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Instruction for use: Achillea millefolii herba

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Trade name of the drug Millefolii herba, Millefolii herbae briket rotundum

The Latin name of the substance Achillea millefolii herba

Herba Achilleae millefolii (genus. Herbae Achilleae millefolii)

Pharmacological group:

Coagulants (including coagulation factors), hemostatics

Model clinical-pharmacological article 1

Characteristic. Contains up to 0.8% of essential oil (it includes chamazulene, millepholide, borneol, etc.), tannins, vitamins C, K, bitterness (achillein), flavonoids (rutin, luteolin, etc.), saponins, macro- And microelements and other biologically active substances.

Pharmacotherapy. A vegetable plant, its essential oil, tannins and chamazulene provide anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial (bactericidal), anti-allergic, wound-healing and spasmolytic (smooth muscle) action; The bitter alkaloid, Achillein, irritates the endings of the taste buds and increases the secretion of gastric juice. Hemostatic action is due to the activation of fibrinogen, does not lead to the formation of blood clots.

Indication. Metrorrhagia, hemorrhoidal bleeding; Spasm of smooth muscles (renal colic, biliary colic, intestinal colic).

Contraindications. Hypersensitivity.

Dosing. Inside, in the form of infusion (in a warm form), 2-3 tbsp. Spoons (30-45 ml) 2-3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals. For the preparation of the present, 1 cake or 2 tablespoons of ground grass is placed in enameled dishes, poured into 200 ml of water, covered with a lid and heated in a boiling water bath for 15 minutes. Cool at room temperature for 45 minutes, filter, the remaining raw material is squeezed. The volume of the infusion is brought to boiling water up to 200 ml.

Side effect. Allergic reactions.

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