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Growth Hormone Somatropin Gentech HGH

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Detailed description of Gentech Growth Hormone

Gentech, thanks to its price - to-quality ratio, has won the huge trust of a large audience in the Global growth hormone market and has excellent reviews not only from athletes, but also from those who just keep their body in shape.

  • Significant reduction of body fat after 6 weeks of use
  • Fat deposits are significantly reduced after 5-6 weeks of Gentech use
  • The anabolic effect is significantly noticeable
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Increase the level of energy, strength and endurance during physical exertion
  • Eliminate cellulite folds and improve your metabolic rate
  • Improving stress tolerance and vitality
  • Reversing the aging process plus rejuvenation of the body
  • Reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood
  • Improve the body's immune function and enhance defense

What is growth hormone?

In the body of every person, without exception, contains growth hormone. It is synthesized in the pituitary gland of the brain. This hormone directly contributes to the active growth of children in adolescence. Growth hormone is also vital for people in adulthood. It provides a balance of other hormones in the human body.

It allows you to maintain a stable state of psychological health of a person.

Helps to cope with high levels of stress. Supports the body during serious physical exertion. Reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and triggers the recovery processes in the human body.

Why use the growth hormone Somatropin?

Starting around the age of 25, the level of growth hormone in the body begins to gradually decrease. Every ten years, the amount of it becomes 15% lower than the total at the moment. In men who have reached the age of more than 60 years, the body synthesizes only 1/3 of the amount of hormone required at this age. Gentech Somatropin, having passed tests, showed that when it is used, the level of the hormone increases by 2.5 times.

Men who are actively engaged in sports, leading a healthy lifestyle are able to extend the period of its formation in sufficient quantities. However, with age, it is not easy to maintain the right amount. Growth hormone deficiency in men can cause not very pleasant consequences:

  • Gratuitous feelings of anxiety
  • Frequent depressions
  • Reduction of muscle mass
  • Increase in the amount of fat deposits in the abdominal area
  • Fatigue and drowsiness during the day
  • Reduced motivation
  • Irritability
  • Problems with potency

If growth hormone is used for therapeutic purposes, for healing injuries of ligaments, joints, fractures, and other things, the recommended dosage in this case is 5 units per day in one dose. It is recommended to increase this dosage only with the approval of the attending physician.
If growth hormone is used for the purpose of correcting the figure (reducing the fat layer or gaining muscle mass), then the dosage for men should not be less than 5 units per day, and for girls not less than 5 units every other day.


Growth hormone is involved in the work for a long time. Due to the fact that it has a cumulative effect, it does not make sense to take it for less than 2 months, since it is after 2 months of continuous intake that it is fully included in the work. Of course, the first effects of taking growth hormone can be observed already in the first weeks of taking it, however, the recommended period of taking growth hormone is not recommended to be less than three months. At the same time, the application deadlines are not limited.


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