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Diabetic foot

24 Jul 2018

The diabetic foot syndrome is a complex of pathological changes in the peripheral nervous system, arterial and microcirculatory bed, which directly threaten ulcerative necrotic processes and foot gangrene in diabetic patients.

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The syndrome of diabetic foot occurs in 4-10% of patients with diabetes mellitus. Mortality in elderly and senile patients with purulent-necrotic complications and gangrene of the extremities in diabetes mellitus reaches 20%. The factors of ulcerative-necrotic and purulent complications of feet are:

  • the presence of neuropathy and angiopathy;
  • deformities and swelling of the foot;
  • skin condition - dryness, atrophy, turgor, cracks, hyperemia;
  • ulcerative-necrotic complications in the anamnesis;
  • diabetic retinopathy and nephropathy;
  • elderly age;
  • lonely residence of the patient;
  • overweight;
  • smoking and alcohol abuse;
  • the presence of concomitant pathology, its severity and relationship with underlying pathology.

Prevention of complications of diabetic foot suggests:
- compensation for diabetes mellitus;
- early detection of patients with an increased risk of developing a diabetic foot syndrome;
- the risk rises with age and duration of the disease;
- inspections by a specialist for urgent measures;
- training of patients with the rules of foot care;
- examination by the dermatologist of the skin of the lower extremities of the patient with diabetes mellitus in order to detect mycosis at least once a year;
- Improve skin trophism and protect the skin barrier from external influences.

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