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31 Jul 2018

Hepatoprotectors are complex drugs designed to increase liver resistance to toxic effects, promote the restoration of its functions, normalizing or enhancing the activity of liver enzymes.

Among hepatoprotectors, drugs containing essential phospholipids are most in demand. Their share was 56% of the total volume of the hepatoprotector group under study in value terms. Almost 40% of all sold drugs are on Essential, the share of Essling TM is 8.6% (an increase of 58% in money terms), Phosphogliv - 5.2%, and Resalut pro, previously not on the market, on the basis of the results of 8 months took a confident 7th place in the TOP10 with a share of 2.5%.

Heptral. hepatoprotectors

The second place on sales is occupied by the preparation Heptral (16,9% in value terms) on the basis of ademetionine. Also worth noting is Gepa-Merz with a share of 2.4%, sales of which have grown.

Among the herbal preparations, Carcil (8%) and Gepabene (1.8%) are the leaders on the basis of the extract of milk thistle, as well as the Indian combined drug LIV.52 (2.3%) and the pumpkin seed preparation Tykveol (2.5%) . The total share of hepatoprotectors of plant origin was 13.7% in USD.

The drug tioctic acid, Berlition, occupies the largest market share among hepatoprotectors of the group of vitamin-like compounds - 6.4%. Its increase compared to last year was 22% in monetary terms and 26% in quantitative terms.

The proportion of hepatoprotectors of animal origin (Hepatosan, Progepar, etc.) is very low and amounts to 0.1% of total sales.

The proportion of groups of hepatoprotectors
1) Essential phospholipids - 56.4%
2) Amino acids and their derivatives - 20.1%
3) Vegetable preparations - 13.7%
4) Vitamins and vitamin-like compounds - 9.7%
5) Preparations of animal origin - 0.1%

Top 10 hepatoprotectors
1) Essentiale
2) Heptral
3) Essler
4) Karsil
5) Berlition
6) Phosphogliv
7) Resalute about
8) Gepa-Mertz
9) Liv 52
10) Gepabene

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