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Growth hormone for cardiovascular system

23 Apr 2017

The role and benefits of Gentropine for the cardiovascular system:

It is known that with aging, which no one has yet passed, there is necessarily a risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, aging of the body reduces the production of IGF1 and growth hormone. This affects the endothelium and the smooth walls of the vessels, and, of course, the heart. The main sign that the heart has aged is that the number of endothelial progenitor cells is decreasing. These cells are an indispensable element in the repair and the existence of the vascular system.
Scientists have long investigated this problem, but the conclusion is that the number of EPCs (i.e., endothelial progenitor cells) is directly dependent on growth hormone, which, in turn, depends on the level of IGF1 in the blood plasma. In other words, EPCs can restore externally introduced growth hormone into the body. Among the external growth hormones has no analogues Gintropin - it also contains 191 amino acids and has the highest quality raw materials. That is why this drug was certified in the Russian Federation.In the continuation of the theme of blood vessels. The modulation of growth hormones and IGF1 becomes the basis for the prevention of aging-related changes occurring in the cardiovascular system, and further for cellular recovery therapy. There are several reviews of different scientists on this topic.
External growth hormone affects the cleavage of fat deposits. This problem is especially important for those who have a deficiency of this hormone, because most often elderly people also suffer from obesity, which leads to insulin resistance. The lack of a balance of fat in the body of the patient can be seen in accordance with the level of cholesterol in the blood. If the level of cholesterol (the so-called "good") is lowered, and the level of so-called cholesterol is lower. "Bad cholesterol" is overstated, it is obvious that atherosclerosis is not far off, and he is the cause of many cardiovascular diseases. For example, ischemic heart disease, or, God forbid, strokes or heart attacks may occur.
The conclusion is obvious - Dzhintropin is very important for the further prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. And given that these diseases are very common, then you need to investigate growth hormone. RESULTS. Please pay attention to Semax.

At present, there is a lot of research of growth hormone. In their course, its role in aging is clarified, and the prospects for substituting replacement therapy for Gintropine in elderly people with a deficiency of growth hormone are being studied. The most popular studies of bones (osteoporosis and remodeling), muscles (sarcopenia), heart and urine-reproductive systems.
Many scientists are already convinced that despite side effects, Jintropine therapy is necessary. However, in order to avoid side effects, you must definitely maintain a certain dosage in accordance with the characteristics of the body. From the prospects of using growth hormone - improving the quality of old age, raising the level of elderly people and of course, everyone wants to find a remedy for old age. As already mentioned, in many countries, Jintropine therapy has returned to normal.

To all this does not remain at the level of ideas, it is necessary to investigate the role and mechanisms of the influence of growth hormone on aging. Then, in detail, consider the role of Jintropin in the pathogenesis of diseases due to age. In addition, studies on animals of this drug are needed. We also need to develop the most safe and effective substitute Ginotropin therapy. Therapy Ginotropin should be put into constant practice and so on. In the final analysis, it is planned to search for a "medicine for old age" - the dreams of all people.

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