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Instruction for use: Diazolin

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Dosage form: drage; Substance; Substance-powder; Tablets; Film-coated tablets

Active substance: Mebhydrolin*


R06AX15 Mebhydrogen

Pharmacological group


The nosological classification (ICD-10)

J30 Vasomotor and allergic rhinitis: Allergic rhinopathy; Allergic rhinosinusopathy; Allergic diseases of the upper respiratory tract; Allergic rhinitis; Allergic rhinitis seasonal; Vasomotor runny nose; Prolonged allergic rhinitis; All-year-round allergic rhinitis; All-year allergic rhinitis; Year-round or seasonal allergic rhinitis; All-the-year-round rhinitis of an allergic nature; Rhinitis vasomotor allergic; Exacerbation of pollinosis in the form of rhinoconjunctival syndrome; Acute allergic rhinitis; Edema of the nasal mucosa; Edema of the nasal mucosa; Edema of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity; Swelling of the nasal mucosa; Swelling of the nasal mucosa; Pollinosis; Permanent allergic rhinitis; Rhinoconjunctivitis; Rhinosinusitis; Rhinosinusopathy; Seasonal allergic rhinitis; Seasonal allergic rhinitis; Hay rhinitis; Chronic allergic rhinitis; Allergic diseases of the respiratory tract

L20 Atopic dermatitis: Allergic diseases of the skin; Allergic skin disease noninfectious etiology; Allergic skin disease etiology nemikrobnoy; Allergic skin diseases; Allergic skin lesions; Allergic reactions on the skin; atopic dermatitis; Allergic dermatosis; Allergic diathesis; Allergic itching dermatosis; Allergic skin disease; Allergic skin irritation; allergic Dermatitis; atopic Dermatitis; allergic dermatoses; exudative diathesis; Itchy atopic eczema Itchy allergic dermatosis; Allergic skin disease; Cutaneous allergic reaction to drugs and chemicals; Cutaneous reactions to medications; Skin and allergic disease; Acute eczema; common neurodermatitis; Chronic atopic dermatitis; Exudative diathesis

L20.8 Other atopic dermatitis: Constitutional neurodermatitis; Chronic neurodermatitis; Restricted neurodermatitis; Allergic eczema; Atopic eczema; Children's eczema; Diffuse neurodermatitis; Neurodermatosis; Neurodermatitis; Neurodermatitis diffuse; Neurodermatitis limited; Neurodermatitis; Dermatosis of a neurogenic origin

L29 Itching: Itching with partial obstruction of the biliary tract; Dermatitis itchy; Dermatosis with persistent itching; Other itching dermatoses; Itching dermatoses; Itching allergic dermatosis; Itching dermatitis; Itching dermatosis; Itching itch; Excruciating itching; Severe itching; Endogenous itching; Skin itching with dermatosis; Restricted itchy dermatitis; Itching of the skin; Itchy scalp; Itching eczema

L30.9 Unspecified Dermatitis: Allergic dermatoses complicated by a secondary bacterial infection; Anal eczema; Bacterial maturation; Varicose Eczema; Venous dermatitis; Inflammation of the skin; Inflammation of the skin upon contact with plants; Inflammatory Skin Disease; Inflammatory Skin Diseases; Inflammatory Skin Diseases; Inflammatory skin reactions; Inflammatory processes of the skin; Hypostatic dermatitis; Fungal Eczema; Fungal dermatosis; Dermatitis; Dermatitis is stagnant; Dermatitis and eczema in the anal area; Dermatitis acute contact; Perianal dermatitis; Dermatosis; Dermatosis of the scalp; Dermatosis of psoriasis; Dermatosis with persistent itching; Dermatoses; Dermatoses itchy; Other itching dermatoses; Significant eczematous manifestations; Itching with dermatoses; Itching eczema; Itching dermatoses; Itching dermatitis; Itching dermatosis; True eczema; Skin reaction to insect bites; Skin itching with dermatosis; Constitutional eczema; Weeping eczema; Drowsing inflammatory skin disease; Dying Infectious-Inflammatory Skin Disease; Non-allergic dermatitis; Nummular eczema; Acute contact eczema; Acute inflammatory skin disease; Acute dermatosis; Acute severe dermatosis; Perianal dermatitis; Superficial dermatosis; Subacute Contact Eczema; Simple dermatitis; Occupational dermatitis; Psychogenic dermatosis; Bubble dermatitis of newborns; Pustular eruptions; Irritation and redness of the skin; Low-flammable eczema; Dry atrophic eczema; Dry eczema; Toxic dermatitis; Ear eczema like dermatitis; Chronic eczema; Chronic dermatosis; Chronic dermatosis; Chronic common dermatosis; Scaly papular dermatosis; Eczema; Eczema anal region; Eczema of the hands; Eczema Contact; Eczema lichenized; Eczema Nummular; Eczema acute; Eczema acute contact; Eczema subacute; Eczematous dermatitis; Eczema-like rashes; Ecome exogenous; Endogenous eczema; Gluteal dermatitis; Limited itching dermatitis

