbachol (Carbacholum)

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Chemical name

2 - [(Aminocarbonyl) oxy] -N, N, N-trimethylethanamine chloride

Pharmacological group

M-, n-holinomimetiki, incl. Anticholinesterase agents

Ophthalmic products

Nosological classification (ICD-10)

H40 Glaucoma

glaucoma intervention., Afakicheskaya glaucoma, narrow-angle glaucoma, Chronic glaucoma, Chronic open-angle glaucoma, Wide-angle glaucoma

Code CAS


Characteristics of Carbachol

White crystalline hygroscopic powder. Very easily soluble in water, it is difficult - in alcohol.


Pharmacological action - antiglaucoma.

Unlike acetylcholine, it is not hydrolyzed by true cholinesterase, which is why the effect is more prolonged. When instilled in the eye, the pupil narrows (miosis develops after 15-20 minutes and lasts 4-8 hours), increases the clearance of the fountain spaces and the helmet channel, reduces intraocular pressure (the pressure drop begins in 20-30 minutes and reaches a maximum after 2-3 hours ). Hydroxyethyl cellulose, as a rule, is part of the preparations, contributes to better penetration of carbachol through the cornea. It binds to the m- and n-cholinergic receptors of the postsynaptic membrane of the cholinergic synapses and excites them, simulating the effect of the mediator (acetylcholine).


Acute and chronic glaucoma.



Restrictions on the use

Defects of the cornea (special care is required).

pregnancy and lactation

The action category for fetus by FDA is C.

Side effects

Headache, a burning sensation in the eye, a slight congestion hyperemia. People over the age of 40 may experience changes in the lens.


Headache, sensation of severe burning in the eye, congestion hyperemia.

Routes of administration


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