L50 Urticaria: Idiopathic chronic urticarial; Injury Urticaria; Chronic urticarial; Hives of the newborn

T78.1 Other manifestations of a pathological reaction to food: Allergic reactions to food; Allergy to cow's milk proteins; Allergy to proteins of mother's milk; Allergy food; Artificial feeding of children from birth with intolerance to cow's milk proteins; Multiple food allergies; Disturbance of assimilation of milk food; Disturbance of food assimilation; Intolerance to cow's milk protein in infants; Intolerance to cow's milk proteins; Intolerance to cow's milk; Intolerance to certain foods; Food allergy; Food and drug allergy; Food intolerance; Bowel irritation from food

T78.4 Unspecified Allergy: Allergic reactions to insulin; Allergic reactions to insect stings; Allergic reactions similar to systemic lupus erythematosus; Allergic diseases; Allergic diseases of mucous membranes; Allergic diseases and conditions resulting from increased release of histamine; Allergic diseases of mucous membranes; Allergic symptoms; Allergic symptoms in the mucous membranes; Allergic reactions; Allergic reactions caused by insect bites; Allergic reactions; Allergic conditions; Allergic laryngeal edema; allergopathy; allergic conditions; Allergy; House dust allergy; Anaphylaxis; Cutaneous reactions to medications; Skin reaction to insect stings; Cosmetic allergy; Drug allergy; Acute allergic reaction; Laryngeal edema allergic genesis and background radiation; Food and drug allergy

W57 Bite or sting with a non-toxic insect and other non-venous arthropods: An allergic reaction to insect bites; Skin reaction after insect bite; Reactions to insect bites; Mosquito bite; Bite of bloodsucking insects; A bite of an insect; The bite of the wasp


Dragee - 1 dragee

active substance: Mebhydroline napadisylate 50 mg; 100 mg

Auxiliary substances: sugar (sucrose) - 187/230 mg; Starch treacle - 12.65 / 19.3 mg; Talc 0.25 / 0.3 mg; Wax bees 0.05 / 0.2 mg; Sunflower oil 0.05 / 0.2 mg

Pharmachologic effect

Mode of action - antiallergic.

Dosing and Administration

Inside, not liquid, during or immediately after eating. Adults and children from 12 years of age are prescribed 0.1-0.2 g 1-3 times a day, children from 3 to 5 years - 0.05 g 1-2 times a day, from 5 to 10 years - 0 , 05 g 2-3 times a day, from 10 to 12 years - 0.05 g 2-4 times a day. Maximum doses for adults: single - 0.3 g, daily - 0.6 g. The duration of treatment is determined by the nature of the disease and the therapeutic effect achieved.

Release form

Dragee, 50 mg or 100 mg. For 10 pills in a blister of PVC film colorless or light-shielded and aluminum foil printed lacquered. For 1 or 2 bl. Put in a pack of cardboard.


PJSC Farmak

Conditions of leave from pharmacies

Without recipe.

Storage conditions of the drug Diazolin

In dry, the dark place at a temperature of 15-25 C.

Keep out of the reach of children.

The shelf life of the drug Diazolin

3,5 years.

Do not use beyond the expiration date printed on the package.

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